Romance scam letter(s) from Elena to Jarl (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello my dear friend! I'm glad to meet you!!! I hope you will be pleased with my letter! I am a long time could not decide and yet you wrote! I hope you will not be embarrassed by my letter! Tell us about yourself. My name is Elena. In my 31 years, I was not married. No children (but I like them a lot!) I live in Russia. I do not acquainted when on the Internet. I am only interested in a serious relationship! It interests me the opportunity to found a family and children! Therefore I turned to a paid dating agency. If you do not set seriously, and write for fun, sex for one night or you are interested in naked pictures, then I ask you not answer me! Nothing personal. I am a decent woman. And it is not acceptable! Age does not bother me, I think it is not important in a relationship! How you feel about that? I would like to learn more about you! Where do you live? What do you like? What are your hobbies? As for my hobbies that I like to read all kinds of books about love and romance,
listening to beautiful music. I am confident that we will find many similarities between us! If you might be interested in communicating with me, I will be very glad to get acquainted! I send you my photo hope you enjoy! If possible, send me your photos. I'll be glad to see them! With kindest married Elena!
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Jarl! I am very glad that you did not leave my letter without attention and answered me! Sorry to reply late. Since your letter Found in the spam folder. I do not smoke and do not drink.
And the more I'm on drugs! I'm negative to these habits! Yes, maybe some women are looking for in a relationship greed or what that benefit, it all depends on the person! Everyone is different and it is impossible to think that all women are the same. I'm not looking for any kind of benefit or self-interest! I'm looking for a serious relationship! And my love! The ability to find a husband and have a family and children! And what would you like? It is very important to know your opinion! This is a serious moment for me! My height is 170 cm, weight 55 kg. I know you might be interested, so tell a little about yourself. I was intrigued by the acquaintance with you! And you?
To find an acquaintance, I went to pay Brides "miranda". I was given your contact. So I decided to write to you. I hope you do not mind our communication! In what language you're comfortable to talk? I recall my name is Elena. You did not forget? Ha - ha! (I'm smiling). I am 31 years old. I'm not married. No children. I love children and am good to them! I was born and live in Ukraine in the city of Lugansk. I think you heard about this city? in connection with the military situation in Ukraine, many residents had to go to Russia. Russia received us and offered a helping hand! For many refugees have provided accommodation to Some towns and villages !!! If it were not Russian, I do not know how there was my destiny! I live in Russia for 1 year. Now I live in town "Kanash". It is not far from the city of Cheboksary. You know this city? "Canas" not big, but beautiful city.
In truth, I have no experience of communication and dating online. I rarely use the computer, but certainly just as modern man is still trying to learn the Internet. All the same, the 21st century! (Ha - ha). I first decided to learn this way, and so do not know what to say in such cases. I hope for your understanding. And you? Have you been looking for a soul mate? So I heard about that on the Internet there are all kinds of liars. But I hope that we will not lie to each other.
Do you agree ? Therefore, I ask, to begin our dialogue with the understanding and revelation. Yes, now we are far from each other and can present itself in different ways. But I want to just tell you that I am an open person and I find it easier to communicate with the person, when it is open and is to me. And we're already familiar with!
I'm even a little shy. But I'm curious to find out about you. I live here alone. I rent a room from a nice woman. "Canas" - a small town.
There is very beautiful nature and fresh air! Near the river "Anish" and "Volga". I do not know much terrain. I was very interested to learn more, so I can not tell you tell a lot about Russia. When I arrived in Russia, I immediately went to job search. I used to work as a shop of children's clothes. But finding work in their fields in the city failed. So I got a job as a waitress in a cafe. Of course I was hard at first. It was not easy, but I overcome all difficulties. I am hardworking and goal-oriented person. I tried very hard and now I'm the administrator of the cafe. In the future I want to open their own cafe. I already have business plan in mind. ha - ha! ( I'm smiling ).
