Scam letter(s) from Irina Olegovna Shelestova to Chris (Spain)

Letter 1
It's Irina, from collarspace site. My nickname is IrinaShel. I want to check how e-mail works.
Letter 2
Hello Chris, i am glad to see your letter:) By the way, I forgot to say, I have two profiles on CS.
IrinaShel and Larpie. At first I wanted to go to France, but then opted for Spain.
In Spain, more warmer climate:)
May i ask? Are you in a relationship with someone? What kind of girl, you'd like to see next to you?
In men, I appreciate such qualities as decisiveness, reliability and sense of humor.
I am 26 years old. I am single, never married and I have no kids. Do you have children?
What do you do for a living? I am an specialist on land issues.
I will be one month in Spain. I think that's enough time so we can know each other.
I have attached a couple of pictures. I'll wait for your quick reply.
Letter 3
Hello Chris:) I'm glad to see your letter. I plan to fly to Spain in october.
What kinds of hobbies or interests do you have? Maybe we have common interests?
In my spare time I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, picnics.
Sometimes I go to the pool, to keep in shape, when not too tired at work.
I would like to ask, your friends or close relatives know, that you like ****?
Ok Chris, bye for now. I'll wait for your answer;)
With respect, Irina
Letter 4

Hello Chris, I guess you lost me. I'm sorry for not writing to you, but I had problems with the laptop, I couldn't connect to the Internet.
Today my lady-friend helped me solve this problem.
Thanks for the picture, very beautifully! You climb on the mountain with climbing gear or not?
I still don't have visas, but in the travel agency assured me that i will be able to get it soon.
Wow, you been to Russia three times already. Which countries did you visited in addition to Russia?
I've never been abroad. And by the way, I live in Rostov-On-Don.
How did you spend your weekend? Everything is ok?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 5
It's nice to see your mail again:) You have traveled almost half the world, I envy you:)
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of your pool, please send me it again.
My phone does not support such applications as whatsapp and skype. I will try to install on the laptop the application skype, but I never used it before.
Chris, we are familiar with you some days, but during that time, I started to get used to you and to your letters.
I like to communicate with you, I learned a lot about you.
You seem, like a kind, serious and considerate person who is willing to listen to me.
But something bothers me. I would like to ask you. I know that a lot of women build relationships with men from other countries.
But what do you think of it? Are you ready to build a relationship with a foreign girl? I would be interested to hear your opinion.
I feel like I will need to know these answer for our further correspondence. Will be waiting for your e-mail.
Letter 6
Hello Chris:) thanks for the pictures, I didn't get any pictures before.
Yes, I like wine but I don't like **** and I don't smoke. And you?
Do you smoke? How often you drink alcohol?
Chris, I also think that if people from different countries, it's not a problem to create a relationship. Today, a lot of couples who meet on the Internet and in the future, creates a wonderful family.
You know, about three years ago, I met my classmate. Now she live in the United States.
She married an American and she is happy.
Chris, I often thought about what I would possibly want and expect from you.
But I cannot actually discuss this, since we haven't progressed to that kind of stage in our relationship, which will probably be between us some time soon.
I will tell only one thing though - that I would like to have such relations with you, which could successfully develop for both of us.
And I can promise you that in the future I'll never intend to offend or insult you and to hurt your personal Interests. I am not hasty when it comes to building relationship and I also don't ask you Chris, to make haste. I only think about the possibility to meet someone close and dear to me.
Letter 7
Hello Chris, thanks for the letter and pictures, now I get three pictures:)
Yes, I have a holiday in October and I very much wait for the next month:)
How are you doing today? I'm fine. And my mood today is wonderful!
It's great that we communicate with you Chris:)
Every time when I get a letter from you, i become happy and cheerful.
Now you really became part of my life. I say it absolutely sincere.
I have the feeling that I know you for many years. So easily we communicate with you.
Do you have such feelings? Please write to me every day. What a pity that we had not met before ...
Do you really understand my letters? I hope that you understand all the meaning of my words to you.
We occur from two different cultures and it's very important for me that we understood each other.
Chris, I want to know more about your country. I really wonder, how usual people live in your country?
Are you happy to live in your country? I wish you a nice day and a positive mood!;) I want you smiled a lot today!
Kiss you and think about you.
Letter 8
Hello Chris, thank's for letter and pics:)
In Russia now not so warm, the autumn came and the weather became cooler, but I like the weather.
Yes, I love animals, I have had a cat but he died about three years ago.
I decided not to have cats because it's hard to lose.
Chris, I have a request to you, I found a very good online shop of clothes, but unfortunately this shop doesn't send a parcel to Russia:( Only for Europe.
If I order the clothes to your name, you will be able to send me a parcel to Russia?
I hope you will not refuse me this request and I can count on you.
By the way how was your walk in the mountains?
Yours Irina
Letter 9
Hello dear Chris, thank you that you sent me your address. I don't think that sending a parcel will take a long time.
I will communicate with the service support.
Unfortunately I still can't tell you the exact date of my departure and when will I get the visa.
I wait for news from agency. Be patient Chris:)
I saw the pictures in Google, very nice. Will you take me to the mountains when i'll be in Spain?
Today whole day raining, I planned jog today. But I had to cancel it because of weather: (
I think about you a lot, I really like to talk to you.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 10
Hello Chris, good picture. You wrote before that your cat sleeps all the time, on the photo, everything looks different:))
Yes, of course I will report your phone number to the online store. So don't be surprised if you get a call from the operator:)
And I'd like to order something from sports nutrition for better workouts. Creatine, glucosamine and protein.
Do you use any supplements for your workouts. So, the muscles recover much better and faster.
Yes Cgris, I would like to go to the mountains with you, I've never done it before. I like to try something new.
Today I finally did a run, no rain but windy. I am very happy, I feel energized.
We can go anywhere, if you want to Alicante, so be it, I trust your tastes:) I think you can only offer good things.
I also want to buy a mountain bike in the future, it's a great cardio workout.
About my work. In the list of my work includes: knowledge of Land law, Orientation in all changes associated with the Land Code in Russian Federation and use them in practice.
registration of ownership rights on real estate, land. Drawing up a contract of donation and of sale.
Registration, correction of errors, changes in State Cadastre of real estate.
In General, I have enough work:) I work on a 5/2 schedule.
From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. At 12.00 till 13.00 I have a lunch.
I'm glad that you understand my English:) I studied English first at school, then in University.
And also I try to watch movies in English without translation.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 11
Hello Chris:) how are you doing? How do you spend your weekend?
Today I was in the bath. You know what is the Russian Bath? This is analogous of a sauna, but not quite. I think you heard.
I love to visit bath, there I relax and rest.
I can not give an exact date when the parcel reach you. But I'll keep you posted, okay?
I will definitely look the store that you recommend, thank you:) No I'm not a professional athlete, but I believe that with these supplements you will get more energy. I only read about the positive qualities of such additives.
Judging by how you exercise it's a lot. This is commendable, I have always appreciated sports men.
Try supplements and you will immediately feel a positive effect. By the way I also very carefully follow the rules of healthy eating.
