Scam Letter(s) from Dorice Enongene Melioge to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

that is me on the video call and that is the lady who as falling in love with you ,life as a way of messing with people some times , i really wanted to come meet you not for money coz you are the one in few guys who have been nice to me ,i met a guy on the internet we got talking fell in love and he started asking for naked pics and all that i did send him pics of me naked and all that after a while he posted my full naked pic all over the internet ,i got in trouble with my family for that i was into myself for 2years shy to go out there talk to lonely people and people who had same problems with me then i met you start talking to you ,you sound nice and treat me right ,i fell in love with you and things just got so fast ,but what ever the case am not a scam i wanted to meet you face to face and see if you can take your eyes off me , it never about the money am a nurse and i live well ,i stay with my sister and her son who you saw on cam today ,am my own person but am shy too ,i really love you coz you are very nice to me ,if you will not talk to be just be my friend please let me still have the pleasure of talking to you




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