Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello man I want to tell you, that i am seeking a man from US, to start dating a good person to build family and future together. I live in RU, and i do not want you to think bad of me because of the fact that i live in RU. If you intend a serious relationship and you lonely, i'd be happy if you answer to this letter. But if you want to write to me for fun, and just look at my snapshots, then i have no desire to talk with you. Natalchika
Letter 2
Hi ! I'm glad you answered my letter! and now with confidence, I can talk about themselves! I hope you have time to read and respond to my letter! As I promised, today I will talk a little more about me. As you already know my name is Natalya. My 34 years , my birthday is December 20, 1982. I really look good for her age. I have never been married and have no children. The color of my hair red and I'm very proud of my hair color as this is my color from birth, the color of my eyes gray. I have to tell you something that I live in Russia, Republic of Tatarstan. I beg you not to think bad about me! since I know it is now bad attitude to this country, and what I think about the girls! but I tell you that just want to find their loved one through correspondence! I will continue to tell his story in the hope that you might be interested you continue to communicate with me! I work in the local police, but I did not work as a police officer and a civilian working as my post ... the secretary and I fill the documents in the database of the computer. In his spare time, I love to play sports, relax with friends. I like to work! I do not know what you like, but I generally can not sit at home doing nothing! I like to engage in good deeds! I beg you not to think about my age, that it is too small. this is not true! I respect the difference in age and I understand that that is what secures the love!w9 I will be to you a few questions, the answers to which I would like to hear. Do you have a wife? Do you have children? Who do you work for? What city do you live? What is your character? What do you value in women? If you you have questions, ask them to me, I will try to answer your questions. I shall wait for your answer!
Letter 3
I'm glad that you wrote by e-mail. I ask you to not worry, I love to read your text, and please do not think about the difference in our ages!
Today I will tell you a little more about me so that you have more idea about me. I live in an apartment in the center of my city! You can view Google Maps my address (city of Almetyevsk, Shevchenko st house 138, my parents live in a nearby town called Kazan, because my father works in the industrial site of repair of refrigerators, on that they live there, if I go by bus to Kazan, you need to go for three hours, my father is already 83 years old, and it still works! and my mom in '62! I like a novel, probably, wants every woman to find a good man, and to build a relationship with him. But I know, this relationship over time often end because he had lost all relationships. this is the reason why I say that I am a realistic woman. I do not want to spend time on the volatile relationship expires quickly. Although I'm a decent person I could not find to trust his heart and soul. I never will think about marriage with a Russian man! this I do not even pay attention to them. Now my main goal is that I want to find a man who will be honest. My family had a strict upbringing and then feel even the Soviet Union, to find yourself, I have a fairly simple character! and I know my goal, and I will never betray your favorite! I have been faithful in a relationship! And you? today for you, I have attached a summer picture and another I did yesterday for you. I want to know about your life and family more. I have a few questions. What kind of relationship you are looking for, tell me more? What you want to achieve in your life? Do you have any brothers and sisters? How often do you see the relatives? and I would like to know why you decided to look for love on the Internet? I hope that you have for reading my letter and to learn a little more about me. At this point, I want to finish my letter, and I'll wait for your answer! Natalya
Letter 4

I think that we should longer talk about each other. I want you to be serious about our acquaintance! same as me. I will try to answer all your questions! and I will always be very pleased to receive a message from you! I taught foreign languages at school, and then went on to study at the institute ... but sometimes I have to use a translator to make the right offer! well you know what I mean?
Today I want to tell you about my childhood. Like all Russian children I probably spent her childhood in the village with my grandmother! that you love more than to live in an urban area? or do you like to be outdoors? my personal opinion, I really love nature! I finished school with honors, so I was in school diploma, then I went to university! and continued her studies! What is your education? like probably almost every student I'm looking for a job for a long time, and with the help of her mother and her school friends, I was able to get the police to the position of the Secretary! and I'm still working at the same place and I was satisfied with everything! what attitude you have towards the police? You probably all differently! We used to have bad ... but now seems like everyone to normal! and people began to respect the bodies of the order! In this letter, I want to ask you a few questions to help me to know you better. Do you remember your childhood? Tell me about your childhood? I hope that you were interested in reading my letter and learn a little about his childhood. I will finish my letter. Waiting for your reply!
