Scam letter(s) from Nina Simonova to Songkai (USA)

Letter 1
My dear Liu!!!
I want to say sorry for my last letter.
I hope you are not offended with me... I will not complain any more, life is a wonderful thing, indeed.
How are you today? Hope everything is fine with you. As for me, I feel good just a little bit sad that you are not with me.
You know, I got used to your letters so much, they are a part of me. I like you very much but I don't want to be betrayed again. I was in love with one person. It was a light and clan feeling... But he cheated and went to another woman. I was hurt but I was able to overcome this and for long time I have been alone. I was just afraid to have any relations again. Men in Russia drink much, smoke and get drugs.
I know you are not such a kind, I believe and trust you. You are my treasure!!!
Thanks for beautiful photos!!!
My usual day: I get up at 7 a.m. I cook breakfast, do some work about the house and go to work at 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. I try to spend my free days in interesting way. I like to go to the theatre, to meet friends and spend an interesting time. I do not like life to be boring!!!! I am sure you would not feel boring with me!!!! I promise you!!! Could you trust me, as we communicate only through the Internet? You have never met me in the real life!
We have been corresponding for long time already and know much about each other as far as we can get from the letters. You are a wonderful person and the best what I have in my life. I think about us all the time, about our meeting ( and I should say this excites me so much!!!) In my fantasies we are together, one whole! And I am waiting so much for the moment when these dreams come true!
I would like to ask you a very serious question. Could I? What are you intentions about me? Would you like to meet with me? Would you like me to come and visit you as a guest so we could get to know each other better?
It could be some days, 10 or 15. I can receive now without problems the visa and is quiet arrive to you to stay for a while with you!?!?!?!?
Then there can not be such opportunity because to receive the visa in your country very difficultly. So now the decision for you. WHETHER YOU SHOULD SOLVE YOU WANT our FIRST MEETING WHETHER OR NOT?!?!!!!!??!!! Perhaps, you think that is too early but life gives us such a wonderful chance to be happy and we should try not to miss it. LIFE is TOO SHORT. And consequently it is necessary to be more resolute in life...
Bye for now.
Letter 2
Hi, my dear Liu!!!
I understand that perhaps I was too open with you in my last letter.
And I understand that it may seem to be impossible... But we should try it any way, I think. I little know some girls who had this process already and now they live a happy life with their foreign husbands. They have found their happiness and we should do our best if we want to be together. I come to you any time and can stay there for 2 or 3 weeks ( or for the rest of my life, If you will want it!!! If is not present, I shall go back!!!!)...
Of course, it depends on your ability also. So we should decide it together. What do you think about it.
I went to the tourist agency. They told me how to pay for visa. These are 192 dollars. It will be cost of all documents, it is the passport the visa, the medical information. I will need your help, dear. Hope you are able to do this for us?! They told me the best way to send money is Western Union or Moneygram. I went to the office of Western Union and they gave me the following information:
To send money:
Money amount should be send in words or figures.
You should write the full name of receiver and receiver's full address. It is necessary for you from me. It is my address: Elena Novoselova,
10 Dzerhinskogo str., apt. 17,
Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia.
Also the full name of the sender and full address ( I will need it ). It is also necessary to know MTCN ( Money Transfer Control Number ), it consists from 10 digits and Expected amount.
As you can send money through a site,
but it will be necessary for this purpose your credit card. If it at you is.
Dear, I hope we will manage with this.
I want to be with you so much.
Let's do all the best for our dream to come true. I will do everything from my side, I promise.
Letter 3
Hi, dear Liu!!!
I was so happy coming to the Internet Cafe and there was a letter from you. Perhaps, you ask yourself what is Internet Cafe?! That is an interesting place where average people who don't have personal computers come and can use computers paying some money. Oh, I am very sorry that I have confused you. I really live in Russia. But I had to write, that I live in USA because differently my structure did not register on FF. I did many attempts, but to me constantly refused, I at all do not know why. And I have decided to go on experiment and have written, that I live in America, and it has worked. I hope you do not become angry about me and will communicate further with me??? If so I shall write further.
