Scam letter(s) from Yana to John (Mexico)

Letter 1
Is it our chance to see each other in real life?)
I think , that we could try to you know each other in reality, enjoy all the delights of communication looking at each other's eyes. I believe that the relationship must evolve and move on to the next level gradually, we communicate through letters.
Then we can use mobile phones to hear each other voice. So I would be happy to use vidao chat that we could see each other. This gradual steps to the main event to which we can come when our relations will become much more significant for us.
The final step is to get acquainted meeting any agreed place and then we both made a very important decision. I think this decision will be that we can start to live together and to create a strong and happy family.
Hopefully by this time we will be able to have some experience with each other and we understand how and what we need to do that would be a perfect lover friends and husband and wife in the future. I hope our communication with you will develop in this way and with happy events such as marriage.
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