Scam letter(s) from Vera Zagainova to Johann (South Africa)

Letter 1

Loved, hi Dr.J! You so do not suffice me. I dream only of ours To meeting. What this fine feeling! You to me become to relatives The person. Today I went agency of travel. They to me have told, That the tourist visa is problematic to receive in connection with terrorism.
Today I have signed the contract. But if I have decided to arrive to you, That I shall overcome all obstacles. I the strong person and never I am handed over! But I with them have agreed. They promised to help! All is necessary It will be good! Nothing will stop me to you to arrive! The ageny for travel will make all documents and I must pay them $380 for visa and agency fees and the ticket cost $1450.
I must also pay insurance and this is compulsary in my country.
Tomorow I send you detail of bank where you must send the money.
you must send me the code for the bank to collect money. I kiss you It is so much times and with such tenderness as far as my forces will suffice! Your girlfriend Julia
Letter 2

My love Johann,
I have found out, that all about tickets and visa.
>I hope that you are serious about our friendship and not playing games.
I do not understand you. You do not trust me and think, what I play with you???
I shall NEVER play with feelings. It meanly and unworthy decent woman as I.
I am really ready to build with you serious relations.
I want to have happy family and the reliable loving husband. I very much hope, what exactly you will be my the husband......
It is actually very heavy: to love on distance.
Nothing will replace alive human dialogue even letters.
The sight of eyes can tell about the person more than all his letters....
I think, that we are SIMPLY OBLIGED to have a real meeting which will help us to be together.
I am not afraid the big distance. For me it cannot be a barrier to ours love.
During modern time it is possible to overcome during rather short time this distance between two loving hearts.
Love is an eternal category which has no the the price. Because the love is invaluable.
When at the person anything is not present, it remains near to him.
But my love to you so strong, that it covers any distance, which separates us.
I feel a string, which has connected us and never will disappear.
I want to awaken near to you each morning, to hear, how you speak to me: " Good morning, my love ".
Kiss you, embrace you. I want to present you all tenderness of the love, I want to warm you my love, that you will be happy.
I love you how anybody loved in the world. You are my light, my life.
I want to divide with you pleasures and cares, your happiness and your grief.
I shall be a magic lamp, make any your desire. I will love, will preserve you.
It is hardly for me being without you. I think about you constantly. You are with me constant, in my soul, in my heart.
I dream of you, my love Johann! About our future meeting, about our future life.
> The Embassy will not give a visa to a single lady and you will only get a visa through your agency Recently I went to transport agency and have have found out the information on an opportunity to arrive in Republic of South Africa.
To me have explained, that I should receive all over again the visa, the passport for travel abroad and other documents to registration.
There are some types of the visa, but for me the tourist visa, I can not receive another is required.
I can receive the single visa. To me have explained, that I can receive such visa.
I have have found out, that the visa for three months in Republic of South Africa costs 160 EURO.
This sum includes a payment for registration foreign the passport, the visa and other documents.
The passport for travel abroad is necessary for arrival in Republic of South Africa costs approximately 80 EURO.
The consular tax makes 50 EURO.
Services agency - 30 EURO.
It is expensive, but is not more expensive than our love....
Our love is measured not by money, and depth of feelings and sincerity of intentions.
On ways of our happiness there are barrier, but we NECESSARILY shall overcome them.
I love ONLY you and I want to be with you for ever....
I need in 320 EURO and I think, that our love is much more important than this money.
My the love does not look at a magnificent holiday and riches, because it does not do the PRESENT love better...
All depends on ours of desire to be together and aspiration to connect our fond hearts and souls FOR EVER...
I am am suppressed and disappointed. I have no so many money now.
I asked money in a duty all friends and familiar, but nobody has helped me. Everyone has the family.
I do not know as me to act in this situation. I do not know on whom to me to hope.
I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me, because you love me.
My mother speaks, that money cannot be a barrier in our relations.
It only a paper. For me the person, but not thickness him a purse is important.
Money come and leave, value of money about current time varies.......
Love eternal and constant feeling, which improves of the people also makes them better.
Due to love the life of the people gets new sense of life, which gives us forces and desire to live further for the sake of the boon favourite.
At me hope only on you. Only you can to me help.
I have savings of money at size 35 EURO. This money I shall offer in the name of ours love.
It is a pity nothing to me for the sake of you, I want to be near to you. It only money, is a paper.
You are for me unique male which I waited all my a life. You are my destiny......
I am in despair...... I have no so much money and from this the paper will be depend our happiness,
I love you and I do not want to build with you the relation on money.
