Scam Letter(s) from Kristina to Serge (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Good day my new friend !
you well ?
I know It can looks not good
to you. Yes, we we do not know each other. But it probably be changed
it is simple . First - my name Kristina.
What is your name? It the beginning ours relation now.
Probably, we can have good dialogue, if you not against.
I I belive in it! How I see you? I used " online dating service "
I can to recollect what " online dating service " I used.
it is very a pity! Please forgive me for my forgetfulness .
I hope, that you will not remove my email in trash, and will answer to me. It will be good for me.
if you want tell to me more about yourself. My age of 29 years.
How old are you ? I send you foto today .
I like you? If you want send me yours foto too.
O'k! Now, I shall finish . Answer to me soon.
I wait yours answer O'k? I hope to receive your answer!
Kristina Byeee ...

Letter 2

How are you? Serge
How you today? How are you doing?
I am very glad to receive from you the answer to my letter
I bring the apologies for that that at once has not answered you
I have been simply a little borrowed
I want to learn you closer and also to learn more about you
I want to tell to you a little about myself now
I already informed you as my name is but once again I want to remind you that my name is
Kristina. I the cheerful and vigorous girl. To me of 29 years
I am single and I have no children
I am engaged daily in sports to support the figure
I live together with my parents in apartment
I work as the secretary in one company. On sale of a building material
I also send you my photos. Let to me know as receive them I hope they to you will like
Your Kristina

Letter 3

Hello my new friend : )
it's me again Kristina. I am very glad that you responded to my letter, you I just cheer up. I read your letter very carefully. with cases I'm fine. and how are you doing? how was your day? I want to inform that I am from Russia and is a city of Chelyabinsk. my city of Chelyabinsk beautiful city. In Chelyabinsk - Enterprise metallurgy, mechanical design and metal work. I would also like to hear more about your city, tell me? I love to play sports. do sports every day. I do not smoke and I do not drink at all I have a healthy lifestyle. also want to warn you regarding talk on the phone. I have an old computer and therefore can not be installed on a computer, such programs such as Skype, Facebook where we could talk with you. but I want to say that you do not get upset about this because I have a phone. but I can tell you that as long as we do not call each other as little more familiar to you. can then later in the future when I feel it is necessary. I then she'll call. I hope you understand about this? Now on the other. Do you love to read and watch movies? what is your favorite movie and actor? I can say that my favorite actor is Jackie Chan and favorite movie is all the movies with this actor. my childhood love all his movies. I also want to tell you that I go to church. I am Christian. Also tell me what you want in a church? and what is your religion? nationality I am Russian. I end this letter to his later more you write

Letter 4

Whether I want to ask you that you think about that against to communicate with me despite of our on distance?
You not against that that we far apart?
Give me the answer to my question?
To me it is important for knowing.
I can inform you that that I personally certainly not against to communicate with you notwithstanding what between us very big distance.
I personally think that that it should not hinder for the promise.
I go for work every day on foot and sometimes when I very much hasten that by the bus Tell about your work? What do you do on work?
How many you of years work on your work?
Tell all that you only can?
If to tell more in detail about my work that I work as the secretary in one building company. This our company by the gross buys
Building materials and then are sold with it
Notwithstanding what to me not so pay for work to me much is pleasant my work
I have good girlfriend her name is Angela I to you send a photo with my girlfriend
We are familiar with my girlfriend Angela of the childhood therefore I
very well her I know also she to me as the sister.
We share with it all I shall finish on it this letter
Yours Kristina:-)

Letter 5

Hello! Thanks for your letter. I am very pleased to your letter. They cheer me up. How you today? How your mood? Affairs in me it are good. In the last my letters I to you have told very much about me directly, and you know now about me much. I do not know even concerning you still to tell. I can inform, that I want to have serious attitudes. What do you think about it? To me the most important in the person - kindness, honesty, sincerity, fidelity. In the person the most important his soul.
I to you have already told, that I like to be engaged in sports meets. I want to add still that my favourite color is pink. My favourite singer - Russian our singer is Sergey Gukov it from group " Rukki vverh ". I also informed you, that, that my best girlfriend - Angela. We know each other since then a a kindergarten when were still small. Then together were at school and then in institute. I want, that you asked, that you to me have told more about yours family about your work to me it will be interesting to listen. I finish on it the letter I shall try to write to you tomorrow. I hope shall receive tomorrow from you letters. Tomorrow I shall write to you as soon as I can, as soon as I shall have time for this purpose. I speak you up to tomorrow. bye-bye.

