Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaeva to Jarl (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Olga! You've got me interested!
It is so unusual to write a not familiar person.
I'm looking for my companion in my life. Your Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend. I am glad that you responded to my short letter.
I hope that our relationship will be a long and enjoyable for both of us. My name is Olga. I am a simple Russian woman. You might be surprised by the fact that I am from Russia. The fact that I was so worried when registering that inadvertently wrote another country instead of his own, and could not change. I communicate well in English, and I know a little German. But I write bad English. I hope you will not mind if I use a translator. As I wrote before my name is Olga, but my friends call me just Olya. I was born on April 30, 1986 in the city of Voronezh. I am 30 years old, and all these 30 years I have lived in his hometown. I really like him. It is very beautiful, especially in summer. My height - 165 cm, weight - 45 kg. I think I'm a normal configuration. I try to watch her figure, so in his spare time running around in the park and go to the gym. I really enjoy cooking. But most of all love to create new dishes. I am alone and not married, so I do not have children. But I would love to have children because they do not get bored with them. At this point I will finish my letter and hopefully I will wait for your answer. Also, I will send you my pictures. Do not forget to send me your photos. Your new friend Olga.
Letter 3
Hi my friend Jarl! I am glad that you responded to my letter. I am pleased that you continue to communicate with me. How are you? How is your mood? In a previous letter I wrote a little about themselves, so in this letter I will write about yourself as much as possible. As I wrote in a previous letter, I live in the city of Voronezh. It is 534 km from Moscow. I've never been in other countries, had never traveled abroad. And I really would like to visit other countries and learn about their culture. In what city do you live? Tell me about him. I received a good education. And now I work in good beauty salon hairdresser - make-up artist. I enjoy this work, because every day I am with people and help them lead themselves in order to make beautiful things. To make beautiful things have to have good patience.
But with this I have no problem, because I really love my job. By the way just I want to warn you. Sometimes I can not write to you. I have a lot of work. But I will try to answer you. My working day lasts eight hours. I get up at six o'clock. I go into the shower, bring myself up, and of course breakfast. My breakfast - coffee with milk and a sandwich. A forty-seven on the work. It was only four o'clock in the evening I go home. I have one day a week off. And so it goes every day, but I'm not complaining, because I see people every day. I like my job. And I would like to have their own child. Tell me about your work. Do you like her? I'm curious to know something new about you. I forgot to say. Please do not be offended if I do not respond quickly to your letter. I do not have a computer so I go to the internet cafe.
Ask if you are interested in something else. I will answer all your questions, but if you do not answer, it means do not understand your question. You just ask him again. I will send you more photos. I hope you'll like them. Please answer the important question for me. What do you like most in a woman? It is very important for me. I am a man the main responsibility and attention. With this I conclude my letter. I hope you will answer my letter. Your friend Olga.
Letter 4

Hi my friend Jarl! How do you? I hope, good. Recently, I have a lot of work and I am very tired at work, but I'm at least glad that you write me your letter. I am glad that you respond to my emails. I am glad your letter and know that you are giving me your time. I am glad to communicate with you. I think you also like to communicate with me.
It cheers me up. For me, this morning began with a small disaster.
While I was in the shower I accidentally dropped my phone in water.
Unfortunately I can not turn it on. Tomorrow will have to take it in for repair. I would like to be repaired. It is a gift and the parents do not want to upset them. I hope the phone will be able to fix it. By the way, because I had never told you about your parents. Also I want to know about your family. What is your family? I hope you will answer my question. I really want to learn more about you. I'm from an ordinary family, which in Russia very much. I regret only one thing that I do not have any brothers or sisters. I would really like to have an older sister. I live alone and my parents moved to the village. I can almost every Sunday I spend with them. They are both 56 years old. My mom's name is Natalya. She is kind and affectionate. In any difficult situation, she supported me. It is engaged in housekeeping. Mom taught me everything he can. A pope named Alexander.
