Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Good afternoon dear stranger. Its Tatyana.How are youWe not talked before.But i will be happy to start good communication. I live at Russia at very great city.I'm single woman,who want to find strong feelings. I have a mother and father. But i live alone.I'm only one child at my parents.I dont have kids. What about you? A lot of time i spend at my job. And when i came to home i stay alone. I wish to change my life. I want spend time with my soul mate. I want make him happy and be happy with him. I wish to find man only from US. For me not important money, age and color of skin.Because this is everything just nothing for me. When two person have a love, then age,color of skin,money will not change anything.For me important emotion,support and respect.I thing that with out this things not possible to have relationship. I want to knowwhat you think about this? I want that you know,that i wish to find just strong and term relationship.I'm not interesting in pen-pall and send ***** photographic.Will be happy,if you will respond to me.If you have some questions, ask me. Will be nice,if we will start comfortable relationship. Tanulenka
Letter 2
How do you do Jim!!! Forgive me that I did not answer you earlier. I had problems with my email. I do not know what's the problem. but I couldn't send letter. All is ok right now and we can continue our communication, if you want. I don't know how to begin our acquaintance. So tell a little about myself. I was born and lived all my life in Russia , in the city of Volgograd. I'm 32 y.o. I've never been married and haven't children. But as many Girls I want to have my own family. I want to love and be loved. But in Russia I was not able to meet a right man with whom I would like to createa family. I tried to do it. But after being tricked several times, I decided to try to find the man in the Internet. Because now a lot of girls do the same.
And find happiness. But about this we can talk later. And now I hope you answer to my letter. And we will continue our communication . If you have any questions, you can ask me . And I'll try answer all your questions. So I want, that you will tell little about yourself. And wait your photos. I'll wait your answer.Bye for now! Tanya
Letter 3
Hullo Jim !!!! Its so great that you was write back to me. I just was at working and i was see your letter. Thank you!!!! I want to say at once, I speak only Russian and english. Soo i really dont have man in my life now. Do you belive to this? I think its hardly to belive, but this is true. I was write to you that i spend a lot of time at my work. I'm stewardess. I work in "S7 airlines". Now I fly only on domestic flights. Because for international flights need to obtain additional qualifications. I dont have normal time for my work. And i dont work 5 days at week like all people. I can work 6 or 7 days in week. So often i work at Sunday and Saturday, some time its can be night time too. I love my work.I practically live at work. And may be this is reason why i'm alone. But now i understand that its not possible every time live for work. I was say to you in last e-mail that i'm 32 years old. I know i'm not old, but not young too. Time go for me and i need create my live. DO you agree with me? I will be happy to know you more. Write to me more about your work. I wait your answer, Take care! Tatyana
Letter 4

Hallo Jim!!! I'm again so happy that you write to me. Today we was have so good wether here! And its make me so happy. And of course your letter. Its make my day too. Perhaps you are interested to know some of my items. such as height and date of birth. I'm not soo tall. My height makes 168 sm. And my weight thus of 54 kg. I was born on January, 5th, 1984. And my zodiac sign Capricorn. In response to your question about the name of Tanya, Tanyusha, Tatyana, Tatyanushka, Tanulya, Tanechka, Tanushka, Tanyuha, Tanyusechka are different variations of the name Tatyana. I'm really interesting in you. I will be happy to know you more. I was not have relationship already more than 1 year. They was finish not so good for me and for my ex-boyfriend. He was so jealous man and he cant control it. Because of this we so often was have scandals. Its was continue 5 years. When we was have again it, he was **** me. And for me its was last part of out love. I was not have no one moment what i was think, that may be was make mistake. I still think i was do every thing right. I want say to you, that i'm good woman. I can give a lot of love from my heart, soul and body. I'm not woman who will have few relationship with different man. I'm one-live woman. And i want just love and be loved. I want to care about my love and received it back. I want that our relationship will be mutual. I want give every thing to my man, and of course i want received something too. Right now i talk only about feelings. I'm tired give love to my man, and received just scandals or hitting. I hope you understand me. Do you think its will be possible for you to hit woman? I ask you, because i really so much afraid have the same relationship. Also you can talk with me free, i will understand you.
You're welcome! Tatyana P.S. Please give me your phone with country code, I want call you and here your voice!