I try to have my meals were balanced. Mostly I eat porridge, fish, nuts, cheese fruits, meat(I prefer chicken and beef).
I eat almost everything, but in moderation, I try to eat small portions. But I don't mix proteins and carbohydrates.
Meat and fish, I eat only with vegetables. I practically don't eat fried food. Fruit, I eat separately from any food.
And I practically don't eat sugar, I prefer honey. I sometimes add a little sugar in coffee.
Coffee is my weakness, I especially love the cappuccino. If I drink tea, I prefer green tea, without sugar and honey with lemon.
As for my workouts then, almost every day I spend my time skipping(jump rope) and aerobics. In warm months I run. Also I visit the pool.
Let's not think about the bad:) still I think I will be able to get a visa, if not, my vacation will not be spent in vain,
I can move it to another time. I'm in a normal relationship with my boss. She's a good and loyal woman.
Here are other pictures Chris;)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 12
Hello Chris, I hope you're okay, I'm used to always see your letters. But now you do not have written :(
I hope you are fine. I miss and think of you.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 13
Hello Chris, I rarely drink alcohol, but I love wine. Especially good white semisweet wines.
It's nice to have a glass of wine and relax, while watching some romantic film:)
Today I ran, I feel great now, despite the rainy autumn weather. Now I still plan on jumping rope.
Yes you are right, Banya is the correct name:) I just wanted to explain so that you understand.
Banya is a great place to clean your body. Only in the Banya or sauna, It is possible to clean all dirt from a body, in the bath shower it's impossible.
I hope you are ok Chris, I very much like to communicate with you and I very much want to see you in reality:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 14
Hello Chris, wow, I see that you are a great connoisseur of wines, you oenophilia.
I'm amazed that you have such a large collection.
Maybe you can recommend me a shop with a not too expensive good wines? In Russia it's very easy to encounter fake.
By the way, I ordered a skirt, here is the track code.
Tracking Code: EK296074467GB. Here's the latest status - In transit INTERNATIONAL HUB 23:59 Mon 12 Sep 2016 BST
In transit SPAIN 16:43 Mon 12 Sep 2016 BST Thank's for pic Chris, very nice;) I think about you more. And I am always happy to receive your emails.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 15
Hello Chris, Today I also went jogging, right after work. I feel perfectly :)
Yes, I meant online store. I don't want to buy many bottles, I want to buy only one bottle.
The most popular Georgian wines it is Hvanchkara and Kinzmarauli, these are really good wines,
but now many fakes are on sale. Yes, Russia is indeed such Baltika ****:) But I don't like ****.
By the way on the way to you two more things, this dress and jeans.
You can track the parcel on this website. It's tracks.
15504379103811 I was born in Zverevo, it's a village in Rostov region, my parents still live there. Then I moved to Rostov-on-Don.
I'm an only child, my parents divorced early, I stayed with my mother. But I maintain a good relationship with my father.
I use usb modem for Internet. The speed is not very good, but sufficient to send the letters.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 16
Hello Chris, it's good news, I am glad that parcels reached you.
I checked the status of the third package, you need to pick up the parcel from the post office.
I think you can do it at any time.
I would like you to send me the parcels to Rostov-on-Don. You can assemble all parcels into one parcel and send to Russia.
I need something to wear now, I don't have a lot of clothes.
You are in Alicante right now? How your trip? Everything is ok?
Today after work I went to the hospital, I had to make a mandatory inoculation against diphtheria.
Tomorrow I again plan jog, there can be I will hire the bicycle, it is inexpensive, only 150 rubles an hour.
I didn't ride a bicycle for a long time, I hope I haven't forgotten how to do it:)
Of course, we can run together. I've always wanted to run with someone as a couple.
When you're running alone, it's boring a little.
I wish you that your trip went well. I always wait your letters with impatience:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 17
Hello Chris, I think that my parcel is delivered by usual post service.
Parcelforce Worldwide (International) It says so in the online store.
You can check on this site, the status of sending - Track - EK296074467GB.
When i checking, i got the following status - unsuccessful attempt of delivery. Invalid/incomplete address.
Maybe because I pointed out your town as VILLALBA. It was necessary to specify as COLLADO VILLALBA.
Although another store delivered other parcels without any problems. Though other store delivered other parcels without problems.
Please contact your local post office, when you arrive from Alicante, maybe the parcel is there.
Today I didn't begin to ride a bicycle, the weather was very cloudy, I was afraid it would rain, instead I decided to make jog.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures:) What a wonderful pool... Very beautiful, the water just beckons you to dive there:)
I will hope that I will be able to obtain the visa as soon as possible.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 18
Hello Chris, yesterday, I went to the woods with friends, we gathered mushrooms.
I don't know common it is in Europe or not, gather mushrooms. But in Russia in the autumn, many people gather mushrooms. Do you like mushrooms? I like porcini mushrooms.
Today in Russia pass elections in the state Duma, I've already voted:)
Yes, I know how to play chess and checkers. When I was in school, and even participated in the chess club:)
I Have a third grade in chess:) But I don't play for a long time... Although it is a very useful game.
I hope you're having a good time with her sister:) Oh how I wish to be now in Spain.
By the way next week, I plan to go to volleyball. The weather worsens and soon to be very muddy and rainy to do a run.
The volleyball it's a great alternative. Do you like to play volleyball?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 19

Likely you lost me Chris, I apologize. But I had problems with the laptop.
It was necessary to reinstall an operating system. Only today my laptop was repaired.
How are you? What news?
Yes you were right, Putin's party won, but I don't support policy of the president.
Now it is very difficult political situation. Many countries have imposed sanctions against Russia, I think you know about it. Russian ruble falls as Oil price. Prices for food and goods have risen.
Forecasts are not too optimistic.
I don't support the policy of our president. I think that our country needs a big change.
When a few years, the country managed by the same person, it's not good.
Putin too much attention paid to foreign policy. Although, it's necessary to solve internal problems.
Yes I graduated from the University. The Ural state agrarian university.
I'm grateful that you took the last parcel. Thank you so much:)
You will be able to take the last order? Soon I should receive a salary and want to order something else.
If it is difficult for you, tell me about it. As you rest with your sister? :)
I really missed communicating with you. I'm very accustomed to you for these days.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 20
Hello Chris, i am glad to see your letter:)
Yes, I studied in Yekaterinburg. There live my relatives, my aunt and uncle.
Uncle, cousin of my father. I lived in their apartment during studies.
Thank you that you are ready to accept parcels again. You can open my parcels if you want:)
In any case, it will be necessary to group these parcels in one parcel.
I'm sorry to hear about your cat:( Pets is almost like family members. Everything will be good, don't worry.
Today I couldn't go for jog because of a rain. I hope that tomorrow weather won't be rainy.
Unfortunately I didn't receive news by the visa yet. But you will know as soon as I get the first news.
You really wait for a meeting with me? With impatience? :) I also very much want to meet you. We communicate so wonderful.
I didn't expect that I will be able to meet such interesting and intelligent man in the network.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 21
Hello Chris, I am very pleased to hear it:)
I looked at pictures and listened to music, very much intriguingly.
I hope, I really very much hope to meet you as soon as possible. But not everything depends on me:(
If I lived in Europe... Everything was much simpler.
