Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Verkhoturova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hallo my stranger, I hope that you wouldn't delete my message. I am writing you, for I would like to get acquainted with you. Iam is Svetlana. I am twenty eight and I reside in RU. I had got your contacts at a marriage agency. I look for a somebody for ***********, perhaps for starting a family. It is important for me, that a husband should be faithful, serious, fair, amicable. I think all these characteristics and we will be eager to start communication. I portray myself as provident, loyal, sincere, warm-hearted person. If I fall in love with somebody I will make him the luckiest person in the world. I truly want long to get acquainted with. Please message me, and I will present you more detailed information about me and will present you my fotos. I am waiting for your mail. Wish you a good day.Svetusha
Letter 2
Hey my new friend Jim! Dear you are very nice and serious person! Thanks for the photo! I am very glad that you interested in me. And I will to make you to be not disappointed in me and to know as much as possible about me. I also want to know you better. I’d like to say, that I am very glad to get your replay and I think we should begin our acquaintance! I want to tell about myself a little bit! My name is Svetlana if you have desire, you can just call Sveta! I live in Russia, in the city Kazan. I am 28 years old. I am quite attractive girl. But about the qualities I won't speak now, it is bad to tell it about myself so, you you will understand everything during our correspondence! Probably you want to know why a Russian girl wants to find a man from another countries. So … my heart has been broken, I loved the man and thought that he was my ideal who wanted to construct a family, unfortunately, this story ended sad and I don't want to remember it. After this relation I had no relation with men from Russia, as the most of the mare not serious. The majority of them only think how to spend their evening with a beautiful girl. I can't understand it! And that’s why I decided to look for a man in the Internet. Personally I think that only this way I is possible to find a man who will spend more time with his girl! Darling, I hope that you will take each my word seriously, and also I will be support our communication! Now I continue the story about myself. My growth is 168 centimeters. My weight – 55 kg.As for my hobby: in my free time I like to walk in the park, go to a campaign with friends, I love animals. In my family I am the only child, I have no brothers and sisters. I have never been married and I have no children. Have you been married? AS for your children? In my free time I like to walk around the city, sometimes visit my parents! I love sport, cooking, watching different series, comedies, movies about animals, and the most pleasant for me are romantic movies! The most of all I like "to Hurry To love"! This movie I watched hundreds of times, and I never get tired of watching it. And at each viewing of the movie, I cry. These are the tears of pleasure, from the man's action for the sick girl! Have you watched this movie? And what could you do this way for the sick girl whom you love very much! The movie is very strong, and it’s pleasant for me. I also like movies with logical thinking. It is the movie "Da Vinci Code","Treasures of the nation". And also wonderful movie is" Hachiko the most true friend". Dear friend, I’d like you to tell little about yourself. How do you like to spend your time? Where do you work? I ask you to answer my questions and this way I will be able to understand, your serious relation to our acquaintance! Well? We need to learn gradually more about each other. Only this way it is possible to learn all qualities of a person. And then it is possible to make conclusions whether we approach to each other or not! Dear friend, I want to ask you to sent me some photo, it will make our communication to be more interestingly! Still I want to ask you not to offen me because I ‘m very fragile girl. I wish you good day! I will wait for your letter with your photo! Yours faithfully,
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Jim! Thanks for the photo! I really like it! Jim, I am glad that you haven't rejected mine letters it is also very happy to write you again. I want to learn as much as possible about you. I will try to write you everything about myself. How are you? How was your day today? How is your mood?I hope that everything is all right! At me everything is remarkable, and I have rather good day today. And so I want to continue our acquaintance. In my first letter I have told not everything about myself. Now I work as a seller in shop of electronics. We sale various TVs, phones, computers and laptops! Well, about this work I will tell you later. You agree with me? Now I’d like to tell you about my family and just a little about myself. My parents live out of the town in a small village. My father’s name is Boris! Now he doesn't work anywhere, receives pension. And earlier he worked as a teacher of Technology at school! He loves sport! Doesn’t seat at home! In summer he likes to go fishing also or hunting, or just walking in the wood and breathing fresh air, and in winter he likes skiing! My mother’s name is Elena, she is on pension too. Probably,I consider my mother is the kindest and careful! She