Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vasileva to Mick (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! Dating website recommended you. So I decided to write a short message...
My name is Alfiya. If you still want to meet a good woman you can write me
I want to meet a good and kind man from the US
I am happy to send you my photo. I hope you reply me soon.
Letter 2
Hi. My name is Alfiya. I found you at the dating site and wrote you a couple of messages but you didn't answer
So I decided to reach you via e-mail. Hope you don't mind
It would be nice if we can become friends
Sending you my pics, do you like it?
Looking forward for your reply
Letter 3
Hey how are you This Alfiya;) I have recently sent you a short letter. And thank you, answer)).
I would like to start a communication with you.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my test letter. :)
As soon as you answer me. I will send you more photos of yourself.
Please send me some photos with you.. burning with impatience
I look forward to hearing from you soon! Tell me more about yourself ?
Your Alfiya
Letter 4

Hello. This Alfiya.)) Hurray !! Thank you very much.
I have your answer)) and immediately I will answer you.
I live in VOLOGDA. Beautiful city.))
it VOLOGDA region in Russia.
Yes. I am a simple russian woman.
I am 29 years old. I was born in 1987.
And I am lonely woman (((
I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, I have an empty life :(
I am lonely ((and I am looking for a serious relationship for cohabitation and possible marriage;))
I would like to start a long term relationship.
I want to have a relationship to old age and death. together until the end.
I would like to have a conversation with you, in which we begin to get to know each other better.
Feel free to send me your SELFIE photo.
SELFIE photo is now popular all over the world.))
I would like to start a communication with you.
Good! I expect your prompt reply.
I want to please you. Today you can see what I eat. for breakfast.
I will send you a picture in which I take a coffee time.
What did you eat this morning?
Your Alfiya!
Letter 5
Hellooo I'm very glad you gave me the answer)
Today I can write you again, and I do it. Hooray!!!))
You already know that I'm 29 years old.
Therefore, my name is Alfiya.
My body size is height 170 cm / 54 kg weight.
Below is a photo of me.
I live in Russia, in the city VOLOGDA. I was born in this city.
In my city, the home is only 312,000 inhabitants.
My city, VOLOGDA located approximately 465 km from the capital Moscow. Very far :((
I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I am alone, I never had any family, and I am looking for a serious relationship to live together.
I would like to start a conversation with you,
In which we get to know each other better.
If you want to get to know me you have to tell more about you?
How old are you where do you live
In which city and country do you live? What are you looking for?
And please send me more photos of you with your reply.
In my next mail you get more selfie-photos of me.
Feel free to send me your selfie-photos.
Write me, I think of you with warm wishes...
Alfiya photo description:
1. My portrait for you :)
Letter 6
Hello,,Good morning))
How did you sleep? How are you ??
I slept well.
Now I have a day. I'm at work.
And I have time, what would you write a long letter.
I wish you a good morning from Alfiya!
Letter 7
Helloooo ****,
I was looking forward to when you contact me..)) And hurray!
I am very eager to get to know each other better.
Whatever you can imagine. My whole life. I briefly say about myself !!!
I have a rare eye color, I have green eyes. and brown hair (I am brunette). **** you looked into my eyes?....on my pictures? :)
I am a single woman. I have no kids :(
My parents died. 2 years ago :(
I live in a two-room apartment.
I want to live in a relationship, to old age and death.
I work as a chef in the dining room cafe.
Cafe where I work is called "season cafe" Website: (see the site where I work)
It is a popular place here. ;)
Where do you work? and what are you doing?
I am a good chef. I can cook many different dishes.
There are so many tasty dishes in my head.
I the cook - 5 category should know two obligatory language. Russian....English. ;)
I can speak English. Two times in my life I had to teach him.
The first time it was a school, it was a long time ago. Second time, when I was still in the institute.
Apparently it is the fate know English Language)))) haha))
I love my profession !!!!!!
Please tell me about your work.
What do you do to make money?
Hearing from you soon. I think of you and my lips whisper your name ****.