My parents live in Zverevo town. They don't live together, they divorced.
But I have a good relationship both with mother and with the father.
Today I at last made jog and I feel excellently:) Perhaps tomorrow I again will go to gather mushrooms.
But everything will depend on weather. What are your plans for the weekend?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 22
Hello Chris, I see you'll have a rich weekend, that's fine!
Today I again went to the forest with friends to gather mushrooms.
Now I'm home, relax, doing household chores, maybe watch some movie.
No I have never eaten such dishes as "paella" and "sangria".
Let's agree Chris, when I come to Spain, you'll cook for me Spanish dishes and
I'll cook for you something from Russian cuisine. I remember you talked about "borsh".
This is the first dish that I will cook for you:)
I haven't ordered yet, now is weekend and it is best to order on weekdays.
Because I read many online shops don't work on the weekend.
I wish you a nice weekend, I look forward to your new letter:)
By the Way, I forgot to ask, recommend me please some interesting movie, comedy.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 23
Hello Chris, would love to try a sandwich with crab meat:) And i with pleasure will visit restaurant with you.
I watched the "Basic instinct" a great thriller with stunning actors. Interrogation scene one of the most famous scenes:)
And maybe you'll laugh, but I have not watched "Avatar". I don't really like fantasy.
Although films such as the "Lord of the rings" I like.
Yes, now more and more people are learning English. Because it is an international language and it is not so difficult to learn.
I very much hope that my English will become much better during the travel.
I want all the time we spoke only in English when i'll be in Spain.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 24
Hello Chris, today I feel not very good, I have had a headache today:( after work I went to bed, woke up recently.
Now I feel a little better, but I guess I go back to sleep. Don't lose me, I'll write you tomorrow.
I am sorry.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 25
Hello Chris, today I'm fine, I feel good:)
Thanks Chris, but no need to send me the dictionary I have a dictionary.
You watched the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? I was watching.
How you think who will become a president? In my opinion Donald Trump will win elections.
Whom would you want to see as the U.S.A President?
By the way, I gathered two baskets of mushrooms. In that year, has grown amazingly a lot of different mushrooms.
I don't remember that there was the same bumper-crop year:)
I'll bring dried mushrooms to Spain. I can cook a wonderful mushroom soup. Do you like mushroom soup?
I don't cook mushrooms with oil, it's not very useful.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 26
Hello Chris, I just came from the first volleyball training.
I just took a shower and drank a glass of kefir, feel tired. But a good tired:)
Ok, I won't take mushrooms:) I didn't know that everything is so strict at a?o customs...
No I watched the debate deferred.The broadcast was too late for the Russian time.
I don't think the United States will act differently towards Russia. No matter who will be the next President.
I read the opinion of many political analysts. They say that it will be better for Russia that won Hilary Clinton..
Because Republicans can expect anything. Trump can say what he will be friendly with Russia, but it will not.
Politics is very complicated. You need to have nerves of steel to be in power. This is a very heavy burden.
I also hope that we will be able to watch the debate together:) I hope it's will be possible.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 27
Hello Chris, no i am not in a volleyball team. I play only for themselves, to maintain physical fitness.
I better would choose jogging, but now the weather turned bad. Almost every day is raining.
I'll go for volleyball three times a week, monday, wednesday and friday.
I like my job, of course sometimes there are busy days, but I'm used to.
I get to work by bus. My job is not so far if you get by bus, it's about 15-20 minutes. Yes, I rent a flat.
With great pleasure I'll cook soup for you. And not only the soup, I like to cook.
I don't eat bread now, very rarely, instead of bread I eat Crispbread. It's much more useful.
And you? What kind of bread you prefer to eat?
By the way have you heard anything about this salad? "Dressed herring"? This dish is very popular in Russia.
I can cook for you this salad:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 28
Hello Chris, excuse that I so long didn't write:( I had to leave for a few days.
I had small financial problems, at work to me detained a salary and I needed to go to friends and to borrow some sum.
Now the beginning of the month and I need to pay for rent. Unfortunately friends couldn't help me.
Well, I don't want to burden you with the problems, I will try to find a way out.
How was your weekend? Everything is ok?
You asked me about food. I eat meat and fish and seafood:) the Main thing is to know when to stop.
Today I'm going to volleyball training. And you? How do you plan to spend the evening?
I've missed you.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 29
Hello Chris, in Russia everything is possible, this is not Europe, such is our country.
Many people do not receive a salary three or even four months. And it's not the fault of my boss.
I won't buy clothes more, because now I have no money for it, maybe later, I don't know.
You can send me these parcels now? Please group all these parcels in one parcel.
Here's my full address.
City - Rostov-on-Don
30 Kosmonavtov, apt. 230.
Postal code 344113
Irina Shelestova
I don't know how much it will cost to send a parcel to Russia. I hope not very expensive.
And please ask to give you the track code. So I can track the parcel and know that it will not get lost.
Because without a track, there are cases of theft parcels.
I think about you constantly and I really want to see you. I like to talk to you, you are a very pleasant companion.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 30
Hello Chris, today I was in travel Agency, I am also tired to wait for news about the visa and decided to find out more.
So, I was told that next week I will go on interview to embassy to Moscow.
I made a mistake. I had to apply to the visa center of Spain, in my city. Everything would have been much faster.
And I wouldn't need to go anywhere. I have not explored all the possible options.
Chris, will be better if you send me a parcel now, I very much want to dress new clothes and I don't have a lot of other clothes. Now I have to save money because of my situation at work.
I work in a state structure, but such delays in salary is not uncommon.
Chris is Russia. Even such ancient professions as teachers and doctors, have problems with the salary.
I think you have not very good mood. Are you okay?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 31
Hello Chris, I am so grateful that you sent the parcel.
You could take cheaper option of sending a parcel, it wasn't necessary to pay so much money.
Thank you, you helped me a lot.
Yes, I needed to address to the Spanish visa center in my city. But now in it already there is no sense.
I have to go to Moscow.
Of course, I'm not the only one who didn't get salary. Our boss promised that we will get the salary of next week, I really hope so. We never went on strike because we are afraid to lose their jobs.
I hope next week I get paid. I think everything will be good:)
By the way, what is approximately the average salary in Spain in euros? And what is the minimum salary?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 32
Hello Chris, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss:( I know how it's hard...
When my cat died, I too was devastated:(
Today my friends invited me to a barbecue, I'm considering this proposal.
To be honest I don't really want, now quite cool weather and occasionally drizzling rain.
What are your plans for today?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 33
Hello Chris, I wasn't on a barbecue because the weather absolutely deteriorated.
Yes, the salary is between our countries differ significantly:) Ah, if in Russia we have received the same salary:(
Tomorrow I'm going to Moscow for an interview, wish me luck. Tomorrow I'm going to I'll take two days of rest, at own expense.
I borrowed the money for this trip. At the end of the week I should receive a salary.
I'm very excited and hope that all will be well. I think about you a lot and hope to see you this month.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 34

Are you ok Chris? Why you don't write? What happened?
Letter 35
Hello Chris, I received your letter and replied immediately after my arrival from Moscow. You received this letter?