He works as a truck driver. Pope often not at home, because he needs to go on business trips. I am grateful to both of them. After all, they gave me life, brought me up. And most importantly - without them, I was not able to correspond with you, because if they do not, I would not have been at all in this wonderful world. By the way sometimes at the weekend I could not write to you. I'm going to the village to parents to help around the house or just to chat. So I hope you are not upset at me if I do not write to you. I hope you do not get bored reading what I am writing to you about yourself. I'm curious to know about you as much as possible. I think you will too. I send you my photos. I'll wait for your letter. Best wishes to you. Your friend Olga.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jarl! Can I speak to you, my dear. I have not uttered those words to anyone. How are you? How is your mood? I'm just fine. I enjoy reading your letters. My heart beats faster after reading your letter.
Your letters help me to feel your presence close to me. Today I woke up in a good mood. I thought the whole day, I see your letter. I am very pleased that you have written to me. I'm glad you did not ignore me. I always tell you the truth. I hope you also do not hide from me.
I think the main thing in a relationship - it is reciprocity and sincerity. By the way, I wanted to give you my phone number. I hoped that my phone is still possible to fix it, but it turned out that this is impossible. I was told that all circuits were destroyed so now I have no phone. And in our time it is very difficult without the phone.
Sorry I have to go. I have tomorrow will be a tough day, but I still try to answer your letter. I send you some of my photos. With great respect for your Olga.
Letter 6
Hi dear Jarl! It's not an engagement ring !!!
In Russia, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand !!!
I am glad to receive your letters. It makes me warm at heart when I read your letters. I am with a good mood. Perhaps because all day I had a feeling that you will write me a letter. How do you? How is your mood? I want to explain to you why I previously could not find a man for marriage. One of the reasons - it is work. I took a long time to work. But I was not deprived of male attention. I tried to meet with the men, but unfortunately men in Russia to be afraid of responsibility. As soon as it was about marriage or about to have a baby, they immediately stopped communicating with me. But the biggest problem is alcohol. Men in Russia drink a lot. I hope you do not have a problem with it. One day I met a man. He was kind and gentle with me. But a month later it was over. He had friends who smoked and drank alcohol. Just a week later he changed beyond recognition. He began to drink heavily, became rough. I tried to stop him, but nothing came of it. Soon he even stopped to talk with me, and I found out two weeks later that he and his friends were in jail. I do not drink, do not smoke. Only on holidays, I allow myself to drink a glass of red or white wine. I do not mind if a man drinks. But that was rare and not very much. Only with such a man I am ready to spend a lot of time. I will try for him. I will make every effort to be happy and in good spirits. I'm curious about your interests and hobbies. What are you doing in your spare time? I like to cook. I really like to cook something new. Especially salads and pies. But I like most about my mother's cooking. She cooks so that Yum. I also try to cook as well as she. But by itself to add something new. I like the food of many countries. Every country has its own kitchen and I like all of them. A kitchen a country like that? With great respect for your Olga.
Letter 7
Hello Jarl! How are you? I hope good. I just have a good mood. This is because you answer my letters. I thank you for your letter. Thanks to them, I learn more and more about you. Today, I saw a wonderful dream.
I had a dream about his childhood. I'm going with my parents in the park and we hold hands. Come quietly, slowly. And suddenly it all disappears. I become an adult, and I go alone. Ahead of man there who sings something. I walk over to him, and he does not see me. I stepped closer. He felt me ??turned. Persons to be seen, but in my soul I was warm. We are close to each other and held hands. Then we go to the park together and talk about something. I do not know what, but I was just happy to be with him. Then I hugged him, and so we went. Then I woke up and found that hug the pillow. I tried to sleep again, but could not. I would really like this to happen to us. Would you like to meet? Your Olga.
Letter 8
Hi dear Jarl! How do you? I am glad to receive your beautiful letter. My family and friends say that I recently changed. Communicating with you has changed me much lately. I am not against these changes, because now I smile more and more honest with each other. Thank you for what you are to me. Although we are far apart, but thanks to your letters, I feel that we are close to each other. Distance does not mean anything if you can communicate with each other. Your letter filled my heart warm, like a ray of sunshine warms the ground after the rain. I think more and more about you. Every day, every hour, every minute.