This is my dream! And to begin with I want to find a man who will love me this way I am! Maybe you are my destiny? Haha (I smile). I'm not saying that I love you! It seems easy and naive. I would like to get to know you better. But I'm glad our fellowship. Let's see what happens. After all, we will have time to stay friends forever. I will be harvesting would your letter. If you have the opportunity, send me your photos. I'll be happy. Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jarl! How are you? I'm sorry I did not immediately respond to your letter. I had some problems with the internet. I use a 3G modem, with it often have problems. But now everything is all right and I am glad that our familiarity continues! And you? I had a serious relationship. But they did not end very well. It passed stage in my life. I am very pleased our communication with you! Thank you for the lovely compliments! I also really like friendship with you! And may we ever be something more than just friendship ... What do you think about this? It is very important to know your opinion! This is a serious moment for me! As I said, I have little experience in dealing with men on the Internet. Of course in my life there have been cases of dating. But that's another story. Men are bad for us. basically they are always busy with their work, friends, money and their constantly only interested in sex. I certainly grown woman, and also understand that sex plays a big role in a relationship. But I think it is important in a relationship harmony of love. Mutual understanding and trust between people. Do you agree with me? I want to say that age is not important for me. I want you to know about this. This should not be a problem for us. On the contrary, it is even more than me is intriguing. It is said that men foreigners differ from the Russian men's his temperament and charisma! Now we know a little, and I find it easier to communicate with you. After the first stage, we have already passed. I was intrigued by our acquaintance. I am a decent and honest girl. I am easy to communicate and try to be an optimist and life. I myself support themselves and earn a living. By the way here's some of my photos from work. And what do you have? In the family I was an only child. My parents separated when I was still small. Father, I do not remember. I only know that he was in the military and he and his mother had an affair. My mother did not like to talk about it.
Someday I'll tell you about it. As I have already said I am currently working in a cafe-restorne "Sevan" administrator. I like my job. Money is of course small. But I have enough. Especially in my situation is not much choice, because here I have a few friends in Russia. Of course I have a friend at work. We communicate well together at work, and sometimes spend the evening together. My day starts with a cup of hot coffee. Mmm. I love coffee in the morning! :) And you? If all is well at work, sometimes I let myself go to the shops. I love to go shopping, it's my weakness. (Shopping). I love to arrange for themselves the different entertainment. I love going to the cinema, in the cafe. In general, I'm not against fun in search of new emotions!
Maybe this is the reason why I decided to write to you? :) They say change for the better, and who knows how things will develop? I'm not saying I'm in love with you at first sight. But I'll be glad to be your friend. This is even more intriguing to me. I'm curious to know How are you doing? What are your hobbies? It is very interesting to me! I'm very curious. Tell me about yourself. I hope I have not bored you? :) I finish writing this letter and wishing you a nice day! Do not forget to give an answer! Send your picture. Till! Elena.
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Jarl! I was always glad to see your new letter!
Now I'm intrigue open your mailbox. :) However, I wonder what you have surprised me this time. Our communication is always intriguing to me!
I do not think that everything is spun. I always cute smile when reading your letters! Well, what we're about me but about me. How are you? What's New? I do not know your e-mail address appeared in the paid dating agency. But I'm not going to play games with you! I am very glad that you have serious intentions. I'm also looking for a serious relationship only. The fact that you are not high, it just do not a problem for me. I'm also not so high, My height is 170 cm, weight 55 kg. You had not a simple family life with your ex-wife. But believe me, not all women are like that. I'm not looking for any kind of benefit or self-interest! I'm looking for a serious relationship!
And my love! The ability to find a husband and have a family and children! And what would you like? It is very important to know your opinion! This is a serious moment for me! We can be friends, but I am looking for a more serious relationship than just friendship. What do you think about it? What is your weather now? We have winter and cold.
I think the best time of the year - summer. The sun pleasantly warm, the birds are singing, the green trees. This is the best time of year for me. I do not like cold. My birthday is on 15'th of September! And when is your birthday? I like this period. Just a lot of holidays! And waiting eagerly spring! At such moments, the mood festive and want a miracle is not it? Also I love active rest! No, of course I am not an idle. I mean, a joint outdoor recreation with friends. I like to rest.
At such moments, I can relax and not think about the vanity at work and other issues. The body needs to rest. So you already understand, I'm always in search of new sensations and positive emotions. By the way! Do you watch the news? What is happening in Syria? Of course I'm not a politician, but I am still wondering what is going on around me in the world. What it all end? What is all this needed? After all, people are dying! And for what? Now it is all still? Well, now I seriously thought about it. I'm just very impressionable. Whether it is good or bad, I do not know. I know that I am none the better it became. Any good these political war did not bring it for sure! Do you agree with me? I guess I flunked you with questions? ( I'm smiling ).
