Scam letter(s) from Elena Sharova to Claus (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello ,May i know what's your name,how i call you? it was nice from your side to give me your mailaddress,and i'd love to go on a magical ride with you anywhere in the world. it will be nice to arrange a meeting,so i am open to your ideas,any travel plan:) I like adventures and a bit of adrenalin. Always good for everything that makes fun and people happy.Waiting impatiently
your reply. Your Elena
Letter 2
Hello Claus, thanks for reply:) i am positive girl and would really like to meet you somewhere in the future and have a holiday-trip together. Romantic trip to Copenhagen sounds very nice, i like your idea. I have no any plans yet, and i am not very experienced in travelling. And you, have you travelled much? what are your favorite places? Warm kisses
Yours Elena
Letter 3
Good morning my darling! I have received your emails just now. On weekend i had no access to internet, i appologize, Claus. Yes,i have also heard about Mallorca. Odessa is nice place in summer time. By the way,i don't live there. I am from city Kupyansk, Kharkov region. By profession i am nurse, here i am working at children's hospital. And you? Claus, i like your sence of humor, hope we'll stay in touch and when we meet, i am sure it will be a perfect meeting:)
Warm kisses
Yours Elena
Letter 4

Claus,i am not going to disappear. We were talking about Copenhagen in spring, and i think it's better than to meet in Ukraine. I am surprised truly speaking, why you changed your mind? I think that better not to risk and choise some safe and nice place for our first meeting. I don't want the atmosphere between us to be tense and negative. Darling,i also want to be by your side, enjoy time together for fullest! And i am also open to serious relations. We never know what can happen, that is why i would love to meet you in person. This is the only real way to get to know each other, we could exchange emails for months and not really get to know the important things about each other and if there
is good chemistry between us. Warmly kiss you, my sweet!
Yours Elena
Letter 5
Yes, a short break for our first trip, makes sense - to make sure we get on and enjoy our time together - assuming we do, we can have many more, and longer trips in the future. Is it possible for you earlier, maybe in March? i even ready in February:) Better sooner than later!!!:))
Letter 6
I talked with tour company,since the easiest way to open tourist visa to Denmark. They can make my papers and visa will be done in around 7-9 days. I have to pay for tickets,health insurance and visa fees. As i will have to provide Embassy with all this documents. Travel company gives guarantee that i will get a visa,in case they will assist me in visa application. What do you think about it? i think that this is the best way to organize everything with the specialized people, who can arrange everything in a fast and easiest way,as travel company gives guarantee that i will get a visa.
Visa and insurance cost 220 usd,
Tickets to Copenhagen cost 311 usd. Claus my darling,is it in your forces to help me? i won't be able to afford it myself:( And the privilege if we book the trip now, is that later it will cost more. Because price for the tickets is smaller if to book it in advance.
Letter 7
Claus,i would not behave like that. I am decent girl and you can trust me!!!
Also i can then give you the copy of my tickets, so you will be sure seeing the documents.
Anyway,i don't behave like a ****. I am sorry for saying this.
Letter 8
You will need my address, city Kupyansk, Ukraine
street Sophievskaya,4
post code 63700 My surname Sharova, my name Elena
Letter 9
Yes,i have facebook, but don't use it.
Pavlovna is my father's name.
My surname is Sharova.
For moneytransfer you will need surname and name. Sharova Elena The invoice i can get but it will be under my name and written in Ukrainian language.
So it won't help i guess.
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