Scam letter(s) from Lubov Boiyko to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there! Are you read my message? I'm glad that you're interested in me. I have to start my letter by saying the reason why i write you. You are very interesting for me as a nice man. I think that you are looking for soulmate for new relationships and create a family. I'm right? If you are not interested in looking for a girl or you're just interested my ***** fotos, please don't reply to this letter. I can understand. I wanna to search for my soulmate. Strong, brave and caring who will respect and love me. My name is Lybov, i am thirty-one y.o. How old are you? In the profile i saw that you live in Usa? I live in Russland, i hope to get to know each other will not be a problem. I hope you like my images. By the way, i'm also waiting for your pictures. It's quite important and interesting for me. They needed to see a partner in order to begin communication. If you're interested, then we can continue our communication more detail in the following letter. Have a wonderful day.
Letter 2
Good morning ! Or are you tonight? What time do you currently have? In Russia now middle of the day! And the clock is 12:20. I'm at lunch today. And taking the time to answer you. Just a couple of words. Just so you know, I'm here! And I intend to continue the conversation with you!
I promise that I will find more time to talk with you. Sorry, now I have to go.
Letter 3
Good morning to you Rainer!!!!!!
You have a beautiful name! I like how it sounds! I was pleased to see that you have answered me.
I hope that our meeting will be continued and developed. I think you will be interested to know more about me.
No, I do not smoke and do not drink!
In my last letter I said to myself a little bit.
What I am 31 years. And I was born on March 8. In Women's Day!
Now I am at work, I have free time now, and I'm writing you a letter. Basically, I use only the interent.
I do not have a computer at home, so I am writing you with a workplace.
do you like your job?
I work in the children's center "Kids Club Burakou".
My title "teacher", I teach children. "I am engaged in their development.
I help them to discover new possibilities for themselves. I have a lot of work, because work with children takes time.
It is only when they have a quiet hour, I can afford to relax a bit.
My position requires me a lot of attention and responsibility.I like my job. I get emotional satisfaction from their work.
For children, the future of our world! I attach a photo. You can see how I work.
What more can I say .....
I live in a rented apartment. One. My parents were far away from me.
They live about 150 kilometers from my city of Tula.
In a small village. Dear Rainer, but so far I lonely.
The men with whom I have known here in Russia does not attract me, they are all passionate about only with themselves and just like to have fun.
And do not show respect for women.
I've never been married. I have no children. Of course in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
But over the past year and a half I'm alone. But I do not lose heart!
I am sure that in the world there is a man for me who appreciates and respects his woman.
Our life is not eternal! I would like to be a reliable and kind person. A man who will respect me.
Respect my strength and my weakness in one whole. Trust - the most important thing for me.
Without any confidence can not be anything: work, friendship, love, life.!
Trust - the basis between socializing with people I want to be careful.
I am writing you all this with serious intentions. I hope that you will too.
Rainer, I want to know about you more and more!
It should work. Sorry. Enjoy your way out! Do not lose me, I will write on Monday.
Sincerely Lybov
Letter 4

Good morning Rainer!
I'm from the city of Tula!
today is my day started very unusual ... I woke up this morning, and I thought about you ... it was awesome for me.
But it was a nice feeling that I felt!
I washed, make coffee, make your own breakfast (wheat porridge).
What do you drink for breakfast?
I got ready and went to work. And now I write to you my thoughts ...I think you will be interested to learn more about my family and me.
My family - this is my father, mother and my younger brother. Mom Warehouse, confectionery. A dad works for the driver in the cab.
My younger brother Nikolai, still goes to school. He is 15 years old.
My mother's name is Oksana. A dad Tolya.
I attached the ability to make some photos with them. They were made on the day of the New Year celebrations.
We had a fun holiday with their parents. How did you meet the New Year?
Rainer, I remember that from the very childhood, my mother taught me to cook.
Mom says that "a woman should be a natural gourmand!" That is why I can perfectly prepare any food.
I often visit my parents. I love them, but I must have your private life now. As soon as we all grow.
And we have to choose your own path. So I decided to live separated from them. I told you about in my last letter.
