Scam letter(s) from Elena Sannikov to John (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Elena. I would like to meet you. I'm here looking for a serious relationship and love. for you may seem strange that I have written to you, and you ask me where I got your email address. I want to tell you that in the agency of acquaintances.
If you are interested in getting acquainted with me, and you have the same goal as me then I'll be glad to meet you. I look forward to your reply.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend.
very glad that you have answered me. and I understand that I have your interest. and I want to continue our dialogue and to know each other better. as I have already said that I am here only for serious relationship. and why I'm looking for relationships outside their own country? I want to tell you that I believe that no worthy men in Russia.
And so I want to talk a little bit about yourself. I live in the city of Bugulma, Tatarstan Republic. I live alone. My father left us when I was 5 years old. All this time we lived with my mother. but when I was 22 years old the mother found a man, and she also left me. I moved to another city. we meet with her once a year. That's why I now live alone. I was born March 15, 1989. I am 27 years old. I work in the shop, the seller of women's clothing.
I'm not very good in speaking English. I use a translator. I hope you understand me. I gradually learn English.
Tell you about yourself! where do you live? with whom you live? what do you do?
Your new friend Elena!
Letter 3
Hi dear Johnny!
very pleased that our ongoing dialogue and we gradually begin to know each other. thus we get closer. I was told that on the Internet there are a lot of scams that try to trick people. I am very sorry that such people exist. I think such people prevent this build relationships. and I would not want that would you or I met these scams.
I for clean and open relationship. I know a lot of familiar women and men who have found their love online. and now they are together and live happily ever after. this is what I want. men drink a lot in our country and no respect for their girls and a wife, I do not say that all men are in Russia. but basically it is. and I would not like that I had a future. I'm telling you all this from a pure heart. because I want you to know my desire and what I expect from the relationship. the main thing in a relationship between a man and a woman is the openness, trust and understanding. It's my personal opinion)
I can early to say but it is better sooner than later. you agree with me?
Your Elena!
Letter 4

Hi dear!
very pleased that we are continuing our dialogue. We begin to know each other better thereby getting closer. how are you today? I think that all is well. I have a day off today. Today I decided to devote this day to his home. to clean up. do the cleaning. cook a delicious dinner. for dinner I have soup today (soup) and salad vegetables. I do not eat fatty foods because I try to monitor their health and figure.
Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym and do some exercise for your muscles. then I go to work! What do you do on weekends?
I wish a good day.
Letter 5
Hi dear Johnny! sorry for the late reply. We had some problems. how are you? I hope you are all well. I think my late reply will not affect our further communication.
I have carefully read your letter. and it so succinctly described all that you dreamed of. like I read a book about the novel. To be honest at some point I read everything you wrote, I had a slight excitement and I imagined how it would be in reality. and I get a smile on my face. and now it's my dream to experience all this in reality with you.
my kisses.
Letter 6
Hi dear! I do not want, I ask you to help me for 350 euros. I stayed one day. you could not help me ??? I know the fastest way how to send money. It is Western Union or MoneyGramm. I'll give you the money in 2 weeks. here are my findings. name: Elena
Name: Sannikov
City: Bugulma
country Russia That was the last one she sent, i did respond once more to let her know I thought this was a rather ****** scam.
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