You do not go out of my head. I think about you at home and at work. I have to go. KISSSSSSSSSSSS Your Olga.
Letter 9
Hello Jarl! How are you? This morning I have just the perfect mood.
Yesterday went to the parents. Mom and Dad decided to do home repairs and we talked about it. I read your letter. I am pleased that you write to me. By the way I did not tell you about my friends. I have two best friends. One name is Mariya, and the other Marina. We sometimes spend time together. We go to watch a movie, a walk in the park, etc. They are both married and have two beautiful children. How I envy them. I would also like to walk along with her lover in the park or the beach, to raise children. I am all the more eager to meet you. And here is a great chance fell. After a week I go on vacation for 30 days. and then we can meet. What do you think about it? Would you like to meet at this time? If so, who will arrive to whom? Will you come to me? Or am I to you? I would not mind to meet. But I think we should think about it very carefully. After all, this is our first meeting, and would very much like it to be remembered that we could then talk about it to our family and friends. I hope you will be able to determine the date of our meeting, and I write about it, so I can plan everything. Good??? If the trip out, then I will not regret that did not go with my friends at sea. Meeting with you more important to me. After all, you're a man that I like. I hope you did not have other plans, and you will be able to find time to have all turned out for our meeting. I do not want to lose this chance, which gives us a destiny. You do not think so? I look forward to your response. This for me is really important. I hope you will agree with me. I'll look forward to your letter. Kisses!!! Your Olga.
Letter 10
Hi dear Jarl! How are you my dear? I am fine. I am happy to receive from you the letter. Your letters raise me up, make me happy. I love you!!!
I can not change and do not want to change. I want the feeling was with me always. It is wonderful! It is beautiful! It is just amazing !!! I think about our meeting time. I would like it passed. What would we have done. I dream about it all the time. Whether at home, on the street or at work. I love you and want to see you in reality. I want to kiss you and walk along the beach, or hold you at home on the couch and watch TV with you. I can not live without you. I love you. I told this to my mother. She was glad to do so. Mom happy to hear my words.
Tell me and the feelings you are experiencing? I send you a thousand kisses. Your Olga.
Letter 11
Hello, my love Jarl! How do you? I am pleased to again see your beautiful letter. You can not imagine how I warm at heart of your letter. I LOVE YOU!!!! Love is a wonderful feeling. But it is not the same as love of family, friends. My heart beats like crazy. It's a miracle, it's just a miracle !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! With each your letter, my love for you is growing exponentially! In my heart of so many feelings and tenderness. And it's all thanks to you! I am glad that fate brought us together. I feel that we - the perfect couple, and I believe in it. I believe in what we have in front of a bright and happy future !!! I LOVE YOU!!! I know, I believe that you are the kind Prince, I was looking for all my life. I'm madly in love with you my prince. I send you my sweet and gentle kiss !!!!! Your Princess Olga.
Letter 12
Hello favorite Jarl!!! I am happy to receive your letter. I was thinking about you. All my thoughts about our meeting. The fact that we will soon be together. Only the thought of you warm my heart. Inside I sense a hurricane. Yesterday my mother and I were talking about you again. I told her that I can not live without you, I want to be with you. You're everything to me, I can not live without you. Mom thinks I should go to you and not to suffer one here. I hope you can also take a vacation at this time. Because this is the only chance to meet this year. I kept dreaming about our meeting. Here I go down the stairs, and you're standing there. We embrace you and go for a walk around the city. You show the city in which you live, and then we go to you. I am becoming more and more want to meet with you. I want to hug you tight tight and do not let go. You my dear most beloved man in the world !!!
Only! Unique! Total you the best! 10000000 sending kisses !!!! Your Olga.