I will finish my letter. I would be happy to wait for your answer. Do not forget about your photos. :) Till! Your friend Elena.
Letter 5
Hi Jarl! How are you? I am fine! I'm so glad that i met you. I am pleased by the fact that the world is a man who is interesting to get to know me. It's so intriguing. We are every day more and learn more about each other. If we met in a cafe or a park, we would ask each other about all of this in a shorter time. We communicate with you through the Internet and it gives the puzzle every day more and more!
I am pleased to communicate with you. Finding a common topic of conversation. I've never been interested in politics, but I know that men are interested in this topic. But do not talk about it for a long time. Let's talk about us. Thank you for the photo! You're cute! I like you! I am very glad to meet you! And perhaps it is actually the fate !!! I am very glad that you have serious intentions. You are very romantic!!! I'm also looking for a serious relationship only, and your loved one! I want to find my husband! Create a family with him and have children. I am very pleased our communication! And I think we have the same views on many things! I'm so important respect, understanding and harmony of feelings between man and woman! Between you and me! I am glad that our feeling is mutual! Thank you for your sweet, sweet words !!! I am very pleased to hear them from you! I am pleased our communication! I think we understand and trust each other.
You have fun and interesting you are having a good time! I like! I like sports, I am engaged in fitness, and go to the gym! I also love to read books and watch movies! And I also enjoy a walk in the park and be in nature! I do not know if you might be interested. Just want to talk heart to heart. If you're familiar with this. Sometimes it is easier to tell someone what is in my soul. The conceal it in yourself.
In the past, I lost my best friend, and a man. I had a relationship with a man. We began to spend more time at the site. We were good and we were happy (so it seemed to me). He took care of me and I thought that this is the man with whom I will spend my life. We were together for a year. Yet over time, he began to give me less time. I noticed that he had changed into a bad side. He became increasingly delayed.
He almost did not eat at home. I cooked him a lot every day tasty and wholesome food. I am constantly washing his clothes and cleaned the house every day. I did everything to be a good and loving girl for him. When I called him, he always said that he had no time. He told me that he was busy and engaged in the affairs of the workers. Sometimes he did not even pick up the phone his cell phone. I began to guess what happened to him that something was wrong. Later, when the military situation in the Ukraine, he had to go to another city, "Donbas". Of course, I was very worried because of this and was afraid of losing him. You can not imagine how terrible it became live recently in Ukraine. But he had to leave with the other men in the fighting point. He's ex-military, and it was his duty. After 4 months, he wrote me a letter that asks them to forgive him and that he has another woman ... (like a knife in the back). I was surprised and could not understand what they place in as we had a relationship. But I did not want to believe that his love for me faded. I decided to go to his apartment, I had keys to the apartment where we lived together.
When I got home and opened the door, I saw someone else on crumpled bed lingerie. I could not believe it. Like a knife in the back! I have not been able to recover. And for a long time I was very sick. I was very hurt by this betrayal. Yes, with my familiar friend !! But after a while I stopped thinking about it. I wanted to commit suicide! But I found the strength. Later, due to the military situation, I decided to go to Russia. At this time, the refugees were given shelter in Russia.
And under the state program, I received Russian citizenship and passport. I did not miss this chance. I decided to change my life. And like it happened. after a while I tried to find a man on the Internet.
It became very hard to trust people. That is why I just want honesty in our communication. People can hurt. But we need to move on. Now I had a good friend. YOU ! I am pleased to communicate with you and I think that maybe we will be good friends. In life anything can happen and you never know what will turn. But I believe that change for the better. And you ? I shared my experience. I have very few people talk about it. But times have we decided to start our fellowship openly and without deception, it think it's right. With this I conclude my letter. I'll look forward to your response! Elena.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jarl! I'm good. How are you doing? Sorry for late answer. I had problems with the internet. Can I call you my dear? Now you have become closer to me and I want to call you so. Thank you for your sweet words! I am very pleased to hear from them is you! I was also very dear to your concern! I am very glad our sweet communion!
Your letters have become very important to me. When I got your letter, my mood become much better. Sometimes I work the whole day thinking about you and look forward to returning home. In order to quickly read your letter. But today I am very tired and I will not write a long letter. I hope you're not mad at me for it? How was your day? students - girls today to work with us in the cafe came. They are enrolled in a local college, and they are sent to our practice. For example as cooks. We are studying the cause of the chef and gain experience.