Letter 5
Nice to see your letter!
Today I want to talk about a hobby, I spend my free time. One of my hobbies, I like to dance solo dances! When I was in college, I had to give up to dance, so I wanted to get a good education, I paid a lot of time studying! I studied free of charge! this is important for me was to approach their studies very seriously! His spare time I try to always be carried out in different ways! but when I come off the first thing I do cleaning the house, because I like when everything is clean! In summer and winter, I like to go to his grandmother in the village it is located 47 kilometers from the city on the bus I'm going there for about an hour! but I just love to be there! In the summer you can spend your time on the lake or to go into the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. you ever walked into the woods to pick berries? not my most favorite season is autumn! as the rain and mud! I love going to the cinema! I like to watch science fiction, comedy, adventure, so I like to watch old Soviet films, films from my childhood. I really like the movie "Knockin 'on Heaven." I liked this movie because the lives of two friends. When I watch the film, at the end of the movie touches me the scene where the characters in the film come from the sea. you love the sea? Music I like to listen to each other, it depends on my mood. I love listening to Ledi Gaga, Madona, Tiesto, ABBA, Roxette, Russian artists, I like to listen to (shiny silver Alla Pugacheva). tell me as much as possible about their hobbies. Who are your favorite artists? What kind of music do you like? what is your favorite movie? I hope that my letter was not boring, you've learned a little more about me! Waiting for your reply! Natalya
Letter 6
Good afternoon!
Today I would like to talk about how I spend my day. My weekdays begin at 6 hours and 30 minutes! I wake up by the alarm sound, and as any man does not wake up with a very good mood, because I like to sleep! Next, I turn to your favorite radio station you like to listen to the radio? I will continue to go to the kitchen to put the kettle and go to bask in the shower! I will tell you a little secret I love to sing in the shower! At work, I have to be at 8 am! but I am pleased that I get to work you need only 10 minutes! this summer I walk! my lunch I cook at home, I usually take yourself cereal and orange juice, and I have enough of a bite for lunch! My day ends at 17:00. But sometimes I stay on the job, as there are cases when it comes to a lot of paperwork. and I have to sit at the computer to 21 pm ... When I got home after work, I was sitting in his favorite chair. After a short rest, I'm starting to make me dinner. further I can see what a transmission on TV, or just read a book! I go to bed around 22:00. It's about my transition a normal working day. Today, I have a surprise for you, I was able to use a computer and her colleagues built-in microphone, so I recorded greetings to you! I hope you will be pleased to hear my voice! You can probably think I really bored I spend my time? in fact it is not so! there is a great variety on the weekends, I run in the mornings and the evenings, I go into the garden, sometimes I just very much like to cook something new! for new recipes! I would like to know how you spend a typical day? some classes you love to do !? I hope to get a response from you fun! your friend Natalya
Letter 7
Hello! How do you feel about our dialogue with you !? My height is 172 cm, you almost guessed! my personal opinion, I believe that you are serious about our conversation with you! I would like to tell you honestly, that my last relationship ended three years ago. and a long time I could not get together and start dating again! and when I realize now that I was lonely, I was sick of it! and I am very much afraid of betrayal, this is possible for three years I do with anyone not familiar! and now in my life you came! I am very glad that between us there is a dialogue that we conduct during this time! I really, really easy to communicate via the Internet! maybe you're the first person in my life who I'm writing a letter. I write to you my thoughts, in our letters! and what do you think about our love with you !? my personal opinion, I want to continue in the same direction of our communication! Tell me what you think about me? do you like tanned skin color? Tell me what you like in women !? I hope today to finish this my letter to you! and wait for an answer from you about what you think about me! Natalya
P.S as you my drawing in the sand? I took this photo in the fall, but I did not who did not show, and now I am sending it to you!
Letter 8
Hi ! I am pleased that our continued acquaintance to talk to you, I am glad that we started a little bit about our feelings, and our emails are always interesting. I am very pleased that we communicate all the time, and it gives me great pleasure. I learn something new every day about you! but most importantly, I'm glad that you write me! and this is for me the fact that you are interested in me! I like you! I understand that you would like to communicate more often, but I am writing to you from your dream, and I can only use email Today I want to ask you a question that I'm interested in the answer! Imagine this situation. You can down the road, past the cafe, and suddenly you see me (we do not know), I sit at the table and drink coffee in the cafe. You dare to come to me and get to know me? if in real life had such a situation, I would really like you to come to me! I want you to tell me to describe it as if you came to me! You speak! I would like to introduce our first meeting! I'm actually very shy! but moderate to discover! if and when it is necessary for me that I have to end! I think you need to think about the answer! I end this letter! and I will look forward to hearing from you! Natalya.