is very good. II am very glad that my parents could find each other, and they are still live very happy! I am supported and help with everything!You know when I was 10 years old, My friends and me have gone for a walk. It was summer, and weather was very fine. We didn't even think of time. And we have so played that there has come night. When we have come home, our parents were very angry :-).We even couldn't assume what it can happen? After that parents have told me if I gather somewhere, then I have o always to warn them. And after that I always so warned them, and we had no such conflicts. I always said them where I went, and they have begun to trust me. I never deceived my parents,because they have given me life, have put me on legs. I am thankful for it. And now I help them a little. Jim, I am want to know about your family. I hope, in your following letter you will tell about them! I will continue the story about myself. I like my work, different events happen there! Many buyers come to us. It is interesting for me to communicate with them. But there are such buyers, that can all mood spoil. But I even about them I don't want to speak. My working day begins from 9:00 in the morning. And I work till 19:00 in the evening. From 12:00 and till 13:00 at I have lunch. On Saturday I usually have my day off, but sometimes I have to come to work in my days off. I think what it will be enough about work. Jim, in free time I like to go to nature with my friends and to arrange picnics! Do you like barbecue? It is very healthy, to have a rest in the day off from city vanities. I even can't express in words how wonderful it is to be outdoors.Silence of nature and only birdies sing, it is very pleasant for me. I like in spring when starlings sing. Their singing calms. Twice a week I go to fitness club, for maintenance of the beauty and figures. Jim, I’d like to learn about your hobbies! What music do you love? Jim, I listen to pop music. I like to listen to the singer Maksim. Maksim is the Russian singer. Her name is Marina and she was born in my city Kazan. Now I will finish my letter, darling, andi'll be looking forward to hearing from you. I send you photos. On it I finish the letter. Yours faithfully,
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jim! Thanks for your new letter. To be honest I waited for it very much. I hurried today from my work to see your new letter. How are you? How's your mood today?? I have wonderful mood and therefore I hope you’re all right. Every day our acquaintance continues, and we now know more about each other! I am very glad that we live in the 21st century, but not in time when there was no Internet. Now there are a lot of opportunities to get new friends, but now I look for only the serious relations. To find a man who will take care of me and always love. Sometimes most cherished dreams can be executed, a person shouldn’t sake of it and it is always necessary to fight for and to keep strong! Never to be despond and to be upset! Are you agree with me? Today I have a difficult working day. There was many visitors. Though, I want to tell that was interesting. I want much our communication to be interesting and exciting. Darling, may be it is interesting for you where I’m writing from? I’m writing from my work, but if my chief learns about it, I think, he will swear a little! I want to ask you not to worry! Well? I will answer each your letter! I don't have another choice! At my place, unfortunately, there is no Internet. All because of the Internet service provider. He doesn't want to put the equipment to our house, says that it isn't favorable to them. I tried to connect the house with Internet, but they have told me that there were not enough statements of inhabitants of our house. Therefore still I’m at home without the Internet. I live alone in the one-room apartment. Sometimes my friends visit me. We like to communicate and be secretive on different subjects as speak we have "Women secrets"! It would be very interesting for me, darling, to know your shortcomings and high qualities. I hope to hear from you in the following letter. Now, I want to write about my qualities. I am kind, honest,careful girl! I don’t like tell about my qualities, but I will tell. It is better to know about qualities of the person not from his words, and from his act. Are you agree with me? It is necessary to understand each person,independently what he is, bad or good. I think only this way it’s possible to find a common language with other person. Are you agree with me? Now about bad qualities! I am a little impatient, constantly, somewhere I hurry,but I think that over time it will be possible to overcome this difficulty and to be more patient! I want very much our communication to continue, and every day we learn more and more about each other! In my free time I do not only I go for a walk, to relax! Sometimes I like to visit theaters,to look at musicals! There are many theaters in my city, but most of all I like to go to "The Kazan state theater of the young viewer"! it’s so great there! There are many professional actors in this theater! Recently I watched "Cinderella", "Notre Dame de Paris"! Dear Jim, and do you like theaters, musicals? Except theaters I like to go to the cinema.But recently I wasn't there because there was nobody to go with.Today after work I am going to descend in fitness club just to practice a little bit! I like my physical exercises,it gives to a body symmetry! I think, on it I will finish the letter. I will look forward from you! I wish you to spend day well! Yours faithfully,
