Romance scam letter(s) from Jade Lynn Miller to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
Wow you look so handsome :) by the way this is me hope you like it :) so are you okay for a meet up ? so when and where would you like to meet? I have a nice here and since I'm trying to keep this my little secret we shouldn't really come here. I'd rather come to your place or somewhere public, maybe if we need we could get a room or something I'm willing to do whatever just as long as you know how to satisfy and you don't get all weird or try to turn this into a relationship...I'm hoping you already know this stuff
Letter 2
But before we set everything I want to make sure first that Im safe with you and you're safe to meet, is that ok with you? You only need to have a security dating arrangement for us to meet...I came to the point to have a security dating arrangement because I was attempted to be assaulted before, that a very traumatic experience. I hope you understand my concerns for being a girl, i am not saying you are one just trying to be careful this time. I just wanted to be safe and happy. is it okay?
Letter 3
Click this Link >>
All you have to do is to fill up all the information needed in the site then after you got on the 3rd page of the site you only need to click that skip button so you can have the ID without getting any charges. let me know your username when your done.
Didn't go to the site yet Jade, I have to say you look a real bundle of fun. Prove to me you are genuine, drop the little shorts and send me a pussy pic and I'll sign and fill in any forms in the world if I can have you. I want you Jade
Letter 4

Huh?! Seriously? Are you mad?!! Im not a porn start to to those things! I think im not the one you are looking for here thanks
Ok, your choice, I thought you were a wind up
Letter 5
Hey Hi :) Thanks for the message. How are you doing? I just recently got out of a long term relationship. so I am looking for NSA and just to meet someone nice and have a good time. I work quite a bit during the week so once the weekend come around I'm up for just about anything :)A little about me. I have a great sense of humor. I am very easy going and laid back.I'd like to try new things :) Anyway, tell me a lil about yourself. Where are you staying please send me a recent pic of you too thanks.
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