Rainer, as for my English. So I know it almost perfectly. Since childhood, I have been studying it.
Initially, at school, at the university followed. I also know a little Italian and German.
But I can not really speak and write in two languages.
In schools and universities of Russia attaches great significance of English.
So there will not be problems in communication between us. Sometimes I make mistakes in spelling ...
I hope that you know perfectly well my letters.
Rainer, I wish you a nice day! I hope that my letter has brought a smile to your face. Gives me more of your photos.
I hope you enjoy hearing about me and my family.
Now I have to go. I am waiting for your letter.
Letter 5
Rainer, Russia now has deep winter, and I'm glad of it. Since winter is my favorite time of year!
Everything is covered with white fluffy snow. It looks so beautiful.
I attach a photo, so you can see the winter in Russia.
The temperature today 8 degrees below zero. As the weather with you?
Winter - it periud time when you have to devote time to winter sports. skiing, skating, sledding.
True, I do not know how to ski. But to skate well.
Last night, I found time to ride on the ice skating with friends. Just took the photos for you, so you can see my hobby.
Maybe I should write more about myself today.
In addition to my favorite work I have a hobby. In my spare time, I enjoy sewing.
Yes, I love to sew ability to make some things. For home and for yourself.
I also love to read a variety of newspapers and magazines!
Dear Rainer, you know! I am glad to hear about you and learn more and more. Thank you! I like it !
From the moment I started to enter a conversation with you. I am always on the positive!
It's great to have a sense that there are men who are interested in, and I do not care in the world.
Honey, I'm trying to check email every day, but sometimes I can not do this.
Excuse me, when I can not write a letter to you immediately.
I want you to know that I think of you always !!!
Rainer, my life has changed after the beginning of our conversation,
Now I am much more likely to have a smile on your face, me more enthusiasm and energy.
Rainer, every day I feel something unusual in itself! And I like that feeling!
I would be bored ... and wait for your letters with great impatience!
Dear, What do you want to know more about me? Ask! I will answer you.
Your friend Lybov P.s. I do not remember if I told you about my dog.
So, I have a dog. Which gave me parents. His nickname "Cezr".
Letter 6
Good afternoon!
Lybov - love! I paint your nails in different colors. Roses are my favorite flowers
12:20 Now the day in my city. What time do you have?
Yes, I know what divides us ability to make some time apart.
Now lunch time and I am writing to you my letter. I took advantage of the moment while the kids are still asleep.
How are you my dear? How is your day?
Within a day, I could not work in peace ... I could not concentrate. I've been thinking about you!
I try to imagine what you do, what you can do ...
Rainer, I'm starting to feel inside of hormones, I want to love and be loved!
Every day I see couples walking, talking and cute .....
Oh my God! I want to walk with her man through the park, hold his hand, uh ... why do not we close to you.
We could meet in a cafe and talk .... Walk along ...
Rainer, last night I took a friend from work, and we have a little walk.
Then we headed to my house, to share their life experiences.
Me and my girlfriend, we know each other for a lifetime.
We have no secrets from each other.
I told a friend that I have a friend with whom I'll talk.
Yes, I told a friend about our conversation, I hope you do not mind this.
Girlfriend smiled, looked me in the eye, and said that she had noticed changes in me.
She told me that I have become happier in a while ...
My girlfriend is happy for you and me. She was married and happily married!
This friend of Liza.
She wants you and me happiness and development of our relations.
Rainer, I thanked her that she supports me in communicating with you.
Now my friend - it's the only girl who knows about our communion.
While I have not talked about our parents to chat, but I think that it is necessary to share with them. I'm sure !
Their response will be positive.
We made a photo with a walk and home photos. A friend said that you need to see more of me. I agree with her.
I want you to see my everyday life.
Rainer, I feel that my life began to change! There is a pleasant change in me.
It feels like I'm starting to feel something for you. All this comes now from my soul and my heart!
Take my kisses !!!
Something I was fascinated by my letter ... I'm sorry, I should close now and go to work.
