Scam Letter(s) from Mary Flock to Frank (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello master how you doing hope you get my last mail. just to check on you to know how soon you want me to come cant wait to be with you master. What to be part of you want to go out with you on xmas day want to be with you for the rest of my life master. wish to hear from you soon master

Letter 2

Cant wait to be with you master because seeing my master happy is one of my greatest joy in life.
Name; Mary Flock City ; Las Vegastown; Nevada

Letter 3

Cant wait to be with you master, i am willing to hear your voice also,but my phone is bad since am not working i have a problem of fixing it up master. All i want is to pleased you and make you happy because pleasing master is my greatest desire and concern.

Letter 4

Don't waste your money and time master have really go true a lot here also, have really waste my money on calls, at the end nothing comes up master that why. but truly my phone is bad if not that will have call you master really sorry about that. dont no what to do if you can just try me will surely make you happy master. cant wait to hear from you so i can be with you tomorrow master.

Letter 5

I sent my # several times and ask please call me..and all I received was I do not have a phone I can't exoect me to send money plane fare and not even talk to you now you want to talk you have my # check you emails
I got the ticket and am very excited and happy to come home to you,uncle just got back got me last night that his car broke down on his way home from work which i thought he will be giving me a ride to the Airport and now he can't help me with the ride.I called for a cab to know the cost to get me to Airport and cost $110.Also i checked the ticket and i see no luggage fee is paid which will have to be paid at the Airport and i told you i have 2luggage which cost $70 at $35 each and food is to purchase which cost all at $190 include the food..Thanks for the love,care and understanding,i can't wait to be with you,I love you master

Letter 6

Dont need you money master i told you want have really go true here, have really face alot here use my money to get ticket have being in different airports without pick up seriously am willing and ready to be with you but have no money master. if you no you still want me just do what you think you can do to get me to your place master. am sorry for the word fuck off master, really sorry. i cant see you have gone true alot here same to me master. thinks have really been hard for me since have lost my father.
yours slave mary



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