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jim! We have a very cold! On the street a lot of snow, and I think the temperature is about -15 degrees! How was your day today? Today I have a little muscle ache after my exercises in the fitness club! Even I don't want to move much! I hope that everything will pass soon, and I will be in order! Yesterday I trained much in fitness club. It seems to me that I have a little overdone. Every day all we learn more and more about each other! I think, we have done a big step in our acquaintance and I am glad very much about this fact! My dear, I want to tell you that I have already I get used to you, and sometimes I have a strong wish to check from you mail. I want that our correspondence to continue! I want to learn more about you! It is very interesting to me, to communicate with the man from the other country! Dear friend, I would like you to tell me about your friends! Do you have many friends? And whether are girls among them? Now I want to tell about my friends. I have a communication circle, in which the main are girls. Also I think that they are the best friends. They always try to help with everything if it’s of course in their forces! I appreciate our friendship and it will be very hard if our friendship ends! In our free time we like to go to picnics, to a campaign, to bathe! It is pleasant when time passes so pleasantly! Today we solved with my friends to sit in cafe, to drink coffee and to eat Italian pizza! I think that sometimes it is necessary to relax after heavy work. Are you agree with me? And after cafe we are going to do some shopping! I want to update the clothes! By the way I want to tell you about my city! The city Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan! Kazan — the million city with well developed tourist infrastructure. By the millennium of the city, it was celebrated in 2005, has been opened many entertaining institutions (hotel complexes, restaurants, aqua parks). The great number of cultural and historical places are the center of the city (Kremlin, number of the central streets, campus, monuments, temples, parks, theaters). It’s a big and beautiful city with population more than one million. In our city there are many of municipal and educational, there are a lot of theaters, museums! There are many beautiful places.In the center of our city there is well-known Bauman Street! There are a lot of beautiful places, fountains, monuments, and on all street it is possible to come to any institution and is good to have a rest and will relax! There is the Kremlin what a lot of history in the past is connected with! My dear, I attach photo of our city! I hope that to you like it! It is very pleasant to me, the fact that I have got acquainted with such a remarkable man. Jim I hope that we will develop our communication, we will also attach more serious significance to it. Because we realize what we want to have in the future! I wish you good day!!! I will look forward your answer. With respect for Svetlana
Letter 6
Hello Jim! Thank you for new photos! I like to get a photo of you and friends! It raises my spirits !!!! Thanks! I want to tell you THANKS at once! Thanks for your answer, thanks for your letter, thanks for my good mood!)) Each of your answer and each your letter lightens my mood and it’s very pleasant for me to receive and read your letters! Our communication brings me positive emotions, it is great that we continue to communicate and get acquainted, it is very interesting to me! Jim, I have surprising and ridiculous day. Since the morning occur different events: in the morning I was going to work and took the iron to iron my dress, but I have nearly burned my dress. Then on the way to work there was a ***** man, why wanted to get acquainted, that has made me laugh! Really I look so bad that a ***** person wanted to get acquainted with me?))) Jim, unfortunately it is a problem of all Russian men, they drink and drink much and children suffer from it, collapses family. I don't want that to have such a person by me and it is one of the reasons why I decided to find the man on the Internet. It is not interesting to communicate with these persons and I have escaped from this ***** man for work. And here with you Jim, it is interesting and pleasant to communicate, please write more about myself and about your life! What events had you today? That you did do? Then at work we communicated, laughed much,told each other different ridiculous stories, it I was so cheerfully)) Also your letter pleased me! I have very good day today, I hope at you too! And you have a good mood too! Still soon atme day off and I will go to the village to my parents. It is very fine and great! I like much to go to them, but unfortunately not always it turns out because of my work, but when day off I go there at once. There is very good and beautiful nature. Fresh air! There I have spent my childhood, is a lot of various memoirs. My mother and I engaged house hold, we prepared, we cleaned. I help her with everything, I like it much! There is very beautiful in the village at all seasons of the year, my soul and body have a rest there, I completely relax. I also spent time with my father, I help him. They are glad when I come! And as soon as possible, I go to them at once. That’s why Jim, I want to warn if suddenly I don't write, I mean I have gone to my parents. But I will make everything that it doesn't happen and I will always write you! Please write me more too! I want to know about you everything, your habits, your interests, your thoughts, is interesting to mein total!)) We communicate, it is pleasant to me to communicate with you and I find it serious on it I ask you about it too. I hope your answer will be fast and I will be very glad!!! Have a good day! With respect,
