Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Tikhomirova to John (USA)

Letter 1
It isn't important at all, what distance separates us.
We can communicate here and recognize each other. I like to see a face of the person at conversation and to see emotions.
I will be glad to see your photos. Viewing of your photos will help me to know better you and your life.
I hope that now on your face a smile, and you have a good mood. I want to tell about myself now.
I Evgeniia. I am 33 years old. When your birthday?
I am sure that the age won't hinder to our friendship.
I have the higher education. Now I work. My work brings in me the good income. I was never married.
I one and at me am not present children. I hope that you read my letter.
Ask me questions, and I will answer you. Ok? I absolutely forgot to tell, I live in Russia.
I hope that distance not a problem for you.
Letter 2
John, I am glad to read your mail again!
Our acquaintance proceeds and develops. I think that it will be interesting to you to learn more about me.
I live in the small city of Rybinsk. I was born and grew up here.
My growth makes 170 cm, my weight makes about 58 kg. I like sports meets. I try to be in good shape.
Two times week I try to visit the pool. I like to look at games of volleyball, tennis, hockey.
Sometimes even I watch football when I come to my parents. I send you the photo. You can see my appearance.
By the way, I will also wait for your photos. It is quite important and interesting to me.
I like to listen to music and to watch movies. John what you music is pleasant? I like pleasant and gentle music.
And I like to watch movies of a different genre. I have some friends. And I spend the most part of a free time with them.
We go to the cinema, on the nature, we are going to cafe. you have John friends to which you trust and to spend time together?
I make common sense of humour and I like to laugh at good jokes. I have no bad habits, I don't smoke and I don't take alcohol.
Well sometimes in the company I drink a glass of martini or red wine.
I will wait for your letter. If you have what questions to me, you can write me them,
I will answer you as to allow us better to learn it each other.
It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you.
Your new girlfriend of Evgeniia
Letter 3
Hello. Today I won't write you the long letter. At the beginning of the letter I want to tell that that I have no secrets.
You can ask me that is interesting to you.
That I was convenient to answer please number questions 1, 2.
I woke up made to myself a breakfast of porridge and cocoa in the morning, packed things and went to the gym.
Today I don't work. What breakfast you had today?
Today in the gym on a racetrack I ran 7 kilometers in 30 minutes, I am happy with myself.
Today I have an excellent mood. We with the sister will visit parents. I think that days off will be good.
I wish and it is good to you to spend days off.
Speak more about yourself to me pleasantly to learn you.
I will look forward to your following letter. Evgeniia
Letter 4

John, I have to tell you again, how pleasant it for me to receive letters from you.
So, let's continue, … Let's continue our acquaintance. There can to be I has to write more today about me directly.
I am interesting to you? I am a quiet person as new acquaintances. But I am perfect, and I won't communicate with all.
My friends say that I am very cheerful. And I know it directly! I like to smile, as open people of cheerful und.
As I wrote you, my work sewing. I like to sew women's dresses and different clothes.
My mother speaks that at thinking very well it turns out.
Since the childhood I loved this occupation. My mother and the grandmother too were engaged in sewing of clothes.
I decided to continue it. I try to attend different courses for fashion designers.
I always forget to speak to you about my English, I don't do it fast now.
For this reason it is a pity if you don't understand something. O.k.?
Well you can ask again me that you won't understand in the letter.
I have no computer of the house. Only at my work, but in other office. But that computer has no Internet access.
For this reason I will have to go to an Internet cafe to write you the letter. It is convenient for me. Weigh O.k.!
I graduated from the institute. And now I went to work. My mother works as the doctor in hospital A my father worked in police earlier, and now it conducts the economy.
After all they with mother live in the village. I have younger sister, my younger sister the lawyer, she liked to study laws.
Now we live in one apartment with the sister separately from parents. 2 years ago my sister was thrown by the husband.
And now I help the sister and she me. We often go on a visit to our parents. And always we try to help them.
I want to tell you what qualities of the partner are important for me. I can tell that there are many.
Every moment - opportunity to show care of oneself. Opportunity to show attention.
Our life not eternal! I would like to have my party of the careful, reliable and kind person.
