Scam letter(s) from Olga to Tony (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello Tony! I am very glad,
that you have written to me. My name is Olga. I am 34 years old. I search serious relations for creation of family. I was born in Norway. But my parents moved to Russia when I was still very small! I live in Russia, in the city Kazan. It big a beautiful city. My growth 1.68 cm. I was never married and I have no any children. My religion - Christian. I the only child at my parents. I have only mum. My daddy has left us when I was still 4 years. I work in a women's clothing store! I am not so pleased with my work, as I have higher education, and could work on more best where pay more. But in my city it is very difficult to find good work. I love sports. Each weekends I visit swimming pool. I try to hold myself in the form. I think, that the woman at any age should be beautiful and attractive!
I like to go to a wood. I like look, how the nature at various times year varies. I adore fresh air. When I walk on park, I have a rest from city vanity. My dream - to live on seacoast near to the beloved. I a romantic nature. In relations with the man I appreciate fidelity, honesty and sincerity. I Has decided to get acquainted with the man from other country as here in Russia I could not find loved. All men in our country drink much. They do not appreciate women. I was disappointed in Russian also I hope to meet the love in other country. I very much want, that you appeared that the man which I search! I wait with impatience for the answer. Olga!
Letter 2
Hello Tony! I am very glad to receive your letter! I very much want to continue our correspondence.
You seem to me the good person. I want to tell to you more about me! I live together with mum in an one-room apartment. My mum the pensioner. I have the grandmother also. She lives in the village. We with mum very much worry for her, as at her bad health. We would like to transport her to us, but she does not agree. I have many friends. We frequently gather. We go to cinema, theatre. I have no harmful habits. I have a healthy way of life.
I do not smoke and I do not use drugs. I like to go in for sports. I frequently want in a sports hall and I am engaged in aerobics! I like to look sports on the TV. To me like football, hockey, the big tennis. You like to travel? Where you have visited? I was never be outside Russia. I went only inside my country on the Russian cities. I very much would want to see the All World! It so is fascinating - to see other country, to get acquainted with culture of another people!!! I want to set to you some questions. What do you appreciate in the woman? What your ideal of the woman? You believe in love in at first sight? If you have questions to me, ask me. And I with pleasure shall answer them. I shall wait for your letter. Olga
Letter 3
Hello Tony! I am very glad to receive your letter again!!! Thanks for your answer!!! It is very pleasant for me, that you so well concern to me. I want to tell you more about Russian cuisine. You likely, never tried Russian dishes? I very much like to prepare. I am able to prepare for pies, soups, pel'menis, compotes. I like to bakee pies with crimson jam. It so is tasty!!! We with mum each days off prepare for them. Still I like to prepare for soups. You tried sometime Russian "borshch" is our national dish? It very useful and tasty dish. Still I am able to prepare for pel'menis. This my favourite dish. And what cuisine you prefer? What your favourite dish? I very much like to communicate with you . You are not similar to Russian men! In Russia men do not appreciate women. I suffered here much. I met the man one year ago. Once, when I have come home from work, I have seen him with Other woman. I could not forgive it to him.
Fidelity for me is The main component of relations. I very suffered for a long time . I was completely disappointed in Russian men. Tell you the history why you began to search for love through correspondence on the Internet. I with impatience wait for your answer. Sincerely yours Olga
Letter 4

Hello Tony! I am always glad to receive your letters. You so interestingly write. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you! Today I want to tell to you about my city!!! My city is located 700 km from Moscow! This is a pretty big city! I is located on coast of the river Volga. Volga is one of the most beautiful rivers in Russia. I like to admire its expance and cleanliness. In our city it is a lot of trees. We have some parks in which it is possible to walk. Very kind people live in our city. They always smile. We have a lot of movie theaters!. I like to go to cinema very much. But I not can dare to do it so frequently as I would like. At us in city it is a lot of fountains. It is very beautiful in the summer - to look at them! Write to me about yours City. Send to me some its pictures. It is very interesting to me to look it! It is very interesting to me to communicate with you. Tell, how you concern to our dialogue? That you feel to me? I like you? I think of you constantly!!! It seems to me, that our relations Will have continuation!!! On it I shall finish the letter. With impatience I wait for your answer. Olga
Letter 5
Hello my dear Tony. I am very pleased to receive your letter. How are you? Remember I told you about my dream? After this dream, my attitude toward you has changed. I want to confess to you in my feelings. I really liked the first of your letters. I love you. I fell in love with you in the ears, my heart feels you. I think that you will not be afraid of such recognition. I am at a loss, never in before have I experienced such pure and sincere feelings for the man whom had not seen in real life. I hope that you will help me to understand this.
I can not do without your letters. I need them like air, like life itself.