I wish you a nice weekend! Probably the weekend I'll have a rest from work and can not write. Do not lose me ! I'm always here for you! Write!
I will answer on Monday.
Have a nice day to you dear! Your friend Lybov
Letter 7
Sitting in his office. And trying to gather his thoughts to write to you!
You know! It's hard to write when you do not hear anything from the interlocutor !!!!
Are you busy? Why do not you write me?
My letter reach you? I hope so, and you can see them!
Maybe my emails go to spam? Please, check it!
And write to me every day !!!
I eagerly await your words will !!
Happy Weekends!
Your friend from Russia
Letter 8
Hello my dear Rainer!
How did you spend your weekend? I held them in the environment of their parents.
We had fun. And I hope your holiday was full of emotions.
How nice to see your words! Your emotions!
My address: ul. Armory, 32, Tula, Tul., 300028.
Lybov Boiyko
The soul is getting warmer by the fact that I get such nice words from you.
Dear, my working day starts at 08:00 am. And I can not afford to be late for work. So at 07:55 I am always at work.
My dear, I feel like my life to be more interesting, because I talk with an interesting person! I communicate with you!
Thank you, you make my life brighter!
Rainer, I want to say that you're the only man to whom I write my letters.
You're the only one I'm in chat now! I have male friends. I'm not interested in anyone! Only you!
Only your attention gives me pleasure!
I want to share with you more and more about yourself !!!
In the letters difficult to talk about feelings. I want to look in your eyes, and listen to you.
The look can convey much more than words. I think you agree with me?
Rainer, last night to visit me drove my family. I mean mom and dad and my younger brother.
They were passing through and decided to visit me. I was glad to see them! I made tea and we drank it together.
During the conversation, I decided to share with them about our communication with you.
Yes ! Yes Rainer! I introduced them to you!
My dear, they all asked about you, and I told them as they are.
The fact that you are from another country and we communicate on the network.
I said that you are kind, open-minded, caring and considerate man. They listened to me and said.
"If only you were happy daughter!". I thanked them for understanding!
Rainer, I hope that I was not mistaken in their choice. Please do not leave me without your letters.
Write to me every single day !!! I always look forward to your words here!
Dear, our friendship with you is very pleasant to me. Your letters have become the most important part of my life!
Not a day goes by that I do not think about a man named Rainer !!
A very long time I have not experienced the feeling that there is in my heart right now.
I'm a little right now shun it. But I trust you! I believe that you are serious about me and my feelings for you!
Rainer, I thought perhaps you would be interested to see my photos from the summer season.
I have the ability to make some pictures and I decided to show them to you! So you better have seen my lifestyle.
In Russia, most of the year is cold ... In the summer I spend a lot of time on the river bank.
It is very nice and helps you relax. In general, people should be able to have a rest, to work hard then. I did not have to leave Russia before, and I do not travel to other countries.
Rainer, I want you and I had a warm, bright attitude !!!
I would like to open your eyes, and see you next to him one day. My dear, if you have the opportunity. I beg! Come to me !
Share your thoughts expensive ....
Kisses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your girlfriend Lybov
Letter 9
Good evening my dear !
Yes this is my address!
My eyes sparkle with joy, when I check my email and see your letter. Thank you for the happiness you bring me.
I feel spiritual harmony within yourself, spokoystie.
You ask why? And I'll tell you my dear! Because you are with me. Your words of care and attention, your lovely letter.
All this makes the day brighter!
Rainer, it's so romantic - to read the letter ... Our life changes, changes in one motion.
I'm not in your world anymore, I have in front of you! I've read about you, your day, your mood.
I have read and study you. I'm in your world!
I wish that the distance between us melted away in an instant, and we were together.
Darling, in his last letter, I told you about my feelings for you.
And now, I continue to unfold in front of you.
Rainer, in letters difficult to express all that warm feeling one experiences within himself. I'm trying to !
I'm trying to express to you all in these lines!
I believe that we will meet with you any day, and we can talk endlessly.
I hope that one day you will be able to find a way and come to me ...
Every word that I speak to you, I say consciously!
Know Rainer, I think you're the man with whom I want to be!