The person who will respect me. Respect my force and my weakness in one tooth.
Trust - the most important thing for me. Without any trust all is impossible: work, friendship, love.
Trust - the basis, the basis, I wish to be careful and gentle.
I am very true person. It not the farce. It is the truth. I don't understand and I don't accept treachery.
I hope, you agree with my principles. Whether really I am right?
John, I would like to once again thanks for your letters. Possibly I repeat. But it is very pleasant to write to me it.
Thanks! it is very important to feel the attention, important to understand that some other person is interested in you.
It is important not to be lonely, lonely in thoughts and dreams.
I wait for your letter of Evgeniia
Letter 5
Hi my friend of John!
How are you doing? We continue the communication, and it is really interesting to me.
I told you so a little about my life. But sometimes it seems to me which I write you too much.
Now I will try to write not so huge letters. I will learn to do it. You already know about my family and a hobby.
Date of my birth on March 14, 1983. I consider that that the age has no not what value ours of communication,
these are only a figures in documents, the most important that occurs in our hearts, I hope that you think also.
I earn not really. But this money allows me to live independently. I am proud of the independence.
I think, you agree with me!? I don't dream more of grandiose career of the fashion designer.
I can't dream only of my career and work! I know when I have a husband, I will give more time to the family.
And I will work less. Perhaps that I will be able to work at home. The woman has to be the good hostess and the wife.
It is the most important career for the woman! Please, tell John to me how you represent the future wife?
What qualities the girl of your dream has to possess? I have a chance to be your wife?
These are very important questions for me, and I want that you sincerely answered me each of them.
I would be to care of my family, my beloved. But now I have to work very much.
After work I go to an Internet cafe. It already - my new habit!
I really enjoy this time after work. When I can sit in cafe and write to you.
I am glad to our communication. It is very interesting to me to know better.
John, write to me more often if it is possible. O'K?
Now I have to go home. I try to go to an Internet cafe more often. And I am always glad when I see your letter.
For this reason I want that you wrote to me always!
I expect your following letter!! from Russia Evgeniia
Letter 6
You thought, what are you doing now? You thought, than I am occupied?
I want, write long the letter well without your letter, I can't.
And it every time when I read your letter gives me great pleasure.
I am always glad to receive your letter.
Very good weather. Today I want to go not really on park, to inhale fresh air. Now I have a good mood.
You can tell me that plans for these days off in you? I hope that you will have a good time.
Today I had even not a dinner. Therefore now I will go to cafe to eat not really.
By the way, how to you my English? I hope that you understand mine the letter without problems.
I wait for your letter, I write me.
Letter 7
Hello John. I am very glad that between us there is an understanding. It is very important in communication.
I have many thoughts about which I want to tell you. But in the letter it is impossible to write everything that I think also all that I feel.
if we could communicate in reality, it would be fine. I think, there is nothing better than real communication.
it is possible to write each other many letter, but it will never replace one real meeting. in reality it is always possible to understand
tone and mood of the interlocutor. it is possible to take a hand in realities, to look in eyes, to embrace or kiss.
I hope, I don't frighten you by my desires. yes, you for me are more than simply pleasant interlocutor.
I want to look in your face, I want to hear your voice. I would be very glad to walk with you in park.
I love the nature. now in my city beautiful weather. I don't want to hurry not to lose our friendship. but I don't want to hesitate. life is short.
therefore I want that you knew that it is very interesting to me with you. and I very much hope that our friendship has chance to become good relations.
I have no boyfriend and my heart is free.
Today I have a short working day. Today we the sister went to the ranch to ride horses. I very much love horses.
Many years ago my father held a horse. But now it doesn't have enough forces it to do.
On the ranch everything seemed unusual, fantastic. We spoke very much and vigorously and laughed. we ate pie and candies. We went home the very joyful.
After the ranch I went to an Internet cafe. Thus I wanted to check letters.
There can be you, wrote to me!? The whole day was full pleasant of emotions. The whole day resembled the fairy tale.
My day is successful today. Everything was so pleasant. And your letter. It is also very pleasant moment today.