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim! Thank you for your phone number! I'll try to call you in a few days! How was your day? I hope that everything is good by you.I am very glad to see your new letter as usual. Your letters warm my loneliness, and it seems to me already that we know each other a lot of time. You are pleasant to me. And as I have told you earlier that I have very serious intentions to you and I want to develop our knowledge and to go only forward. It’s very pleasant, very joyful. It is great that we have met and we communicate! It gives me pleasure! It is so interesting!) Jim,I think to you also? Thank you for your letters.The most important for me in our communication is the fact that you don't forget about me and you answers my letters. You spend the precious time to read my letter and to write the answer. It is madly pleasant to me! Dear Jim, you give me piece of your life, though small. But all the same when I think aboutit, I understand that we have met and communicate still and from it to us well, it not just like that! The destiny has disposed with us. I am grateful that there is a person in the world who worries and spends his time for me! Thanks to you dear Jim! I thought what I will have a day off, and I will go to the village to my parents, I wrote you about it in the last letter. But when I have come to work I was told that one my colleagues got sick and I would have no day off and I should work. I wanted very much to go to parents, but it is necessary to work! I have very good collective at work and always when any of us has problems, we try to help each other. We support each other morally when somebody in bad mood. It is very fine when there are people who worry for you. Do you agree with me? Do you have many such people in your life? I want very much that I will have the real man who worries about me.There is one more positive moment from the fact that I won't go to the village. I will be able to receive from you letters and to write you constantly! It pleases me! If not you and your letters, it would be sad and boring for me! Write me!)Each of your letter does us closer, we are far, but our letters pull us together! If we communicated in reality, I would hesitated and confused of you. And in letters I can write you everything what I want, people in letters are more free, and it is good in our case, we will understand each other quicker!) But I also want to communicate in reality, it is very interestingly!) Dear Jim, do you thinks it possible? Your opinion is very important for me! Please, answer this question. Now I need to go, I want to write you more, but, unfortunately I can't much now! Jim I hope that very soon I will receive your letter and I will be able again to write to you. I wish you good day and excellent mood! Yours faithfully,
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jim! How was your day today? Dear Jim, I woke up today morning in very good mood and happy! I like that you continue to write me, and we learn more every day about each other! Since the morning there is a lot of work. There was many visitors! Sometimes there are such importunate buyers who doesn't know in equipment and begin to set a heap of questions. Well to do, it’s my work, and I like it! Today there was one buyer. The whole hour he asked me questions, and it has bought then nothing!:( I very much tried, convinced that this model of the computer was the best, but he didn't liked the price. Darling, as I already said that I have to replace my fellow worker. After a lunch she has come for work I was also told that she well feels! I am very glad to it that moment!!! She has told that I could go home! Here I decided now to go to my parents. That's wonderful! In the village it is very good,fresh air, very pleasant situation! Today I will cheerfully spend time! I go to my parents! Hurrah!)) If you not against, II will tell them about you! Well?Personally I consider that my parents have to know each my step as they brought up me, and have made the person, I am now, an independent girl already long ago! When I was 17 years, I graduated from school, I have arrived in university, and me when I was 18 years, I have got one-room apartment from the grandmother! Now she lives with my grandfather, in other city very far from Kazan! From my 18 years I began my independent life,of course it was very difficult and my parents always help me! And now every time when they ask me, I do everything that I can for them! I love very much my parents and they love me too! I am glad that I will be able to spend my time with them. Soon I'll call you! I hope that you speak to the set on the phone! Dear Jim, tomorrow I will arrive and I will write you a new letter! And I will read your answer with great pleasure!!I will miss your letters and think of you!!!) I wish you good day!!! Good-bye my dear Jim!