I wrote this letter on 14 October. Hello Chris, I hope you have not lost me. Yesterday I arrived from Moscow, I was very tired.
I almost immediately went to bed, woke up very early today, and now I write you a letter.
I was at the interview at the Embassy. The officer asked me a few questions, then he said that a few days will contact my agency and will report the decision. I hope that all will be well.
To be honest, I was very nervous.
I'm tracking the parcel, it's in a sorting center. Soon I will be able to pick up.
I'm going to work now, in the evening I go to volleyball. I wish you a nice day! ;)
Kisses, Irina I have not yet received a response from the embassy :( I was told that the answer usually takes 5 to 12 days.
But I have another good news, I finally received a salary at work :)
I am having a small problem with receiving the parcel in the post.
I didn't know, right now there are some new rules. Now, that I could pick up a foreign parcel, are necessary not only my documents, but also documents of the sender, your documents.
I need to show the scan of your passport to the postal worker. You can take a scan of your passport Chris?
I wish you a good day. I think about you a lot and I hope to see you soon;)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 36
Hello Chris, today I am very tired and immediately went to sleep after work.
Now I Wake up and write you a letter, then I go back to sleep. I don't feel very well, I hope that it is not a disease.
Now a lot of people get the flu.
Now I got your three letters from different addresses. So mail is working fine. But I don't understand why my letter has not reached you then.
Questions at the Embassy was about the trip, the officer wanted to know the purpose of my trip, what places I plan to visit, then he asked about my job, how long I work,
about the family, ie, is there anyone of my relatives who lives in Spain. I did not say that I go to you Chris.
Thanks for the scan of your passport, today I didn't have time to go to the post office, but tomorrow I will pick up the parcel.
I have no picture in a volleyball suit. Honestly, I have no special volleyball clothing. I play in shorts and a t-shirt.
But this is not a special volleyball clothing. And I play in usual sneakers.
Though I think of buying special sneakers, for volleyball. Maybe clothes. But it's not so cheap Chris.
You still go to the mountains? How's the weather?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 37
Hello Chris, I feel better today. In the last days I was unwell.
I haven't been sick, but was some kind of depressive condition.
Probably due to the autumn, although I've always loved this time of year.
Yes, I pick up the clothes, everything was in size. Size chart in the shop didn't deceive me:)
I want to say thank you again. You really helped me with these clothes.
How was your weekend? I'm still waiting for news from the embassy.
Honestly I'm worried a little bit but I hope everything will be fine.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 38
Hello Chris, I just came from the gym, I'm very tired today:) But it's a pleasant tiredness.
Weekend was usual, I had no desire to go anywhere. To be honest, lately I have time only for work and the gym.
It's necessary to go in these weekend to go to some cafe with friends, to relax.
I want to go to Spain and as soon as possible. I hope with the visa everything will be good.
And no need to get a visa to France or Belgium.
Everything will be fine:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 39
Hello Chris, now in the gym, I play only volleyball, I go three times a week, on monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I would also be happy to continue to run, but came cold.
I do exercises at home, this is a mandatory morning exercises.
And in the evening, jump rope and do exercises on buttocks and calves.
I would also like to include the pool in my trainings. For example on Tuesday and Thursday.
Swimming is very useful.
I want to say Chris that I really like to talk to you. You're a good and interesting man.
Your letters really cheer me up. I am very glad that you came into my life.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 40
Hello Chris, I need to keep fit and not let yourself slack. It is impossible to feel sorry for yourself.
Laziness kills the person.
You more than anyone should understand it :) You also train a lot and it's good.
What are my plans for the end of the year? New year I plan to meet with friends.
Christmas, I don't know. In Russia we celebrate Christmas on 7 January. Do you know that?
Good picture of a living room, what is the carpet hanging on the wall?
What are your plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I leave city, I will visit my friend.
I've been planning to go to her. We studied together at University. If anything, don't lose me.
I think of you and look forward to meeting.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 41
Hello Chris, i am here again. Did you miss me? :)
Weekend was great, I visited my friend.
I like such east things, like various souvenirs.
What a wonderful weather in Spain, how I envy you:)
Last evening, I was visit one married couple, I didn't visit them long ago.
And you? Did everything what planned in the weekend? I went to the mountains?
Today I am going to the gym over the weekend, i missed by volleyball:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 42
Hello Chris, what is the holiday all saints day? It's like a Halloween holiday?
Yes, I have got a salary, everything is ok.
I'm waiting for news from the Embassy, but nothing yet:( And I am very worried.
Frankly, I'm tired from work and the monotony of everyday life. I really want a vacation and to meet you.
Wow, 12 bottles, so much? Probably is very expensive. Can I ask how much is one bottle of wine? Would like to try:)
I'll keep my fingers crossed. I really hope to get a visa.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 43
Hello Chris, I'm here again with you, sorry for the delay.
But my laptop has failed again, perhaps soon I'll throw it out the window. Only today it was repaired to me.
Thursday and Friday were public holidays, then it was the weekend, because of this for so long.
How are you doing? How was your weekend?
From the embassy still no news. Usually if a long time no news, it is likely that the visa will be denied.
I think maybe I should contact the visa application centre in Rostov? What do you think?
What a pity for so much wasted time and especially money. But nothing this time I'll be smarter.
Today I'm going to go to the gym. And you? What are your plans for the evening?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 44
Hello Chris, tomorrow I'll go to the travel Agency, let them call to the Embassy and
find out all about my visa.
Even if the failure, I have no doubt that I will be able to get a visa to another country,
which is part of the Schengen area. I'm a law-abiding citizen, I was not under arrest,
I regularly pay my bills and work in a state institution. I just will be sorry for the lost time.
Tomorrow I'll tell you details.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 45
Hello Chris, I am refused a visa. I am very upset, I need to digest it...
Today I will go to the gym, I need the distraction. I really, really hurt. I'll write more tomorrow.
Don't take offense Chris.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 46
Hello Chris, the Embassy did not explain anything, just said that I was refused a visa and all.
What about Portugal?
I know this country is not in your list. But I would like to relax somewhere warm.
Thanks for the support, sorry if you were counting on my arrival in the near future.
But it's not my fault.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 47
Hello Chris, I've just come back from the gym, very tired.
I'll apply for a visa, probably on Monday. I will consider all your tips.
I hope this time fate will be more favorable to me.
The reason for the refusal of a visa probably in my nationality.
In many countries don't love Russians. We suffer because of policy of our officials.
Although maybe I'm wrong. Time will tell, I'll hope for the best.
Thanks for the support Chris, you are really helping me.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 48
Hello Chris, today visited the visa centre and have applied for a visa to Portugal.
I will follow your recommendations and hope that this time everything will be fine.
The weekend passed normally. On Sunday I visited the club with friends.
I needed the rest or relax. We had a wonderful time, I didn't dance for a long time.
Although the atmosphere of the clubs I don't like, a lot of *****, some use drugs.
How was your climbing on mount?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 49

Hello Chris, I was told that I will receive the reply from the visa centre within two or three weeks.
While I have not demanded the date of the flight. I hope I can arrive to you for Christmas.
How do you feel about the fact that Donald Trump became President?