Thanks! John, I hope that your day also made impression, I also want to wish you good luck for tomorrow to be happy tomorrow morning.
Please, remember my desire. Remember when you wake up. When you see a window, to remember me.
I wish to present you part of my HAPPINESS. Happiness which I received today..... I speak good-bye, GOOD LUCK for you!
Be happy!!!! Give me telephone number, I will call for you. Evgeniia
I send a photo from a trip to the ranch last fall.
Unfortunately we couldn't do a photo today.
Letter 8
Hello John.
Today I have a lot of work. On the street of my city of Rybinsk the sun, weather wonderful brightly shines.
In such weather many people walk on the street. I think, time came to give you my phone number. I want to hear your voice.
It is my cell phone +79056325291 please call me, I think that I will be able easily to communicate in English,
I will wait for your call, or at first you can send me the SMS, thus, we will be able to define time difference.
If I sleep, your the SMS won't wake me. Today I had an interesting situation. I woke up and prepared a usual breakfast for me,
I made porridge and fruit. I prepared a breakfast and absolutely unexpectedly thought of you! Yes, about you!!!
I remembered you. But not only I remembered, I asked me: "it is interesting as that the breakfast does John!?!"
It became interesting to me to know about your morning. As you do spend morning!? That does alcohol you have in the morning!?
You prefer tea or coffee? I suddenly felt such strong interest. Even without letter, without visit of an Internet cafe.
I only unexpectedly thought of you John! Absolutely unexpectedly. I even smiled.
It was pleasant to reflect to me about you and yours a breakfast. You - the most romantic and interesting part in my life now.
I haven't a rest any hopes, is still very early. John, I am not the careless lady who rushes to any relations, no!
I simply like our BEGINNING. I like our communication and I want to develop it.
I am open with you and I am ready to answer any your question.
I can pass your question therefore don't become angry about me and ask me again.
Beginning of our relations. In the morning when the person wakes up, he receives emotions for all day. Pleasure or grief.
Excitement or tranquillity. My morning emotions - thoughts of you. Interest about John. Interest and smile.
As soon as I can possibly present this SMILE for you. And I can see your smile. I am sure that we will communicate for a long time.
And I don't know how there arrives change of correspondence between two people. And we so far far from each other!
But I think that we will find the correct way of communication! And I hope that we already found the correct way of communication!
You agree with me? I like to communicate with you very much!! My SMILE for you! Your Evgeniia
By the way, I have blue eyes, and my favourite color is white.
Letter 9
Hello dear John! You have a good mood? And how you spend your evenings?
We from the different countries and we have different cultures and it is interesting to me to learn about you new things.
I am the orthodox Christian, I go to church one-two times a month. I love my parents, I love my life.
I try to derive a maximum of pleasure from my life. We live once and I want to live my life happily.
It is necessary to appreciate every moment, life surprising piece.
Until recently I didn't think that I will communicate with the man who lives on other end of the planet, but it is possible.
Everything depends only on us and if we want, we can meet. It not illusions. We live in the 21st century,
we have all means of transport: land, air, water. Yes, I want to meet you. I don't want to hide my emotions.
I have to you feelings... Yes, we never met, but I really have feelings to you.
It is difficult to explain it, it can only be understood. You is far, but I feel you.
It seems to me that we is very close. I have such feeling as if we nearby and between us aren't present barriers.
I want that it was the truth, I want a meeting with you. If we have though one chance to meet, we have to use this chance.
I think that will be fine if we meet in our life together. What do you think of it?
John, I would like to ask - which is our correspondence for you? How serious you? I don't want to offend you.
But for me it is important to know it. No, I don't doubt about you. I only wish to know EVERYTHING about you and your emotions.
I wish to ask - John what changed in your life when I appeared? You know, I am very serious girl.
Sometimes it seems that I am too romantic, naive. But I am a serious person. John, you are interesting to me.
And possibly very interesting. (I don't want to play. I don't want to spend in vain time and to hope.
I don't want to break my heart). I feel interest in YOU! John! For this reason I would like to know - WHO I am for you?
How many I important for you. I am not the careless lady who rushes into any correspondence or the relations.