Letter 9
Hello dear Jim! I have returned!)) I am very glad that again I can read your letter also answer you. Thank you that has written me. Your letters are an indicator of the spirit on our communication! It is very pleasant to me that our communication continues. You write me, you lightens mood, I answer you with pleasure. It is so great! I feel new emotions,new feelings from everything that happens … Dear Jim, how was your day yesterday? What have you done? You already know that I went to parents.I had a rest on the fresh air. We have cheerfully spent time together, did housework. We have made a big house cleaning.To work together is more cheerfully and yesterday we have done everything we’d wanted. We made a dinner in the evening and talked about everything! My parents love me and always support me! I love them too I tell them not to worry for me. Darling I couldn't kept from telling about my communication with you!) I hope, you are not against. My mother has been very surprised at first, my father was surprised too! But I have told everything how we got acquainted, I have told about you that you always give me pleasure, you lightens mood and, despite distance,we communicate well and you are interesting to me as a man! Because it’s interesting, cheerfully with you, you are serious and you have same intentions as me to meet me a person with whom it is possible to establish a family. To live in pleasure, and happiness!!!) When I have told everything, they have calmed down. The main for them thing is my happiness. They told so. I told them not to worry you are very good man! And everything is ok now.Darling, I am an independent girl and I decide to communicate with whom I want, but the approval of my parents is very important for me and I have told everything. They have said hello to you!!!)) Also have still told that you only pleased me also I made me happy. I join their wishes!)) Also I will do everything to make you happy!Dear Jim, I want to tell you that our acquaintance has changed mine life,I like you and feel good with you! You is far, but all the same you give me much emotions. And I am ready for our further communication and acquaintance. I want that you knew, I very seriously treat to our communication, it is not a game for me. I hope, you also treat everything,what happens to us!? I hope that everything will proceed so and we will become closer to each other in every letter. Jim, are you I agree with me? We are two lonely persons who want to construct serious relations. And we have to treat with understanding to each other.Relations between a man and a woman is a rather difficult thing. Sometimes there are many questions, answers to which are not simple to get. Jim and I would like to ask for you the some private matters now,which are very important for me. Have you already had relations with girls on the Internet??? And the most important, do you write someone al se from girls still, except me??? I think that you have to be defined in your choice of sympathy because I want to be the only and the first. And forme your main thing of the attitude towards me! Personally I have no communications except you, I write only you. Because you are interesting to me as my future potential man! Also I have noticed, what there is sincerity and desire to be together between. And we have to develop it in real place! I hope you will answer my questions because it is rather important for me. I will look forward to your answer!!! Darling unfortunately, I have to go to work. I will answer you, as soon as I am able, I think, it will be soon, and I won't keep you waiting.Please, answer me soon too! I wish you good moods!!! Yours faithfully,
Letter 10
Hello dear Jim! Thanks for your letter. Thanks for warm and kind words!!! Dear Jim, I have already so got used to you. I wait for your letters every day now. I think to check quicker my mail and I rejoice as the small child when I see your letter! And when I will read it I rejoice even more!!!)) There are new feelings for me and they are pleasant to me. It is very pleasant to me that you think too, and you worry about me! Our communication even already possible to call, the relation between a man and a woman!) We communicate, we get acquainted, we do each other pleasantly. It is so great. Darling, I try to write each letter sincerely, heartily and with emotions which I experience because of you. To me it is important for me that you feel the same. I want to tell you, you are very good man Jim!!! Thanks the destiny for the fact that has given us the chance to get acquainted and I hope that our communication won't pass in vain …. I hope our relations will develop in happiness and pleasures, and it will also bring us only positive emotions! Dear, you agree with me? I am ready to make everything for this purpose. Darling, the director has come and I will finish my letter, I don't him to see that I use the computer for personal reasons. For it I could be reprimanded. As soon as he leaves I at once I will write to you. There are so much to tell! Kiss you
Letter 11