It will be good for Spain or bad?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 50
Hello Chris, yes, I will have to go for interview if required.
And if all goes well, I will book a ticket after December 25th. Ie after Christmas.
I don't want to be alone when I come.
I'm also more sympathetic to Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.
Now the relations between Russia and the United States are very tense.
And we hope that Trump will be able to defuse this situation.
Although some political scientists argue that it is not necessary to expect any serious changes.
Time will tell. I really want stability and to not have any wars.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 51
Hello Chris, no they didn't ask any questions in visa center, it's not an embassy.
There the Russian employees work, nothing depends on them. The decision on a visa will be taken by the Consul.
This time, I hope that all will be well. I'd like to believe it.
Tomorrow will be held volleyball competitions among the employees of some agencies. I want to see these games.
On Monday, I'll send you some pictures.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 52
Hello Chris, how are you? how was your weekend?
My weekend didn't go very well. I decided to pay more attention to physical exercise, but a little overzealous, and now I have a sore arm ****, radius ****. Such unpleasant ache :(
No, I did not participate in competitions I was a spectator.
Documents which were needed this is the questionnaire with photo, travel passport, certificate of employment, receipt of payment of consular fee, Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
By the way in the visa application center told me that it would be nice if I were able to prove their financial viability.
Ie it would be great if I had a Bank account. But unfortunately I have no savings. But let's hope that without it I could get a visa.
Yes, now the temperature is already below zero, it's winter. I don't like winter :( It would be nice if after autumn came the spring:)
The only thing that I like in the winter, it's New Year holidays :)
Letter 53
Hello Chris, my salary is listed to my card, Sberbank card. I don't have a Bank account.
It would be nice if I had the money on Bank account.
The Bank account statement, i could provide now or when I go for an interview to the Embassy.
But I don't want to create trouble for you. Surely you have your problems and you need the money, to pay bills and other purposes.
I am very flattered that you said I won't be spending when I arrive. That's very generous, thank you:)
But anyway, I'm not going to rely only on you, I also want to pay for my bills.
You've already got the wine that you ordered?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 54
Hello Chris, I just came from the gym. Arm still a little sore.
Instead of playing volleyball, I did a jog, a few laps.
It's so great to run, I really missed the run.
Thanks for the compliment, nice to hear that you liked my picture.
The picture was taken a long ago, I think in the spring. But I haven't changed in that time:)
Yes, that's right, I ordered clothes using the Sberbank card.
I also checked several payment systems and that's what I found out.
Indeed, Moneygram and Western Union is a payment systems with a very high percentage.
Best options for transferring money is Ria Money Transfer and Contact.
AZIMO is not very popular system and I've read some negative reviews.
I called today the visa centre and asked about Bank account, it really can help me to get a visa?
I was told that Yes, this is indeed a very weighty argument for obtaining a visa. Because it will prove my financial solvency.
The amount required to stay in the Schengen countries, as a rule, develops at the rate of 60 Euro per day.
I plan to stay in Europe for three weeks. So it would be nice if on my bank account, there were about 1200 euros.
For certain, I should go to embassy again. If I frequently traveled abroad, there would be no need to meet with the Consul.
About 100 bottles, a true connoisseur:) by the Way now I don't drink alcohol, I decided not to drink alcohol before my arrival to you.
It's true.
Letter 55
Hello Chris, I need only make extract from my card, it's too as a bank account.
The extract is valid within one month.
Now I have only 8300 rubles on the card, my trip I had planned to pay with vacation money.
I haven't booked the plane ticket, but planned to do it before an interview in embassy.
But when i filling out the questionnaire at the visa center, I pointed out how many days will be my trip.
Letter 56
Hello Chris, My vacation will last exactly 26 days. More rest I can't.
Here's the data which you asked.
Shelestova Irina Olegovna my full name.
Shelestova - surname.
Olegovna - patronymic name.
+79257149244 - my phone number.
I never used the services azimo. What I need to do? I need to register on their website or not?
Tell me, what should I do? You can send to any Bank, I can ask a friend for help, she has a car.
We can go to any Bank.
Letter 57
Hello Chris, so I don't need to register on the website azimo.
All I need is just to come to the Bank.
26 days of rest, it's considered together with weekends. I can't rest 52 days.
Nobody will give me rest so much. But I can take a vacation later for example in the summer, I'll talk to my boss.
She understanding woman. Three weeks is not enough for you? You want me to stay longer?:)
Today a friend invited me to visit, it will be the women's gatherings:) And you? Do you have any plans for the evening?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 58
Hello Chris, wow three letters:)
I don't even know in what currency better to send money. I have never received such transfers.
I think there is not much difference.
Still, I can't take two vacations. If I could, but I don't make the rules, I'm not the boss.
By the way, you know that in Russia from 1 to 10 January holidays and these days who work in public institutions, does not work.
Ie, my vacation will be now not 26 days and 36 days:) Are you happy?:)
So now, the most important thing for me is to get a visa.
Letter 59
Hello Chris, I just came from the gym. You already sent the money, so fast.
So tomorrow, I can to take your money?
Thanks Chris, you helped me a lot. Now I won't have a problem getting a visa.
I think I will not need to change money from euros to rubles. It's even better, that you sent the money in euros. Rubles do not have such value as the euro.
Yes you are right, I can't take two vacations in a row. I'll have only 36 days of rest.
Including New Year's holidays.
Probably I'll book the plane ticket for January 2. And yes, I will fly directly to Madrid.
Because if you have a Schengen visa, you can fly to any country, who is included to the Schengen agreement.
It's very good.
Weekend have passed normally, on Saturday I was with friends, on Sunday I was at home.
I can't believe that soon I'll be in Spain, I am very happy Chris:)
Thanks again for the help.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 60
Hello Chris, I am writing to you from work. I want to say that everything is all right, I pick your money.
I will write to you later in the evening, when i'll be at home.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 61
Hello Chris, I just after a shower and gym:) Yesterday I have get such sum - 79350 rubles.
This morning I had a headache, maybe because of the weather. I had to take a pill.
By evening, my condition improved and I was able to go to the gym. Sport has become a drug for me:)
Even if I feel tired, I was anyway forcing myself to go to the gym:)
How are you doing Chris? Soon, very soon I will be able to come to Spain.
To be honest, I very much worry. Very much:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 62
Hello Chris, sorry I have not written to you for so long. I had problems with the Internet connection.
About your transfer. I think that now this policy in all banks. No one wants to leave the currency.
Of course you can file a protest, but I think it is not necessary to do this. In the end, this money will be enough.
Now need to wait when will I get a visa and then my arrival.
I worry a little bit before meeting you. I'll be shy you at first:) I had no relations with men long ago.
Today I'm going to a birthday party for a lady-friend.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 63
Hello Chris, today I went to the gym, after a shower I write you a letter.
I see you're worried about this money transfer. I did not keep any receipt:(((
Please excuse me, I do not think that you will conduct some investigation.
Chris, but I do not disavow responsibility. Let's proceed this way.
When I come to Spain, I'm making up for these losses out of my pocket. Okay?
Please again excuse me.
Chris, you must understand most importantly, your money will be enough for the visa.
