Scam letter(s) from Maria to Mick (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Mick! when I checked the mail, I was glad to see your your letter! I could not answer you on your e-mail within a few days because I have a lot of work and did not have access your computer. but I promise you that I will be writing much more often! I want to say thank you that you have left my letter without attention. My dear friend, Thank you for the photo. you are very beautiful and handsome man. I really liked your photos. I do not know where to begin our acquaintance. but I will be glad to write to you and learn more about you. What would you like to know? I will answer all your questions. I also want to congratulate you with past Christmas and Happy New Year! between the two cities have a long distance and the time difference. and now at the moment when I am writing this letter to you I do not know how much time you have. This is my first experience on the internet when I had written a letter to the man. Of course is it to me to write a few men and asked for naked photos and I wrote obscene words. but I removed them the letter and did not respond to their letters. I very much hope that you are not such a man !!! I have written to you because I want to meet a wonderful man. Your love gave me a tour. I just want to find a reliable person. I'm lonely, frail woman in this difficult and complex world, and I need support and to find a reliable person in my life. Sorry if I can not answer you right away, but please do not get me wrong, because I work a lot. and I can only answer and write to you only at work when I have free time. since I am writing to you from work. since I do not have a computer at home. over I can write to you with an internet cafe. but the Internet cafe is located in another part of town! so a trip to the internet cafe takes a long time. I'll be checking your e-mail address every day when I'm at work. and I will answer you immediately as soon as I get free time. and I hope that you'll wait for my letter, and I look forward with excitement waiting for your answer. I'm waiting for your photos and your answer! I send you some photos. I wait with anticipation your opinion on how I look at the photo I sent you! I hope you enjoy it (smile). Your new friend Mari.
Letter 2
Hi Mick! how are you? Today when I checked my e-mail. I was very glad to see your letter today. I'm sorry it's been a few days since my last letter. I hope that this problem will not prevent our friendship and our acquaintance. I was very glad to learn that you do not forget about me) My friend why do not you send me your photo? You do not want me to see you? I work at the mall manager. I watch the other employees and work with customers. Mick I do not know where to start writing but I would like to tell you about myself. and I believe that you also want to know more about me. My birthday is May 1, 1988. me now 28 years old. I was born in the country of Georgia in Kutaisi and I live in the same city. all my childhood and youth I spent in this city. I also studied in this city up to 19 years. then I moved to another city and went to university. After graduation I returned to my hometown. because in this city my mother left. I, our job in my hometown. I think that the profile does not say much about a person, so we can learn a lot about each other, only through our letters and our communication. I am very decent and modest girl. and so I want to tell you the truth. I heard that on the Internet there are a lot of bad men. since these men are not looking for a serious relationship and just want to play, and are asked to send a naked photo. I hope that you are not the kind of man, and does not ask me for photos of that nature. and I am very pleased to write a letter of such a good man like you. I'm lonely and I've never been married and have no children! I – very simple, kind and frank woman. I do not like cheating. I hate lies. I – very romantic woman. I do not see my life without love and children, and without a loved one, and a good husband. Please tell me about your family? What do you do during your free time? What are your hobbies? have you been married? do you have kids? If you are not difficult, write to me about this in more detail, because it is very interesting to know me. Now I've got to finish the letter and continue its work. but I hope you will not leave my letter without attention and write me an answer. in the next letter I will tell you more about yourself if you would be interested (smile). I'm sending you a new photo. I hope you enjoy these photos (smile). I will be waiting for your answer. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Your friend Mari.