Your Alfiya! photo description:
1. I am in the evening after work. For you **** ;)
2. I am on a background decoration of garlands. for you ;)
3. This photo I did for you **** on the couch last night. When I was sad lonely and alone. You can see my black leggings, I wear them at home, instead of a robe. please send me your normal selfie-pictures.
Letter 8
I forgot to tell you ****..;)
I understand everything you write to me.
I do not smoke, I do not like to be in tobacco smoke.
If you smoke, me should avoid tobacco smoke.
A man who does not smoke gets a triple dose of nicotine !!!
This compares with an ashtray. ;) No offense. This is a joke))
I do not drink alcohol. Just a little bit during the weekend, just a bit.
I like flowers, romance and comedy and walk before going to bed.
My interests it is sports, music and photography))
I have here in Russia city VOLOGDA. I lived all my life.
When my parents died. I decided to leave Russia and look for relationships in other country. For example in your country!
I do not want to linger in Russia. I want to go to live in another country, for example in your !!!!
I am here in my city VOLOGDA. I am lonely, and I have no other. I am ALL ALONE :( I want to leave my city!
I am looking for a serious relationship. And so I want to live a long time with ONE person in a relationship until age and death.
I hope we start a correspondence everyday. What we could get to know each other better.
I can not build a relationship in Russia (It does not work), more later.
I've never been to English speaking countries. And in every other country. But since childhood I like English language.
I have always read books in English. And I watch habits of English speaking country..
It will take a little time and we are with you friends.
Please do not hesitate to send me pictures of you.
Burning with impatience, Tell me about yourself and your family? It's very interesting to me.
I embrace. I kiss on the cheek. Waiting for your answer!
Your Alfiya photo description:
I love to be photographed. My pictures make my girlfriend. In summer 2016 year. Do you like the weather in my city? **** do you love the smell of the forest?
Letter 9
Hello **** A wonderful morning. How did you sleep?
Your Alfiya!
Letter 10
Hello my good ****)) Today, I write to you again. Hooray!
I wish I would have you know me better. And so I say maximum information about yourself.
Here, where I live, young people, and many men - alcoholics.
young men drinking too much alcohol.
They drink **** in the first place. Then drink *****. mixed.
After that young people are not controlled. :(
It is very dangerous on the way to meet with this man
Very scary, meet on the street with such a "monster". It is dangerous for my life.
Here young men have no interest in life. All of them drink on a daily basis.
The next day again. It is sad.((((
Do you have bad habits? Do you have drugs? Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you drink *****, whiskey or other strong alcohol more a 1 liter per day?
I'm sorry I asked you so many things. Before I continue talking you ****. I would like to know more about you ****.
I wish us from our correspondence. Understand,,, I would like to live together in the future.
Because I am looking for a man with whom I spend the rest of his life. in a relationship until age and death. Maybe it's you ****))
**** It's a hint!!!!))
But we know it after our correspondence))))
In other words, I want to create a new life. I think you understand me.
I hope that you have an interest in me? I'll tell you honestly,,,,I was interested in you ****. I want to continue to communicate with you ****)))))))
Your Alfiya
Letter 11
Hello my good **** :)
Today I can write you again, and I do it. With great joy))
You already know that me 29 years old. And I have experience in relationships.
I would like to ask you a few questions. I have a very sensitive issue for you ****.
Can I ask you a question?
How many women have you had before me? How long have you had ****** relations in front of me?
And what happened at the end of your relationship? Who was the first to initiate the breakup (separation)?
You hit a woman ever? **** are you an honest person? **** I can trust you?
I would like to talk about my situation. Many years ago I met a man here in the city of VOLOGDA.
We have met. Everything was in order. He worked as a loader in the alcohol warehouse.
He had the hard work and almost every day after work, he drank.
I thought that this (alcohol ) will not prevent us. But after two months there were changes to the worse.
He began to drink more more moreeee.
When he was *****, he hit me with his hands. I went to work, with bruises.
I had to wear clothing that covers my bruises. With a long-sleeved.
