Scam letter(s) from Olesya Kobtseva to Seb (France)

Letter 1
Hi Sebastien!!! Sorry to keep you waiting) I had some deals and I could not write to you earlier. I was glad to talk with you on a dating site) I would like to develop our communication and to know each other better...
I send you some of your photos so that you can better know me) So I hope you will send me your photos so I could get to know you))) I want to tell you a little about my self. What i like to do, what make me happy or help me look aside from work and mode of life. First of all, i live in Russia, in Ekaterinburg city. My name is Olesya, i'm 32 years old. I work for a pharmaceutical company. I am engaged in searching, registration of deals with sales representatives. Alsa at the moment I finish training at the Medical Institute, finish my studies remain the last year. I study extramural faculty (this as evening classes).
Mostly I'm constantly working. In my free time I self study the material at the rate of medical institution. It is necessary to did a good job to achieve a lot.))) Is not it? In my free time i do sports, yoga for me is main tool that helps me be in form and helps me with meditation. Do you like any sport? Maybe you have some other hobbies?? I try to live healthy way, but sometimes i meet with friends and we go to bar or in night club to have fun and relax. Also sometime we go to nature, in forest or to river for a couple days. We take a tent and spend a night in forest. As i remamber it called kemping.)) Also i like to visit cultural events, thetres or painters expositions. It is very interesting for me, cause i love arts in any exhibitions. I will not write to much about myself for today, cause i don't want to look intrusive and hope my letter didn't made you boring. I would like to know more about you and your life.
- Tell me a little about yourself and what you do in life.
- What you like to do in your free time? How relax and have a rest?
- What whould you like to see in your partner?
- What kind of girlfriend you see near you? Sorry that i have so many questions, but your answers will help me to see your reaction on my letter and your interest in on our conversation. Please write to me at the beginning of your next letter !Hello sun!, if you have read my letter to the end. I do not want to spend time each other, empty talk and the same type of replies to the overall mailing.
will wait for your answer! Olesya.
Letter 2
Hi Sebastien! i was so happy to receive your answer...! i thought all this time, will you answer me or no, did you like my letter or no, and now, when i get your message i feel like a little girl who get the letter from Santa))) I'm emotional person, and now it is so hard to explaine my feels by english words.))) i try to learn it to have the possibility explain everything that i want on english, but it is not easy and not everytime i have a time for learning, but when i have i always learn a few new words!)) I love children and I love children very much, I'm glad that you have such wonderful children and that you are a happy father. not yet not lucky enough to have their own children, but I would love to have kids, maybe two or three, as the wish my future man))) lOL ..
Why do not you send me your photo? I would be delighted to see who I'm talking about))) that if you please do this for me.
i'm sure that you don't know a lot about Ekaterinburg...) that is why i write you a less about my city) and hope that you will write me about yours! I love to know about new places in the world and i'm sure that your city have a lot interesting things to write))
My city is no big, but not as big as Moscow, a little less. In the city live about 1,4 million people. That's a lot you know) Also in the city there are a lot of attractions. There's also a lot of institutions., Cinemas, drawbridges. Well I will not talk much about their city so as not to tire you with this story)))))
I told you that I am working in a pharmaceutical company.
Also at the moment I'm going through distance learning in medical college. I'm going to finish it this year, and will receive diploma of the doctor. This will be the beginning of my medical career. Next week i will go to the village to my grandmother, there is amazing views on river and forest, when i have a walk there, breath fresh air it help me to recharge my head and give a power for working week. And ofcourse my grandmothers cheese creeps with homemade strawberry jam! They are really magic tasty!) what is your favourite dishes? I'm so interesting because i always eat some russian dishes, and sometimes i eat pizza or make pasta at home)) but i think that your everyday food can be very different from russian and it is interesting for me)) today i will make a sport! I Want to have a run in the park today evening)) Hope i didn't ask you a lot of question and you will answer on it! I wish you good day and sunny weather! Olesya.
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