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Scam letter(s) from Lira Mandoza to Philip (USA)

Letter 1
My Dearest in Christ,
With due respect, trust and humbleness, I write this proposal to you, which I deem would be of great interest to you. I found your contact while I was doing a private research on the Internet for a reliable and capable foreign partner that will assist me and my only daughter Mishael.
My name is Mrs. Lira MandoLa a nationality of South Africa; I Retired with South African Women in Construction Association. View the profile of South African Women in construction at (website by clicking ( read about us. I am married to late Mr. John Mashela; we were married for twenty years with a child. He died after an illness that lasted for four weeks. I need your assistance that was why I write to you through divine direction; it is my desire of going into relationship with you
Before my husband's death he confound to me that he deposited the sum of USD$30.5M(Thirty Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars) with Finance/bank Presently, This fund emanated as a result of an over-invoiced contract which he executed with the South African Women in construction . Though I assisted him in getting this contract but I never knew that it was over-invoiced by him. I am afraid that the government of South Africa might start to investigate on contracts awarded to South African Women in construction .This money is still with the bank. Due to the condition of my health my doctor told me that i will not live up to three month, because of my cancer problem, though what disturbs me most is my ******. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to church or better still a Christian individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in. I want a person or church that will take care of my only daughter and also use this fund to churches, orphanages, research centers and widows propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is maintained.
I took this decision because I have a daughter that will inherit this money but my daughter cannot carry out this work due to her age. I and my late husband decided to use some of the money to work for God and live some for our daughter to have a better life. Our daughter is just 15year old now and been grow up in Africa, she have low maturity Hence the reason for taking this bold decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know that I am going to be in the ***** of the Lord.
Note that my contact to you is a divine direction; As soon as I receive your reply I will give you the contact of the Finance/bank. I will also issue you a letter of authority that will empower you as the new beneficiary of this fund. My happiness is that I live a life of a worthy Christian. Please if you’re not interested please do not reply this email
Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated here and Please I will like you to contact me immediately you receive this mail so that I will instruct the Finance/bank to! Transfer this fund into your account. Correspondence must be by email to any of my private e-mail addresses.
Remain blessed in the name of the Lord.
Mrs. Lira MandoLa
Letter 2
Dear Beloved Thanks for your kind respond and you’re willingness to help me carry out my wish and taking guidance of my only daughter Mishael, Am glad for your acceptance help carry out this work for humanity This transaction is legal and all I want from you is your trust and sincerity .and your willingness to accept my daughter as your child and take care of her . I have made legal arrangement for the transfer this fund into your nominated account I decide to donate this fund to charity, through an organisation or reputable person that will use this fund as I will Direct, I need a person with dignity and unquestionable character, integrity with an outstanding reputation that can take good care of my only daughter Mishael as his own daughter and also for the work of charity so that when I pass on my soul will rest in peace. 50% of this fund will be kept for the upbringing and well being of my only daughter Mishael. And you’ll also take 30% for the well being of your family as well. Then the remaining 20% will be donated to any charity organisation of your choice as the fund will be totally in your custody. To proceed please furnish me with the below information

DRIVERS LICENCE OR PASSPORT This information’s will help me obtain authorisation letter that will enable you to contact the banker who will see to the transfer of this fund into your nominated account in your country I will provide you with the necessary document that will empower you as the new beneficiary of this fund one after the other when I see your seriousness over the transfer. Please send me your full details so that I will send it to my lawyer for him to prepare the agreement letter. Attach below is my National ID I can assure you that you will not regret to help me over this transfer.
I look forward to your imminent urgent response and cooperation

Regard Ms.Lira Mandoza
+27 62-649-6375
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