Hello darling Jim!!!) How you darling? I hope you are ok. Thanks for your answer. Darling, you know I often I read your letters because when I read it, I feel you.... Your warmth,care, respect, and may be love!)) Thank you for everything. You made enjoy life and believe in love. You gave a very rare and very pleasant feeling, that needs me and thinks of me. It is very important every person. I feel it, and life become better! When a person knows that he is waited and loved, and is it easier. Darling are you agree? You gave such feeling to me and I am very grateful to you for it!!!I kiss you!!!)) Dear Jim, please, read this letter very attentively! I will try to express everything that I have begun to feel and think when we had begun to communicate and also what happens to me now. The main thing that I want to tell that we should honestly speak about everything, only then we will be able to construct sincere and kind relations! You that man whom I want to be near always!!! Dear Jim, only I want to give you care and caress, only you I want to make happy!!! You are worthy to be happy because you are a good,kind, careful man!!! Dear Jim, I am ready to make everything that in my forces of our relations!!! You the man with whom I want to see my future!!! Darling, if you saw me, then now you laughed!)) I am confused to write you all this things, I will open all my feelings to you, but I think it’s right because it is difficult for us to communicate because of the distance and we have to be opened by soul! Now you became very close to me, I can trust you and open all my feelings and emotions. Perhaps, I hurry everything, but during our communication you became very close to me. I’m shocked by it, through letters we have approached and it gives me only joy!!!)) I hope to you too!!! Dear Jim, I honestly admit that our communication has grown in something more serious. I think I like you! I can't tell you that I love you because it’s too early to draw such conclusions. But I am sure in the feelings, I like you!!!! It is sincere! Because I constantly I think of you! Now every day is joyful for, I didn't felt much time ago. I think it’s because of you Jim!)) You are responsible for my happiness and daily pleasure!!! Many thanks to you dear Jim!!! Darling, please, write to me what do you feel? Whether there was it at you earlier? It is very interesting for me! I ask you,I beg you to be honest and open with me!!!I think it’s everything well between us, but I all at the same I am afraid of the fact that it is temporary. You are such remarkable man! I hope, you are serious for our communication and our relations. It seems to me in such state now I would agree at once to arrive to you to see you, to touch, to feel! It’s a dream for me now to meet in reality!) It will be the biggest step in our relations. And now I write you letters and try to please you every day. Jim, I want to thank you more and more, I’m ready to tell all these words every day and not one time, because you make me happy, and you are a person with whom I want to be! I want even to embrace you and to kiss!!!)) Darling, may be this latter is too frank, but I have written it honestly and sincerely with all my feelings. I consider that we have to write each other everything that we feel. Let's be honest, respect each other, care, and do everything that our relations would be stronger!!! With impatience I will be to look forward hearing from yours!!! I wish you good mood! I kiss and embrace. With respect, your Sveta
Letter 12
Hello dear Jim! Merry Christmas my dear !!!! You became very close to me!I thank the lucky stars gave us the chance to get acquainted. Now I am the happiest girl around the world because I have met you dear Jim! We became closer and closer! And it’s great! I wanted to meet the person as you in my road of life. You are the best, the most careful, the kindest, the most courageous, the finest!!! I have never I met such a person as you and now when we are together, I feel well. I feel emotions which I never felt earlier.We are the happiest lucky because we mat the person,which approaches and whom it is good with. Many people now are too mercenary,false, and the main thing for them is benefit in relations. I consider that it not correctly, it is necessary to live honestly and to proceed from the feelings and emotions!!! And only this way people can be happy!))Darling, now every day I’m in good mood, because I think of you, I know that I am necessary to you, and you think of me too!These are the best emotions when I think that you care of me and you worry. That's wonderful … Darling, I think of you always too,constantly, in the morning when I wake up, before going to bed, at work, always i'm thinking of you!!!)) The only thing grieves me is the fact that you are far from me I can't see you, I can't kiss you, I can't embrace you.I want to be near you, to fall asleep and wake up with you, to give happiness and heat, to care for you!!!) I feel all your feelings through letters, thank you for each of your letter, for each word which you write!!! Dear Jim, thank you for every thing what you have given me and have presented, and you have given me much: feeling close to love, care, respect, you have presented me happiness!!!)) Thank you once more!!! Dear you know, today, when went to work, I was strongly busy with thoughts of you, and dreams about our meeting so much that I have got not my bus to reach to work!))) I haven't looked on number of a route of the bus and left not there. But then I have understood and I have changed on another. I was late for work a little, but everything is ok. My colleagues say to me nearly an every day that I have changed!)) I rejoice more, eyes burn, became happy, they tell me it and it is the truth, now there is a man in my life whom I appreciate very much, it is very important in life when a person finds,loves, it is easier to live! Are you agree with me? When a person has love, he is kinder, more cheerful,everything is represented in kind around and beautiful paints. Unfortunately everyone manages to meet the person in his life whom he wishes to be near. Darling, but we have met, we feel well together, and we have to do everything in order not to lose this feeling!!!!! We have to turn our feelings in big and light