You are elegant, aboyatelny, intelligent, I wonder with you! I feel your inner beauty!
Every day, I start to think about our meeting with you.
Our first meeting will give us an opportunity to know each other.
Rainer, I have a passport that allows me to go out of Russia. Just 3 months ago, I got it.
I did not even think that it might be useful to me. Who knows .... Maybe right now he needs me!
You know, my dear, I have thought about the journey ... to you. But I'm a little afraid.
No ! I do not think I'm afraid of you.
This is not true ! I trust you completely. And so today, I fully disclosed to you my soul.
I said earlier that I did not face out of the country trip. And it will be new for me ... That's why I'm a bit beware.
I will think about my intentions ... You know, I can be free from work.
You know Rainer, I want to be special for you, because you are very pleasant to me! This is not love, no!
This is - just the beginning. And for me it is - the beginning of a very special relationship.
I did not have these emotions before. I'll be waiting for your reply.
I embrace you dear! Kisses! Your girl Lybov P.s. I decided today to do a photo of the morning and guide you.
I miss you!
Letter 10
Rainer !!!!!!! My favorite !
Your words, care and attention just drives me crazy. I have a lot of ideas and I see our future in a dream.
And all of these ideas are very beautiful and romantic.
Yesterday, when I was at my work, I thought. I thought about you ...
I always think of you! I can not stop the flow of thoughts about you! I do not want!
My thoughts are full of you! Sometimes it scares me. Scares the distance between us.
I do not want to lose the thread that connects us. Man can not live only in the letters.
A person's life is unique and must be real !!! You can not lose even a moment of this life. My life is now in these letters.
You are in the letters. My life - you and our dream. My biggest dream!
I want to look into your eyes to see all of your love and affection.
You - the most special person in my life Rainer !!!!
Honey, I've never felt such a feeling. My heart stopped for a moment. It was a strange and very strong sensation.
Even more I think about us. What it is further ??? What awaits us in the future !?
I hope to hear a response. I hate the distance that divides us. I hate these kilometers and miles.
I'm afraid to be without you, without your attention, not your words!
It is - incredible, unreal and unearthly love! Every day, the love that is growing !!!
Love, which is so necessary for me. I was always waiting for the love! And here it is, I feel it!
I am pleased to receive each of your letters.
Dear, if you decide to come to me. All of a sudden!
I would like to know my data. My full name and address. I think you need it. Just the name of the nearest airport to me.
This is the airport "Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo". Yes they are in Moscow.
I told you that my city of Tula near Moscow. At 160 km from Moscow.
so it is not far away!
There is an international airport near your home?
At one airport I could come if our meeting will take place?
I told you that I never had to be in another country, you could meet me?
Rainer, I think that I will need to apply for the visa and other travel documents to your country. I'll find out about it!
My full name Lybov Boiyko.
The same information on my address:
My address: ul. Armory, 32, Tula, Tul., 300028. If you want to see my house on the map.
That you should enter this address in Russian. So it will be more correct.
oe. I?o?aeiay, 32, Ooea, Ooeuneay iae., 300028
My dear, I would be grateful if you were eating, you informed me as your data.
It is only necessary for me. I'll write down your data to move through them.
My dear, when will you have free time? Can you meet me when I arrive to you? I mean think about it!
my favorite, if you're interested to know something more about me. Ask ! I will answer.
Rainer, I attach a photo with a bikini. Liza's friend helped me make them.
I beg you, do not show them to anyone. They are only for your eyes!
I'm a little embarrassed, and many thought it worth to you to guide them.
But Liza girlfriend insisted to send them to you.
I look forward to your letter.
Your beloved Lybov Boiyko.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Rainer!
What is your full name and your address.?
It is now evening. My working day is over, but I stayed in the office to write you a letter.
Today was a busy day, we went to the children's play "Pinocchio".
The children were excited about this campaign.
Rainer, I look forward to the day when we will be able to implement our plans and desires!
You really changed my world! You touched my heart! Letters can not cover. Letters can not give a kiss.
Letters can not touch my hand and smiles. I wanna be with you.!!! I was looking for a person to reality.
