Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sladkaya to Viorel (Romania)

Letter 1
Good afternoon.
I am looking for a reality man for found a family. My backward relationships have been unsuccessful.
This isNata.
I am from Petersburg.
Now my age is 30 years,I hope for your age does not matter.
I am decent for a Male.
I am talking Italian English German French.
Only Caring Male. PLEASE. Ohh ok. Glad to meet you
And may I ask your name?
Have you ever fall in true love?
So contact me throw e mail.
I am glad that I can see your face through the camera.
i will send some beautiful pics.
Best regards Natuska.
Good bye
Letter 2
Letter, Natalya St. Petersburg hello my dear
how are you? / I waited back only from you and therefore you can not even probably present as I am pleased.
Write to me more about itself.
I want to know you better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that my letter was not so big and has not had time to bother you.
The matter is that I very much would like to write to you much about myself.
I want that you knew all about me.
I want to tell to you about my to mum.
My mum has been given birth in Vsevolozhsk city in 11, May 1952 and her now 58 years.
City Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad region). The distance up to 24 km of the capital.
My mum has given birth to me in 28 years. It late whether or not ?????????
My parents have met in St. Petersburg city, it happened when my mum came back from a garden.
She went from a garden where we now raise in the summer vegetables. And mum on hands had big bags.
She went home and when has approached to a stop. To her has approached young the man, it was mine the daddy.
Also has asked to help to inform bags. Mum has agreed. And so they also have got acquainted.
Tell a noble act has made mine the daddy ????????????
Then my parents met year. And in 1975 my parents have got married.
Here they also have remained to live. After wedding I have appeared.
I grew without sisters and without brothers. In family I one child.
I do not know, why I was one in family, it likely the difficult economic side was. There were problems.
I do not know, I at all did not ask mine of parents about it. Because I had my favourite parents.
They loved me so strongly. They preserved me the heat. When I the daddy has died ..............
All loading of my education has lain on my mum.
I hope, that my mum loves you, and I shall necessarily send you her picture and video.
Certainly I very much love mine mum. And I think, that me was very successful with parents, but I began adults, and I should think of family.

Now I shall tell about myself in words. You likely already saw my picture.
I sent you for the first time. But can be to you, something was not clear.
My growth of 168 centimeters (5 '6 ") !!!! My weight of 56 kgs (125.7 lbs)

My hair color: black. I am a brunette. I have hazel eyes. I like black, white, red. I want to answer you at once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the past I have met, what the man urgently became loving.
But I was silly.
He has deceived me, and me was very sick.
But not it I continue supervision to trust in love.
It - one more reason on which I write to you.
I want, will meet the he man which is worthy my clean and sincere love.
Which will never deceive me.
I always trusted such easy feelings as love, friendship, fidelity, fidelity, kindness.
I could not meet such the man in Russia. Because men drink ***** and beat women, when they *****. I am afraid of it.
I need to trust, that you, which that the man I searched!
I want to trust only to one to man.
This the man you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that you spoke on the Internet only with me.
I think, that you are written by other girls.
I ask you not to send the answers to other women. I do not want you to be supported at the same time chat with other women. I hope, that has not urgently tired you with a history about myself.
I shall be pleased to answer your any questions, but I not always I can understand a question.
Therefore I ask to not cope, if I can not answer your question.
I am very pleased, that we can to continue our acquaintance further. I ask to write to me more about myself.
I shall be very pleased to study you more.
It is very important for me. I SHALL WAIT FOR YOURS THE LETTER, ONLY FROM YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
Ohhhh, I forgot to send my photos. I send you my most recent photos. I hope you enjoy my photos. Now in St. Petreburge it is snowing. A lot of snow ))))) kiss you. write me a response
I'm waiting for your answer. Wow, I'm happy to meet you. I ask you to continue our dialogue with you. Natasha, St. Petersburg
Letter 4

Hello my dear
how are you ??
Today is Saturday.
I'm back from work to home. Yes. Yes. I'm working on Saturday. Today was a parent meeting children.
We discussed the situation related to the safety in the school. Many students in the school is very bad behavior towards other pupils.
Ohhh, I do not want to discuss now about the school. I'm tired.
I thought about you)))) And you thought of me ????????? I want to meet an honest man. I'm ready to move from St. Petersburg. I need a serious relationship.
I want to start a family, build a happy future.
I hope that our first encounter - this is the first step in the future.