I decided to end this relationship. I was afraid to leave him.
Because he promised, when I did, he would **** me with his bare hands.
I went to the police, and now I'm safe.
I change jobs because of this.
I keep place a secret where I live and work.
I believe that God saved me from this man.
I am a normal and healthy woman. And I want a clean and healthy family.
Without alcohol and beatings.
Therefore, I want a family with a man who begins to love me and protect me. I would like to tell you that I feel for you ****. You were very interesting me.
When I read your letter, I believe you are a good man.
I never want bad for you. I want to be honest with you, and that is why I have to tell you the story of my life.
I'll send you four photos. I believe, when you look at them, you will have the warmest feelings for me.
Please do not hesitate to send more pictures of yourself. I wanna see you ****.
I wait with eagerly to your messages.. and I want to see from you Answer again.
I AM VERY LONELY. Here I have no one in VOLOGDA.
I just have one school girlfriend. That's all.((
No relatives. No brothers. And there are no sisters. ((
Only one girlfriend, just as I am.((
Your Alfiya Ps. I have good news for you! I have a surprise for you. In the evening Send surprise to you ****. check your mailbox
Letter 12
Hello my dear **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know I work as a cook in the dining room. And in my head there are so many delicious recipes. One of them, I decided to share with you ****.
I have a surprise for you. Today I prepare food.
**** Help me choose a spice.
In order to be able to choose spices. I will send you pictures of these spices.
What spices do you think are best suited to preparing this dish steak pork ?
Write me the color of the spices!
If you were near to me. We have had the opportunity to choose spices to taste, and cook this dish together. :)
But! I decide!
When you choose the color of the seasoning!
I will read your letter. And then prepare a meal with the spices you have chosen for you ****!
This is my little surprise for you ****!
As proof of my words.
I along with this letter will send you the pictures I do for you ****!
I would love to know more about you! Your taste! Your preferences!
Kisses Kisses Kisses
Your Alfiya
Letter 13
Hello,,,,I think a lot about you **** !!!!!!! These thoughts haunt me.)
I want to be closer to you!!!!!!!! What would together prepare a delicious dish food!!!
I have time 14:25, and I have a little time, what would you write a letter.
I have to tell you something. I do not want to boast about themselves. but!!! I will say as a matter of fact!!!
I work COOK in the dining room cafe. It is well-known cafe in VOLOGDA:
I am a good Cook (chef). I can cook many different dishes-food.
There are so many tasty dishes-food in my head.
I learned to cook, and I can cook a whole lot of tasty dishes.
Two of my favorite is to cook Borshch (Russian red soup) and Beef Goulash.
Light dinner: is spaghetti and meatball from chopped pork or chicken (cutlet).
Very tasty and pleasant to cook these dishes-food.
I really dream when I have in the future will be loved-man(husband),,, I like to cook for him,,, I want to cook for him everything I can do. ))
This is a hint for you ****)))
But there is another side :( I AM LONELY. As shown in Fig.
What I'm really lonely, I want to show on photos that I have. See them...
I am very lonely. Here I have no one in VOLOGDA city.
I just have 1 school girlfriends. That's all.((
No relatives. No brothers. And there are no sisters. ((
Only one-girlfriends, just as I am.
Now you will see with your own eyes. As far as I'm lonely girl!
I want a family. I do not want to be lonely (((((((((((
Today I would like to send you a total of three (3) letters with my photos. I think when you look at them,
You will have the warmest feelings for me. Please do not hesitate,
To send more pictures of themselves. I wanna see you.
I think of you ****!
Your Alfiya photo description:
1. I am very lonely. Here I have no one in VOLOGDA city. Just just ONE school girlfriend. That's all.((
2. In this picture I'm alone. This is my normal life. Daily routine.
When I'm sad, I do not lose courage. I smile because I'm healthy.
3. At the last photo. I cooked meat. Of the spices you recommended to me the last time! What do you think?
Letter 14
Hello..I would also like to ask you ****.
When is your birthday?
And who's your sign?