Letter 3
hello my friend Mick! I am very pleased to read and receive your emails. I read your letter very carefully every word. and I want to answer all your questions! My friend why do not you send me your photo? You do not want me to see you? Now I do not write to anyone except you !!! Because only you are the only answer to my letters to you. maybe you want to know about my city and my country. but I do not know what to tell you about myself and my city. what would you like to know? it is possible that you can tell about your city and its attractions? It was very interesting for me to learn something new about you. I think that will be interesting for you to know about me. as you saw in the photo that I Average growth (smile). My height is 167 cm and my weight is 50 kg. I have blonde hair. I want to tell you about my typical day! I work 10-12 hours a day. My working day begins and ends at 9-10 in the morning 19: 00-20:00 and then I'm going home. but sometimes when a lot of work that I can stay until 21:00 pm. usually after work, I go to the store and take something out of food and what is required for the house. I go to bed before 24:00 at night. that's how I spend my normal day. sometimes during the lunch break I go to the pool or the gym to play sports to keep her figure. as we say, “in a healthy body, healthy mind”. do you understand me. I like sport very much. I love to ski and ride a bike! what do you like to do in your free time? I rarely drink alcohol, I drink only red wine and champagne, and I do not smoke at all. I live a healthy lifestyle and I like it very much. On a rainy and boring evenings I like to read a book or listen to music. As I prefer to walk in the park with my friends in the open air during my free time. I also like to cook different delicious dishes. I think that the most important traits in people – honesty and loyalty. It seems to me that if people are dishonest in their dealings can be no relationship between them. I hope that I will not tire you with my letter. but it is my life that is described in this letter. but I would be interested if you tell me about yourself and detail. I send you some photos of my sport and my active life and free time (smile). I hope you enjoy! I will be waiting for your answer. Your Mari.
Letter 4

Hi Mick! How are you today? Today I spent the whole day waiting for the free time to read your letter. I am very happy to read and get all your letters to me. My dear friend, Thank you for the photo. You are very handsome and handsome man. I really liked your photo. I want to know more about you. In your youth, you were as beautiful as you are now. I apologize for any mistakes in my letters. Now I want to tell you about me and my family in detail. I have a friend and colleague – her name is Alena. We work together. I also want to tell you about my mother. My mother is a teacher, she teaches literature at school. My mother is a very strong and happy in our family, we care about each other and love each other very much. My mom is very smart and intelligent, she has always been an example for me in every respect. In addition, it seems to me that my mother herself best mom in the world, I have never heard a harsh word from her. I always follow the advice of my mother, I was an obedient daughter. My favorite color is red. Please email me, what is your favorite color and why, to learn a little more about your birthday and about your family. How do you usually celebrate your birthday? I work in the women's team, where I heard about family life. so I do not want to meet a man from our city. Every day I hear someone complain that her husband came home drunk, or not come again. It's too hard for me to listen to their cries every day. I do not want to live the kind of life they live, my colleagues at work. That's why I want to meet people from other countries. because I think that in other countries the girls are more respectful! I'm right? how to relate to girls and women in your country? I hope you are not tired by his letter and his story about my life and about my views (smile). and my questions! if I ask you a lot of questions write to me (smile). but I am very interested to know about you and your culture and the country! I love to go to museums and theaters! Write to me, please, about your city. of cultural and historic places of your city. I'm waiting for your answer! Your Mari.
Letter 5
Hi Mick! I want to tell you that in recent years, to be honest, I do not know what happens to me when I get your letters. I find it hard to describe the feeling. I feel very good, and I can only find the words to express my feelings when I see your new letter to me), I'm glad that you do not forget about me). Why do not you answer my questions. Do you read my letters carefully? as they say in our country “that the way of the heart to a man is through his stomach!” (smile). I want to ask you, how do you like some food? what food do you like? you know how to cook? (smile). because I really like to cook. I used to buy a lot of books, and now I have many recipes books. although in my country rich and diverse traditional dishes! do you know about these dishes in my country? I also like Japanese food (fish, sushi and much more). but most of all, I know a lot of our traditional cuisine recipes (smile). I think that you need to eat only healthy food, which is why a lot of people from Eastern countries live so long. but sometimes so eager to pamper yourself other dishes (smile). such as sweets or fatty or spicy food (smile). what do you like the food? what cuisine you prefer? Mick I want to know more about you, and I want to ask you what you like to do in your spare time? how you spend your days? weekend? holidays? Sometimes weekend I with my friend (colleague) go to the movies, walk in the park, feed the ducks and geese on the pond. as well as visit various cultural and sporting events! I want to send you a new image, but I can not choose which pictures to send to you. I do not have a lot of opportunities to make you new images constantly. I chose one of my last photos. This photo was taken not so long ago. I hope you will like it) I would be very interested to know the answers to these questions, which I wrote for you. I will finish my letter today, and I look forward to your response and photograph tomorrow. Your Mari.
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