Perhaps one of them will be in the future in our team! I like the bartender try to teach them to my profession and work. For me it is a very serious matter! Now you know the fullness of what I do at work.
After work, I went with a friend to play bowling! It was fun! Of course, I am far from the athletes, but I liked it! I even pulled a little muscle on the arm when threw the ball. (Unpleasant feeling) But nothing. Before marriage, heal! (Smile) My mother used to say. I guess I need a trainer for the game of bowling. Ha-ha! ( I'm smiling ). You have agreed to be my instructor? Ha-ha! ( I'm smiling ). As you noticed, I did not give myself sad. Lots of fun. Sometimes it seems to me that not enough time in the day. I want to tell you a little secret! After we met, I began to notice how I become more and more interesting to chat with you. So it all romantic. (Smile) I have not had that before. Every day I look forward to your letter. Falling asleep at night, I think about the next day. I think that you will write to me! When I read your letter, I have the feeling as if you're telling me all these words are close by. With the help of letters, we forget about this great distance. Yet after a while I again become sad, because you're not next to me. I know that we are still quite new to each other. And we should not get used to each other. But I believe that someday in the future, our meeting will take place and we will meet with you face to face. (At least in the dream) Ha ha! Photos on your memory. Do not forget to send me as much as possible his own.
Honey, I'm looking'll wait for your answer. Elena.
Letter 7
Hi dear Jarl! I am pleased to read your new letter! Hopefully as you are? Do you have some new? How was your day? You managed to miss?
Sometimes I think I'm too intrusive. I do not seem boring to you? ha - ha (smile). Now check your mail included in my habit! It's all because of you. ha - ha! (Smile). Of course I am pleased it is. What I mean is that I always think of you is now. You, too, think of me? I know you think! ha - ha! (Smile). Today after work I met with a familiar friend. Her name is Alexandra. I have not seen her. We sat in a cafe.
I still decided to tell her about our meeting! She says I'm some sort of weird lately. She says that my eyes are "burning". Of course, I could not hold back emotions. After all, I was so impressionable! ha - ha! (Smile). When I told her about the fact that I communicate with the man from - abroad. She was very surprised. It did not take me seriously. She said that I could be deceived. What is a foreign country, I do not know anyone. She told me about the incident with the girls, who went on a vacation to a foreign country and could not return. They met two nice men. But in the end they had been deceived.
Men enjoy their confidence that they do not understand the local language. After that, they were in bondage. We began to engage in prostitution in order to return their passports and earn money for a ticket home. (Like in the movie!) Of course it is told with emotion and detail. That made me very embarrassed. Just like in the movies and in truth. About you of course, I do not think so. I told her about our conversation, what you cute and funny. What you definitely not the villain of her story! I told her that you and I have long been familiar with and communicate well, I like you! (Smile). In general, a friend of me was glad and encouraged. She is also glad that I had a friend and passed on greetings to you! :) I found our joint photos and decided to share with you. I will finish the letter. I hope you answer me soon. Already I miss .. Elena. PS In the photo I am with my girlfriend Alexandra and another our friend!
Letter 8
Hi dear Jarl! I am very pleased to receive your letter again. Sorry to say later. I again had problems with 3G modem. (As already tired!). I am happy I go to check your mail. Now comes the most important letters for me and exciting. It is of course your letters! (Smile) I am very pleased thy sweet words about me! Can you tell me them more often! I'm so still no one, nor when it is not so! I am very pleased our nice chat! I did not show Alexandra our correspondence and photos. It's my personal! I just told her about you and our relationship! As for the letters, I received a letter from you and I'll answer it! In fact, I do not know much about your country. So I do not know what you have going on there! I hope you everything good! I was not in the Trips to other countries and would like to visit one day! I do not know much about your country and I think you can tell me a lot and show! You have the right and tasty food! You have such a strange melon ??? ))
Tell me how you was your day? How are you feeling? How are you ?
What's New? I can fill you with questions! ha ha! Now I'm really more interested to know you. After all, we trust each other. I am pleased to share with you their pieces of life! It is very important and nice that you and I met. I know what you're smiling! This is true ? Ha ha!