It is awfully a shame to me to ask you money in a duty, but I do not see another an exit from a developed situation.
I very much hope, that you will be capable to help me with realization my dream to be near to you.
I never would ask for you the help on my arrival to you,
If I had so much many money. But I have no so many money. Because I live in Russia.....
I earn per one month 130 dollars per one month. 80 dollars leave them on payment the subscription in the Internet of cafe.
On 60 dollars I need on to eat, to pay behind an apartment and to put on.
It will be very difficult to me to postpone money for my of arrival in Republic of South Africa.
I think, that we should be a near some time that it is better to learn each other at dialogue.
If we shall like each other at real a meeting then we can marry.
I love you and you wants to be the wife if certainly you wish it.
I can remain with you for ever or only for some time. Much depends on you.
I think, that the meeting will show as us to be.
I think, that our meeting NECESSARILY should be. Our relations should not be limited only the Internet.
If we wish serious development of relations, means we should meet in what that did not begin.
I heard from friends that there is such such company which makes translations all over the world including in Russia.
Its name - Western Union. It - one of the most reliable and fast companies all over the world.
I have have found out the address of the nearest branch Western Union.
I went there and have have found out, how the given system functions.
They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret to sender.
The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money. They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
Here is the information about me:
Country: Russia
Name: Vera
Surname: Zagainova
The address of the most nearest bank of the Western union in my city:
Chuvash Credit Prom Bank
Moskovskiy Prospect 3
Cheboksary, 428000
I must know your full name, full address.
I have asked you supports because I trust you. I believe in you and in your love.
I think, that there is nothing more cleanly and more noble that love, this cleanest feeling on the ground.
Certainly you can reject my the request for the help. You will think, that I deceive you.
But believe me, it not so. I love you and NEVER perceived lie in relations.
I can forgive person much, but only not lie and treachery my feelings and expectations.
I shall not forgive it never....... I think meanly and it is unworthy to play on feelings of people.
It so meanness.........
I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me,
decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country.
But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too.
Please, do not forget to tell me the closest airport.
If you will not perceive my the request I shall be obedient destiny. Without ours a meeting we cannot have serious relations.
Then our dialogue will not make sense, because our relations cannot be real.
What for it is necessary to communicate through the Internet if it NEVER there will be in real a life?
It is very hurt to me such to speak, but it is valid so.
Despite of ANY your answer I shall love you on former also strongly as I like.
All difference will consist that words of love and all tenderness in letters I shall be embody in reality.
" I love you ". These words of love will constantly be in my heart.
I shall easy not sleep, while I shall not receive from you the positive answer, that you are ready to build with me serious relations.
My ideas with you and about you...... I LOVE YOU, Johann!!!
Remember these words when you will make a decision.
> The South African Ambassador in your country is a friend of my father and he will helpus to get this visa.
How he the visa will receive for me? I do not understand. Are required my the data, my the passport.
Will be required also my photos and my the signature.
> To get a visa for you willnot be a problem at all.
> I will pay for the visa here and you will get the visa in your country.
I do not understand you. You do not trust me??? I think, that our relations should be under construction on full trust and honesty.
We should trust more each other.
How we shall build our home life if we shall not trust each other?
You can buy the ticket for me, but it will be difficult to receive tickets for me because you should specify all my passport the information, but in your country some information on me can ignore, because all papers at you will be made under the European standards, and in Russia there are some differences.
It to me was explained by the manager of the airport, she has told, that there were cases when tickets did not give the addressee.
The manager of the airport has told, that it will be better if I shall come with my passport and I shall pay tickets itself, especially for some services, for example as the insurance I is obliged to pay independently.
I think, that it will be better, if you will send me money and I shall buy tickets.
Please trust in me, I simply am afraid, that there will be problems with reception of tickets at the airport.
I very much miss you and I can not wait the moment when I can embrace and kiss you and I want to execute with you all life.
I very much love you, every day I understand that without you nothing would mean my life and if you were not in my life that the world would be grey and empty for me.
But with you, my love it is filled with life and paints, you for me a beam of the sun in dark wood.
I love you, and with impatience wait your letter We soon shall together? I do not believe in it to happiness!
I shall trust in it when I I shall embrace and I looking in your eyes shall inform you: I LOVE YOU!
Your bride Vera
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