Scam Letter(s) from Mary Reynolds to Mark (Australia)

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Letter 1

Good morning to you Mark..
Sorry i couldn't get to write you before i went to bed.
I think i have told you a little about me on POF but i will will take it all over again so you can understand better

More about me I am single, never married, a mother of one daughter (Anita)...
I obtained my degree in the University of Kiama (NSW), presently live in San Jose CA. (United States). I do my business both in OZ and United States.

I'm a jeweler as i own my jewelries studio. I spend more time on my business which is why i haven't had time to meet people of my own interest and values aside from the negative experiences i had in my past relationship that made me a single mother till now but i am setting to let go of the past.. I am getting my retirement and returning back to OZ this month end and start a new beginning with a new partner and enjoy life to the fullest. I believe there is more to life than just working.
I have my family and my business in Perth Australia but there is nowhere in OZ that i can't settle down as long as i will get happiness

Letter 2

One of the companies i deal with here in the US ordered for some brands of me. They just opened a store here in San Jose so they needed me to supply them some jewelry brands to fill the new store up. The total amount i charged them for the brands is $850.000.00 and we signed an agreement that they will pay me as i deliver the goods to them. I have dealt with them before so that is how we transact.. Well i have designed the brands to their taste and forwarded them to a other company that will help me make copies of the brands... To cut it all shot, the company in charge of making the copies of the brands rang me yesterday and told me that my goods are ready now so i need to make a clearance fee of $22,000.00 but i haven't got that much Cos i have invested almost $408,000.00 on the project already as i know that i will get all my money back as soon as i delver the goods to the company that ordered for them. All i have to my name presently is just $10,000.00 and that is the cash advance on my credit card Cos i wasn't expecting the clearance fee to be more than that.Since it came out like that, i picked up my phone as rang my big sister Georgina to loan me the $8,000.00 left to add up with the amount i needed to pay the clearance fee but she haven't got that much either Cos she's been spending so much on her last daughter lately, she is an SS and been admitted at the hospital. So all she could loan me till Saturday that i will be able to pay her back is $5,800.00. I felt so bad to have asked her even when i know her last daughter's present medical status
I don't like involving others in my own personal problems. Its still left with $6,200.00 to add up the amount i need for the clearance fee.. The agreement i had with the company is that i will deliver the goods to them on the middle of February as i have to get it to them anytime from now



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