My birthday soon. I was born on 25 February 1987 year. I am now 29 years old.
Very soon I will be a jubilee (25.02.2017). I will soon 30 years old .;)
According to the signs of the zodiac, I am Pisces.
Do you believe in horoscopes?
Who are you on the zodiac sign?
I'm a Alfiya Pisces and you ****?
What sign do you think is the best?
For Pisces, most highest compatibility. With all the signs of the zodiac. Cool,yea? Every morning. Before you brush your teeth and go into the shower.
I enable the first program (1TV channel) and listen to the horoscope for the day. ))
This morning in my horoscope predicted,, that I would be a very good day.yea!
And I'm one step closer to happiness)))))))))))))))).
What if my happiness is you ****! This is a hint for you ****)))
I believe in horoscopes. Even Nostradamus spoke all the predictions come true)))
In other words. I want to say. What do you think will happen?
Your Alfiya!
Letter 15
Good day my best **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How did you sleep last night? I had a bad dream, it was not because of you ****. This was a bad dream, because of me :(
I remembered, At work, yesterday I forgot to turn off the light.
And I forgot to turn off the electric stove! aaaaaa,,,I did not sleep because of this.
I muddler I admit it!
I was very excited when I wrote you a letter.
I did not sleep all night because of this. My sleep was broken :(
And what would make you happy. What would make you happy. I send you ****, my photographs After a sleepless night :(
This morning I would like to correct this mistake.
This morning. I ran (RUN) so fast that I almost fell to the pavement.
It was a nightmare. I'm not sleeping all night because of this.
I woke up at night in a cold sweat.
Right now, it hurts me when I think about it again! What have you **** done today?
Today I have a very difficult day,,,
Today I'm going to work, until the end of the working day.
I have a lot of orders for cooking. Working COOK needs a lot of moral strength and physical strength. Knowledge. an experience.
I never told you, but I know how to cook a whole meal.
If **** and Alfiya were together. It's a hint!!!!)) And you say (tell) me about your favorite dish.
I can prepare any dish for you without problems. =)
Because I have the last qualifying rank. ;)
My bestt **** you a good COOK? or best of the best?)))))) What do you like to cook?
At the last photo. I was cooking salad. Without preparation. Of the products that have been in the refrigerator. What do you think?
Incidentally, this salad It has the name: "Herring under a fur coat" )))
Gently I embrace you ****
Your Alfiya
Letter 16
Hello my bestt **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really think a lot about us. I think it is good that we write to each other.
Because there is a good chance to start a new life together.
I can not even be believed that it is possible to start a new life. But how we feel.
Fate has and gives us this opportunity! And I want to own hands to take this opportunity!
I think about you often. I would like to get to know you personally.
It would be nice to meet you in real life. What do you think about it? Is it possible?
This is a hint for you ****))) What are you doing tomorrow? Do not worry, I'll write you tomorrow.
Because I can not forget about you ****. You've become part of my life.
I think of you 24 hours a day. And 7 days a week. I have all your letters to print. on a piece of paper A4.
I from time to time re-read each of your writing that you have written to me.
This gives me a good mood because I always think of you ****.
Remember that my birthday on 25 February. And the sign of zodiac I am - Pisces!!
By the way, Pisces, the highest compatibility. With all the signs of zodiac!
So we will have the best union !!!
In the near future we will jointly fry the meat.
If this had happened. I'd probably explode with happiness! =)
I want to celebrate my birthday with you!
Would you like to celebrate my anniversary (30) at your home?
Today is my working day ended. I'm going home to sleep!
Your Alfiya
Letter 17
Hello my good ****))
How did you sleep? I slept well.
Let me tell you the most important and holiest.
I AM LONELY. These Flowers Give Me For My Birthday 25 February 2016, 1 a year ago. Employees. In the dining room cafe, where I work.
When women give flowers. This is the maximum demonstration of love for her.
It's a pity that you never give me flowers. (((((
The fact is that very soon my birthday 25 February 2017 (25.02.2017).