I have no time for it. Any time and desires. I wish to be fair with you. I wish to be Special for you because, you are pleasant to me.
It not love, no. It - only the beginning. And for me it is very special beginning of the relations. I had no such emotions earlier.
My words to you serious. John, I feel that already well I know you. Your letters, give every day me great mood.
Please, sincerely answer me this question. I hope, my photo will give pleasure to your day today!
They were is made on vacation in Russia.
Sincerely, forever your Evgeniia
Letter 10
Hi my John.
It is pleasant to me to know that ours with you feelings mutual. I want to be your GIRLFRIEND!
Ours with you the first meeting will give us the chance better to know each other. I have hopes, and I have dreams.
I dream to be the special offer for this person. I dream to concern its feelings, to mention his heart.
I dream to be unique for it. I dream to hope! I dream a certain secret which will be the most gentle secret for us once.
There can be it, it isn't enough - ten letters. There can be it, something is absolute, emptiness...
But for me it is the first step! For me it is timid hope and gentle dream.
For me it begins. What will be in the future??! Of course I don't know now that expects me - I can only dream and hope.
But now I have an interest and care of the remarkable person. And this person - YOU are John!!!!
But I don't wish to take fast paces, I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and to talk to you in live dialogue.
You agree with me? John, today I found information, what to visit your country and it is necessary for me the visa
and the passport, and also some documents. I already have a passport, and now the main thing is the visa and tickets.
To receive the visa, I need to send on email the questionnaire about myself and the copy of the passport.
John, for me is good news, and I hope for you also? Please write me the home address and the airport, which near the house.
I should find information which is necessary for me for travel.
John, I dream of your embraces. Thanks that you answer my questions. It is very important for me.
I also try I answer your questions. Please, don't hesitate to repeat to me questions which I forget to answer.
Probably sometimes I pass them. My work takes attention from me. I have no many affairs at work today. I already finished everything.
Now I came behind products to a dinner, we with my sister want to prepare fish, and on the way to shop I decided to write to you.
I feel the life to become more interesting because I communicate with such interesting person! I communicate with you!
Thanks you, you do my life interesting! Today I learned to phone to me it is necessary a code the city of Rybinsk 4855 and mine phone number +79056325291,
I hope that to turn out will phone. I want that the distance between us thawed in a flash, and we were together.
I am grateful to God and the Internet that we got acquainted with you.
I haven't enough photos. Today I send you a photo from my everyday life. In the last letter, I told you about the feelings to you.
You trust me? In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I believe that we will meet you in any day,
and we will be able to talk endlessly. Each word which I tell you, I speak is realized!
The love is a feeling which unites such feelings as Friendship, Respect, Trust, Sincerity, Mutual understanding, Caress, Tenderness.
I consider that it is necessary to make a declaration of love looking in eyes to darling.
John, feelings which are in my heart now very new to me. You think of our meeting seriously?
I very much want that ours with you vacation was together. I hope that in the next days,
I can exact dates of my vacation that we could agree about a meeting.
Even, if you are occupied any part of day, I don't want to refuse travel. I promise that I will be patient,
and I will wait for ours with you I will meet every day which I will carry out.
Please, write me the letter quicker...
Sincerely, forever your Evgeniia
Letter 11
Hi my love of John!
Today I want to write the serious and important letter. Tonight to me will sign papers that I could go on vacation.
Important for me, and important for you. Important for us. I reflected long yesterday on us and on our future.
What do we have and what expects us?? We have a remarkable correspondence: kind, gentle, beautiful and careful letters.
My remarkable emotions every day. We dream very much. But actually we don't have anything.
Something! It - only letters, it - only dreams. It not reality, it yet not life. John, I adore your letters.
You really changed my world. You touched my heart, presented beautiful dream to me. But it is impossible to correspond eternally.
It is impossible to live only for the sake of letters. It is impossible to live in illusion. Letters. Letters.
What gives us letters, except reflections and hopes??? Letters can't embrace. Letters can't give a kiss.
Letters can't touch my hand and present a smile. Letters not you. I want to be with you. I looked for the person for reality.
