Scam letter(s) from Margarita Ivanovna Afonina to Bas (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Thank you for having responded to my interest. I am very pleased.
Perhaps, I introduce myself to give you a good first impression of me.
My name is Belinda but you can call me Bella, and me 33 years. My birthday is July 23, 1983.
I'm a little worried, because this is my first contact with a foreign man.
I can not sort out how to start my first letter to you. Probably I need tell about me?
I live in Moscow region, Balashiha. I live alone. Rent an apartment.
I like my life because I enjoy life. I want to find someone with whom I will share the joy.
This city became native to me, although I was born in Ukrainian territory, Crimea. My parents live there, but I'll explain later.
I work for a small company which is engaged in advertising. My work is connected with the documents.
Every day I read a lot of documents, check them for errors. If I find an error, I send them to the recipient with a note about the error.
I like my job, but it's heavy. But I have a good team, I like to work with them.
My boss is a strict but fair man. He never will cross a side, always considerate and polite.
But sometimes he drinks at work and rips it out on dishonest employees.
At such moments, all the workers are hidden away in the corners :)
Tell us about your case. What do you do for work. What is your profession? Do you love your profession? What sports do you interested in?
I love to play sports. I can not go to the gym, it is expensive, but at home I often do. I love to run in the mornings.
Always wanted to run on the beach or ocean.
I love water. I love to watch the waves. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was born on the Black Sea. Do you know where the black sea?
I love my home town of Alushta. There were all my relatives and friends of the school.
I always dreamed of a younger brother or sister. But I have one child in my family.
My mother was not able to have children after my birth. And my parents are very worried about it.
They wanted a big family. And at first, they despaired and gave me all the care of one.
But then they decided to take the child from the orphanage.
Then my father start drink alcohol. It shattered the family budget.
And my parents left this idea of family replenishment.
I always wanted a brother or sister. And I was bored and sad nights.
I wanted to share ideas and share secrets. But I had to keep a lot of confidence.
And only a friend from school and from the yard rescued me in this.
I had a lot of friends in childhood. And my childhood was not alone.
Tell me where you were born and where you lived?
What are your dreams for the future life? What kind of family do you want?
I hope you will answer my questions, and we will continue to communicate.
Now I finish my letter, and I'll wait for your answer.
I will send you some of my photos, so you can imagine with whom you communicate! I am happy to look at your pictures.
I think this is the beginning of something new and interesting things in our lives !!!
Regards, Bella.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!
I am glad you wrote to me again. I understand how difficult it is to communicate only letters, but I have no other choice.
I recently dropped my phone in the bathroom, and it is no longer included. I am very upset because I had a lot of pictures on it.
If I buy a new phone, then it will be easier to communicate. But for now, I can not buy a phone. I hope not for long!
You have written a lot about you and your life. And it would be easier to tell you over the phone. But now I'm going to write.
Although the letter is also very romantic way of communication and dating. You think so?
You are so successfully live and work. I am ashamed of my poverty compared to your life.
But I do not envy you. I am proud of you and enjoy your success. Envy is a bad feeling. I'm not jealous.
My working day usually takes a lot of paperwork and a lot of texts for verification.
The point of view of my future is very ordinary and not special. I want to get married, want children, I want to be loved by his wife.
I want to be a housewife but have some that work for a short time. I want to learn to cook for restaurants. This is my fetish.
I never will traveled but always wanted to visit many countries of our great planet.
I was only in Ukraine and some Russian cities.
In my last letter I wrote that I was born in the Ukraine. My parents stayed there.
I went after school in Russia to get a good education and a good job.
I studied at the State University. Faculty of Philology. I philologist.
Read more about my parents.
My parents are very kind and good people. My mom is a primary school teacher. She loves children and is always worried about them.
She is very kindest woman! I love her very much. She always pamper me.
My dad worked in the police. He was rank a major. He is now retired. He has always been strict, but fair. I'm always worried when he worked at night.
Police work is very difficult and dangerous. But my dad is very brave. Many people say that I look like him, because I'm very brave and resolute.
But I'm afraid to change my life alone. Hard to change my life, so I'm looking for someone who can inspire me courage.
My parents are the most wonderful. But salary and pension in Crimea now is very small.
So I went to Russia to help them financially. Half the money I send them.
They often tell me that I should spend the money on myself needs, but I continue help them.
My parents did everything to my childhood was happy, now I want to make them happy.
Tell me more about your family. I am very interested to know more about you and your family.
Do you like animals? Do you like children? How do you feel about volunteering work? I often engaged in charity.
We collect things and clothes for the poor, we are distributing food. Before the new year, we made a feast for the homeless.
It was nice that people get warm clothes and food. They are happy and grateful to us.
And our hearts are warmed by their joy and warmth.
I will finish my letter. I hope that you will answer my questions, and we will become even closer.