I will be anniversary. And I will be 30 years old ;)
Then you **** could give me a modest bouquet.. ))
I AM LONELY. And. I have no person. Who would give me flowers. On birthday in this 2017 year.
It would be great if we: You **** and me Alfiya one day faced eye to eye once.
Your Alfiya
Letter 18
Good morning my dear **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive me for so long that there is no answer.
The whole weekend I was away from the internet.
And I have not seen your message. And I could not write to you.
Now I can write to you again.
Your Alfiya
Letter 19

Hello my good ****,
I could not answer you on Sunday - 12 February :(( I missed you so much.
I was so far away from the internet.(( About 27 km from my town of VOLOGDA, without civilization.
On Sunday I'm not working. I have a free day (mini-weekend).
I went to the GARDEN by bus.
Sorry ****. I'm sorry that I had not warned you. I was in the GARDEN.
Me and my girlfriend from work - in Sunday 12 February. We were in the garden. On outdoors.))
What did you do yesterday when I was in the garden ?????????????
Sorry, I'm in control of you as a wife.)))
**** it is a hint;)
My garden is my HOBBY and I spend my free time this way.
If I have a family and a beloved man, I was very happy to be that.
And then I completely gave himself to the family. and not go into GARDEN.
But I have NO FAMILY, so I spend my time in the garden. (((((
I do not have, loved a man and do not have family. ((
I be missed a beloved man and I want a family.
You want that we become one family?
**** it's a hint.)
I will send you more photo of yourself. I hope you love to watch me.))
The last picture shows. That's what I want now.
Your Alfiya
Letter 20
Good Morning my love ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you, my sweet heart?
As I write this letter to you, I drink coffee with milk (NESCAFE GOLD).
I miss you very much. I am tired of working for 14 hours. Daily, Daily!
Lately, I work a lot. I need a holiday!
Hooray !!)) I have good news for you **** :))
My holiday starts on 20 February. I want to come to you 22 February, On the passenger plane Boeing!! :))
Besides, I miss you very much. Tonight I had an ****** dream,
You **** and me Alfiya. We are engaged in a passionate love. mmm
I want to be honest. I often look in a dream ****** dreams.
When I wake up in a dream, I am very hungry and excited.
I often feel a great thirst for ***.
But,,,, I do not have a partner with whom I could do it. :(
Maybe if you became my husband, then it would be with you.
**** It is a hint.)
The fact that I am hungry and excited,,,, Today is my night's sleep is the proof.)
Can,, I ask you something else......!
Please do not ask me ***** Pictures :((
I will never send **** pictures of yourself.
I will send you photos with only normal clothes.
It is wise and fair....!
I could never make a ***** photo of themselves. I am very shy in this.
I'm just the right woman. And I can not undress in front of camera.
So therefore, I can send a picture of themselves only in a bathing suit.
Or just in my dressing gown.
I understand, and feel that we are having a great ****** hunger.
I feel it, too...........!!!! you're **** not alone!!!
But we must be strong and be quiet in all respects.
I want and I can come to your home, what we would meet you personally.
Where can we embrace you as we want. And touch each other, as we want.))
I would to leave my work for 21 days. I want to come to you 22 February?
And I will go back home on 15 March.
Timetable in figures 22.02.17 - 15.03.17
We will be together for 21 days. You **** and me Alfiya;)
I accumulated a small sum of money to buy a quality bike. With sports frame and wheels.
But it is not necessary, because it will be better if I meet you..))
I can be patient and not buy a quality bike, for the daily walks. OK. Bicycle wait...!
I can buy to money, a ticket to you ****.
What do you think about this?
I kiss you !
Your Alfiya
Letter 21
Hello my dear **** !!!!)))))
I will fly to you on Boeing 22 February. Because I want to meet my birthday 25 February with you ****!
therefore,,,,I ask you again!
Write me necessarily!
The exact name of your airport,,,,,where you meet me......!
Do not forget to write to me THREE-LETTER-CODE, the unique identifier of your airport.....! It is very important....!