Letter 6

Hi : ) at me has appeared now a few time that it to not lose has decided to write to you. I open again your letter with a smile on the person. I am very glad to see your letter again. Has decided to answer your letter at once. And again I do not know that to you to write as like all to you has told. I want to tell a little to you about my parents. My parents very good people. Mine the daddy works as the electrician. My mum works as the tutor in a kindergarten. I never got acquainted on the Internet earlier. My parents are very glad to that that I have got acquainted I communicate with you. My mum asked about you but I began to speak nothing about you and have simply told that you very good person. She has told that is very glad to this. Whether I want to ask you about it, you in the future want to have children? How many you would like children? I would like to have 2 children it is the boy and the girl. I shall hope for that we with you and we shall communicate further. I hope we with you, and we shall communicate further? I thought of your letter yesterday.
You love cats and dogs? I can tell to you that I love all animal dogs, cats. I have cat by name Murka. I of her very much like. Well like at me there is nothing you while to write and consequently more speak you up to tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall try to write to you as soon as I can. I speak you while.
Yours Kristina

Letter 7

I am very happy to see again your letter Serge
I am very glad when I see yours the letter at me simply automatic then the mood on all the day will rise
Today weather little bit cloudy and the mood was a little sad
But after has received your letter from me now good mood.
You probably see that that we are interested the friend in the friend more and more and more
I am very glad to that that I have such good friend as you
Sometimes I think that we are familiar with you very long time
I trust you on all of 100 I also hope that you to me also trust me as well as I to you?
I to you have already told that I the Christian and I go to church
Russian of church, it is close to our house also.
In our city Church - very beautiful place, is many beautiful images also, I love it.
Priests sing beautiful songs, and I love it very much very much
It so calms my soul when I have bad mood also. But now, I
Want to tell to you, that your e-mails calm me also when I have badly mood, I feel it
I also want to know more about your country, about your culture.
Please, answer me soon, well?
I also want to transfer you greetings from my family and from my best girlfriend
I finish on it the letter
Yours Kristina

Letter 8

I speak you good afternoon Serge
I want to ask at once at once how are you doing?
How you today? How your mood?
I can inform you that I'm fine mood too.
At me the mood rises at once after your letters as soon as I see them
I want to tell to you that I also write itself personally verses
I want to admit also to you that that seems to me that I fall in love with you every day all more strongly.
I do not know that you will tell on it?
I simply am afraid. You also let to me know that that I like you whether or not? To me it is important for
I also want and is farther with you to communicate and more to learn you
I send you verses which I have written. As soon as all this will read let to me know as they to you? They have
liked you?
We far apart
It is not easy for me, it is hard for me.
Kilometers of a way of us with you divide
But it is warm in my your heart forever.
And it with you unites us!
Distance for in love now not
Handicap! I want to see more soon you my ray of light!!!
To us love on distance not a handicap
You are far from me, without you it is not easy for me!
Loneliness everywhere
You in my heart have borrowed a main place,
And you will stay in it forever!
In fact I love you and I think of you
And heart for you I store!
And let between us distance,
But the main thing that is not present misunderstanding.
Separation will soon pass, and we again shall go Together forward!
And the distance will thaw as if ice!
Yours Kristina

Letter 9

hello : )
I am very glad to receive from you again the letter. I want to tell to you about my usual day. I am raised on 6.30 mornings, and at 8.00 I should be already on work. This time to me suffices to put into itself the order before going for work, to drink a cup of coffee. To me to like to go on foot especially in the morning. In the morning so it is good. I already spoke you that I like and I am engaged in sports meets. I do almost every day gymnastics in the mornings. Also I do not pass to help my parents to be on the house cleared. In the evening I look various films on TV, and then I lie down to sleep. How your day? How your mood?
How you today? I work also 5 days in a week it since Monday till Friday.
Are working on Saturday. But recently I work till Saturday as a lot of work. On Sunday at us the day off. I want, that you have warned also that if I do not write to you by days from it I is simply borrowed, or I cannot simply write to you. It is more like at there is nothing you to write and consequently I finish on it the letter and I speak you up to tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall try to write as soon as I can to you I promise.
Yours Kristina

