Scam letter(s) from Nina Simonova to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Tim... It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. I am very glad that you have found in me the attractive woman and that you wish with me to meet. For me it means very much. I very much dream to meet the man with which I myself felt very well and was liked. I hope that ours would will result acquaintances in the serious attitudes I very much it wanted. I wish the serious attitudes I do not wish that by my feelings played, I do not wish game, I wish only one to meet the man, liked to me, with which I shall stay the life and I shall create family. I shall try to tell to you about myself. My name is Olesya. I was born in city Kazan, now I live in city Tuymen. I live one and I feel very lonely because with me there is no man, close to me, on which I could rely in everything, in mine to a mountain and happiness. I have finished institute, economic faculty, I could not find job on the trade as in Russia it difficultly make, now I work as the seller in a toy shop and him often it is necessary to deal with children, I very much like them and I dream to have. For me the very large pleasure to help children to see that they are pleased and laugh, my most treasured dream to have children, is the most perfect essences on light, which bring in our life a lot of happiness. My liked time as I spend time it to go for a walk on park, to go in a zoo to look of animals. In target I visit a gymnastic hall I do different exercises always to be looked well. I very much like to listen to music dances, I like many styles of music but most of all it is pleasant to me classical. I very much dream will meet the man with which to me well. As to the man about which I dream, I think that the main quality in him should be it fidelity, that he liked me and respected, I want to meet the man with which we divided of the good luck and failure in life. He should be perfect father and husband, which very much would like the family, he should care of the family. He should be sure that I could completely rely on him. I consider that he should support all my life. I that am held also by I very much I want that my dream has come true soon and I have met this man, I was disappointed that has not met the man which me likes at itself on a native land, but I very much hope that I shall be happy. I feel very lonely and I have that attention about which I dream. I can not so well I can communicate in English and I do many mistakes, but I think that in due course I can completely speak on him. Unfortunately I do not have telephone that I could with you communicate but I think what is it not a problem I think that in due course we can meet and spend time. I not when did not use the Internet earlier to acquaintances and for me it is all for the first time, it would be certainly better meet each other by person to the person and to learn each other in a reality. Certainly for me your attention means also I very much very much would want to learn you as it is possible better and that our attitudes have developed well. I certainly not always at once can respond you on your letters, as I write you from the Internet of cafe, but I shall try maximal to write to you because I very much would want that we had perfect attitudes. It will be always very pleasant to me to receive from you the letters and I always with the large desire want to learn you. I shall wait for very your speed letter and I very much would want more more to see your photo. I wait for the speed letter. Sincerely Olesya
Letter 2
Hello tim. I am very happy to receive from you the new letter. It is very pleasant to me to read them and I always with the large impatience wait for them from you, because you are very interesting to me. I consider that you the very good man and that at us much in common, you as well as I dream to meet the liking man and close. I very much would like to learn you as it is possible better and I hope that our letters will result in something greater than simply letters and at us to develop the excellent attitudes. Reading your letters to me on heart I become very good also I hope that you of the attitude to me are very serious also you are honour with me for me it very important. I do not want that my heart was broken also to me caused a pain. I have addressed to acquaintances for the serious attitudes, instead of for game. I very much want that our attitudes were honour to to each other and developed on mutual trust and honesty. I always appreciate in the man honesty and openness, when the man hides that. As I wrote to you in the first letter I live one both I feel very lonely and I very much have the man which was about me and liked me. Certainly Internet is the not best way of acquaintance, but I hope that our letters will allow us to learn us as it is possible better. I shall be happy will meet you closer. I shall be happy to respond on all your letters and questions. I with impatience shall wait for your fast reply, for me it will be very joyful to read from you them again. Sincerely Olesya.
Letter 3
Dear tim I really wish that we could be together and we could do all our dreams by a reality. Olesya
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