Scam letter(s) from Alina Arterchuk to Jeff (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hi! This is Olga again. I wrote you a message recently but saw no answer from you
So I'm writing you once more.
Waiting for your reply on my e-mail
Letter 2
Hi Jeff!
Jeff, I am really glad to get your letter. And we can continue our acquaintance.
I want to say that this is my first encounter with a man in the Internet. So I'm a little worried...
Jeff, I work as a nurse in the city hospital.
In the break room where I eat lunch, there is a working computer with Internet access. So every day, on his lunch hour, I can answer your letter.
I first thought about online Dating but decided to try it. Because I saw on TV advertising, that many people found each other with the help of the Internet and very happy now. Because there are no borders and distances for Dating. So a little about me. My name is Olga. I'm 28 years old. My birthday is April 12. My height is 169 sm.
My weight is 52 kg. I have no bad habits. I am single and never been married. I have no children.
I have a calm nature. I live alone, if I may say so. My mom and dad work geologists so very rarely at home. They are very often on business trips in Russia.
I'm an only child in the family. I don't have brothers and sisters. I live in a small but beautiful city of Balakovo in Russia.
I don't know how to explain where it is. But I can definitely say that it is a beautiful place.
Can you tell me more about you? About your life and activities? For example, I like to dance.
In his spare time, and go to the gym. It also helps me keep order in my body. I'm watching my figure.
I think you already noticed it :). What are you looking for in a woman? And the most important question for me this: "What do you expect from Dating a woman?" It is important to know for me now at the beginning of our acquaintance, then to between us there was no disagreement. Because flirting and friendship does not interest me.
I have a lot of friends. And I need love and serious relationship. The only reason I'm here. I want to find for me a good man for a serious relationship. Therefore, age is not important to me. Important to me the soul of man. I don't think the age difference is an important factor in the relationship between man and woman. Because with age men only smarter and wiser. I'd be happy to be with a man who is serious about a woman.
I hope that our acquaintance will be pleasant. I wish you answered my questions sincerely.
I love sincerity and the truth. I understand that you have a lot of questions for me. Also I have to you.
All cannot be specified in the profile. You can ask that you are interested to know about me.
I will sincerely answer you. If I have interested you I will write you more about me in following letters. Ok?
I have attached some photos in my letter.
Hope you like it.
I'm waiting for your answer and your photo.
Your new friend Olga
Letter 3
Hello Jeff!
Thank you for your letter. How are you? I'm good. I hope that your answer means that I'm still interested in you?
I hope so. Because you're nice to me and interesting to me to communicate with you. I would like to write to you more often but I don't have an opportunity because my home computer has long been broken and I can't fix it.
Now when I realize that you and I have common goals met. I really hope that we get together to implement them in reality.
Because I don't want to play love and teenage relations. I don't want to spend a long time on empty correspondence.
Romance is for young people. I need only the reality and sincerity in relations.
I am serious so I want to see the ending of such a relationship, a family.
Previously I didn't think I could have a conversation with a man who is far from me. And you? Besides, I for the first time, made the first step to get acquainted. It's not like me:). Because I'm a little shy in real life, so I began searching for love online. But when my search has stopped on yours profile I have understood from this only one thing.
The search for the woman for you this serious intention. So I threw away all the ambitions and doubts. Now I'm sure made the right decision. Because with each new your letter I understand that you are an interesting man.
I like calm, serious, fair men. The man I can love. The man who will love me with all your heart. Jeff, I hope you will be able to be this man.
Jeff, you are such a man? I don't want to start building a relationship.
I'm asking you to be honest with me, after all the lies no relationship to build. Of course, too early to decide what awaits us in the future.
It does not solve in letters, I think. Everything will be clear when we're closer to each other. I want to try to explain where the city of Balakovo in which I live. The city Balakovo to be about 1000 km from Moscow.
You know Moscow,or? If more precise the city of Balakovo be in Saratovskoy oblasti. I hope that you understand now where I live, where is my city. Because I don't know how to explain it differently. I'm working with. I work as a nurse in a hospital for 6 years. I like my job because I help people. I received a good education. I graduated from high school and medical University.
When I was at University, I studied English. Though of course I speak better than write. I'm not good to write in your language.
But I hope you understand me. I have a lot of time invested studying and my work. Because I thought that the happiness and success in life.
But now I realized that work didn't bring me happiness. Work was the reason why I have still no husband, no children.
I decided to change my Outlook on life because the years go by. And I'm still single. I decided that family was more important than a career.
I believe I made the right decision. Where did you go? Where are you working? I'm really interested to know about you.
So write to me. I'll be waiting. You can ask any questions. I have no problem to answer that. Okay?
I'm sending you 4 pictures and on one picture I and my girlfriend Kate.
Your Olga
Letter 4

Hey Jeff!
Thank you for your letter. How was your day? Today I arrived my grandmother. She missed me. I try to visit my grandmother almost every weekend and in your free time. But it's so much work to do. I usually work without any graphics. Sometimes I have hard days.
Sometimes you have to work in weekend, if the course requires work. So grandma did not wait and came on her own. She lives in a village 20 km from the city, so it's not a problem. My grandmother already 70 years old, but she still feels young. She says in so doing, it helps fresh air in the village and work. If it stops working and less moving, it feels like approaching old age.
So she is still doing housework and garden. My grandmother has a garden in the courtyard, where in summer she plants flowers the vegetables and fruits. In the summer I often come to her to help in the garden. I also love flowers, especially tulips. My grandmother never secrets from each other. And of course I told the grandmother about you. I hope you don't mind? Because this is really good news. It has long wants to see me in a wedding dress. Now she will wait for me to bring her one of your pictures. If you don't mind...
