Scam letter(s) from Oksana Shevtsova to Ronald (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Ronald!!!

This is your new friend Oksana from Dergachi. I am pleased to continue our dialogue here on an email - it's more open and free)) Thank you for your letter)) I am very pleased your interest !!)) I would like to know you better. You know, right now I am writing you this letter - something special I feel, thinking about you .... I am very glad to meet you and be happy to tell you about me! I'm an open and cheerful girl, I believe in the great and sincere feelings, and very much wish and hope that this meeting in my life ... and I hope that if our relations will develop - we have a chance to try !!))
I'm from Ukraine - probably a lot of you have heard lately from the TV news. Yes, there were still some places are fighting, but I live in a safe neighborhood of it. And I can be at peace. I'm not interested in politics, but I want all people to live in peace !!!
I like a variety of things, such as art galleries, photography, cooking, cycling, tennis and swimming. In the summer I love to ride on a boat .... I like to spend a lot of time walking in the fresh air, enjoying the natural surroundings and to visit the city with your friends. I am a positive person and mix only successfully minded people who, I believe, makes it all much happier.
And how do you like to spend your time ?? how you spend your weekends and holidays ??
I hope to hear from you soon with some details so that we can learn a lot more about each other and see if we can have a future together.
With best regards, Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Ronald!!! I love to receive letters from you. You write and tell about themselves as well. I'm really glad that our relations have a good start! You really like me very much, and it's very important for me to be close friends, and then that - that later. Our correspondence will show if we can grow in our feelings. I am glad that you want to know me better. Dear, I am very interested to know more about you, your life, your dreams and interests.
I am pleased to know that you can come to Ukraine to meet !!!! This is a great idea !!! I am happy to meet you here in Ukraine. In my city is now calm .... but who knows what can happen all of a sudden .... you can meet in Kiev or in any far away if there is danger here. We can solve !!!
Honey, I'll tell you more about me, okay? This is a long letter, but you must be patient and read it to learn more about me.
I am honest, sincere, reliable, kind, attentive, energetic and cheerful. I have a creative and inquisitive nature. My friends think I'm outgoing, understanding, self-confident and optimistic person with a good sense of humor. I think that it is impossible to be happy if you are alone. I've never been outside Ukraine, but I love to travel. Your country and its people have always fascinated me, it's so beautiful. Do you have any - any photo in your country ?. I would like to travel more around the world. Every holiday I usually spend at home in the family, but I would like to go to travel and discover new places.
I have a lot of friends; I think it's because I'm a very open person, and I say all that I think. I have a good relationship with my colleagues and sometimes we celebrate our holidays together. I work as an accountant in the showroom, and we have a very good team and we are all very friendly! Every day, I am happy to go to work - and I think this is very important! After all, when there is a favorite work - then there is always a joy and contentment in the soul! From childhood I like cars ... and now working in the showroom, I have the opportunity to get closer to my dream - a ride in a car !!! I really want to learn to drive a car and always will strive for this!
Most of my friends have their own second half, but I still have one. I tried to find a man in my city, but I had no luck. I met a man who played an emotional game and I could not express himself in his heart. It was a short novel. Many men from Ukraine too much drink and go to clubs often, and I do not like it. Of course, I also love the holidays with friends to dance and relax in the club ... but this is not the time ... and it is only during the holidays. I'll tell you about my interests and hobbies. I like to swim in the pool ... and I try to do it when I have time. I love to read about the many different things, and it can be from the adventure, science fiction, as well as a world of animals. I like art and art galleries, and so I want to see the world with my own eyes one day.
I wish and I want to see more photos of you; it gives me a good idea of you. I wish and want to hear more from you and your desires and wishes for the future. Do not hold back, because it can make us closer. While waiting for a response from you. I am interested to meet you.
Believe me, I really want to know you better.
Your new girlfriend Oksana.
Letter 3
Hello :) Oksana it again!
I am glad that our dialogue brings us to one another closer and closer! it makes the smile on my face during the day)) is so nice of you to remember, and think again in the evening, I received your letter and learn something new about you! And tell me - this is what opens us and makes us closer :)!
In fact, I do not like to give a huge list of questions to find a man and I would prefer to do it as a daily conversation and even better in the future face-to-face meetings.
What example are you doing today? Today I bake pancakes! You know it? This famous dish of ancient times! but still everyone's favorite! to make the filling of any products - both sweet and savory, and then you can eat and drink it with tea - delicious! Came to me my girlfriend Lena and Tanya and tasty and we had a fun time in the evening !. One day I'll make this dish for you!
I am glad that you and I work in the same profession)), we will also talk about one day !! and I especially liked your proposal so that you taught me how to drive a car - it's my dream !!))
My favorite pets are cats and dogs as well. But now it is only in the village of my parents ... I enjoy the local countryside when I come to them. And I rent an apartment in the city, because there is a job! My favorite favorite classic and foreign music to listen to while I'm doing something around the house. I like to listen to the Latin and light pop - music. And you - what kind of music do you like? I prefer to eating local food. I love the quality of life, but that does not mean that I look at it and go on expensive things. I watch more about the qualities socially.
You know, my dear, I'm really tired of being alone and sometimes you can not believe how awful it is to spend a few evenings alone; this is the most boring time for me. I'm very glad I met you in my life, and I do not want to stop our relationship, I want to continue. Yes!! I know that we can be more than just a correspondence in the future, we just do not need to rush out and everything will be alright, am I right?
I'm a woman and think that love is a very strong feeling. I believe that love should be a feeling that lives on forever. I like your ease, a good sense of humor and ability to laugh at life and love it. I believe that physical attraction and intellectual connection to be reciprocated. I do not think age is important for me, because age is not important for love!
I feel like you make me feel deeply and understand the smile on your face - that's what makes people happy - and a smile on my face ignites your letters! I feel like you just the way you are, and you are me - it is very expensive for me! And when I think of you, I can imagine a cozy cafe, where we together - a romantic candlelight dinner ... go for a walk through the streets and melt in your arms and kisses .... sweet fragrant landscape ..... we can enjoy nature and each other and be together with you alone - this is my dream right now! What do you think about it? Just because I want to get close to you! :) I think it will be possible one day !!
Already I begin to wait for your new letter! I wish every day closer to you again and again! this attraction, I did not expect .... but I am happy that there is something special between us!
I wish you a good evening and a good day!
I'm looking forward to your letter!
Kisses :) Your Oksana.
Letter 4