Letter 5
Hallo my dear Jim !!! Just was think about you. I hope every thing good with you there. I have a very simple mobile phone. Because I accidentally broke my smartphone. And now I do not bought another.
because they still have to pay the loan for the smartphone that I've broken. And I can not use Viber or WhatsApp, HangOut and other mobile apps, because my phone do not have internet. Its again not so nice weather here. I love when we have sun. You know Russia so cold country. And when we have sun i love it. Also i love sun, sea and mountains. I was not travel a lot of. I was in Thailand few times only. But this is was so nice rest. You know that i dont have so much free time. But when i have it i love spend time with my mum and dad.
Also i love read books. Do you love it? I have read many different authors. Stephen King, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, Ian Fleming with his "007". I think you know them. I love Joan Rowling with all her Harry Potters. Also i love read and watch movie about pirates. pirates - this is my hobbies. And I really love the space. Its will be great, if some times in the summer, we can lie at Earth and see stars. Do you like this idea. Also i love love listen music, watch new movie. I love go with bike.Do you love go with bike? With me? I want say to you, that for me important spend time with my man. Because this is make me us more common. Do you agree with me? I think some simple things as go with bike, cook together or watch tv, me us so close to each other.
And i wait your answer. Kiss you, Tatyana PS Send you photos with my parents!
Letter 6
Hello dear Jim!!! How are you there? I hope all ok with you. You live so far away from me. And I'm so much happy have friend there. Thank you so much for your letter. Your letter make my day. We was have so nice weather , and i will be happy if you was here. All day was sunny today. And my mood was the same. I was have good day, i was sleep longer than usually. I was wake up only at 10 morning. Today i was must to do a lot of things. I was to clean home and cooked. Then i was go with my friends for a walk. And we was spend good time together.
Not long time ago i was came to home. And right now I'm alone. Some times i feel so lonely. I can do a lot of different things. I can read a book or listen music. But in some moment I understand that I just deceive myself. I'm alone, and this is true. I want have man in my life with whom i will spend rest of my life. I want came to home and give kisses and embrace . But i understand that when i came to home , nobody don't wait me there. And this is make me so sad. I want to walk and to feel a strong man arm holds me. I don't want to cook meals only for myself. I want somebody to appreciate it. I want give my love and of course i want receive love too. I hope you understand me and i hope that you want the same. Please say me, what you will never accept at relationship? I ask you this, because i will never accept lie. I'm honest woman. I'm honestly with you, and of course i want that you will be honestly with me too. I have feel that you good man. But we need more time to know each other. Time will show what kind of relationship we will have. But right now I'm so much happy that i have friend like you. I want say that you so much interesting for me. And we each your letter i want to know you more and more. Please, if you have some questions, ask me. I will be happy answer. I send to you sweet kisses. Tatyana
Letter 7
Hello dear Jim !!!! How are you there so far away from me? Of course i hope all ok with you. And i want say to you that I'm so much happy received and read your letter. Its make my day much better. And thank you so much for your answer. For me very important to know your opinion about my e-mails. I was say to you already that I'm serious woman. And of course i want find serious man. I want find man with whom i will spend rest of my life. I know that for you very important find right woman too. We have one common purpose. And i think its great. We need go together to this purpose. What you think about this?
I never was meet people in internet. This is my first time. Usually i meet people at real life. But have communicate with you its different experience for me. I love talk with you. I can say that you my friend.
I was say to you before that i want be not only lovers with my man.
Also i want that we will be friends. I want talk with my man. I want to do something together. When i will be married i don't want sit at home. Of course i want go to work. Say me please its will be possible find work for me? Or you think its will be hard for me? I can do all kind of work. I'm so much happy write letter to you each time. I hope you love my e-mail. And I'm sorry that some times they some long. Just i write to you what i think. I write to you what i feel. With you i feel myself free. I think its important when you ca talk with person free. Your letter make me happy, and i want that me e-mail make you happy too. I write to you with all my soul and with all my heart. At this i finish my letter. I will wait your soon answer. I send to you many kisses. See you tomorrow! Tatyana
Letter 8
Hi there Jim! I wait for your letter. I hope that you have not overlooked about me and with you all is good also you will write to me soon. I very much wait also to me poorly without your letter.
I wait and I hope....... See you tomorrow! Tatyana
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