Scam letter(s) from Nina Simonova to Bill (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear! Interestingly, I can called you my friend? Now I'm at work and I have small break. That is having not rummaged and simply there is a free time. There is an audit of the goods. So there is each month. Before us with girls to give out wages, check presence of the goods. Sometimes it happens, that money less than should be, and sometimes on the contrary. But so less often, there is no money more often. I don't know, from what it occurs. It maybe a mistake, and maybe, someone is not pure on a hand. And if it's less than goods, than money our collective divides the sum of shortage into all fifty-fifty. So we work. But will finish talk about work, it's boring. If it's fair, I don't believe in friendship between man and woman. If man is friends with woman, on some reason, he usually want to oversleep with she. Or he loves her, but she is indifferent to him, also he is necessary to be content with friendship. I think so. And some more, thanks for the kind letter for me from you. So it's pleasant to hear compliments. For me frequently at work make compliments, but I know, that majority of men think to climb me under a skirt. Men such ridiculous! And if the woman is beautiful, very beautiful, she may make all with the man, what she want. I'm not beautiful, I know it. Maybe slightly I'm nice, but no more. But my dream is those. I want, that somebody have estimated me for my personal qualities, instead of for my appearance. Tell me about yourself, OK? What you expect from our dialogue? What you like, and what unlike? Tell me about your country, about your customs and habits. Some people speaks, that people in your country lonely and closed and they have few present friends. Is it truth? Tell me about your house, please. Is where you live beautifully? At on now bad weather. What is the weather at you? I don't remember day, that it was warm and brightly. And I'm so like to sunbathe. At us snow to not thaw completely yet. Audit will now be finished, and I'll go to a trading counter. To serve buyers. And what razor you use? Mach 3? May be Shik? These shaving systems are very popular at our men. Bye! Your Larisa.
Letter 2
Hi Bill! How are you? And how are your affairs? Probably is all right. At such person as you should not be problems! I'm sure in it! You begin to like me? I hope as I begin to like you. Ha. Ha. Well. What else tell to you? At my work now is all right , soon should give the salary it us. Probably, I'll go to shop and purchase to myself, any from clothes. And yesterday, one my familiar has called me on a concert. To our city came Nikolay Noskov, my girlfriend liked him very much, but I never hear hem, and so I went with her on it. You, probably, know group «Gorky Park»? Nikolay Noskov earlier there acted, and then this group has broken up, as I know. It's very a pity, they played remarkable music! To tell the truth, the concert I has not liked concert, Noskov, similar to sing has forgot. Ha. Ha. And my familiar was delighted from him, she never here him alive. But after concert was wonderfull salute! I so like salutes! It so beautiful, as though in huge beautiful flowers blossom! And do you like salutes? At you they likely very beautiful? Tell to me what they at you, OK? All right, today I think, that everything, is time to finish the letter. I wait letters from you! Yours Larisa.
Letter 3
Hello dear! Sorry again for my long dalay. I know it's not good, that you wait each my letter so long time. I try to explain my situation, well? I written to you in my first letter, that I have no computer at my home. I can use computer only at my or at my father work. And you see I can't use it every day. And I'm tired from it, really. But yesterday I seriously spoke with my parents. I tell them about you, that I have correspondence with you. At first my father has become angry on me. He told me, that I can find good man here in Russia. And I told him that you are very gentle and kind man, which like me and whom I like too! But my mother was happy for me, my mum is love me very much! And I love her too. My mum is very nice woman. Certeinly my father love me too, but you know that mother know better her daughters. And also my father think that I'm not adult woman. He till now thing that I'm very yong. But, you see, it not so. And yesterday at finish of our conversation, my father agree with me and my mum, that maybe it my happines, that we with you met each other. He agree that in our country I have not good future. And also he says that help me with computer, he try to give me computer at his work more often. I'm so happy! I'll can write to you more often. And now I write you with letter from my father work. Sorry but today I'm so tired at work and now I'll finish my letter. Else I has recollected one funny situation at my work today. One man today bought toilet water. And he tryed to get acquainted with me. Ha. Ha. He told that I'm very beautiful woman. But I told to him that I already have man wich like me and I like him too. I meant you. And yes , when salutes I mean fireworks. Bye . I'll be waiting letter from you soon. And I beleive to you, that I'll write to you soon. Your Larisa.
Letter 4
Hello Sweetheart Bill! How are you today? How is your afrairs? I hope that fine. As for me I have good mood now. Yesterday after work Masha invite me and our girlfriends to swimming pool. At us there are few swimming pools in the city, where people can swimming in winter. Very hot. It's a pity that I have no time to go there more often. I so like swimming. I so want to the sea! And when we comeback from there I was so tired. But I was very glad. We was there one hour. And what about you? Do you like to swim? Well, what new? And else, I want ask you one question. What is your plans about me on future? And if you only joke with me, say it to me. Don't break my heart if you don't like me. Because I'm serious about you! As for me, maybe I can come to you in future, who knows? Maybe it my destiny and yours too. I know that we don't know very good each other, But we can write letters many years. But I want to meet you face by face. And I don't joking with you. Please, answer me. And my parents will be happy for me if we will be meet, I know it. Bye. Your Larisa.
Letter 5
Hello my Lovely!!! How are you today? I am fine! I hope, that soon can visit you. We need to speak each other much. Most likely I shall arrive to you at the end of May as I will have vacation from my work. I today have submitted the application on reception of the visa and the passport for travel abroad. I did not think, that it so is difficult. It is necessary to bypass many bureaucratic procedures to receive necessary documents. I make documents through the transport company where my daddy works. he has told, that will try to issue all documents for 2 weeks. he also promised to help with reception tickets aboard the plane. I shall be capable to visit you only for one month, and then I will need to return back to Russia. Nobody should know, that I to arrive to you. I was told by daddy, that I should speak all, that I go as the tourist to visit various sights of your country. Otherwise to me may give up in the visa. I also had contradictions with my daddy. They all over again did not want me to release, and has then told, that you too should pay a part of cost of my trip. I convinced him various ways, but he has agreed to differ, as he will pay cost of the ticket and will help in short term to issue all my documents. I in full despair, but I shall try to give you a part of money at the end of next one month when to me will give holiday money at my work. It is required to me 327 euro to capture all are closed including the medical insurance as without it me will not let out from the country. I shall be capable to give you two hundred euro you the end of month when I to receive my salary. ok? Please transfer me money today that I tomorrow have paid all. You may transfer me money through systems of monetary transfers (western union) or (money gram). I to write to you the full data which will be necessary for you by transfer of money through these systems of monetary transfers! My full name: Larisa Vedesova. My home address: Tatarstan, Kazan city, Komsomolskaya street 4-14, Russia. You may transfer me money in any branch western union or money gram to Russia. I shall be capable to receive money from myself in city. I very much hope for your help. I in a duty shall not stay. I am sure, that it will be good us together! I shall go now on work. I wait for your letter as it is possible soon! Love match! Yours Larisa.
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