Scam letter(s) from Alina Maria to Daniel (Ukraine)

Letter 1
Well i answer now !
1) i love my mother because she worked hard for me to grow me up. She's my hero.
2) yes i travelled once abroad, in Italy.
3) i don't have a nickname. They all call me Alina. Even if my first name is Alina Maria they call me Alina.
4) next break is in April, but if you are impatient to meet me, i can come in a weekend, from Friday to Sunday.
5) i don't know how to respond about my attitude about ***. I don't have preferences or limits.
6) i don't know what you mean about grades. Is just high school.
7) i don't have favorite classes but i like more english.
8) i run, go to the gym.
9) don't understand what you mean about purse.
10) i speak romanian and english.
11) yes i have a best friend
12) i usually went to the Black Sea in summer. In Constanta ? 4 hours distance.
13) yes i have been to the sea.
14) well are many to visit in Romania.... difficult to tell just some. ( Pele? Castle ? Sinaia ; Castle Bran ? Transylvania )
Letter 2
1) my mother doesn't work. She get drom gouvernment a sum. Here is called " pensie " for all the years she worked.
I don't know. She always wanted for me someone who can take care of me and someone who can respect me.
2) i travelled with my best friend and her friends , she has some relatives there so i spend some time there.i like Italy !!
3) i can visit you when we decide, like in every weekend. Break in April is 2 weeks.
4) my favourites are music and movies??
5) Well 3 times i had ****** relationship
I use birth control pills
6) yes i want to study english forward and improve it
7) i sleep in pajamas
8) is a she my best friend and is in same class with me. I will not miss because i ll see her everyday at school
9) if you invite me to come with you sure i will !
10) yes i like to ride bicycle , i know to do that from when i was a child
11) if you are ***, old or undersized ? those characteristics will never be a problem for me and sure i understand your situation, you didn t
choose to have this problem! i will help you.
I didn t ask you questions because i didn t know what to ask.. really ! And i m not a curious person.. but i can put some
* do you have a family ?
* have you ever been in a marriage ?
* do you have childrens? If not, why? And do you want ?
* do you have friends ? What do you do normally in a weekend ?
* why did you choose this site ? I mean why this site and not another
* have you ever been involved in an arrangement like that ?
* what activity do you like the most ? Ride bicycle or watching a movie ?
* do you have something for eating you like the most ?
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