That's why I think our time has come. We need to test their relationship. We need to check your feelings.
We can write beautiful words a lot ..... But the only real meeting can change our lives !!!
Only real meeting will give us an opportunity to understand everything,
to understand the power of our emotions, to understand our perspective.
I hope you share my thoughts ... I can not dream anymore. I want to act !!! I want to see you!
Rainer, soon I will have a holiday, my vacation from work.
I was learning, and I was allowed to have a vacation. Since more than 1.5 years I have been working without rest.
I think that in the next 3-4 days, I finish all his work on the job and be able to have a vacation.
While I do not know how many days I will have a vacation. But I'll tell you how to find out.
We need to meet, to know the reality, talk, walk, be together! I do not want to be alone when you have me!
When I come to you, I can see your life and your world.
I hope it will be soon, when your world becomes my world. That is why we must take this step to our dream.
You are my closest man, you're my only man!
Rainer, I want your affection, tenderness !!!
I dream of a strong men's arms, where I can feel weightless ...
Rainer, I dream of your arms!
Honey, I'm thankful that we have each other! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
My dear, just this morning I visited a travel agency.
I found some information that is necessary to visit your country. In my city of Tula is not your country's embassy.
I can not apply for the visa in their city.
Since the travel agency has no authority to issue a visa.
These powers of the embassy. I need to apply for a visa.
I think it can be done electronically, just send a request to the embassy. (Tomorrow I'll do it).
But in a conversation with the consul is necessary my presence.
Therefore it will be necessary to move to Moscow. I promise I will let you know every step.
I have to go now ... I too stayed on the job. Rainer, I think of you always! You're in my head! You are in my heart!
Again there was anticipation of the weekend. I will spend it with my parents.
I wish you a nice weekend!
Your and only your Lybov
Letter 12
Favorite Rainer,
How was your weekend?
Tonight I saw a beautiful dream ... I woke up with a happy smile and the thought of you.
We were together in my dream. We really had a nice conversation, holding hands, kissing. I was very happy!
I want that it was more of a reality!
In the morning I have a good mood. I am glad that I have you!
Rainer, for the sake of our happiness with you I am ready to change my life. I want to be only with you!
This morning I sent an email request to the embassy of your country (visa center). I left an application for a tourist visa.
Honey, I was surprised when I received a call in the evening. And a representative of the Embassy addressed to me.
We had a conversation on the phone, and I was told that I should personally visit the visa application center in Moscow.
It is necessary to talk with the consul of my visit to your country. I said it was not a problem.
I was told all the documents that I should have to get a visa.
I have to show a certificate of employment, a declaration of the payment of all taxes, your knowledge of the language, as well as passport and photos.
As you know I have a passport that allows me puteshestvoaat.
I left to organize the rest of the documents. Today I'm going to try to get them.
I do not want to pull, I do not want to me denied a tourist visa! Therefore it is necessary to act!
I also said that I should provide 2 ticket (ticket for the arrival to your country and to return to Russia).
Rainer, also today, I learned the approximate cost of the visa and all documents.
To get a visa, I will have to pay about $ 160.
Visa processing time is approximately 6 to 12 days. This told me a representative of the consulate.
Honey, I found it, and it turned out that for the visa and fill in all the forms I will need $ 600.
Also, I will have to live in Moscow, it is the process of obtaining a visa.
Most likely I'm going to live in a hotel, because I have no friends in Moscow. All of this requires a financial investment.
I plan to arrive in Moscow for the next 3 days, and then I will tell you all the accurate information.
After a conversation with the consul!
Rainer, I believe that cost-sharing is fair. How do you think?
I need to be sure that you are waiting for me, and will meet at the airport. Say it is so, my love?
I think that airfare is not great, and you can help me.
Soon we'll be together! I love you with all my heart and soul!
And I'm ready to go to Moscow to attend the embassy and begin the process of obtaining a visa.
I have to be hard work, but I am ready to change your life!
Our meeting with you - this is a big step in our relations with you.
And we need to be serious now!
I love you Rainer!