Thank you for the conversation.
I'm sending you a few more pictures.
All the best!
Your new friend from Russia, Bella!
Letter 3
Again, welcome, my dear friend!
Thank you kept in touch with me.
I was so busy working. And when I finish work, I want to digress.
I am happy to go home from work, and know that your letter waiting for me!
Thank you for telling me about you. You are very romantic and openly! I am very pleased!
I love animals and dream is to open a shelter for dogs and cats. I feel sorry for homeless animals.
But busy schedule leaves no spare time for my hobbies and volunteer.
I work 6 days a week from 9 am to 8 pm. My schedule is not normalized. and I often stay at work.
Sometimes I work on Sunday, at the request of the boss. It's a little supplement to the salary, and I'm always glad to a raise.
But I'm not a robot, and have weekends. And I spend the weekend with my friends. They have children. They walk a lot.
And I'm happy when I spend time with children. I make up for it by the fact that as a child I had little attention from parents.
They do not have brothers and sisters, they are no one helped. My mother is from the orphanage. But the father was left an orphan because his parents died.
And his brother was missing. My parents worked hard. And I played with my friends in the daughters and mothers, we have helped to bring the neighborhood children.
You know, I have a good mood today !!! I learned a great news!
My closest friend told me about the pregnancy! O Lord, how long she and her husband were trying to have a baby !!
She told me that her husband cried when he learned of her pregnancy. Of course, I'm a girl impressionable, I also cried when she learned the news!
I can not express in words how I felt when I heard the news! I write to you, and all contracts within me !!! I find it hard not to smile!
Sorry to tell you this. You interested? But I do want to shout about it! My girlfriend is like a sister to me.
We have been friends since the first year of university. We met on the first day of university, and have always been very close.
She married our classmate when I was in fourth year. It was a modest student's wedding. I was a "bridesmaid" and photographer in one person.
I have been doing photography, and attended the University of photography lessons. I love to photograph beautiful landscapes and people.
Portraits of my favorite pictures in the profile. I have many friends photographers. They are interesting people.
Many photographers strange, but they are always interesting to talk with them. You love to be photographed?
On the second year of university, all of our members photography lessons went to France. Unfortunately, I was not able to fly with them.
I needed to pay by flight and accommodation, and all the money I sent to parents. I don't have passport.
This too has become an obstacle for my flight to France.
My friends arrived from France and happy with a lot stories. I envied them, but was happy for them.
Since then, I vowed that someday I'll be a lot of traveling and make photos of landscapes and other countries.
Again I tell you a lot about me. I hope that you're interested.
I'm glad I met you on this site. I do not think that I soon begin to communicate with such a wonderful person.
I read a lot on the Internet and watched on TV as the Russian girls get trafficked.
I'm lucky in life and I think that will not happen or anything wrong with me,
any chance I ever go to another country to the beloved man.
You're a nice companion. I want to trust you.
I'm glad met you. Thank you for our fellowship!
I need to go to bed. Early tomorrow morning to work.
I'll go to sleep with thoughts of you and your next letter!
Your Russian girlfriend, Bella.
I wish you a good time!
Send a kiss!
Letter 4

Hello my dear!
I am very glad to read your letter again. I can not express in words my feelings that I read your letters.
These feelings seem to me strange. I am not experienced such feelings very long. The feeling in the stomach when all contracts.
And hard to breathe. These I feel when I read your letters. I do not understand what's happening to me.
you know, probably, I think a lot about you. Today I had a dream about us. We sitting in a cafe and talked. We laughed a lot.
You often corrected my words, but praised me for my english. We was good in this dream. I think we met not by converse. I think that fate brought us.
Do you believe in fate?
I believe that everything does not happen by accident. On this site I recorded randomly.
I did not think that I really can find such a wonderful person like you.
Many times I have heard of people who meet by dint of the Internet. They formed a strong relationship. Now, I'm starting to believe it.
I've been reading on the websites of the love story of people from different countries. They seemed to me very interesting and impressive.
Many stories very realistic. But I believe, because they have been described in detail. Almost all the girls from Russia went abroad to her lover.
They write that all they are very happy. And you know .... I seriously thought. Because every time I read your letter, I was very excited and interested!
I can not describe this to you in words ... I was wondering about that ... What ... Will I ever show you shine in my eyes from happiness to have met you.
What do you think? Our meeting in the future - it is real?
I'm sure that you've become quite close to me man. I want to trust you. I want to tell you everything that's happening to me or happened.
From your letters, I see that you are kind and wonderful men. I can be trusted my life to you. Thank you that you communicate with me.
Now I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow I get up early for work.
I began to notice that at work I think about your letters. I remember all that you wrote to me. Thank you for everything.
I am sending you kisses. I embrace you.
Your Russian girlfriend Bella!
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