Letter 10

hello my love : )
You not, against what if I shall name so " my love "? I never which or did not speak such words. Simply at me to you not usual feelings and it I to you want to admit that you knew it? And what feelings at you to me?
Tell to me? How you today? How your mood today? I'm fine and affairs too.
Yesterday thought of you and about your warm letters. I also never thought and could not even think, that when which I shall acquaint with the person through the Internet. I thought today that if we with you in the future could have attitudes. What do you think of it? I want to tell to you, that I should work, my friends speak, that I became abstract as it thoughtfully. I think, that I only have fallen in love. I also think, that you are a person whom I searched. I want to tell to you, that I love you, and I want, that you have continued to communicate. I also want to ask you directly. Tell to me, what you love me? Even it is a little? I know, what it is important? Expectation of your answer. I want to ask you about what you have favourite foodstuff and what you like to eat? What your favourite foodstuff? I want to know it. I can tell to you also, that I like very much and very tasty cook. I studied to prepare, and to prepare so I can prepare very tasty. I also like to prepare for various salads, soups. We here in Russia there - one good proverb. Tell, that " heart to the man - through his stomach. You, probably, heard about this statement? I finish on it the letter and I speak you up to tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall try to write as soon as I can to you I promise. Yours Kristina

Letter 11

Hello my love!
as your mood today? How are you doing? I can tell that with my affairs all well. I today think of you. I am very glad to receive your letters.
They cheer up me. And it gives me force. At me heart all starts to beat more strongly and more strongly when I think of you. You have stolen my heart. It would be desirable to ask you you think of me? What do you feel to me? I can tell also, that you only have stolen my heart. I want, that our attitudes were fair that we trusted each other completely and openly spoke about all feelings. I want to inform you that after work I usually help my mum on the house to prepare for a meal cleaning on the house. I since the childhood am accustomed to work. I also am able to prepare well as I have diploma of the confectioner. I the good cook. I have passed rates of the cook and worked as the cook a little when studied in institute. I very well am able to prepare for different dishes. I very clean. My girlfriend Angela has transferred you greetings.
She is very glad to that that I communicate with you and wishs only good luck to us. On it I finish my letter as all like have written that wanted. I shall try to write to you tomorrow because I know that you wait from me for the letter. I speak you while up to tomorrow.

Letter 12

Hello my love! again I read your letter with sinking my heart. My heart starts to knock all more strongly and more strongly. At for today good weather. I every day wait for your letter. I can tell very good person to you with hardness read about one today all your letters that you. And I want to communicate with you further. I do not want to leave you. And what you think of it? Tell to me it? I hope that at you today also good mood. We already know about each other very much much. You already know very much much about me and about my life and than I borrow and that I do. I also very much know much about you. When I start to think of a life that I start to think of the future also. Our attitudes grow very quickly and consequently I think that we with you should think of the future. I understand and probably you also understand that that we with you very much far apart. But I think also that it not a problem to build attitudes. We should understand all this. I think of you constantly on work and houses. That that I have found you on the Internet and I think it destinies. To me has very much carried that I have found you on the Internet and I am very grateful to the Internet. I am very grateful to that that mankind has invented the Internet. I sometimes think of our future and I think that that we with you can be together both construct family and have children. I think that we with you could are happy. I would like to know and what you think of it? I want to know also your opinion. Also I want to add still that that I to you to you in the beginning of the letter have told and promised you to call and I want to remind that that did not worry on the account of it as soon as I shall decide I to you at once about it of ladies to know. We it will be necessary to speak by with you to phone. I finish on it the letter and I shall wait for your letter. I strong whole and strong embrace you. I speak you while up to tomorrow. Kristina

Letter 13

Hi my prince!
how are you today?
as your business today?
how do you sleep?
I can tell you that tonight I thought of you in my dreams
I dreamed you
it was such a good night's sleep with you where we were together
you are my happiness, and I do not want you to lose
I love you