love!!! Jim, let's make everything for this purpose, I dream of it much, I want everything to be good and we meet, I’m sure you want it too!!!)) Now I feel so much emotions, I’m in love with your letters and I’m already ready to meet with you to consolidate our feelings. We are adults and we already understand,that communication through letters is not the same as in reality. Through letters we feel each other, know each other, we feel good together. I think the most important thing now is meeting, one meeting can replace 1000 letters, are you agree? Our meeting is everything I dream about.Darling, do you want to meet??? Your opinion and your decision is very important now!!! I want to ask you. Are you are to see me at your home? In your country. Darling, meeting it is very important. I want much to meet by you because it is important for me to see the way you live, to feel and see your environment. Especially I have never traveled far, it is interesting for me. Please, answer Jim me, I worry very much about our relations and it is important for me to know how seriously you treat to me and are you ready to take such step for our relations!? I am very serious and say to you that I am ready to arrive to you, I’m ready to meet.I hesitate, confused. But if we don't meet, then our communication will be only in letters. For development of our relations we should move forward, for our happiness!!!) I hope, you also think so and ready for to all this things. It is very hard for me to take such step, please don't think that I tell it and I write you one motions. Today almost all night long I didn't sleep, and I thought of it. I also decided that it is necessary to fight for our happiness, to do everything for our relations. I want much to know that you are also ready. Dear understand, it’s difficult for me to make such decision, but when I think about you, I can't constrain myself and I am ready to turn into a bird and to arrive to you now, but unfortunately it’s impossible. Please, think well and then write me your answer! I so worry, I won't be able to calm down before you won't answer me!)) Now it’s very good time, and I will be able to take a vacation at any time because I have never token it because I had no place to go. My boss always tells me,that I should take a vacation and go to have a rest, but I didn't want.
He told me that I could take my vacation at any time I want. That’s why dear, we should decide everything whether we are ready to take such step. I speak to you once again I’m ready to arrive to you!!! Whether are you ready?! I will finish, dear, my letter and look forward your answer! Please think and write to me. I kiss you dear Jim gently!!! I wish you good mood. With respect,
Letter 13
Hello darling Jim! Darling, my the best man, my sweet …)) I wants so much to call you always!!! I very much worried and worried after that as have written to you, I always thought what you would answer me! I couldn't find a place for me and couldn't sit quietly in one place, I worried. I couldn't slept in a bad! I worried much about the fact that you would write that there was not time yet or you were not ready still. Today, as soon as I have woken up, I have quickly gathered and I went for a work quicker to receive and read your letter.I have come to work the first of all colleagues, boss has surprised of it.))But he didn't know the true reasons why I have arrived so early.Having read your letter, I became feel well, it is so easy at heart that now I precisely know that you treat to me very seriously, and our communication is not just words, and this is really honest relations!!!!!Thanks to you dear Jim, you have in proved that you are serious, and now I am happy and I rejoice as when in life I didn't rejoice. It is was very important for me that you have answered. Whether it is ready to accept me! It indicator of gravity of our relations, I will do everything to come to you dear Jim! Darling, now we can plan our meeting. I am ready to make everything to arrive to you. It is very important that I will bi in your home you, I hope, you understand me. By you it will be easier and simpler, we will be able to spend time together. I want to see how you live, and how you spend your time! I want to know your mentality, your behavior manner! These things are very interesting for me and therefore it is important to me to meet with you. Unfortunately, I have never been far and I left my house, especially for other country and I think I should go to consult in a passport and visa service.When I have free time, I will learn what I should do to arrive to you.Dear Jim, I want to tell thank you again for everything, what are you doing for me. Today pleased me much with your answer, you can’t imagine how glad I am!!!)) I shine with happiness and from our relations! My dear understand, you are the man, whom I looked for all my life, with you I see our future, and we need to fight for our love. Only that’s why I decided to go such a step to arrive to you, I don't want to lose such a chance. I’m confident in my thoughts, feelings, but for full confidence we should be together! We try to strengthen our relations and to get stronger relations, our meeting is necessary for us. Relations through letters can't give us the true big love, heat of our hands,feelings of proximity! Through letters we can receive only attachment!!!But so, through letters we became much more close to each other, it is easier for us to communicate, share opinions! Are you agree with me? In my free time I surely I will go in a passport and visa service for consultation. As soon as I get all information I will write you everything that I will be told there.