Let's forget about this incident and will think about my arrival:)
This week, I'll have to get a call from the Embassy for an interview.
By the way I don't have whatsapp on your phone and other apps, my phone is an old model.
It is already possible to throw in the trash:) by the Way, I'd like to order the phone online store, I will look for the acceptable and inexpensive models with functions. You will be able to send me a parcel to Russia then?
A good phone is necessary to me during my journey.
Good night my dear:) We will meet soon:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 64

Hello Chris, I understand that you are unhappy not because of money, but because of the service.
You were never a petty man, you did a lot for me.
I suggested to compensate for these costs only out of respect for you.
I received all your emails from hotmail address, so mail is working fine.
It would be better if you send the phone before my arrival.
I want to keep in touch with you by phone and communicate before my arrival in Spain.
I may have to call directly from the airport. That is why I ask you to send me the phone in advance.
The temperature in Rostov-on-Don is now below zero, but soon weather forecasters promise warming.
Looking forward to your reply:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 65
Hello Chris, I just from the gym and shower. Now I drink tea with ****** and lemon, with a spoonful of honey.
Wonderful drink:)
Thanks for the video from youtube, you have a good sounding voice. Nice video, but the quality is not very good, hard to see your face.
It's good that Azimo will reimburse you the money. Is this really possible without a receipt?
I hope that the lack of a check will not create any difficulties.
I also liked the mountains on the picture, I can't wait to go there with you, although perhaps this is unlikely, since I will need special clothing for this. Well, Spain has many other good and beautiful places.
I wish you a good day tomorrow.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 66
Hello Chris, let's now forget about ASIMO and will think only about my arrival in Spain.
By the way, yes, I will be flying to Madrid from Moscow.
Well, I will consider your recommendations and will not take a lot of clothes.
Although I'm not sure that I can:)
If you can give me clothes for a hike in the mountains, that would be great.
I've never been in the mountains and I really want. I like to try something new.
Unfortunately I have no photos from the volleyball, sorry.
Honestly, in thoughts I already in Spain. I often see photos of Collado Villalba and Madrid, on the Internet:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 67
Hello Chris, I think better to fly to Madrid from Moscow. And to get to Moscow by train, it's cheaper.
And Yes, I have to go to Moscow for a visa. I go by train also.
Today I am very tired:( I slept badly last night. I'll go to bed now, I just came from the gym.
Sorry for such a short letter Chris. Good night my dear!
Kisses, Irina
Letter 68
Hello Chris, I'm glad to talk to you again. This weekend I wasn't home.
I was at relatives on a visit. I wanted to bathe in the Russian bath.
I have not yet received a call from the Embassy, I hope this week they will contact me.
You want that i start learning Spanish by these video tutorials?
Of course, it's a good idea. But first I would like to improve my English.
I don't have big problems with reading and writing letters. But I'm worse perceive English on hearing.
I don't have live communication. By the way, in Spain many people speak English?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 69
Hello Chris, thanks again for the link to the video training.
I think it would be better if you'll teach me:) When I arrive, we can communicate in Spanish and English.
When you communicate in person, it's much better to study any language. No wonder there is such a council, if you want to learn any language, you need to go to that country and live there for a while.
Regarding the visa, I do not think I have to wait so long visa. I want to fly to Spain at the beginning of January, as I planned. The visa is issued for three days, if the interview goes well.
Everything will be fine, now I set myself in a positive way and believe in it. Everything will be well.
I think a lot about you Chris.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 70
Hello Chris, all envy me:) My friends and colleagues do not fly abroad often. But it's kind envy:)
Chris, I did order the dress in the online store, I couldn't resist. It was so beautiful.
The parcel is located in Madrid now. Please get the package.
Soon to be a corporate party and I want to wear this dress.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 71
Hello again Chris, today I decided not to go to the gym. I am very tired at work today.
I know it's wrong, but today I can't, physically.
I received an email from the delivery service, you will be able to pick up the package at this address?
I don't know how far it's from you, please excuse me for such request.
The letter says that the parcel will be there for 7 days, then it will be sent back to the store.
Please take away this package these days. Ok?
Corporate scheduled for 29 December. All drink different drinks, but I limit myself to just a glass of red wine.
You know I'm indifferent to strong alcoholic drinks:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 72
Hello Chris, yes this is my order, everything is all right:)
I just received a letter where it was said that you have to pick up the package in the center.
Turns out, it was not necessary.
I have good news Chris, Saturday I need to be in Moscow for interview.
Finally, we have waited for this. Tomorrow, I'll take the day off from work. I want to come to Moscow early.
I worry a little bit, but I prepared for this interview. Now everything should be fine. Wish me a luck Chris.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 73
Hello Chris, Today I came from Moscow, everything is fine :) You can congratulate me, they approved me the visa :))) I'm so happy!
I can not find the words right now. I am filled with joy. Thank you Chris, without you, I would not be able to get a visa.
And thank you for sending me clothes. You always help me.
I'm a little tired, I'll write to you tomorrow the big letter. I'm very happy Chris, soon I will be able to see you;)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 74
Hello Chris, no I haven't got a visa, but to me have not returned my documents. And it says, I will get the visa soon, along with the documents. So everything is ok.
Yes, I really ordered the sneakers and leggings. Keep them yourself, no need to send it to Russia.
No need to spend money for the shipment.
Chris, but I have other request. To me inconvenient to me to speak about it. I have not calculated the budget, and my salary is delayed again:(
I have money for life, but I have no money to book plane tickets:(
Can I count on your help Chris? I know it's very rude of me. But I don't know where else I can get the money.
I'll wait for your answer.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 75
Hello Chris, not all so. I have a contract with the visa center that plane tickets, will be booked too by them.
The tickets must be bought there and back, both ways. And the ticket costs about 300 euros. If more precisely, the 294 euros, one way.
And I can't use your money, because the money was placed as a Bank Deposit for two months.
Only two months later, I will be able to withdraw this amount, by the end of my travel. Don't worry, we can do it in Spain.
I'll take a credit card.
In general, now I need about 670 euros, that's including the trip to Moscow. I know this is a big amount, but I don't set prices:(
And it's desirable to book tickets in advance because by New year and Christmas the prices increase.
I'll wait for your response. Tomorrow you're flying to Brussels, I wish you a good trip my dear.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 76
Hello Chris, to me have suggested to put money for the deposit and I have agreed.
So I will be able to receive additional percent.
The bank gives percent if you put money for the deposit.
Chris, I have already agreed vacation on my work, as with my visa there were no more questions, and I can not travel to another month. Now I won't be able to postpone vacation to the next month. I work in a public institution.
I want to go to visit a lady-friend now, she invited me.
I will wait for your answer.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 77
Hello Chris, the visa center wouldn't begin to choose expensive flights. Only witn a small markup.
I see that you don't believe me. Well, thank you.
I have two options too.
1. You come to Russia.
2. I'm postpone my vacation.
I tried very hard, but not everything depends on me.
Letter 78
Hello Chris, In bank there is such rule, it is possible to take the deposit at least for two months and more.
Ok, I admit my mistake. I'm not right. Then you can extend this period.
I don't want to tell today anything else. I'll write you tomorrow.