My heart is open. I do not want to waste their time on empty words.
I need a serious man. I am ready to build a strong and sturdy relationship.
are you ready ?????????????? Now I need to finish my letter. I will need to cook dinner at home.
I write you this letter later. I'M GLAD TO MEET YOU. DO NOT LEAVE ME. okkkkkk, I'm waiting for your answer skoreee Your black panther Natasha, St. Petersburg.
I asked my colleague to send you photos. I was returning home from work.
it was too late. I saw a beautiful bridge. I made you a photo.
Today, I can not send a lot of photos. I will send you my photo later.
Letter 5
Letter from Natasha, St. Petersburg, Good evening, my beautiful man.
how are you ???? I hope you enjoyed my last letter.
I was waiting for your answer. I want to ask you a question:
when you read my letter ???? In the morning ?? ?? In the evening,
We have a time difference.
Now Russian evening. I'm writing you this letter. Today I prepared a delicious dinner at home.
I think you like Russian cuisine. I'll tell you later about Russian dishes. Now I want to tell you about my city. I think you know the big cities in Russia.
Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

I live in St. Petersburg. I will send you my photos. I hope you like my town. 1 photo: Fontanka River. Fontanka River - a river in central St. Petersburg.
2 photos: Ligovsky.
3 photo: I love sweet desserts. No. No. I do sports. It will not harm my **** figure. Do not worry. I support her beautiful body.
I want to tell that in Russia to live not easily but cheerfully.
I want to tell to you about life in Russia. Here it is a lot of deceit. On the Internet I for the first time get acquainted.
Therefore I do not know, whether there is a deceit on the Internet. But I want to speak not about it. I receive the very small salary.
And it does not suffice to me. Me and other teachers. But it not our fault.
It is fault of our government in city. We as teachers are as state employees.
That is we live on maintenance the government. The government to pay to teachers very small wages.
It is good, that pay to us though any money. You imagine, as teachers now live. You probably already heard that the laughter prolongs a life?
The person sometimes should laugh.
Therefore do not think that I not the serious girl.
Now, as speak in Russia, a joke in the party.
I want, speak you, that I like to make, when I have a free time.
I like to read novels about love and to look soap operas.
I spoke you, that I like to look films about love.
I love the Russian films about love and the American films.
I shall name to you names films which you could understand:
"Moscow does not trust tears" (Russia); "50 shades of Grey" (USA).
If you did not look these films, I allow to you council to look them, they will be
It is similar to you. When the man and the woman leave. Later 1,2,5 years meet.
It is fine !!!!!!!!! EVEN TEAR ON the CHEEK is ROLLED. When you hear these films.
In film "Moscow does not trust tears" the man and the woman meet at station.
THEY FOR A LONG TIME STOOD LOOKED AGAINST EACH OTHER. And then have rushed to each other.
I want to tell to you, that I as like to listen to music.
I have no any favourite group.
I want to tell to you, that I as like to listen to music.
I have no any favourite group.
I love silent slow music
For example from foreign music
I love a song "Britne Spirs" (Toxik), Waka Waka - Shakira, Americano - Lady Gaga.
I like to knit a sweater, a jacket and socks all from them from a wool.
As in the winter in Russia it is cold. Now I want to tell about that I like to eat.
I love salads, especially salad from tomatoes with the cucumbers filled maioneze.
I like to prepare for pancakes with sour cream.
I also very much like to prepare for soup chicken, a borshch meat.
I hope, that you will sometime try these soups. I want to ask to you a question.
You love the nature?
To go on picnic? I feel, that we with each letter become more close to each other.
Though, if I shall be fair, if I had an opportunity to leave to live in other country
I would go with pleasure.
can you hear me ??? I'm ready to leave Russia. First, we have to trust each other.
I do not know. But I have difficulties with acquaintance with the man.
And now I very much gladm, that we have started to correspond with each other.
I hope, that we shall not stop on it.
Now, when I have written to you this letter, I am afraid, that you can me to not answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
Please do not stop to write to me letters. With your letters I forget my past, and me
The beginning to think of the future it is more.
I am confident, that for us wait the fine future, Probably I speak about it early.
You see, that we know about each other a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary
For us. But we have taken a first step.
And we should do many steps before we can tell each other: "I love you".
And I very much hope, that you will really agree with me. And we shall correspond
I shall wait the letter from you. Natasha St-Petersburg. I'm waiting for your answer.
When you read my letter ????