When I read your letters, I always smile! Your letters always give me a storm of vivid emotions. I imagine you next! Today I had you! It was the height of summer. We were together on vacation somewhere maybe.
Because I was bathing in the sea. On the coast, there were many people having a rest. Gulls cry. Waves splash against the rocks. Like in paradise! When I got out of the water, you met me. And in my dreams I know you already like 10 years! I guess we were like husband and wife!
I called you to bathe together, but for some reason you did not go, then I took you by the hand and we plunged into the water. ha - ha!
That's all I remember, because I then woke my dog ??"Busya"! I showed you his dog? I'll give you our photo. This is my little friend and we were good together. It does not give me a sad evening. And sometimes wakes me up in the morning, when he asks food! Today started with the idea of ??you. As always made herself a morning hot coffee! I decided to start a home cleaning. Not that I have a permanent home a mess. I just love the cleanliness and order. I often do the cleaning in the apartment. In this way, I want to tell you that I'm shopping girl!
While I was at work, or even in my absence, my dog ??constantly entertained and gradually leads my clean, neat apartment in a wild game territory! It is still small and full of energy. Like me ! I also prepared a very sweet cake. As I said, I like to cook herself. Like coming up with something new. I guess I have the culinary talent! Code anything surprise you my specialty! In the meantime, it will be a secret! What do you like from food? What do you like most? I love sweets! But I try to keep myself in shape and visit the fitness center. Today, half of the day went on the shopping stores. I decided a little scatter. Winter is on the street. Weather cold day and night.
I'm in such a mood, it would be desirable that the warm, bright, pleasant! you probably affect me so? Ha-ha! :) Well, I'll be bored!
Send me your photo, it will be very nice! :) Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Jarl! How are you? I missed? I've missed you! :) Today, I am even more excitement waiting for your answer! After all, your answer much important to me. Again, I read your letter with pleasure.
I know that our meeting can change lives for the better. I do not know what and how. It is necessary to gather his thoughts. I want to go to a travel agency to find out what is required for the flight to you. I do not know how much time and money it will take. All the paperwork, queues, vanity. But this is not important to me! For me it is important that we come to this and you support me. Thank you for the photo! You're cute! I really like you! I am very pleased thy sweet words about me! I am very pleased our nice chat !!! I like your good attitude to me! I believe that you are an honest decent man and a real man! I hope all the problems with your ex-wife will be solved in a positive way! As for the words that you do not understand, it's just forgive my mistakes. ) I am not so strong in English! I think you will understand me! I think I will need your data for more information, so I can work with a travel company. Write me a (city, airport name and phone number). OK honey? Also, I'll give you his. Address: Russia \ 429330 \ st. Pushkin, 29 \ 30 apartment (Kanash) Maybe we will be able to contact the phone number 79856871092. I also want to contact you on Skype that would keep in touch. Yes, maybe it's going to cost me some financial costs. I'm ready for this and have some savings. We are talking about us and our future. If we had the chance to change it and change together, then why stop?
After all, life is given to us alone, why not try together to make it better? I never put on the first place in the relations financial situation. After all, feelings can not be measured in money. We were good together, and this is important. It is not for nothing happened that we met and our feelings were mutual. So many times I dreamed about it in the shower. But you came and my heart melted. Like butterflies in the stomach tickling to me. (Smile). I just have a storm of emotions! I do not know how all this is beyond words! More recently I have you even a little shy. Now I just think about our meeting! I want you to really took me by the hand! I want to feel your pulse!
Feel your smell! I want to laugh with you over your jokes! I want you to be the only favorite. I want to be loved ! You give me these emotions. After all, I see that our feelings are mutual and trust you.
I can also open up to you! I am very glad of your support! We need a little time and soon we will meet. Only then can we see our true feelings and no distance, we should not be an obstacle! Because I know if I do not try to make this step to now, I will regret it for life!
Do you agree? I want to come up with any obstacles. Even if they are, we will overcome them together! I want to believe in fate! I believe you! That's the main thing. If you think the same, I love you! My dear I will finish the letter. greatly miss. Kisses. * Your Elena.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jarl! How are you? I missed? I'm sorry if you said later. I was always happy to read your letter. But as always! ha ha!
