Scam letter(s) from Larisa to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
Good, morning day or evening:) Who knows what is the time difference between our countries:) Thank you for giving me your e-mail address on the dating site, I managed to find the courage to try this Internet( even thought I was not 100% sure that something will happen out of it , but this is a secret:), it is funny I've already shared a secret with you:) So, you have given me your address and this is great:)))) I hope you like my pics and will continue talking to me:) What are you doing here? Probably you have some past and now you are simply searching for future because there is not present without a hope and dream... What am I doing here... Oh this a long story:) Let's better compare a relationship to the sunny day , when it is over sun is getting down... And you are left in the darkness. I have already been there in the darkness , without hope and with a broken heart, promising myself that I will better leave there:) I know, this is a little silly , but all people are loosing hope sometimes...:))) Now I am waiting for the dawn... I am ready to face the dawn and I am ready for the new day and new sun which will never get down... I know that somewhere in the world my sun is sleeping and I need just to find it and wake it up, because the dawn will never some without sun, do not you think so? Ok, I hope to hear back from you sooner , this is my mail address. I hope to get to know you better and will tell you more about myself. Have good day, Larisa
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