Hello my sweet honey Ronald!!

Thank you for your letter and the attractive photos. You can not imagine my pleasure when I see your mail to my mailbox. Please do not fall in love with someone - else these days, when we begin to know each other better, as you so interesting to me. My hope is that I have the same for you. I feel confident about you already. I want to be optimistic with you! So pleased with every day feel the approach to you)) you just a special man - if so touched me)) I understand !! and I am glad that our relations are developing! I can not believe that such a great man did not notice other women out there ?! it gave me the opportunity to meet you !!)) I admit to myself that I feel attraction to you, reading your letters. I think we can be a good match, what do you think?
I wish you have good days, my dear. Often I think that after your mail, you're very nice. Your identity is not an ordinary and "normal". I see that you are an intelligent and wise man ... I'm sure you have lots of people around who are trying to get your attention. I'm here, too, and try to be the most important for you and win your heart! For me, our acquaintance has become something more than friendship ... and now I can honestly say that I'm falling in love with you every day more and more .... I'm glad you see our future together and think about it!
I really like the idea of you and me how to take the car, learn to ride .... and take the dogs and go to the mountains for example, are now covered with snow, skiing, and go together in a restaurant can be - it's happiness, my dear .. . which I can only dream ... and I will be happy if one day be realized !!)) you want me to come to you ?? I am very happy with your way of thinking, do not you want to search among the many women, but only those who love to read it and be his companion partner another lover and his family the best that you in good and bad. I see that you are very selective when choosing a male partner, and you know what you want in life, what I like and makes me very happy, because so far all that I like you have.
I really cherish this and I am ready to do everything in my power to make the relationship between you and me into reality. I am very serious and responsible girl in my personal commitment, I hate lies and hypocrisy, I am very sincere, educated, cheerful I'm not jealous I like working ... I like to take advantage of to the maximum time and the possibility that life is for me, I I like to play sports. I am very realistic woman, I believe in the harmony of relationships. I am very honest with the person and sensitive to the needs of a person, I believe in true love, I believe that all that man can offer to do so. I believe that the barriers of distance, language, race, religion or social status are barriers that stop true love, when two people really love.
I want to be someone special in your life, I ask you to give me all your trust, your love, your intimacy and all my passion. I'll give you all my passion ... my tenderness, my faith, my life and my heart I give you all !!!
And really I want to break all the barriers between us to finally meet and be together !!! This is a logical action for the two lovers! and we are on the way to each other right now ... only the distance left kotroe easily overcome! Do you agree??
Write me soon I'll look forward to your response, if you decide to give me all your love, I promise to make you very, very joyful. I want you to be the sole owner of my life and my heart. My love and energy will be there with you always, so that together we fulfill our dreams. There will never be obstacles for us, and only with a lot of love to our lives. Ask me Anything you want and find out about me, okay?
I look forward to your answer !!!
I miss a lot .... and think about you))
Many sweet and tender kisses! :)
Your Oksana.
Letter 5
Hi my love Ronald!!!
Such beautiful words - and I am dizzy !!! You begin to perceive me as his beloved and dreamed of our meeting .... mmmmmm !! I'm so glad)) I really like the way you look at life, how do you see your partner for life - I agree with you - and I share your opinion !!! I hope that this will happen to us))
I wanted to come to you ... and you give me the answer - you also want to be at home - it's so cool - our mutual desire !! it gives me the hope and the desire to continue to dream about it and still plan our meeting !! after the meeting - is a logical step for the two lovers !!!
I asked information to make my passport costs $ 240 and visa costs $ 185 - it was too expensive for me. But now I really want to travel with you and do not know what I should do .... Tell me - I can count on your help for my travel documents ??? Then I can make a passport and visa and travel with you !!! I myself can not do it ((((sorry (((price in Ukraine is very high, and the salary is very small (((I will wait for your answer to plan)))
And this can be done there for a couple of weeks or !!! Is not that great ??? it can help us to meet soon ... Just think - in a short time I can go to you !!! And for the first time, thanks to you I can see another country - so beautiful as yours !!! this is my dream !!
My dear, if you can help me - I am glad to do my best !!! and then we can set a date for our meeting !!! My trip would be possible only thanks to you !!! If happiness is waiting for us - I'll be the happiest girl in peace !!! Because next to me is you - my love !!!
What about me - my favorite color purple and your ?? I pereborchivy in a relationship is very, sometimes decisive ... shy but very passionate and ****, affectionate, and I always love to hug and kiss)), I am pleased to be with loved ones close by))
It was cold and frost on the street and the snow falls ... and I love the heat ... the heat and now your dream is in your hands)))
Now I wish you a good evening and I will wait for news from you !!!
I LOVE !!!!!!! Kisses!
See you soon.
Your Oksana.
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