Write me soon. Warm hugs and kisses for you)))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Letter 6
you have received my letter yesterday ??? hello
my dear
how are you ???? I think that you stir up the difference in age. Listen to me:
1. The distance is not a problem. Distance should not create difficulties.
2. I want to say that age does not matter.
That when a man loves a woman, he does not look at age.
And looking at the feelings. In attention to him, the relations between them.
They are together. They stand side by side and are pressed against each other.
And the man says, warm and tender words. That's where the value.
But age does not play a role. Love for all ages.
age problem for you ??? for me age is an experience. I want an experienced man. I do not want to meet a man weak. you understand me ?
I'm back from work to home. Yes. Yes. I work on Thursday. Today was a parent meeting children.
We discussed the situation related to the safety in the school. Many students in the school is very bad behavior towards other pupils.
Ohhh, I do not want to discuss now about the school. I'm tired.
I thought about you)))) And you thought of me ?????????
I asked my colleague to send you photos. I was returning home from work.
it was too late. I saw a beautiful bridge. I made you a photo.
Today, I can not send a lot of photos. I will send you my photo later.
good night xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
my warm and affectionate hug for you)))) Your black panther Natasha, St Petersburg)))
Letter 7
Letter from Natasha, St. Petersburg, the city on the Neva. Monday,
28. November 2016. Hello my dear
how are you ???
I ask you to listen to me.
Today I was thinking about you. I want to tell you about my past life. This love story happened to me one year ago.
I was going to the fitness center. I like sport very much. I called my friend Sonya. It also works with me at school. I told him that I was going to go to a fitness club.
We talked with him and she offered to go to the gym. I agreed. And a few hours later we met. They sat on a trolley and went to a fitness club. When we arrived there were many people in the gym. The sport clubs are engaged in men and women.
I love to wear **** sweatpants. My body looked very ****. I work a lot, I did pick up a dumbbell. I do prisyadanie barbell standing. I want to get my *** was round.
When we changed clothes. My friend Sonya said:
You have a very beautiful *******, I can poglazhu your chest. I was shocked.
I said no. No. Only a man should touch and squeeze my *******.
Sonya course apologized. I was shocked.
Then we went to the track. I did not know how to turn on automatic treadmill.
I was approached by a fitness instructor.
He introduced himself. His name was Timur. This tall man. Its growth has been on the Russian standards of 175 centimeters. Black hair, blue eyes. I liked him immediately when I saw the front of Timur. He offered to help me turn the aerobic sports simulator. I agreed.
After I finished the session in the fitness club. To me came again Timur, and offered to take me home.
I agree.
Sonya, did not agree. She said that we will go without Timur. I saw in her eyes that she also liked Timur. But it hid from me. Then Timur left his phone number and asked me to call him. And left. I was then so disappointing that the man that I loved, left me. He did not hold me to the house. But I was not to blame then. Just because my girlfriend wanted. I can not argue with his good friend. After we had been working together. The next day I called Timur. And he invited me to a meeting. I was very glad that Timur has not forgotten me. We met in the city center. He offered a cup of coffee in a cafe Starbucks.
Starbucks coffee shop located on Nevsky Prospekt.
I agreed.
we went to a coffee shop Starbucks. Timur work not long ago in the fitness instructor. He was not rich. He did not have a lot of money. He always gave me surprises. I bought flowers. I love the red and white roses. He spoke kind words. He said he wanted to be with me. He wants a family and children. Every day I knew it was my man. What I had one single woman. We did not have ***. He loved me so much. He does not want *** with me was. I trusted him. I believed him. I was very faithful girl. Every day I waited for our meeting in the gym. I think we will be able to create a large and strong family. What we will have children in the future. In my head there was only the image of Timur. I could not sleep without it. Do you understand what the word love ???????? This is when your heart razryvaetsya.ty going through without him. Your blood in the veins nodded. The stomach butterflies appear. you can not sleep. I wake up at night and Videsh his face, hands next to each other. I felt true love. These are all feelings haunted me 4 months.
I trusted him. I was ready to do everything for the sake of our love. But in my life was a tragedy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS A TURNING POINT OF MY HEART.
I am very sick. And I had a headache in my head. I did not go to work. My mom bought me medicines. And I took the medicine. In the evening, I felt better. I decided to go back to the fitness club. I had to keep the physical form. I was very weak.
I wanted to see again Timur. I was almost next to the fitness club. I saw the car Timur. And next to her I sat my friend Sonya. They kissed. Then the car started to leave.