Please tell me your thoughts. I'll be waiting for your letter. I need to know the answers to my questions.
I do not want to lose a single day of my vacation.
By the way, today I learned that my vacation will be continued throughout the 35 days. I was glad to get all the news today.
Now I will go to the director of the children's center to receive all the help that will be necessary for me to obtain a visa in your country.
So far I am impressed by his dream.
Rainer, I miss you! Kisses...
I promise that I will be the most beautiful girl at the airport. Your girl Rainer!
With Love, your good Lybov p.s. Yesterday after work I was in a cafe with his girlfriend Lisa.
She took a couple of photos for you. Just a picture of my hobbies. I measured tailoring.
And I started to sew a dress that will be worn at a meeting with you!
Letter 13
My love, Rainer,
Happy Valentine's you my dear !!!
I'm sorry that my answer is forced to wait for you. I have not been able to find an internet cafe.
The way to Moscow was not easy. I get to Moscow by bus. The whole trip took about 4 hours.
You know dear, when I got off the bus. I'm a little scared. I was only once in Moscow.
And the first thing I thought as I find the hotel. I stopped just off the station where my bus arrived.
This is a fairly inexpensive hotel (hostol, middle-class hotel.) Prices are nice perfect balance with my city of Tula.
But the procedure is more expensive. I rented a room for 3500 rubles.The approximate value for the dollar to $ 70 per night.
I have the necessary savings, and I'm paying for a hotel.
Now money is very important for our meeting, and I am eager to save on everything. My room has a TV, bed, shower, small kitchen.
This is all that is necessary for me.
Today, I had already visited the embassy and the airport. I managed to fulfill all that is planned for today.
Rainer, today I wrote a statement to arrive in your country.
There was a discussion with the Consul of your country. I was surprised by their friendliness.
I thought that would be a little more strict .... I was asked the purpose of travel. I replied that a tourist trip.
They asked my knowledge of English, watched my speech and for me. I provided all the necessary documents.
And there was to see the consul smile. I welcomed and told that my visa will in the process.
My love, Now our question is to you with tickets.
I can buy tickets more cheap than before the actual departure.
My dear, I was getting to the airport on the subway. At the airport rasmotrela flights. I looked at the tickets in economy class.
Rainer, tickets are 1100 dollars Usd. I told you before that you need two tickets. In two directions.
My dear, I have already paid today at the Embassy of the paperwork. I also paid for the hotel. I needed the money to live in Moscow.
My dear, I can not buy their own tickets. So I ask you to contribute my flight to you.
I hope you will not leave me alone here and you will be helping our meeting.
I think that all this time you were serious in relation to me!
Our happiness with you in the future, and our meeting with you priceless!
I do not think about the money that I spend today. I put off my savings for a serious moment.
And now I'm here in Moscow, I am writing you this letter. With great hope for your understanding.
Rainer, it was important to find out how we solve the problem with the translation sredst.
I had never come across this. At the bank I was told that in the world there are many systems for transferring money.
What I have understood according sotrudits bank, then we can use Money Gram.
They said it is only necessary data of the person.
Now I will tell you information that is necessary to you, so that you can help me pass.
My full name: Lybov Boiyko
Address: Yuzhnobutovskaya Street, 69, Moscow, 117042. Rainer, are you familiar with this? I hope that it works, and you manage to help me buy tickets.
Already my visa is in the process of registration. I am glad that I was able to begin the process of obtaining a visa.
I hope that very soon we'll be together. I am waiting for your help in the near future.
I need 1100 dollars Usd.
I have been told that you have to tell me the money transfer control number means MTCN. Let me see the ticket transfer.
I hope you see my letter. I did a lot of things today. Moscow large town and takes a lot of effort.
I am very tired ... I'll go to the hotel right now.
Most importantly, it is necessary for me now, it is your support and support.
I want to feel your arms and relax!
Rainer, I love you! With much look forward to our meeting!
Please email me soon. I send you all my love! I'm sending you lots of sweet kisses! Hardly turned to take a photo.
On the way to the embassy ...
With love, yours forever Lybov Boiyko
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