You do become very expensive. I think I made correctly, that told you about my feelings, because it is very hard to hide their true feelings. Tell you these words, I very much worry for me, it's very unusual. My Tony favorite, now I have a new sense of life. With each your letter I am more happy and in love with you. My love is growing by the minute. All those days when I read your letter, I felt with every letter that I get close to you. I realized that I really love you. I need you like water and air, now I can not imagine myself with another person. To me you are now alone in the world. It is a love blinded me, and I do not pay any attention to what men than you. I am happy that I have you, that you only mine. It is a pity that I can not tell you all the emotions on the internet. I would like to see your eyes you smile and tell you all this in the face. You probably agree with me that convey your feelings in a letter to very difficult. In real life it would all look different. In life all looked quite different. But it is your letters have made me happy, and I very grateful to you for this, that you have given me their love and his warm feelings for me. I not even had time to see how my feelings grew stronger and stronger you. And now I need you, the first time I experienced such a sense that gave me happiness and peace.
I I close my eyes and see you, and I feel at once light and warm the soul.
Tony, I hope that the feeling is mutual. I would like you to experience the same feelings for me, because unrequited love is killing people. I do not want to feel pain and heart flour. I just want to be a happy woman to be loved and desired. I want to create a family and enjoy life. All this time I was so lonely, but now I have you and I was much easier. Of course the sea between us and the ocean, but that does not make my love less contrast it is now getting stronger. Of course this is only a dream, but I imagine these dreams that we'll be together and we'll be fine. While I certainly understand that between us such a great distance, and I can not imagine how our relationship can rise to the level of above. I wish I could take your hand and put his hand on yours, to feel the warmth our hands will flow through the body. I love you and now for me it is the most important. Now I I sit and write a letter to you and to me is flooded stream of feelings, I'm just on top bliss. I know that your next letter will make me even happier.
I'll wait for your letter with impatience. Your Olga
Letter 6
Hello my lovely Tony I am madly happy. At me very much Good mood!!! My dear Tony, I went in tourist Agency, has learned much about tourist trips. Soon I I plan the holiday while I still precisely do not know when, But I very much would like to visit somewhere, I recently started for this purpose To save money, now I have a little. In fact I not to time where not Was also to me awfully terribly to go there where I know nobody also I even I have no representation that I there did one. Now to me already not enough simple correspondence through the Internet. I very much would like to meet you to learn you even better. Now, that I about you know all, all this to me Very much it is pleasant in you, and all this very much involves me in you. I I feel, that you very good person, and I very much would like to learn You also in a life. And after long Reflections I have come to a conclusion that probably would be wonderful if I would arrive instead of rest to you. It would be the present rest, a number With the person who is very interesting to me, and we with you at last that Could get acquainted on much closer than in letters. In fact only When we can see each other in a real life and talk the friend With the friend only then we could understand what feelings we test To each other. I so would like to see your smile and that as you would be It is happy if could meet. It probably will be very healthy and Romantically. I hope that you not against such decision, that I have gathered To go on rest to you. It will be absolutely not a pity to me of the spent money On road to you because I think what to spend with you for It will be most pleasant than me on light. I miss on you and my ideas only about you. And I am very happy that at me Such opportunity travel up to you has appeared. In fact differently ours The meeting probably never would take place. I hope that you You will agree with me that I have made the correct decision to go to you in Visitors. If you certainly against it if you do not want that I have arrived To you also has lead the rest near to you that inform me about it! But Now at me very good mood and fighting adjust to go to you in Visitors, because to me very much hunting to learn to you on closer and even better. My dear Tony, I talked to mother on the account of that that I want instead of Rest for border, it is better to visit to you. Because we it is already good Are familiar also I test warm feelings to you. That I already for a long time not Tested such feelings to men. That you very good person and I I want to try the happiness and to leave to you for some time that To learn each other it is better. My mum after some meditation has told To me that if I so have decided and that if I really feel that with You Tony, me it will be valid well number, why and No.
In fact a life one and to stay its houses and and to not find love, That half from which I would be happy actually and could To live for a long time and it is happy. I was very glad to that that my mother has approved My decision and it has given to me of even more force and confidence. Loved I So I want to be near to you. I very much want to feel your embraces and Which we shall speak warm words each other. I shall wait for yours Letters.
I love you Tony. A kiss Olga
Letter 7
Hello Tony. I am very glad to see your letter in his drawer. how you? I am very glad that your feelings for me are the same as I have to you. I am very glad that our feelings are mutual. And I'm glad that we're going to implement our dreams with you. I'll be brief. Dear I went today travel agency and learned about the trip for you. My dear I was told that the trip will cost 1420 Dollar to you! This price includes the documents and air ticket. Cost Document 320 Dollar! Accordingly, the ticket will cost 1100 Dollar! You said that a visa will be given for 90 days, but if I get married, then I can live without a visa. I was told that a visa will be made 4 days. Dear so I learned everything about the trip for you. I would very much like to meet you in real life, kiss you, hug, give you all my love. But cute unfortunately I do not have 1420 Dollar to a trip for you. Honey, this is a very large sum of money for me, and I can not find such a sum of money. For me it is a lot of money. If you can give me the money that I would come to you, I will be very happy and grateful. I'm not comfortable to ask you for money. But what did not do for love. I hope that our meeting will take place and we will live forever in happiness. But for now, I'll wait for your answer. With a big love Olga!
Letter 8
Hello my love, how are you doing today? I'm all right, I'm at home, I'm bored lonely without you. My love, I want to come to you, but I have no money for my trip, if you can send me money for my trip that I can come to you. I'll wait for your answer.
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