Did you think of me now? Sometimes it seems to me that you are very close. Want very much. I understand that you may be put in an awkward position, saying that going to come to you. Yes, I would probably also was thrilled. But I do not want to wait any longer. After all, my feelings can not be ordered. However as well as yours. I always tell you what I think. After all, we should not be secrets. true? Remember we agreed? I beg you not to worry about it. I think I can easily cope with all the necessary tasks for the trip. I understand that for you, for man is also an important point. I do not want to be imposed on you, and I think that my funds will be enough for this trip. Today I went to a travel agency. I had to finish all the things at work before. I also talked to a travel agent and found out about the cost of the trip and the required documents for the visa. So soon start to collect the necessary documents. How do you like this news? I hope you're glad? You know, I have a few days thinking about us. Why delay.
We need to act. My love, I want to be with you! I keep thinking about you! I go to bed with just the thought of you. I wish you were with me in the same room! When I hold your hand in my hand, when I can tell you the sweetest and most tender words, words full of love for you and the most sincere attention to you! I want to forever link their lives with yours! I want my life to become a part of your life. It seems I can not go on without you! And I quietly whisper to you. I do not want without you ... My heart bleeds when I imagine our meeting with you.
I'm not afraid to tell you that I'm in love with you. I've never experienced such a feeling towards anyone. Before I met you, I had only one feeling. This feeling of loneliness. I have no one did not admit to himself so close. Especially after my last experience with a man. But you were able to break the ice in my heart. I want you to know it. My half heart belongs to you now. Maybe you seem nonsense, but I am constantly re-read your letter and I represent you. I read your letters out loud! I imagine our walks, romantic conversation over a cup of coffee. :) In me so much emotion that it is difficult to convey in a letter. I am writing to you with pleasure and at the same time with the excitement. But the excitement does not come from fear, but from an overabundance of feelings for you. Yes, maybe it does not seem strange to many. But otherwise I do not know what to call this feeling if you do not love! Your words give me a smile and a warm heart, I am ready to re-read your letters all night. We are already so close, we have to do the last step to meet each other. Only then we will be able in the present to seal our senses. If our feelings are mutual, why hold them back? I think you agree with me dear? I'll look forward to your response. With love. kiss: * Your Elena.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Jarl! I am very glad to receive your answer. Are you all right? How are you? Did you miss me? I am fine. With you I now always all right dear! I want a little to please you! Today I went to the clinic in order to undergo a medical examination. I passed a medical examination and can easily apply for registration of my visa! So I went to a travel agency and has done everything necessary. Travel agent said that I will need to wait for a call from them. He says he has already sent documents to the Embassy. And soon my visa is ready.
And very soon, our meeting will take place! You're as pleased as I am?
Tell me. We still have quite a bit and all our secret desires come true, my sweet! I do a tourist visa type C2 (C2: valid up to six months, the permitted period of stay in the Schengen zone - up to 90 days). The girl at the agency said that it is a standard and very convenient type of visa for travel abroad. Just a girl at the agency told me that the visa will be ready 2 -5 days after submission of all documents. I do not want to delay the visa and so I quickly made all necessary and submitted all the necessary documents. (Some had to pay extra money). My dear, I am very pleased that we are taking the first steps to meet each other. You're just as happy as I am? My heart is full of love for you, and I'm lonely without you. You have no idea how I miss you. I feel you near, and at the same time you're far away from me. But the thought that soon we will meet, make me happy! ( I'm smiling ). I always think of you, and my loneliness disappears from these thoughts. You're always in my head. My feelings do not fade away for you, and become stronger with each letter in the turnover. I understand that you became my close friend. To this there is only one explanation. I understand that this is true love! My love for you grow stronger with each passing day. We are now at a great distance from each other. Which limits our possibilities. We can not enjoy the presence of each other. We can not look into each other's eyes. We can not sit on the same couch and say kind words to each other. But this is only temporary. I really want us to be together. Is not that great?
Very soon, when all my documents are ready, I'll sit on the very next flight and will fly to you. My dear, I'm looking forward to the day of our meeting with you. After all, from this day forward we will always side by side. And then we will be able to embrace each other, to say the most tender words to each other and enjoy! I am very happy and I want you to be happy as well! My dear, I very much miss you! I want to share with you pictures of my private photo shoot. At this point I must finish my letter. I'll look forward to your response. With love.
Kisses ... Your Elena.
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