Letter 9
Hi ! I am pleased that our continued acquaintance with you, that you are glad to our communication with you! This afternoon, during my lunch hour, I went to the store to choose a gift for a friend. I have long thought, what gift do my friend Julia. I chose a long time, that you can buy, but then I bought a holiday certificate in women's clothing store to a friend bought a very favorite thing to her! Today my letter will be short, because I will need to go on the day of birth to her friend, and I have not had time to go to the hairdresser to make a hairstyle. I asked at work, so that I could leave early. Tomorrow I'll tell you how I spent time on the birthday of my girlfriend!
I ask you to write in more detail how you spent your day! I think tomorrow I'll give you a picture with the birthday! .. I look forward to your early reply! Natalya
Letter 10
Hi ! How do you? How is your mood? What is your weather like? On our street is cool! It is a great joy that I can read your letter again! But I see that my fears are unfounded, because you answer my letters all the time! I am glad that you and I exchanged letters every day that you and I have respect for each other! I have changed in the last few days! I am glad to our acquaintance with you, that you and I were able to find each other in this vast and cold world! Who is rare to meet with such a wonderful man who understands me, who I am interesting! , I'm glad that we'll find a common language! I am writing to you from the workplace and I can use email only! because my home computer is being repaired
Yesterday at work, I was approached by my supervisor and told me that I was a good worker, and invited me to take a vacation, so I can have a good rest. I have long dreamed to have a good my vacation. In their last vacation, I took time off to work for a few days to go to the village. Usually we went for a couple days to be in nature, away from civilization, where there is no noisy machines where clean air.
How would you like to spend your time for a joint holiday? How did you spend your weekend? I'm curious to know how you are resting! I will finish my letter and wait for your answer! Natalya
Letter 11
Hi Michael ! In the morning I have a wonderful mood! It is a pity that the distance between us, which gives us to meet with you right now. But maybe it attaches to dialogue with you the beauty and the joy of an exchange of letters, and we continue to write to each other. Michael In my last letter, I told you that I was approached by my boss, my boss is ready to give me a break. Michael Do you think we could meet during my vacation and spend time together? Maybe I'm in a hurry with our meeting with you !? But I think that our meeting with you would help us to know each other better, so we could be with you to realize our dreams with you! Michael I decided to talk to you about our meeting with you, because I began to feel for you is more than friendly feelings! I was not enough of our communication with you through letters! Michael , what do you think? I want to know your answer to my offer! I would like to use Skype! but my home computer repairs Michael , I hope you have a good think about my proposal. I do not want you to give me a spontaneous response. I want you to be confident in your decision. Michael I will finish my letter and wait for your answer! Natalya
Letter 12
Hi ! Today I specifically came to work to see what kind of response that you gave me to my question!
you know why I want to meet you! There are many details that need to be planned. Since I do not know anything about what it would take to travel to you, I will find out all the details about the trip for you. I spoke with the boss said he was ready to give me a vacation for 45 days. (I think if we did it, then I am ready to leave Russia forever!) So I asked with how many I can take a vacation, my boss told me that I can take a vacation in about three days. My boss said I can take only a schedule! if you are ready so I took a vacation. I would like to know from you your exact address so that I could know about the fact that it will be necessary for the trip!
Now I must go, I will finish my letter! I look forward to your early reply!
Letter 13
how are you Michael?? I at all do not receive your letters. I try to write again to you here. If you sent me any letter??? I ask you to send me a copy. I will answer you tomorrow. So I do not want, that we had any doubts. I very much hope, what we have stopped our choice on us?? And only we can develop our relations. Probably you did not like something in my reasonings. Here again I again try to adjust mail. I ask you to write to me only on this address. I ask you tell to me any thoughts. If you received my last letter??? Only I ask you to send a copy. And still I am adjusted to continue very seriously to learn you. It is important to me to know always and how your condition?? I wish to speak with you more. kiss. Kunilya
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