Letter 13
Greetings beloved Jarl! How are you? I just remarkable. I am glad to receive your letter. I decided about a trip for you. I decided to go and find a travel agency about the trip. But before that I want to ask you a very important question. From your answer depends on my trip to you. Say, you're not really just a meeting with me? Will you wait for me? I've already decided. I come to you, but for that I need to know your decision. I hope you understand how important our first meeting.
It affects our further communication. I'm madly in love with you and want to be with you. Darling, please think about it. I hope you do not mind meeting. Do you mind if I ask you about something else? I would very much like you to answer these questions. My favorite, the responses thereto, if not mind my trip to you. Which airport should I fly? Where you easier to meet me? Where do you live (Street)? This is for my mom. That it is not much worried about me. Where will I live?
Do you at home or in a hotel? I am waiting for your letter. Please answer the important question for me. Beloved, I hope you will answer them as quickly as possible. Up next for your letter. Your favorite Olga.
Letter 14
Hi, my only beloved Jarl! How do you? I read your letter, and so glad your answer. I'm glad you do not mind meeting me. As I read your letter, my heart was beating like crazy. I can finally meet you cling to your chest and give a passionate kiss full of love! Now I can go to a travel agency and travel arrangements for you. Now I think the trip will be no problems, and I can finally fly to you. When I think about it, I realize that this is not a dream. How is it wonderful when dreams come true. I can not sit still. Now I go to the travel agency and learn about the trip for you. My love, very soon we will be together and nothing will stop us. I went. Love you!!!! Your Olga.
Letter 15
Hello darling Jarl. I went to a travel agency, and learned all about the trip for you. I ordered the visa and other documents. I do not know where to start. I promised you that I would come, and that all our dreams will come true. YES, I want to be with you, and I want to realize all of our dreams come true. But how to do it now ... I'm sorry, I do not know ... As I told you, saying, today I went to a travel agency. And I learned about my possible visit to you, and what documents do I need. On the one hand I am very happy that everything was not as difficult as I expected ... On the other hand I am very upset ... In all my expenses (documents + ticket + insurance) do I need 720 euro. I did not think it would be so expensive ... I was too self-confident, and did not think that everything will be so expensive. I have never traveled abroad, so did not know. But if I had known, it is unlikely that it could make a pleasure. But I really want to be with you. I do not want to miss this moment. As long as there is such a great chance to meet. I know it's not nice to ask for your help, but I no longer rely on anyone. I asked friends, but no one could help me with this problem. I am ashamed to do it, but I no longer have to turn to. This I considered it at the rate of Central Bank of the Russian currency exchange. And translated into euro.
Because I think that way you will understand me more comfortable.
Individually, each document and plane tickets, cost is not expensive.
But when everything is going in the total amount, then it is a large sum. Of course, I assumed that the trip cost a lot. But when I found out how much expensive! I was also shocked. I'm sending you this letter, and I will wait for a response. If my expenses will also be expensive for you, then I'll understand without a doubt. After all, sometimes you have to deny themselves in many ways. How to do this, we do not want. In any case, we will be good friends. I do not want, and I'm ashamed to ask for help from you. But in this situation, I myself really powerless. I understand that it's a shame for me. I do not want to lose a chance for us to meet. But there is nothing to do for our meeting, I now can not. Perhaps now you understand that it is simply impossible to pay for the trip on their own for me. I'm going home.
And I do not even know what I want more right now. tomorrow will come soon. or on the contrary, did not occur. I am waiting for your answer.
See you later. Your Olga .
Letter 16
Hello, my love Jarl! I can not wait for the day when we can have the first conversation, our first. A hug, a kiss and our first together. On this day, we will remember all life. I want to inform you that I have never felt so much love in my life. I know that I can trust you, respect you and that you will always be with me. You are the one that God has created man for me. My dear, you are my beautiful treasure you and for me the whole meaning of life. I very much hope that soon I will be able to see you and be with you. I dream of our long-awaited meeting, where I will be able to leave the plane, find you a glimpse of the many people and run to meet you. I want to give you a lot of the sweetest and most tender kisses. I really love you very much! I am ready to repeat that phrase forever! I will always tell you this because it's true. I just told you that I will be sincere with you, and therefore I hold my word! I love you! I love you! You are the most beautiful person. You are my love! I want to love you passionately. I want to give all of the most beautiful on this beautiful, full of love for you and me the light. I'm so happy that God gave me this world.
