Scam letter(s) from Olga Aleksandrovna Iangabysheva to Chuck (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Chuck!!! How are you doing today? I feel well enough. And this feeling. This sensation is given me with your letters. They give me feeling of protection and love. Through your letters and your words, I understand that I am not lonely in this grey world. Also that where that there, far. In several thousand kilometers. For me waits and my second half loves. My beloved, my prince, my husband and my gentle angel Chuck! And these ideas help me to go with a smile along the street. And let passers-by cannot understand my happiness. And from where a smile on my person. But I know, I know that you love and wish to be with me. Chuck and it gives to me of forces. My beloved. I have learned how you can send means for my account to Bank. To me have explained, that that we did not have problems with it. You should do Swift translation. If you will make it then I can receive money without problems. Here the information which will be necessary for you: Beneficiary: Iangabysheva Olga Aleksandrovna Beneficiary's Acc ?: 40817840406390000766 (USD) Correspondent bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA
Account: 400130726
Routing Number: 021000021 Beneficiary's bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
SWIFT: ALFARUMM My beloved. You should specify my Name the Surname and Middle name as I have written. Because in bank to me have told, that if you will specify it on another then I cannot receive means. And the spelling of my full name should be: Iangabysheva Olga Aleksandrovna. Do not forget that it is necessary for you to do Swift translation. I shall explain at once: Yangiabysheva and Iangabysheva. This one and too.
Simply in Russia the quantity of letters in the alphabet is more than in the USA. At us 33 letters, at you 26. Therefore some our letters can mean one and too. For example a combination of letters: Ya, Ia is means the same letter. Simply depending on the company, they on a miscellaneous treat it. When I was in Money Gram, to me spoke that it is necessary to specify a surname through Ya. But in bank, my surname is written down as Ia. Therefore you should specify: Iangabysheva Olga Aleksandrovna. If you will commit even one mistake, money will not act on my account. Also do not mix letter I and L. My surname is written through i. I hope that you understand that I try to explain to you.
Chuck my beloved. When we shall be together, to us will have to make a lot of prophetic together. In fact it will be necessary for us to prove to your government our love. It will be necessary for us to give to them many our joint photos. Chuck we can make it? Chuck and we could combine pleasantly with useful. In fact when we would do photos for your government. We could play a little. You would be my photographer, and I your Model. Chuck present, we could think out situations from a life are various. And to do pictures. You would supervise over me. Spoke me, in what pose I should rise, that I should show and a lot of other. Chuck present. We send for walk to lake, and have decided to make on lake some joint photos. Chuck and we can do similar things anywhere, it will be so is remarkable, you agree with me in it? Chuck I so want it, I wish to be your model, and that you would be my photographer. Chuck we can easily prove our love everybody. And to us will not have at all to try. In fact we and so, very strongly love each other. Chuck but between us meanwhile distance. And now time is necessary for us. And we shall overcome this barrier. And then to us a gate will open. This gate will be in our Paradise my beloved.
Chuck I love you. And I hope that it will occur very soon. Chuck I wish to be with you. And I do not represent the life without you, without your kisses. Without your embraces and touches. I do not represent seconds of a life. Also I do not wish to think of it. Chuck I wish to be only with you. Chuck you my prince, and I your princess. Chuck I love you. I yours and only your Model, and you my photographer. And we are created the friend for the friend. Yours Olga
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