Dear, I would like to know what you like and don't like in people? What features of the character do you like and dislike? I hate people being rude, I hate lies and dishonesty. I can say that I am an honest, faithful and open person. I like kind and fair people! And I value faithfulness!!! What do you think about treason? I think this is treachery. I like animals very much ( though I don't have any pets now ). I adore dogs as they are very faithful!!!
Should I tell you more about my city? That is a very good place with many interesting architecture. There are also many parks where I like to walk. I like nature and trees very much. Also I like to walk on the bank of the river late in the evening. That is so romantic when there is a moon on the sky and stars are shining... What do you think about this? Are you a romantic person? Could you tell me about your friends?
As for me, I am very picky in this. And though I have many acquaintances, I have only some true friends. I told them about you and they are very glad for us. They see changes in me . It happened after meeting with you.
You gave me real life!!! Before I was so disappointed in men and thought I would never meet my love. But now I have you and I am so happy about this. You are so kind and intelligent. And I like you very much. Here I will close for now.
P.S. You know I would like to send you a hand written letter, some pictures and maybe some surprises. Could you write me your address, please.
Here is mine if you would like to do the same: Elena Novoselova,
10 Dzerhinskogo str., apt. 17,
Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia. Russian mail is not so reliable, therefore do not send anything
Letter 4
I want us to be together so much, that trying to do something for us to see each other at last./
I got to know some information and I think I have found the way. It is possible for me to get a tourist visa for to come to you. I have to do some paperwork and to pay some money for the visa. As soon as I get visa I will be able to buy tickets and you will meet me at the airport.
It will take some time, of course and affords from my side. But I am ready to do everything just to be with you. But there is one problem. I will be not able to pay all the money for visa myself. You know that my salary is small. And that is not in my ability. And I hope so much you will be able to help me to pay for it. Let me know, please. Dear, imagine, we could be together soon and that is just the matter of time.
Trust me!!!
I love you Liu!!!
Letter 5
Hi, my darling Liu!!!
I understand everything quite well. But you should understand me also.
I have to pay for visa in some days(During 7 days). If I don't pay in time, they will just refuse me with it. There are many people who want to get visa and to leave Russia. So they don't pay much attention to you in the Embassy. You just need to do all the paper-work and to pay money, only after that they will talk to you.
192 it is cost of all documents!!! The visa is necessary 100 dollars. Other money I shall pay in different places, it for medical inspection, the insurance and many other things!!! Therefore you should send me of money through the Western union!!! I can receive the visa for 1 week. It is very fast!!! I would arrive to you in at once as soon as has received the visa!!! Or in any other term which to you will be convenient!! But you should understand, that I to ask you money because now I can receive the visa without problems. And then to me it can not give at all!!! And we and cannot, will meet. You can send money in any bank my city. I can receive it. To me have told the main thing, that was MTCN (are 10 estimated figures.).
You should hurry up what to send money. It is necessary that I as soon as possible started process of reception of the visa. I should do all quickly, or to me can give up in reception of the visa. Now all depends only on you!!!!
You should understand what to receive in your country the visa very difficultly!!! But now I can make all this very quickly and without problems, there is only one problem, these are money!! It is a shame to me to ask it you, and I never anybody did not ask money. It is very a shame to me. But desire to see you very big and consequently I ask your help.
So, dear, please, try to do what you can and as soon as possible. You are my only hope.
But of course, I will understand everything...
I love you and wait for your soon reply.
Your loving
Letter 6
Hi, my dear Liu!!!
It is a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not understand that occurs!!! As they me to enter into the list of bad people!!! They at all do not know me!!! People with such surname and a name in Russia thousand, if not millions how they have defined what exactly I the bad person??? It is the MISTAKE!!! Try to send money in this bank:
Mira 108,
Krasnoyarsk, 660017, Russia
It can something will change.
Make so that they have removed me from this list, it not the truth, a mistake and me is very insulting it to hear!!!
I shall wait your answer.
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