But still I am more grateful to him for what he gave you. you are the most wonderful person in the whole world! Besides you I do not need nobody else! Only you and no one else. Only you have the right to own my heart and draw from it all my love. It is as a source, it will never end, because I have you and your every lovely word gives birth to hundreds of times more than that I give you. But still I love you and I want you to be happy. I want to have never suffered, and your life was paradise. I want us to be with you as Adam and Eve. What we were surrounded only by their love and happiness and no one will disturb us. This is so ****** and childish dreams. But I love you and I write what I feel. But my heart still write to ask you the most important thing, it can not hide more than that !! you are my love, and I will love you always! I love you! I love you! I want you gave me even a drop of love, and then I'll be so happy. My dear, you changed my life in the most beautiful way. I am grateful to you, I'm so grateful. You have given me a new life full of love and happiness! Now I will finish my letter and I hope to receive your early reply! Most sweet kisses the most beautiful man! Today, as usual, I will send you my photos. I hope you like it. Your mad, full of love Olga! I love you!
Letter 17
Hello, my love Jarl !!! Jarl I miss you so much and I love you very much. I love you so much as a person can love a woman who loves her and that made her the happiest in the world and you have to feel my love, even hundreds of kilometers. After reading your message, I immediately go to the bank. I was so happy that we will soon be together. I learned everything. I go to the bank and they told me that I can do you send money through money transfer companies. My love that would soon begin the paperwork you can send me the money through money transfer system "MoneyGram are" or "Western Union". This global money transfer system. the bank manager advised me to these companies for the transfer of money. He assured that this is a very serious company. Darling you should not open a bank account, and it is very simple. To carry out the transfer of money, you need to know my favorite details: name: Olga
Surname: Nikolaeva
Country: Russia
City: Voronezh
street: Polevaya 10
Postal Code: 394024 And I need to know almost the same as your full name, last name, complete address, and the amount of money transferred. And the same tracking number. And it would be better if you send me a copy of the translation.
As you can see it is very simple. If you're nice to make things right I
I can get the money right away and pay for the services of the tourist agency. I buy a ticket after as soon as the visa and passport ready in order to come to you my favorite Jarl! This would happen in the near future but certainly I can not tell because first I have to do a visa, a passport. As soon as will be ready to my documents, I was immediately booking tickets for the next flight. My visa is almost ready. The remaining two - three days before the full readiness of my visa. And perhaps tomorrow will be ready. One has only to pay. I hope that after tomorrow I will be with you. My love, I can only hope for you.
Know - you're my one and only, when I think about you
my heart beats faster. My soul is already committed to you, I can not live without you. Total correspondence I am very much in love with you and not I want to lose you now. Life - it is a struggle, and we'll have to to fight for our future together. You agree with me ? Write to me, I
I look forward to your letter.
Forever yours Olga.
Letter 18
Hi my love Jarl. How are you my dear? I very much miss you. Now I want to strongly embrace and kiss you tenderly. Do you want it? Now I can confidently say that I want to drop everything and be with you. This is my only desire. I am ready for anything and everything just to be with my loved one with you. I want to forget all the shame and pride, and to rush to meet his love. I just do not recognize myself, I was not like this before. It seemed to me all the usual in this life, but now it is filled with something new, which is hard to describe, you yourself well know what I mean. I was not so happy ever. Yesterday, I was thinking about our relationships and our feelings, to get closer to you. I think that during our conversation, we came to this peak to meet and see each other. I think we need one, we each like two halves of an apple and half of these must meet. The combination of these halves will be our meeting. I'm waiting for your letters with impatience. I hope and wait.
Kiss, yours Olga.
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