Scam letter(s) from Juliet Barsharn to Mohamed (Egypt)

Letter 1
FROM MISS JULIET Thanks allot for your precious time to inbox me i will explain more to you in details my position and why i initiated this contact with you. Due to my critical condition right now i will not hesitate to make known to you all about me so please do not delay as i am going to expose a lot about my self and background here to you without us knowing each other very well but i belief that every solid partnership starts just on a day so ours as i am wishing can not be different.

More about me:
My name is Juliet Barsharn, i am a single daughter of my parents, a citizen of Sudan in North Africa,i am 23 yrs old, presently i am residing in a church Orphanage home here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country few years ago, my father was Late Col. Isaiah Abraham Barsharn, he was a top politician and a prominent successful oil business man, i lost my both Parents during this deadly Political War that Damaged Thousands of innocent Souls in Sudan i managed to escaped to Senegal through the help of (UNICEF) and red cross i was in my 1st year in the University before the political crisis in my country which led to ****** civil war began and unfortunately it claimed the life of my beloved ones and living me in this frustrating / painful condition Please listen to this and try to keep it to your self only When my father was alive he deposited some money in a bank in London and he used my name as his next of kin, the amount is US$5.7m (Five Million Seven Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) i have the statement account of the fund and the death certificate of my father here with me. Due to my statue as a refugee i cannot transfer this money by myself, when i contacted the bank officer he advice me to look for a foreigner partner who will stand on my behalf to the bank, that is why i decided to make this contact with you, for you to stand on my behalf to the bank and ask them the possibility of transferring this fund into your position in your country i have with me all the Information concerning the fund. I am helpless without you, i am having no account,any raw money at hand and no body abroad as a friend or relation to help me out for it is my wish to further life abroad. After the transfer of the money into your account, you will help me withdraw some money and send to me to enable me obtain all my traveling documents to join you and have a good business with you and continue my education which is my most important concern and for the capital investment which you have to help me for that. I will be ready to offer you 25% of the whole money a compensation and will equally map out another 5% to pay you back for any expenses you may make, if at all there will be. I'm emailing you through the reverend computer who is in charge of the camp were i am now i told him about my situation and he permitted me to access my email in his office computer when ever he has chance with it, The Reverend Phone number (+221-77-345-7465) his Name is George Kalifah, when you call ask of Miss Juliet Barsharn,he will send for me to answer your call. Please i am waiting for your urgent response so that we can proceed Send me Your Full names, Address, occupation, and telephone number, ones i receive them from you i will then draft a mail to the bank to present you as my partner after which i will equally give you their contact details, so that when you contact them they will honor your application
Thanks Miss Juliet Barsharn.
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