Letter(s) from Casey Green to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
Hello there :) I'm Cassey... If you're interested to hangout tonight .. reach me here's my email casseygreen88 at G M A I L dot C O M and here's my Kik ; cassey088 just send me a message .....
Letter 2
Hi... I'm Cassey ;) Looking for uncomplicated NSA but with a romantic twist. While I do not desire a commitment I am looking for the benefits of a mutual friendship. The willingness to explore boundaries and be playful with each other. I desire honesty and upfront expectations so there are no misunderstandings or hurt feelings. I will expect to meet first to see if the spark is there, for both of us..
Letter 3
Hey thanks for emailing me here, You should send me a recent pic and I will do the same. As for me for us to know each other, I'm over breakup and don't want anything heavy. You get that right? I just need a man. LOL
Letter 4

We're on the same area . Where do you like to meet ? I can go to your place or rent a room.
Letter 5
Sure ;) But before we meet I do have 3 conditions..
Letter 6
First, NO taking video while we're having fun.. you know what I mean lol. I dont want to be posted in any pornsites coz I am just looking for FWB/NSA not to be a famous whore lol. 2nd is I want this to keep discreet.. just between you and me...3rd is You need to get approved first on my dating agreement site just to make sure you are serious in this kind of arrangement.. is that ok with you? you only need to accept the dating agreement and get approved for us to meet.. i hope you understand my concerns, it won't cost you anything but a lil effort and time. hope it's fine with you.
Letter 7
Okay . Here's the Link on how you will get Approved . Click on this Link Babe : . When the page is up : Use this VIP Access Code "Dks2323231" put it on the VIP access code box so it wont cost you or charge you there even a cent and then Enter USERNAME, PASSWORD and Email. At the second page fill out all the info needed. Got it?
Letter 8
Okay babe . Just tell me if you're done okay ? So we can meet now . AS IN NOW!
Letter 9
Okay babe . Can you try this one >> . And you need to UPGRADE your profile to 1 month GOLD MEMBERSHIP . So when you get ORDER NUMBER . Put this PROMO CODE - ASKDJ201KS - To make it free . Got it? After you did that . Click the GREEN BUTTON it say VERIFY ONLY NO CHARGE . Got it? Just follow my instruction carefully to make it free . Hope will work now
Letter 10
Tell me if didn't work again okay ?
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