Letter 79

Hello Chris, yesterday I was rude and impulsive with you. I'm sorry for that. I was wrong, I admit it.
You have done a lot of good for me. And my behavior was wrong.
I'll try to find somewhere the money for the tickets, I will try to borrow from friends.
I wish you a pleasant flight. Don't think badly of me, I'll try to figure something out, everything will be fine.
Once again excuse me.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 80
Hello Chris, Merry Christmas my dear! Congratulations!
I know today you have a lot of worries, so I'll not distract you on this day.
I failed to borrow money from friends unfortunately:( now all have their difficulties.
But I have another option I want to take the credit in other Bank.
Tomorrow I'll go to the Bank and find out.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 81
Hello Chris, i hope you had a great Christmas:)
No, I haven't got a visa, but such delays happen, there is nothing terrible in it.
Regarding salary, promised on Wednesday.
I looked at the interest rate on the loans and decided not to take the credit. Interest is really exorbitant.
Chris, I know you said that you have no money more.
But still, maybe you can help me at least 320 euros. Because even if I get salary, I have still not enough money for the trip.
I so want to spend these holidays with you.
You have already arrived from Brussels?
I think you heard about the tragedy with the crash of the Russian plane. This is a terrible tragedy:( Very sorry for the people.
Today in Russia declared a day of mourning.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 82
Hello Chris, I just from the gym and shower.
I am glad that you have arrived from Brussels and that the Christmas party went well.
Yes, I also very much hope that we can have a party on 7 January:)
Chris, I don't want to mess with loans. Firstly, the percentage of overpayment high and and besides, the Bank is considering applying for a loan 5 days is a long time. And On holidays many banks don't work.
And Yes, no need to book tickets for me, it will make the visa center.
I think it would be better if you can help me through Azimo. Of course, if it's possible for you.
The visa I have to get these days, maybe tomorrow, maybe day after tomorrow, but there won't be any problems, in the visa center have convinced me of that. To me didn't returned the documents and this is important. It means, my visa is approved.
I grieve with the relatives of the victims, it's scary, very scary. I hope that this was not a terrorist attack different versions are put forward. But it's unlikely we will know the real truth.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 83
Hello again Chris, now I can't withdraw your money that you sent a month ago.
I can make this January 29th, we will be able to make it in Spain, I'll take the credit card.
Thank you for agreeing to help me again Chris, I'm very happy.
Yes, the parcel will not be soon, it's not so important. The most important thing that I can fly to you soon:)
I will not go to a corporate party, it does not provide for me no interest now.
The most important thing is that I can fly to you soon:)
Now all my thoughts, are connected with a travel and a meeting with you. Thank you Chris.
I am going t bed now. Good night!
Kisses, Irina
Letter 84
Hello Chris, I am grateful to you for the help Chris, thanks:)
Tomorrow I get salary and hope that tomorrow I will be able to get your money. I want to book plane tickets.
I think I'll take the money in euros, if you sent in euros. And then exchanged at the Bank for rubles.
In the visa centre the payment is in rubles, not in currency.
I have a great mood now, I can't believe that soon I will be in Spain with you:) Thank you for these pleasant emotions.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 85
Hello Chris, Yes I picked up your money, everything is all right, thank you:)
At work, we also issued a salary, but not completely:( spoiled the mood. But I will borrow the missing sum.
Tomorrow I will book tickets, today I didn't have time to do it.
About the packages, yes it's my parcel, or rather, not mine. To me asked a lady-friend. It's her stuff.
I showed off my clothes, which you sent, she really liked the quality and she asked me to, that I ask you to accept packages.
I hope you aren't angry with me.
Tomorrow I will book tickets and tell you information about my flight:)
Kisses, Irina
Letter 86
Hello Chris, I just came from a corporate party, colleagues still persuaded me. I didn't want to go at first, but decided that it would be wrong.
I got exactly the 304 euros. Today I was at the visa centre, I learned about the visa.
To me was promised that the visa will be in my hands on 2 January.
I pre-booked a plane ticket on January 5. Here are the details of my flight. 9:00a to 10:20a 3h 20m Moscow to Munich
Domodedovo Intl. (DME) to Franz Josef Strauss Intl. (MUC)
Lufthansa 2531
Economy / Coach (U)
Airbus A320 5h 5m stop Munich (MUC) 3:25p to 6:00p 2h 35m Munich to Madrid
Franz Josef Strauss Intl. (MUC) to Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas (MAD)
Lufthansa 1804
Economy / Coach (U)
Airbus A319 I'll go to bed now, tomorrow is the last day of work this year:) I also want to talk about parcel of my lady-friend. Can I ask you to send this package now to Russia? To the her home address.
When I arrive, I'll pay you for shipping. When I told her that her package was delivered she begged me to I asked you to send it now.
It's possible Chris? Excuse me that I create to you such difficulties.
Here's her address, ia?. Aoeaaeia, 5e2, ea 7 ?inoia-ia-Aiio, ?inoianeay iae., 344013
And please send the parcel via EMS. To me it is very inconvenient before you: (Likely you have
already regretted that you have contacted me...
Kisses, Irina
Letter 87
Hello Chris, sorry to write so late, but today was a very busy day at work. As soon as I came home after work, I immediately fell asleep.
I am very happy that soon we will meet and we have a lot of days together.
I really hope that does not get lost at the airport of Madrid. If we are to miss, I will call your phone number.
I booked a return flight from Madrid on 4 February.
Azimo Commission probably occurs because it is impossible to get through Azimo directly.
The money you sent through Azimo, I can only get through the payment system Contact may occur commission of the bank?
Data my girlfriend: Maria Petrova Tel. +79877236316
I really want to make a gift for my lady-lfriend, and I hope that the package will be delivered safely.
Chris, very sad that this New Year, we do not celebrate together.
But we will meet again next year, little time remains before our meeting.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 88
Hello Chris, Happy New Year! Sorry for the delay, I had problems with the Internet.
A common problem during the holidays, probably because of this, your package is still not in Russia.
I got the visa all right. Tomorrow I go to Moscow, all according to plan:)
And I will consider all your recommendations, don't worry, Chris:)
How did you celebrate New year? I'm good.
I will try to write to you before departure from Moscow.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 89
Hello Chris, I am not far from the airport now.
I was not able to register for the flight at the airport, the Border Guards Airport told me that I have a ban for travel to other countries.
I took out a loan in the amount of 40000 rubles not long ago, for travel and other needs.
But I didn't know it could be a problem to cross border control.
I am shocked, I didn't think it would cause a ban on travel.
I will be able to travel, but only after the complete closing of the loan.
I have already paid a part of money, but I need to pay 37000 more rubles, these are about 570 euros.
You will be able to help me with repayment of the credit and to send money to Moscow through Azimo?
I have postponed date of my departure to January 9. You can sell my clothes and the clothes of my friend,
I'll explain everything to her later, she will understand me. These clothes cost about 300 euros.
Maybe these clothes buy anyone of your friends?
I really hope you can help me with the closing of the loan and on Monday I fly to you in Spain.
I hope very much that our meeting will take place next week. If you are not able to help me, I will be returning to Rostov-on-Don.
