Scam letter(s) from Lidia James to Phil (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear My Names Are Lydia James from USA NEW YORK but I'm presently in South Africa to see my dad lawyer about all the properties he have here before he died, I just viewed your profile and you cut my attention, you are so Awesome Man, just the kind of a man I need around me and I love to learn more about you, I will prefer to have a private conversation via email because I am not that comfortable with making the first approach so I don`t usually send out many contact requests. But, looking at your profile, I thought this time it might be worthwhile. ..... You are a very Awesome youthful man. I will like to get in touch with you. You can email on hope to hear from you soon.... Lydia James.
Letter 2
Thanks for reply,It give much respect and I estimate your openness. It speaks to me, that you are open With your heart and - a good observer of your feelings and your opinion. Many people cannot tell about their heart or learn, how to express Passion within the limits of it. I read your letter twice, and I can allocate With a smile and care that you have written for me.That we also We divide - desire of true love in lives. I hope To consider last as time of studying, that we want in ours The present and the future. To stop on harm and disappointment last Cripples our ability to do our present and the future everything,,I think its nice corresponding this way cos i believe this is the best way we can learn more about each other.I joined the PS due to this gift i contacted from my last relationship,you know having the ****** makes relationship a little bit complicated,most especially finding partner who is in the same situation,this is the reason i had to summon courage to see if i could possibly meet someone in the same condition for a serious relationship. Well I think i should share little about my family background with you if that wouldn't bother you.I was born and raised up in Israel,i am a mixed race,my mom is from South Africa while my dad is originally from the United State I was raised by my dad and grandparents in Israel cause that's where thy lived.My dad got divorced when I was 2 years old cos my Mom drink's alcoholic lot. My grandparents raised me the old fashioned way with morals and values,no dating,no going out at night, church every Sunday (I'm a catholic) very strict. They kept me until I was 18,thou am not a religious person but i believe in God,
I lost my mum when i was 21 years of age due to her reckless way of life, my Dad passed away few years back,since then i have started to live my life by myself before i decided to move back to the United State and move on with my life and carrier here in State, I'm single never been married but i have a daughter Kayla is her name and she's 10 i'm 5.7 tall with an average body as i stated on my profile. I am into fashion and designs Natural Gemstone,sketches and making blue prints of designs as a profession, I designs all kinds of female clothes,I'm currently working on establishing my own clothing line and to have strong connections with fashion companies around the world.I'm trying to set up my brand to ensure that my designs are recognizable.I'm also designing few clothes that i can give away or sell cheaply as introductions to my brand,setting up a website with good photos of my designs and to contact big companies and ask if they want to sponsor a fashion show,contact small boutiques and offer to supply their shops and connect with wedding planners to offer couture. Well here's some of the things i like doing for fun, I enjoy outdoor activities when the weather allows it. I also likes dressing up for no reason just to look good. I would really like to get to know you better but i don't always get on-line but i do check my email daily. By that, I think we can go this way and see if we have something in common.. Sometimes messaging could be more expressive because you have time to think about what you have to write. I believe in getting to know someone first because that's how friendships are built. Friendships are built from a strong foundation first and then they continue to grow from there. I also believe in open communication,standing in trust,being honest and having integrity,honoring and respecting each other is high on my list. I treat people the way i like to be treated because i believe what comes around goes around. I'm really interested knowing you better and also about what makes you the person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, your goals and dreams, your interests and anything you feel comfortable sharing with me,well i think i have to stop here till i read from you again....Have a wonderful day. Regard
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