Letter 14

Hello my prince!!! How - you today? How are you doing? Yesterday I spoke about the fact, that I shall go to my friend Angela to visit. I have gone to it after work. We spoke much with it and did not notice time. So I should remain with with it to spend the night. I can tell to you, that I think of you every day and every day more and more want to be with you.
I want to ask you about the fact, what you think, about which I have arrived to you? What do you think of it? Tell to me? I know, what it is important? You want, that I have arrived, and we - with you when we go together along the street when we were with you, we will go, together carrying out hands and all your friends to see, when we shall envy only to us with you? I think it when you see near to me with all your friends, and relatives will die of envy if you - against the fact, that I was then in you, that I can come back to you in Russian. What do you think of it? I want to go to my boss and to ask it about holiday, that it has given me holiday to arrive to you. I very much grieve without you. I want to tell to you, that tomorrow I shall go to travel agency, and I shall study all about trip for you. I ask, that you have sent the name of the closest airport to you. I have learned that all this. I shall finish on it the letter and I speak you up to tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall try to write as soon as I can. Yours Kristina

Letter 15

hi my loved! my prince!
How you today? How are you doing?
I have very good mood today
I have for you some good news
Yesterday I spoke my parents about visiting you.
My parents not against that that I have arrived to you,
And are on the contrary very glad to that that I want to arrive with to you
My mum speaks that my eyes shine with happiness
Also I asked my boss about that that it has given me holiday and it not
against this and gives me holiday on so much on how many it will be necessary for me
Therefore you should not worry about it
Be relative documents I want to tell to you, that I also have learned about it
To arrive to you, I should make some documents.
First the need to arrange all and to begin to do the visa.
The visa will be placed later approximately 1.5-2 weeks after I pay for it
Will prepare the visa while I should not buy the ticket to you
I also should make the foreign passport
To this type of the visa will allow to marry in the future
Term of the visa of 90 days that is 3 months
After the expiration of the visa I should come back back to Russia
I think, what on this time we have enough with you and we learn each other?
I constantly think of our meeting
Now I should go to work. Later attempt to write you the letter
Yours Kristina

Letter 16

Hello my loved man!!! :-)
At me for you little bit bad news. I want to inform you, that as to you promised was in travel agency and have learned cost of trip to you. I so am now sad that that I and not could think that will so dearly all costs.
Very sadly also to those that I cannot pay to me itself cost of trips to you as it very dearly and it not on my pockets. I cannot simply pay for it. The total cost of trip will cost 860 euro
In this cost it is included:
1 foreign the passport for travel abroad
2 visa
3 return ticket.
4 different insurances, and still many documents necessary
I want tell to you that my parents also I can not to help with such money so it is the big money. I can put on now only you. Because understand that that if you cannot help that it will mean that that we with you can be together I can simply arrive to you. You understand it.
My intentions to arrive to you serious. I really want to arrive to you.
Therefore I want to ask seriously you tell to me you can help with the finance whether or not? I shall check my mail and to look forward to hearing from you because weight the weight in your hands depends now only on you. I love you and I want to arrive to you as soon as possible.

Letter 17

My love I want to tell to you that my parents do not want also that you came because they speak I all over again should arrive to you and look at that that we can live with you whether or not. That is to turn out at us with you to live whether or not. If at on with you all to turn out that then my parents not against that that we played wedding. Therefore I want to tell to you that you have helped me with money for travel to you. You ate will help me with money that I can arrive to you very quickly and to be with you. You understand me that I want to tell to you??
You inform me can help and will send money whether or not?? I shall wait for your letter

Letter 18

I am glad to your letter. My love I has read your letter.
I understand you about what you to me speak that I to you have arrived with the money and then you compensate back all. I understand all this but I want to tell to you that you should understand me concerning that I already tried to ask at my familiar concerning money but they have no such sum to give me. You me understand it?? There was last only the person who it can help me you my loved!!! Yes you my last hope for that that you will help me. If you cannot help me that it is necessary to upset you with that that I cannot simply arrive to you. You me understand me??? It will be very sad and is sad if we with you cannot meet and be together. Write to me in your following letter that now you will tell on all this?? I finish on it the letter and I shall wait from you for the following letter. I strong whole and very strongly embrace you. Write to me as soon as possible

Letter 19

My love I want to have with you the future. And also to have with you children. All this depends only on you. As they say all in your hands. I in turn shall try will make all that at me in forces that you to make the happiest the man in this world. I am ready to go for the sake of you though on edge of light



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