I decided as soon as possible to call a taxi. And I decided to go for Timur car. I need to know where they were going.
Timur stopped the car in the park. Already the evening. Lanterns were not switches on. I immediately ran out of the taxi. and ran toward the car Timur.
I saw that Timur and Sonya had ***. I ran with tears in the street. And then home. I ran home and immediately rushed to the bed. And very much began to cry. I wanted to end life. I thought that life was over for me. I am a long time did not come out of the bedroom. When the evening came to my mother. She saw me on the bed. And I asked: What happened to my little girl ???????? I told him that my mother Timur changes. She was shocked. It was a **** to her. It was a **** to me. I was afraid to get acquainted with men. I was afraid that man hurt me.
I do not want to break my heart again. This is my first experience with a man on the Internet. This is a serious step. I do not want to play games.
I met you. I began to trust you. I began to realize that not all men are changing their girlfriends. What you do not like all men. You are kind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are serious and honest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can love only one woman in his life. And the rest of his life.
Please do not write to other women.
Please do not break my heart.
Please do not deceive me. Now I want to forget the past. I would like crossed-PAST. WILL YOU HELP ME ??????????????????????????
I would like to start a new and clean life. I have black hair. I want to be a black panther.
Do you remember the movie Mowgli ?? There was a black panther. I want to be your black panther. you do not mind ???
I'll look forward to your letters,
I am sending you the most tender kisses
I am always with you, black panther Natasha I send you now 3 photo (my **** figure).
Letter 8
Hello my dear
I'm worried
I sent you my **** photo. I ask you not to ask me ***** photos.
I am ready to send a new picture in a bathing suit.
Do not ask ME ***** PHOTOS. I am a decent girl. I will not send ***** photos.
I told you about past relationships. I ask you do not break my heart. I trust you.
I ask you not to write to the other girls. do not lie to me. I want to be only with you.
Now I'm worried. Tell me the truth: You want to live with me ?????? I do not want you to communicate with another woman. Do not write another woman. I do not want them to deceive you. My past relationships have broken my heart. Timur deceived me. It broke my heart.
Soon it will be Christmas.
I want to meet with you this magical holiday. There is a lot of lights and beautiful lanterns.
I love the bright holidays. we will open a bottle of champagne. I will conjecture fantastic desire. we **** together. I want passionate *** on Christmas Day. I will shout from the ******. I love ******. I can experience ****** 4 in 1 second. (My secret to you).
I hope that you are an honest man.
I am going to sleep now. good night
I kiss you. do you want to kiss me ???? )))))))))))))))))))))) I am sending you a kiss))))))))))))))))
your black panther Natasha :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Letter 9
Hey, my dear
I'm here Natasha
How are you ??????????
You waited for my letter ??????????? I think you of me any more overlook much ?????????????
Because I know, that if the person does not write 1-2 days. That it forget. But it not so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have not forgotten me.
I hope that all well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me the letter !!!!!!!!!!! If you knew, when I have checked up the mail.
Also has seen yours the letter, I was so is happy. Also has shouted HURRAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So in Russia shout, when at you all is wonderful. Even my mum has turned to me attention.
She has been surprised. Also did not know, why I so shouted.
Forgive me that my last letter was sad.
But all this in the past !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO FORGET the PAST AND TO BEGIN the NEW LIFE, NEW FAMILY.
WHAT DO YOU THINK ??????????????????????
With each letter, I understand, that we become more closer to each other. I START TO LOVE YOUR LETTERS.
My HEART ONE KNIGHT AND CAN WIN ONLY ONE MAN. It the man would like to see you. I understand, that is hard to read likely mine the letter. But so we can find out each other.
And WHEN my REASON AND YOUR REASON TO be FILLED with FEELINGS. We SHOULD TELL to the FRIEND to the FRIEND. THAT we SHOULD MEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My home address:
I ask you to keep my home address: I now have a correct home address. Street: Tikhookeanskaya street
house 107
Building 3
City: St. Petersburg
WRITE TO ME ALSO MOBILE PHONE. I shall try you to cause !!! Okkkkkk l very much would like to hear your voice. And I think, that you also would like to hear my voice.
I also want to hear your voice.
we will organize a video chat. what do you think ???
When you are ready to organize a video chat ???
I'll send you my ID Skype.
I have time on Saturday, Sunday. I am happy, that we have an opportunity enter contact to you to the help of the Internet.