Your NAME and SURNAME, zip code and home address.
On Thursday afternoon I buy a ticket! So write to me all correctly, everything without mistake!!!! good? ok? By the way, tell me how the weather is right now in your city?))
By the way, **** tell me,,,, what the weather is now in your city?
What clothes do I need to take with you?
I'm going tonight and tomorrow, choose clothes.))
Do you have a nearby WATER-PARK, under one roof)))? I can bring my bathing suit.
And when we are together,,, we have fun together at the WATER-PARK..)) Delightful)))
Right now I have a great feeling that is hard to express in words
At the same time, I feel like I miss you ****! Your ALFIYA KHAKIMULLINA
And I'll give you my address
Street Belyaeva 10
Postal code 160025
Russian Federation
I was born 25 February
Letter 22
Hello my love ****,))
I have a strong feeling. It is very difficult to express in words.
I really miss you ****, at the same time I can not get you out of my head.
My dear **** Can you meet me at your airport?
What would you give me the most accurate information. I ask you again !!!!!!!!!
Once again! The same thing! Just in case !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, write to me your HOME ADDRESS.
Just in case,,,, I need to know where I'm going.
Suddenly you do not pick me up at the airport
and then I go to your home in a taxi from the airport.
How much does a taxi from the AIRPORT to your HOME?
Please write me your full home address and the airport: About you detail: Name: **** and SURNAME?
Or double-name ****-.............. and double-surname?
I'm sorry, but I'm not Hermione and Harry Potter (as in the film), I'm not a clairvoyant, I can not guess! I have no abilities as a Clairvoyant!
Your street number .......
Postcode ..... necessarily postal code !!!! (That for taxi in case of a sudden you will not find me in your airports). Please! Examine the weather in the near future !!! I need to choose warm clothes!
Weather with 22.02.17 - on 15.03.17
It is very important!!! I do not want to catch a cold !!! Again! Do not forget to send me the name of the airport in your area. The nearest international airport.
1) AIRPORT CODE. assigned a unique identifier to the airport. THREE-LETTER-CODE
Open it: 2) Please write me your full home address.
(Street, number, postal code) 3) I need to know your full DOUBLE-NAME and DOUBLE-SURNAME.
I look forward to your letter. Write to me as soon as possible.
I kiss you **** in the cheek!
Your Alfiya
Letter 23
Hello my love **** !!!!!
Tomorrow morning, I buy a ticket for your country at your airport.
And I will write you flight data as soon as a ticket in my hands!
Do not forget to send me the name of the airport in your area.
The nearest international airport and AIRPORT CODE.
The AIRPORT CODE, you can see here:
I need,,,, Unique three-letter identifier assigned to your airport.
My dear ****, when a man gives a woman flowers. This is the maximum demonstration of love for her.
I do not want to ask you to force, but when I came to you on the 4th of March.
I would like. I wish you **** gave me flowers. Or only one (1) flower, for example 1 rose! I dont know. Will it be difficult for you? ))
I miss for you ****... This photo is only for your eyes. I trust you!
Your Alfiya
Letter 24
Hello my love **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have good news for you.
Today morning I bought a ticket in your Airport. My flight will be 22 February :) And I landed at your airport on 22 February.
I have already bought a return ticket. I do not have to buy a return flight ticket. ;)
Because I already have a return flight ticket. This is reasonable ...!)
The truth is that the NEWS is SUPER??))))
And today in the next letter I will send you the DETAILS OF THE FLIGHT.
And I hope you write down details on a piece of paper A4.
What would not lose and not to be forgotten !!!
I have a little dream. Maybe you will not be difficult to execute them?
For a long time, no one gave me flowers. not even a single (1) flower... I do not feel like a desirable woman ((((
It's sad and bad. ((
It will not be difficult for you ****? If you buy me a (1) red rose.
It will be easy for you? I do not want to bring you the inconvenience.
But you have made me the happiest woman,
if 22 February gave me at least the cheapest 1 rose.
Your Alfiya
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