Scam letter(s) from Polina Grebneva to Andrej (Slovenija)

Letter 1
Hi, my favorite man Andrej!
I love you very much and I really want to be with you!
My dear, today I went to the embassy to get my a tourist visa! My love, the girl at the embassy said that in order to get a visa, I have to show tickets. It is a law in our country, and nothing can be changed. My dear, I was very surprised when I heard it.
I went to a travel agency to get information. Girl in The agency said that it is true. I can not get a visa, unless show tickets. Do you understand me? I began to learn about the most affordable and the next flight. I found the cheapest. I booked tickets for February 3rd.
It's the nearest and reliable flight. It is a reliable airline. My love, I think you've heard that a lot of other companies are closed and canceled their flights? People do not even can get the money for the tickets. I'll send you the flight your flight details. One-way ticket costs 295 euros!
I have to buy two tickets, because I'm coming to you with a tourist visa!
This is one of the laws of our country and I do not know why it came up!
Therefore, round-trip tickets cost 590 ?. My love, I am very surprised, the tickets are so expensive. My love, I do not think that the tickets will cost that much. Besides accommodation in Moscow is very expensive.
My sweet, I paid 260 euros to the agency. My love for that would pick up their tickets I have to pay 330 euros. My sweet, I am very upset. I do not know what to do. I'm all alone in this city.
My love, I no longer have anyone to ask for help.
My sweet, do not leave me in the lurch. You're the only person, who can help me. My love, please help me with payment the rest of the tickets. My love, for 3 of February we will be together.
I'm sure you're a real man and not leave your love one in trouble.
My prince, I am ready to do anything for you. My sweet, I hope that money is not important to you.
You would not change the love to which the paper and make the right choice.
My love, I'm ashamed to ask for help from you but I have no other choice.
I hope you will understand me. My love, I'll give you the money when I get back to work.
I'm all alone in this big city. I'm so scared. I want as soon as possible be next to you.
My sweet, I very much miss you! I like it here very scary one! My love, I want to overcome this step faster!
My love, it remains just a little bit. And 3 February, we will have in place! We we will wake up with you in the same bed.
My love, you can not imagine how I was looking forward to it!
When can I see you! I could relax because I will to know that I'm not alone! And I have a man next to whom I I will never feel lonely! Even because of all our problems, because of which we are not together, my love for you is not quenched, but on the contrary, it is growing. It grows by the hour and minutes. My love, my prince, my dear, you are everything to me! I am ready to give you so much love and affection, only you and no one else. My heart is full of love for you!
My love for you is the most beautiful thing there is in the world.
I'm so happy with you that our feelings are causing the most wonderful feeling in the world, the love! My prince, my love for you is so strong that sometimes I think that on this planet there is only you! And no one else.
My dear, I'll be happy to remain so forever, whatever our feelings to each other never faded and grew with every second, with every word, that we write to each other. I am very glad that at one point all of our dreams come true, all our wishes, which we have so long dreamed.
But the most important is a dream I have a meeting with you! My dear, you must help me and our love. I'm sure you're a real man, and never leave me in the lurch. I am sure that you will always help me.
In addition, I will always be next to you, and I will help you. My prince, on this I will finish my letter! I love you and miss you you! Love thy Polina
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