Scam letter(s) from Maria Fine to Joseph (Australia)

Letter 1
Salutti, I do not know how to begin start this lettermessage! I hope you received my letter and I did not bring you the inconvenience of your letter. First I want to introduce. my name is Maria. If I understand you correctlyaright, you are like me looking for an acquaintanceacquaintanceship!. I'm a grown woman, and I do not want to play games here! I hope that our interests are similar and I would very much like to continue our dialogue, and I hope that we will find common interests.. If I you are interested, please write me an answer to my letter. and I hope that my letter will remain unanswered and when I check my emails then I see your message. I will be very pleased to continue our dialogue. I enclose my photo, I hope you like me.
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