Now I save money and rent hostel near the airport.
I'll wait for your response.
Kisse, Irina
Letter 90
Hello Chris, please send to this address - Vozrozhdenie Bank Kasirskoe Shosse, 54A Domodedovo.
I will go by aeroexpress train to pick up your money.
Regarding the sale of clothing it's not a joke, I don't want you to have additional expenses.
I didn't get a message on the phone. I'm going to connect another phone number in Moscow my number is in roaming.
Thank you for understanding my situation.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 91
Hello Chris, I wasn't able to pick up your money, since the Bank is closed:(
I tried to pick up the money in the other two banks, but it too were closed:(
All because of the holidays, as you know, now in Russia the holiday days and tomorrow is Christmas.
Now I will be able to pick up your money only on January 10:( And I had to cancel my departure, which was on 9 January. Now I will book the ticket, just when pick up the money.
I'm a little tired today, i go to sleep a little. Please don't worry, soon we'll be together my dear:)
How are you? Please write, what are you doing? Are you ok?
Kisses, Irina
Letter 92
Hello Chris, I congratulate you on Russian Christmas!
I just got back from the walk, I'm tired of being in the room.
Decided to take a walk around Moscow, although it is now quite cold.
Banks will work on 10 January, so I'll be able to reimburse my loan.
In Russia such laws, in Europe everything is much simpler.
In Russia you won't be able to leave the country even because of if you have big utility debts.
I also look forward to meeting you:) Thanks for the support Chris.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 93
Hello Chris, thank you for the wonderful picture, very beautiful!
You take pictures on a professional camera?
In Moscow, becoming colder. Soon Russia will be a holiday - Epiphany, January 19.
In Russia is always very cold this time of year.
On this holiday people bathe in cold water, i.e. in ice water:) In the hole of a water body.
Hope you had a nice dinner with your friend.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 94
Hello Chris, I pick up your money today, everything is all right:)
Tomorrow I will be booking a ticket and tell you the date of my departure.
Today I feel bad, I think I got a cold I have a runny nose and watery eyes.
You won't be upset if I come to you not absolutely healthy?
No, my phone is quite old model, just for connection. It's not a smartphone.
Honestly, for me, has always been alien to these gadgets.
Although you don't need to stay in place, you need to develop.
16 degrees for me it's not cold:) I would like to bathe with you in the sea.
In Moscow I have visited only shopping center which is called Gorbushka, a little ride on the subway and walked the streets.
I gotta get some sleep Chris, I have bought antibiotics. I want to be in shape tomorrow.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 95
Hello Chris, today I feel very bad, my eyes are constantly watery and temperature has appeared.
I feel pretty lousy: (((
Yesterday I have received 588 euros.
Have you tried to call on my mobile number? If so and you couldn't, then I will connect other phone number.
Now the not so good news, today when I wanted to book the ticket, the officer said me that I have no health insurance. It turns out, I have to have medical insurance, at the time of my journey.
It's strange, to me didn't say anything like that. Insurance costs 430 euros and this money must be transfered to the name of the insurance agent.
It will act on all the time of my journey. If nothing happens during this time, the money will be returned.
I called Rostov-on-don, to my friends and asked them to borrow this amount, they were asked to wait 2-3 days.
I don't want to ask money from you again. You've done for me already very much.
We'll have to wait a bit, these days I will be back to normal and be healthy, perhaps.
I don't want you to see me like this.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 96
Hello Chris, I will get medical insurance in the Russian insurance company Rosgosstrakh.
Here is a link to this website. I have attached two documents from this site, where you can see how much cost is the minimum and the maximum insurance.
You ask why the officer didn't tell me about insurance before. Because he has checked not all my documents.
Before a departure, I have decided to check all documents. In order to avoid any force majeure.
I won't fly without insurance because I'm worried for their health and for their lives.
If something happens to me, I will not be able to count on health care.
So I'll wait for help from my friends. For the room I pay 1200 rubles per day.
I still feel bad, I got sick at the wrong time. Everything will be fine Chris.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 97
Hello Chris, while there is no improvement health:( Everything is so not the time.
I'm very annoyed:( If I'm not too tactful in emails, please do not be offended.
You're probably going to swear, but I do not have a receipt from Azimo. I didn't think that it will be necessary.
Still, I'm going to get health insurance in the Russian company Rosgosstrakh.
This is the largest and most reliable insurance company in Russia.
I don't want me to have any health problems abroad. Today I sleep almost whole day as a bear in a den.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 98
Hello Chris, I really am suffering because of illness:( Most of all causes me trouble the runny nose:(
I understand that you only want to seek only justice from Azimo. For you the money doesn't matter, I have long understood this.
You have other values higher than money. But now in Russia most people have such principles, preying on other people.
I want to believe that good people do more than bad.
Chris, I don't trust the foreign companies, specially if the insurance will be issued online.
Besides, it's too small sum. I doubt I'll be able to get proper treatment for 90 euros.
How are you doing Chris? Thank you for your support.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 99
Hello Chris, I trust the insurance company Rosgosstrakh. These are not thieves.
In addition, the money will be returned back if I have no problems with health.
Friends will help me, I believe in them.
I still feel bad Chris:( Everything will be fine, be patient and you will see this.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 100
Hello Chris, insurance Rosgosstrakh is valid in all countries except the United States.
I use tablets of Arbidol and a Teraflu. Teraflu it is a powder that must be diluted in water.
By the way, I feel better today.
I called my boss and explained my situation about the disease. She understood me.
I will be able to extend your vacation for a few days because I was ill. I will provide a medical certificate of illness.
My friends have sent me money, but not all sum. I need about 240 euros yet.
Chris, I am ashamed, but all hope only on you:( You can send this amount to the name of the insurance agent?
Her name Kseniya Permyakova. I would pick up money mydelsf, but last time in bank there were questions why I pick up money in Moscow, not in Rostov-on-Don. And besides I am still ill.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 101
Hello Chris, I am already back home and started to work. I still have two weeks of vacation I'm using these days later.
Sorry Chris, if I did not meet your expectations. But I don't trust other insurance companies.
And besides, the amount of insurance was too cheap. I doubt that for such sum I could get some help.
Here's a story that happened to one man. You can use a translator. This story makes you think about good insurance. Chris, let's communicate further, I all the same will come to you.
If I set a goal I will achieve this goal. Today I go to the gym, I plan to jog instead of a volleyball.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 102
Hello Chris, I still want to come to Spain. I got insurance Rosgosstrakh.
I have collected the necessary sum. You still want me to come to you?
Yes I am fully healthy now.
I await your response Chris.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 103
Hello Chris, I could come before your trip to Andorra.
But I need about 250 euros to get to Moscow and for the hotel room for one night.
I need your help. Now this is really the last time. Because I have all documents for travel.
I will send the letter to both of your addresses.
Kisses, Irina
Letter 104
Hello Chris, if I postpone my trip, then it may happen that I will never be able to come to Spain.
Chris, then please send me my stuff in Russia, I'll sell them and I'll have the money. Because I have no extra money right now.
Or sell it yourself.
I'll send you your money via western union or ASIMO.
Kisses, Irina
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