Scam letter(s) from Yana Timofeeva to Tom (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear and beloved Tom!
Good day, my sweet boy!
Honey, I'm the happiest ******* the planet! I have you, and I passed the final exam! I passed a training session, Tom! You can congratulate you, dear! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray, as usual they say in Russia, my dear! Just kidding, honey, but I still can not believe it, I defended and passed all examinations to assess the "5". This is the biggest and the best score in Russia! I am an excellent student learning, Tom! And I closed the entire session, my love!
My dear, I'm sorry, that just now I saw all your letters! Yesterday I went to a friend home, and spent the night at her home, too, so that we can better prepare for the exam! Yes, of course, that my data to an insurance policy. My birthday is December 20, 1990. Number of internal passport 8811 078608. Tom, and you sent me a letter in which everything is written in the German language, there are three documents attached PDF, it already has an insurance policy? He finished? Or yet? I still can not get over my head yet! Honey, it was a difficult exam. I went to the audience it is the first and start to pull the examination card. If you only knew what it was pleasure to get the ticket, which I learned well. I was so happy that the teacher saw my smile, I wanted to change the ticket! I said that I do not! As a result, after 30 minutes I was taking my exam. There were two questions on the ticket, but I coped with it! As a result, "5" and I smile my classmates continued to wait until they finish the exam too. Honey, we all passed!
It's a holiday, we decided to go to one girl home and get some note closing session and training at the university. It was fun, I have you now add a photo! Really, it was very good, though, if you were with me then, I would have another day it would have been better! We danced, laughed, even the girl took a bottle of wine. And we four girls drank it. Just one glass of wine, but it was so much fun! I so wanted to dance with you, but I knew you would I definitely would have made the company, is not it? You know, my dear, I miss you, even slightly felt sad, because I wanted you to be there!
I have no one else had. Of Tom, I'm a crazy girl who fell in love with you head over heels! I want to be with you now, my dear! I've just recently came back home, and so I want you to be right now in my bed, my sweet! Now I want to hold you, to give you my kisses, hold you ...
dear, do I need, I now feel very happy, but what will happen if we are now in real life! You will stand in front of me in a kiss away ... We will kiss? I think I will hug you and give you the sweetest kiss on the planet! You're the best thing in my life! I am ready to repeat it at least every day, because it's true.
And the truth you will not escape! Now I feel even at a distance, my heart beat with your heart. It is next to yours, so I feel its heartbeat, its frequency. You're mine, and only mine, Tom! And I have nothing else of this life, as long as you have always been close to my favorite boy! I want to always be with you, because you is my whole world. You are my orbit, on which I am going as a planet. Honey, give me your hand and we will always be with you together!
Now I rest a little bit, a couple of hours! I'm so very tired, I want to sleep! Today I have not slept. We are prepared to 5 o'clock in the morning, then we drank coffee and went to the exam. So I have now is a little time to sleep, and then I'll go to the immigration center to get my passport! I now just imagine how you meet me at the airport! I probably just run to meet you, I will kiss you straight and gently hug! I think it will be great. Imagine we wake up every morning with one bed, I make breakfast for you, if you have a business, I stay at home, do the cleaning, cook your food, and when you have free time, we spend it together! It's great, is not it? What do you think, darling!
I will bring you gifts from Russia and herself! If you are, of course, miss me, I miss you, my love! Spend that time together will be the best time in our life, Tom! We can do whatever we want. Watch movies in front of a TV, a walk in the park, if you show me the most beautiful places in your city. I think it will be great! I even invite you in the cafe, so we can do all that for so long dreamed of, my sweet! I am waiting for a response from you, my dear!
I forgot to answer another one of your question! Baby I'm an omnivore! I love seafood very much! But it all. Yes, we can walk together in the store, so I bought foods to cook for you! You've got at home, good food?
There oven?
How are you today? All is well with you? What do you plan to deal with today? What are you doing? I'm good, I'm at home right now. And I do not know what to do! I will look forward to a letter from you.
I love you, Tom! You are in my heart, darling! And you know this, my sweet boy!
Let's always be together!
your Yana
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