Scam Letter(s) from Joana Delsey Franco to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hi..Im a single mother that works non-stop to provide for my son. He is my world and no one will ever be put before him....Im very old fashioned in my values amd morals. I dont play games, lie or cheat, and I expect the same in return. I dont do one night stands or sexual pics so if thats what you want dont even bother messaging...24 - 40 prefferably. I dont want to raise a man. Tired of being lonely and want someone that can accept me and my son.I dont believe in babysitters so where I go he goes.

Letter 2

Hello John, How are you doing? I'm Joanna from mingle2..I saw the message you left for me in my inbox on the site!! How have you been?

This is little about me, I am a very Sweet & Outgoing woman Looking for Someone to Share Common Interests with, I am a very open minded, honest, loyal, committed, intelligent, passionate, friendly, down to earth person who appreciates the same in a partner. My ambition is to inspire my beloved man constantly, to help him to keep the balance between career and private life, just as he will help me and inspire me to do good. But Its always Love first for me. I am extremely thoughtful especially to those I care about. I prefer to be an equal with the person I am with rather than be put on a pedestal. I have a great smile and have been told that it can light up a room I absolutely love to kiss and could probably spend half my time doing it and love great conversation. I love to watch movies either at home or the cinemas but its weird going there all by my self so i just stay home instead, i like listening to music...and have some favorites like Cold play , Linking park, Dido and Enya too, i like to travel and meet new people, i'm a good listener.
And this is what i am looking for:
I'm looking for a man who is trustworthy, honest, fun, and caring. the person I am looking for have to enjoy having fun and spending quality time together. I will need to be able to have a good conversation with this person and enjoy communicating with one another equally. He needs to know how to treat a woman with respect and admiration. I'm looking for someone who can be themselves and who is not into playing a lot of games, and who will accept me for whom I am. N.B I don't mind any location, because am open to relocation, I can relocate to any where the right man am searching for may resides. I'm an honest fun loving woman, tired of the single life, ready to have a special man in my life. We could take road trips go out and see bands play, walk on the beach.

I have attached some pictures of me also. I hope i hear from you soon.

Letter 3

Hello, how are you doing , Nice to hear from you,You look good in ur pic! and i believe age is just a number trust and commitment defines a good, everlasting relationship! I'm not bothered about age! i just want to be loved!. And what do you mean about the Bad people on the net" Can you explain to me more? And Tell me more about you, your job, how you live. etc
Hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 4

Good Morning John, How was your night? Hope you had a fantastic one? Well, So sorry for the loss of your girlfriend!!! I know how it feels!!.
Furthermore, thanks for the compliment!! You are handsome also!! Looks so strong !! I love it! I attached a picture i took Feb 14(Valentine's day).

Well, i had a 2years relationship that ended last year. The Guy cheated on me and even took away my money!!! He lied to me and God knows i love him wholeheartedly, but he used the chance and left me here!!

And i live with my mom and my brother! We all stay in a rented apartment here in Fort Stockton, Texas! And for work, i deal with golds and antiques. My business hasn't been doing well after the guy took away all my capital! I learnt a big lesson tho!!!.

I joined the site a month ago, a friend told me about the site though, but what have experienced is some disgusting men asking for my private pictures, wanting to sexchat with me and nasty stuffs like that, that's why i don't get on the site that much!! The only positive thing about the site is that "i found you, you found me". And I believe "People don't meet accidentally, it's meant to be, and what will be , will surely be".

What do you think about distance in a relationship?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 5

Hi John,
I woke up just now! Sorry for late reply, How are you doing? I'm so happy to read from you again!!.

Well, i love kids but since you are sterile, it's nothing to me!! I don't think making kids is so important in a relationship!! Happiness matters most! I just want to be loved!!.

Letter 6

If you still can try, that will be awesome!! How is your day going?

Letter 7

I will make it work!!! Hahahaha Trust me...Anything else you want me to know?

Letter 8

You don't have to go to a brothel! Lol this was my outfit today! And the only bikini picture i got!! Sorry, I'm not a fan of taking too many pictures. I'm getting used to talking with you! Awesome

Letter 9

I'm sorry, i don't send naughty pictures out!! And you telling me you will dp everything for me if i make you horny!! You're talking exactly like those men on the site! I thought you will be different!

Letter 10

I feel like seeing you right now so I can give you a million blowjobs at a time. I cant wait for you to start taking off my cloths, and I will tell you to lay down, then I will go down on you and give you a hard suck. I will suck your balls as well baby. Then I will turn my ass back down, bed down like a dog, give you the doggie style then you can start fucking me from behind..OMG. I cant really wait for this to happen to us in person know im gonna feel good doing this with you baby. I want to be hot for to your to fuck me like your whore. After the doggie style, we can switch position and will go on top for a while. wow. I bet you gonna love this babe I will be twisting while your cock is inside my wet pussy.. Afer this we can try many styles as much a possible. You can enter from behind again cos i really love giving doggie syles and when you are about to cum, you can pull out your cock from my pussy and shoot the cum all over my ass, you can also shoot some on my mouth for me to swallow..omg, what a great feelings. I'm horny for you...Looking forward to do some nasty and silly stiffs with you. Lots on my mind and I cant wait to make you happy with it.



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