Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Nemolaeva to Nick (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Nick. I hope you remember you answered my email. I am sorry I did not write back soon. I just was out of town having official journey for training and thought much about my reply. I heard there are many bad people all over the internet who wants to use someone or just looking for a whore. I am not that type of girls who makes naked or sexy pictures. I am serious and I really have not any time for games etc. I am not interested if you are married also or just looking for sex. My real name is Svetlana but friends call me Sveta often. I am 31, single, never married, no any kids, living is small Russian town called Mikun.
I have not any boyfriend cause I will leave Russia and there is no any sense to start any relationship.
My height is 5'7" (170 cm) weight is about 138.9 lbs (63 kg). I have grey-blue eyes and blonde colored hair. I don't smoke and drink red wine or champagne for a holiday occasionally. I keep active life, like sport and outdoors. I have some hobbies such as reading and listening to music. I like cookery also. I love animals.
I am calm and loyal, enough emotional and sensible. I am a Christian but not a fanatic believer. I attend church seldom. I want to meet good man with kind soul and great sense of humor. I am family oriented and my goal is to make family happy. I need support and understanding in my life. Decent, honest and caring are the things I am looking for. I am ready to become the fond and tender wife good friend and partner.
I am serious about my intentions but I'm looking for real friendship first because I am going to work abroad.
I don't know anyone there and I hope we could be friends. I hate any type of lies. I was planning to move to the states but politic relations between Russia and United States are not so good at the moment. I am going to visit Australia in March. I paid agency in my town for searching someone through internet and thank you for your reply. I am not talking with someone else. I am hardworking well educated medic and I have not much time for typing emails. There was several replies from Africa and India and from you.
I will have a flight to Sydney airport. I will stay there several days for choosing the places for my living. Anyway I will need to go in many places and cities for having medical practice that's why it will be great to have a true friend who live there long time ago and know much about the country. Is that you Nick?
I am going to live and work about a year then I hope I could stay forever if I will have a desire of course. I hope you understand my English. I use dictionary for writing and still have not any talking practice. Nobody speaks English here. I guess you are not a robot or computer program so please tell me more about yourself and answer all my questions please. Do you know any Russian people or are you ever talked with Russian woman or man? What do you think? Just curious. What are you doing every day? Job? Occasions?
Again sorry for delay but your reply was in my spam folder so please add me in your white list I will do the same.
Please send me your current recent pictures and again tell me your exact location and exact age. I need to be sure we are on a right way. I really don't want to waste time and I am not sure I will write back if you will not answer my questions including your real pictures. Svetlana.
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