For this reason I think that our time came. We have to check the relations. We have to check the feelings.
We can write one million beautiful words. But only the real meeting is able to change our life.
Only the real meeting will give us chance to understand everything, to understand force of our emotions, to understand our prospects.
I hope, you understand me!!? How are you? You thought of ours with you to a meeting? I won't be able to have vacation later.
John, you will be able to meet me now? For me it is important to know about it. Please, don't think that I hurry.
It will be difficult to me to take vacation in other time. Of course I will understand if you aren't able to find for me all the time.
I don't want to be freight for you. If we are able to spend together time or weekend, it will be fine.
Please, send me your new photos. I want to see your smile. Sometimes I represent ours with you the joint photo.
I am sure that we with you will be beautiful couple. You think of it? You often remember me during the day?
Tonight, I will go to my parents. I want to tell my parents that we will meet you. It is sure that my parents will be glad.
We have to find the way to our future. I don't want to spend in vain time, to wait and suffer alone.
If you don't want a meeting with me. You can write that to me to one words NO!
I don't want to be one. I am afraid to lose you. When I arrive, I can see your life, your world.
I hope that it will be soon when your world becomes my world.
Yours and only your Evgeniia!
Letter 12
Hello favourite Johnny,
Tonight I had a fine dream. I woke up with a happy smile and thoughts of you. We were together in my dream.
We very lovely talked and held hands. I was very happy. Since the morning at me good mood.
Johnny, for the sake of ours with you happiness I am ready to change the life. I want to be only with you.
This morning I sent a visa application form not that difficult wasn't, on the Internet everything was written by available words.
After such as I sent the statement, in 5 hours to me the employee of embassy called and asked to answer on not how many questions.
Asked me questions. Whether I know English? I told that I know. After such as I answered that I know English,
the employee of embassy started talking to me in English. Also I was asked about duration of my travel to your country.
I had to answer many questions, but they weren't difficult for me. I chose type of the visa "Tourist".
According to the visa "Tourist", I can be in your country from 5 days to 179 days. Also I acquire the right to move on all cities.
Johnny in order that I could arrive to your country, to me need to issue the visa.
Registration of the visa takes place in some stages. The first stage is executed by me, I sent the statement.
The second stage it is necessary to arrive to the city of Moscow and to visit embassy after that I will be called
and to fix day and time of interview with the consul in embassy.
Now I need to collect all documents which are necessary for registration of the visa. I have to have photos,
the certificate of that I not when wasn't married, and also the reference from a workplace.
It not a problem for me. All my documents as it should be. Now I have some savings.
I have 54000 thousand ruble (about 830 American dollars). It is enough this money in order that I issued the visa,
and residence in Moscow (food) after the invitation the employee of embassy me to Moscow.
I have no relatives or friends in Moscow to live free of charge and it will be necessary for me it is removed
the apartment or the room there is a process registration of the visa to end so far.
Johnny, at me doesn't remain money to get air tickets. You will be able to help me to get air tickets?
I won't be able to pay all expenses. I have no enough money. It isn't a shame to me to speak to you about it.
I trust you and therefore I ask you about the help. I don't know, will cost how many air tickets,
within several next days I will tell you the exact cost of tickets.
I need to be sure that you wait for me, and you will meet at the airport.
I think that the cost of air tickets isn't big, and you will be able to help us. Soon we with you will be together.
Today to me I signed holiday at a rate of 1.5 months.
I look forward your letter.
With Lyubov, forever your Evgeniia
Letter 13
Johnny, at me doesn't remain money to get air tickets. You will be able to help me to get air tickets?
I won't be able to pay all expenses. I have no enough money. It isn't a shame to me to speak to you about it.
I trust you and therefore I ask you about the help. I don't know, will cost how many air tickets,
within several next days I will tell you the exact cost of tickets.
I need to be sure that you wait for me, and you will meet at the airport.
I think that the cost of air tickets isn't big, and you will be able to help us. Soon we with you will be together.
Today to me I signed holiday at a rate of 1.5 months.
I look forward your letter.
With Lyubov, forever your Evgeniia
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