Scam letter(s) from Mary Amponsah to Hansi (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello beloved treasure, A beautiful Good morning, How are you doing today with the lovely kid cats honey? And i'm sure you had a beautiful dream about us last night as i did here sweetheart. I'm very fine today and I'm sorry if i made you worried and disturbed yesterday during our chat on Skype okay Hansi. But i can only promise you never to let you down now ever in life and the money will be safe here for it to reach me so i could make the necessary payment then my goods will be cleared and i fly back as soon possible okay. I miss you so dearly here in my heart my darling. You were all over my thoughts and heart throughout the night and i was a beautiful experience and feelings i must honestly confess. Sweet Hansi, what further words can describe what we have together? For our love to grow as it has this past weeks, I took with every beat of my heart. Words can no longer describe it, but rather in feeling and emotion of what we have for each other. You have always had the key to my hear Hansi, and you inside my heart has made me more than i can ever be. Though the sea separates us till that special day, I know we take each breath, and always together... as one. I love you with all that I am. Honey, I love you because you make me look forward to each day. You're my everything, a dream come true. There are no words to express what i feel for you my treasure. There are no songs as beautiful as the music that fills my soul when I am thinking of you. There are no roses as lovely as your care and kindness. Nothing moves me like you do. There are no days brighter than the days I spend talking to you on the online. You're my light in the darkness. There could never be words strong enough to express my love for you. I love you with my body, soul, and mind. You're my everything. I love you so much Hansi. I wish you a great and lovely weekend with lots of passionate kisses and I would look forward to meet you on Skype tonight alright. You're my Goddess Hansi. Your destined Sunshine,
Letter 2
Dear sir, It deems to be a great pleasure to write to you, i am Mr Maxwell ,the General Manager for Milton Hotel Ghana and I'm sorry to inform you that your wife Bernice Wolfgang has been accommodated for weeks now without payment which is not acceptable to our policies here . she has told me so much about you being the one to pay for her debts and i thought it is more appropriate to write to you informing you that the Auditors have been here and checking the amount owing is better to pay as soon as possible. She came for an Invoice days ago and she was allowed because she is a foreigner and also told me about her business problems encountered here for which you will sort out in the early week of January but for now, our payment system now easier and faster with Western Union and i hope she has told you that... I look forward to read very positive from you soon.. Thank you.

General Manager,
(Milton Hotel Ghana)
Maxwell Odoi.
Letter 3
Dear sir, Good morning and how are you doing? I have read your email you sent me on(25/16) just this morning and it was due to some technical problems we have here and that is the more reason why you haven't heard from me. You wrote in your Mail that you are going to send me the money just after Easter and i know by now everything is perfectly all right by you but i haven't received any sms as you told me . I tell you that the management is very angry with me and you as well and the Auditors told me they can't continue with your excuses anymore. I called you this morning and i know you can get to see that on your phone and i wanted to tell you that the earlier you send me the money via Western Union, the better for both of us before she(Bernice)faces legal action lately by Friday. Bernice will be sacked and also arrested and detained in Police custody whiles her traveling documents(passport and visa) will be ceased. Moreover, i think coming down here in Ghana is not important and very unnecessary because the cost of living here is very high and expensive. This is an Election year and for that reason i think you need to help Bernice the best way you can before things gets worst. Bernice will be very happy to see you do that for her because she really loves you. I am prompting you once again that if i don't hear from you until Friday, you will hear a very bad news because i cant lose my Job. I hope to hear from you soon Sir. Have a blessed day. The General Manager,
Milton Hotel Ghana,
Mr Maxwell Odoi.
Letter 4
Hansi so is this attitude you call true love? Making me end my life in the police custody whilst you've disappear from me right.. Well I have given your address and phone number to the BNI of Ghana because the hotel has provided the contract agreement form initiated by you and after few day, then BNI will order the FBI in Germany to come after you to pay the owe hotel bills to be aware... Now I've been arrested due to the debt of my hotel bill which is 8,000 euro so pay then hotel so I can be released and leave my goods at the harbor and return back home to find money my own way to deal with my business problems okay. so pay the hotel bill so I could have my freedom to fly back home Hansi. I know you don't love me and I will never love any man ever in my life until death comes for me. Thank you, your disappointed and troubled woman..
Letter 5
Hello beloved handsome Hansi,
I’m very much excited to know that at last you’re willing and ready to help settle my huge debt and finally come to you and be in your arms where i rightly belong my honey. The account details below is the receiver of the money in Italy which happens to be the sister of the hotel manager, so sweetheart as i have directed you on Skype, you can only transfer 4000 euro at a time since it’s MasterCard Topup.. I love you Hansi and kindly let me know if the blocking of transfers to Africa is also canceled okay then i will send you another account detail which you can transfer huge amount into okay honey.. Kisses
IBAN - IT34H0760105138284851184853
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