I think that the Internet - the big achievement of a science. It allows to speak with people, taking place on
The big distances.
That we have acquaintance.
To you my mum sends the regards to you.
Also speaks that if we shall meet. That I shall introduce her to you.
She when did not see the Foreign citizen.
I to it her have told that I her shall introduce to her you.
You not against will be.
She hopes, that in the future we can be magnificent pair.
Well all to me is time to run home.
The big and distant kiss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start up this kiss up to flies up to you. And who will not catch. But only you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Panther Natasha))))
Letter 10
Hello my dear how are you ???
Today is Friday.
I am pleased once again to write you this letter. I read your letter. How was your day ??? I was thinking about you. It will soon be Christmas. I want us to meet holiday together.
what do you think ??? may be together ???
I do not think we have time to prepare documents for leaving Russia.
I hope we can meet in January 2017. What do you think ??
you have to buy gifts for Christmas ???
What will you do me a gift for Christmas ??? I want to give you a warm sweater. It is 100 % wool. I'll make a photo. I'll send you a warm sweater. I hope you like my gift.
Please write me your home address.
I want to send you a gift from Russia. Ok, today I watched the movie "The Jungle Book" and "The Legend of Tarzan"
I send you photos. I want you to also look this film. I really liked this movie. The story of the orphan boy who had grown in the jungles of a pack of wolves, a bear and a black panther. Remember I told you that I was a black panther Natasha???? Yes. I want to be just for you. Black Panther !!!!!!!!! It sounds very beautiful and ****. **** Black Panther. you will be my powerful and strong tiger. You Tarzan !! I'll call you: My Tarzan. Black Panther
Tarzan Our love story. Maybe we will write our book.
I hope you do not mind ??? I want to be with you. I want to make our relationship beautiful. Ok, now I'll must take the bathroom. I miss you. Tomorrow I have to go to work. I will need to prepare all the necessary tasks for my students at school.
Kiss you.
Take care of yourself
I send you the most gentle, warm embrace.
your black panther My photos:
My colleagues at work, friends
Letter 11
hello my Tarzan
how are you ???
I want to write you my warm letter. I love you
And I want to talk about it all the time!
I will say you that every minute we are together.
You must not doubt my love, I'm sure that I want to be with you.
I also want to tell you that I love you more than life.
And I want to say that I will love you all my life.
Soon I will bring to your house a lot of a lot of happiness and love.
I hope you're ready for it. You want me to buy a gift to the Russian ?????
What gift do you want ???
I am going to sleep now. good night.
I'm tired. Now my eyes are closed. your black panther Natasha
Letter 12
Hello my Tarzan how are you ?? Today is Friday (6 January 2017) I want to tell you the most warm and friendly words from the heart.
There are on this earth kind of person.
You can not even imagine how you are dear to me. I just can not live without you. Such happiness, when you close and so sad when not.
It seems to me that I will always love you.
I remember your words touch my heart and it becomes warm.
As good as you, I never was.
I am no one loved or understood you, my sweet. You are all my dreams !!!
If you something happens - I'll cry. my heart will be broken. Please be cautious. Now a lot of immigrants from Syria, refugees. They are hungry. They are dangerous.
You're the best man in my life, and I'm the best woman in your ...
I remember your lips, I remember your hands ... your eyes.
I believe that when they met again, I see all that in reading your letters.
What a beautiful day it is. For the first time in my life I want to come winter.
And I know that I this winter will not be cold in early life!
Because you warm me. your letters and your words warm my heart. My hands are warm. I feel your warm heart. Maybe because I just want to tell you how happy I am. I thank God, to keep our true love.
Or maybe just wants to announce to the world that there is another man to whom fate has prepared this gift !!!
Maybe in the future something will happen and that hurt me to be happy, maybe everything will turn not as I want ??? But it will be then ... but this can not be.
Nobody knows anything !!! And I do not want to know! I want to live the present day.
And so every day ... to live and to dream, to live and to feel not alone.
To live and to give you my warmth, the tenderness, light up with joy and light the way for you !!! And I know - you need it !!!.
I never would have thought that this man could make me so happy !!! Passed to you on the street past me, I would not see you!
I wish you all good and mutual feelings like ours. And maybe then the whole earth will be warmed by the warmth of loving hearts.
I love you kisses. I love you.
your black panther Natasha
Letter 13
My love, my Tarzan
I received your letter yesterday. I'm happy
how are you ???
the weather in your town ????