Darling, now we take a big step, and I need your support and care especially now. Today you have shown that you were serious to me. My dream is to meet you, I hope we will do it out and we will be together soon … I want to embrace you so much,to nestle on you strongly, to kiss gently … Darling, I should work now. I will look forward your answer!!! Have a good day. Yours,
Letter 14
Hello darling Jim! Dear Jim, I have a good news!)Today I had free time, and I have run at once in a passport and visa service to get advice what should I do to arrive to you, but I was told that the guest visa for me would be very difficult to be received and it will be very difficult to receive all necessary documents. They told me that it was almost impossible to receive such visa. I want to tell that hasn't become puzzled and I have learned in the same place that I can receive a tourist visa for short terms, and I was advised to descend there in the travel agency. I have decided not to waste time and to learn everything at once,to begin to prepare. I want darling to be with you right now. I want to turn into a bird and to come to and to you to be with you nearly … Perhaps I hurry a little, but I so wish to make every thing quicker and to enjoy love together!!! Darling, it is difficult to make, but it is real, and I am ready. They explained me everything very well, very good and kind people work there. I have come in the agency, I spoke to the agent, she is very good and kind girl.I have explained her everything that I want to arrive to you. She explained me everything consistently.)) I have written down on a leaf that she told me. First of all, I should do an international passport. To do it I should do not much: photos, the statement, references from my work and from the residence. It is necessary to pay registration of the passport. It isn't difficult and I will be able to collect everything quickly. Also I need to receive visa (30-90 days). It is more difficult, but also it is possible to make if I will try. And for you, I am ready to try very strongly.)) For the visa I need:
1. The international passport valid within three months with moment of the termination of term of the required visa.
2. The old (cancelled) international passports. (I don't have it)
3. Copy of all pages of the Russian internal passport.
4. 2 color photos on a white background, the size are 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Person has to occupy 70-80 of the space of the photo.
5. The questionnaire on registration of the visa.
6. The questionnaire on receipt of a visa, with the signature in item 48. It is unpacked on one leaf from two parties.
7. The reference on the letterhead with the indication of the address, mine
positions, a salary since what time you work in this organizations. The reference has to be signed by the authorized officer,it is certified by round stamp of the company (the earned payment has to be not less than 15 thousand rubles, are desirable for 20 thousand rubles)
All documents will prepare about 10 days. All this things I will be able to collect quickly and I can begin to do everything tomorrow. My agency will help me because it will be difficult for me to make everything myself. I should sign the contract with agency. I have asked to count how much should I pay for all these services and for services of my agencies. The agent has counted everything: on all documents 240 dollars are necessary. My desire to be with you is huge,and I can sign the contract tomorrow and begin to prepare the documents.Because before the acquaintance with I had nth to spend my money, and I postponed a few savings. Darling, is our dream will become in reality?!) It is so fine to realize that our meeting is real and soon we will be already together.Every time I thank the lucky have given us the chance to get acquainted. We are together now, though far apart, but all equally together. And our meeting will be the finest thing in mine life. Jim, now I feel that I’m in a dream and what is with us is like a fairy tale. Let’s not to finish our fairy tale!!!) I will wait for your answer with your opinion on everything. Please, write everything what you think, such decisions we have toto accept together, it will be better for us. Are you agree with me? Kiss you also I embrace!!! Yours,
Letter 15
Hello dear Jim! How's your day? How are you feeling? Today was not your answer. Why you dont write me? I hope that tomorrow you will have time, and you answer me! Write me! Have a nice day! Yours faithfully,
Letter 16
Hello dear Jim! How's your day? Today was not your answer. I really hope that tomorrow will see your reply to my previous letter. I beg you to write to me more often! It makes me happy! I will reciprocate and send you my photo! I wish you a good day and the mood! Yours faithfully,
Letter 17
Hello dear friend! I really want our relationship continued, and we began our acquaintance! I really hope you won't ignore my message and you try to answer me soon! Ok? The message will be short, tomorrow I wait for your answer! I wish you a good day! Sincerely,
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