Now in St. Petersburg it is snowing. Too much snow.
Yesterday I could not sleep. I was thinking about you. I know that now you're beside me.
I met you and my world has changed and it never will will be the same.
You're the only person in whom I fell in love almost immediately.
I can feel it through the distance that separates us.
I can not explain the words but I can feel it, express your body.
I love you very much and want to be with you full family, grow with our children and grandchildren
I believe that you are the person with whom I will spend the rest of my life
And I hope that you, too, want us to have a strong and good family.
I tried to answer your question as I could
I love you very much and look forward to hearing I love you and I will give you for your life. I think you can see even in daylight.
I want to be with you and I want to feel your heartbeat. your black panther Natasha
Letter 14
Hi my love
my Tarzan
how are you ??
wow, please, listen to me: I am having difficulties today. Now I have a problem at school.
Today, the school student had stolen a mobile phone 6.A class.
We started looking for a mobile phone. I did not know that the phone was in my bag.
I was in shock.
Some of the disciples stole the phone from another student. And I threw the phone in my bag. My bag was on my desk in the office. I left the office. I forgot to pick up the teacher's journal.
I had to go to the magazine.
When I came home. I found the stolen phone. I was scared. The next day I brought the phone back to school. Near the school has been the police.
I had to tell the truth, it turned out the phone in my bag. I was interrogated in the police. I said that I could not steal the phone. I did not take someone else's phone. I was told that I returned the phone back to the student. and should apologize to the student.
I thought it was a dream. It's impossible. Where is the truth ??? I could not prove the truth. I thought that I was not guilty. Police said that was my fault. All teachers are now against me. I wrote a letter of resignation. The headmaster refused to hear my apology. I'm crying now. I do not give a salary. I'm out of money.
what should I do ????
The student stole the phone and threw it in my bag. It's not fair. I'm not going to work harder in school. It's a shame for me. I'll sue. I want to work in the school again. This is not a democratic country. Crime, fraud. I do not navizhu naschshu protection system. I do not trust other people.
Now I collect things. I will leave Saint - Petersburg.
Because I will leave Russia. I will look for a new job. I'm in shock. I do not believe in justice.
I cry, I hurt. help me
I want to leave Russia. I hate justice system. Fraud, corruption.
A lot of people are in prison. They vinovat. It's not fair country. I want to ask you a question again: What do I do now ?????
No. No. I do not have a problem right now. I can get a visa, foreign passport. I'm going to leave Russia. I will pass the customs control at the airport. I do not break the law. help me help me with the cost of the trip. visa
health insurance help me
I'm waiting for your answer today your black panther Natasha
Letter 15
Hello my Tarzan
I'm not a virtual girl. I am a real girl. Do not be afraid.
I installed WEB CAMERA. I have the microphone.
when you're online Skype ???? write me your ID Skype ??
I'll wait for you in the online Skype. My plan:
1. We talk with you in line Skype. We discuss our meeting. My proof, the photos are real. I am real.
2. I can call you on your phone from St. Petersburg.
3. You send me the money for a visa, a passport.
I need only 5-6 days. visa will be ready 6 days. I'll prepare a package of documents. tour agency will prepare my trip to you.
I fly to you.
I will send you the information of departure (flight number, departure date) I'm waiting for your answer
I'm sending you my ID Skype. you add me. we discuss our meeting. Your black panther Natasha
Take care of yourself
my warmest, kisses !!!!!!
Letter 16
my Tarzan
I just woke up. where are you ??? I worry. I was waiting for you 2 hours
I'm worried. you make me worry I know what you're doing all that I was more close to you. I ask you to support me to death.
you are in my heart. Thank you that you are willing to be my husband. you are ready to start a new life with me.
Please, when you send me $ 355 ???? how much time to wait for me ????
I'm online Skype. Today I will be online Skype.
I hope that we will talk with you in chat.
Every day I wait for news.
do not forget me
please do not leave me in Russia. your black panther Natasha
Letter 17
hello my Tarzan Yes. I understand you. Thank you for your answer. you can not send me money for a visa, a passport. OK Good luck
we must stop our acquaintance. you have to look for another girl. Good luck in your search for love. DO NOT WRITE TO ME. I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO CONTINUE. GOOD LUCK TO YOU
I do not need your money. you playing games with me. You lied to me.
I lost a lot of time right now. You stole my time.
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