I will try to tell more of my family. Hope it will be interesting for you...
I said that my parents are geologists. They are very rarely home, so my grandmother was fully engaged in my upbringing.
But this does not mean that I love my parents less grandmother. My parents gave me education. Parents taught me to respect kindness, honesty in people. When they arrive home, we constantly spend time together. They really wanted to, I was also a geologist. But I have chosen medical faculty. Grandma teaches me everything she knows. I also like cleanliness and a cosiness in the house. I'm a good cook, like my grandmother. In addition to the grandmother and parents and my best friend Kate, I don't have people close to me. I'm glad now I have you! Since the beginning of our acquaintance, I'm a little scared just what I live thousands of miles from you. I was afraid of what you don't even want to know me. Or treat me not serious because of the distance between our countries. So now I want to tell you I'm not afraid of distance between us. This distance some hours of flight. I hope you also understand it.
So I don't think it will be a problem for us, if we really want solid relationships. I repeat solid relationship ! I hope you agree with me??? I want you to be honest with me. If you don't like me, you better say it right now, in the beginning of our acquaintance. I don't want us to have secrets from each other.
I ask you to answer my questions. Ask me and I will also tell you more about me. What else are you interested to know about me?
I send you my photo on which I with his grandmother and his grandfather in their village, there are very nice!
Jeff, I hope I will get soon your letter and photo. You send them to me? I'll be waiting.
With respect, your Olga
Letter 5
Hello Jeff!
Your letter, somehow lifted my mood. I had today is not good day for me. At lunchtime at work, I went to the cafe with my colleague to eat. And then I found that I didn't have my mobile phone in the bag. I thought I left my phone at work. But when to go back, I also not found this on my work. I was very upset. I called my phone and it is now disabled. Looks like I left the phone unattended, I don't even remember where. And someone took my phone. I'm very frustrated, because this phone I really liked. It was a gift of parents on my birthday last year.
Don't even know what they now say...
I'm sorry that it happened. Because I wanted today to give you my phone number. So that you she could call me and write sms... it Seems that now I have to buy a new phone for me... unfortunately I can't do it quickly. My salary is only next month. Thus, I tell you my phone number immediately, as I will again have a new phone. Ok?
But enough about sad things, I try to forget about it. How was your day? How are you? You had a good day? What has happened?
Today to me for work came my friend Kate. We've been friends with her since childhood. This is my best friend.
I told her about our acquaintance. I think, you not against? You saw her photo, I sent it to you.
She was very happy for me. Because it is already he is married and has a young son. She invited me to the anniversary of her wedding. She asked that I helped her cook for the festive table. She knows I love to cook food. This of course, Russian food such as pies or soups. Have you heard of this food? But I also experiment a lot, sometimes I make pizza, pudding. My friends like it when I treat them. I love salads such as "Caesar". I'll get you on our first meeting. I can also prepare meals according to your wishes. Jeff, what do you like food? It is fun for me. Jeff, how do you relax? I love nature and the summer sea. Every year I arrange leave from work. When my parents returned from the expedition, I'm going to my aunt in guests. My aunt lives in Sochi on the coast. You know Sochi, or? In 2014 there were the Olympic games, so I think you know that. Since my childhood I love to go to aunt's to visit. I remember when I first saw the sea, it was an unforgettable experience for me. When I was a kid loved the big waves of the sea and I always catching those waves.
I'm sorry if not always I answer all your questions. You don't think I'm ignoring them or don't understand. I have told you that English for me is not a problem. So I have no problem to understand you. I always try to answer all your questions. But as I write you from work at lunchtime I have a limited the amount of time. So I can't use msn for communication. Sometimes, I may not have time to answer all questions. And if I do not answer something important for you. You just remind me. Okay?
I don't know when you get my letter. Morning? Or in the evening? But I will hope that my letter always brings you good mood!
Tomorrow, I'll know:)
I send you my photo on which I on vacation at aunt Mari in Sochi.
Your Olga
Letter 6
Hello Jeff!!!!!
I'm glad to get your letter. It really makes a smile on my face today. How are you? I hope that all is well. Thoughts of you warm my soul.
Yesterday when I came home, made dinner for one person. I sat alone and thought a lot. Why I only recently realized, what is most important for women is not a career! A happy family, a happy husband and happy children. Now I'd have a husband whom I could share this dinner. The husband, who I could hug and kiss before bed. The children, who gave us happiness. Maybe I was destined to wait for a decent man, not to rush such an important decision. Maybe it's even better, because now I have you. Maybe you are my destiny. Do you believe in fate? Yesterday on TV was a wonderful romantic movie "Titanic". I really love this movie. This film is about a sincere love. Every time I watch this film with great pleasure. Jeff and do you like movies? what genre? And to go to the theater you like? I love to watch movies. I like romantic comedies. I think that will come the day when together we will be able to go to the cinema to watch a good romantic movie. I want to explain to you why earlier I could not find a man for marriage. The main reason is work which takes a lot of time. But I don't I can say that I was deprived of male attention. I had meetings with men, but it was not serious. These men are afraid a serious relationship or just were not ready for it. Also many men have addiction to drink many alcohol and to pour your own shortcomings. Serious relations with such man never the good can not be. I watched on TV that in other countries is very few men who are lazy and abuse alcohol. There marriage is very serious step in life. Do you drink alcohol?
Jeff, just tell me the truth. I hope you do not abuse with it??? I don't drink or smoke. Only holiday I allow himself to drink a glass of good white wine. I don't mind if a man drinks alcohol. But it must be little and very seldom because I don't want the alcohol to quarrel. I wish my husband was always happy and in a good mood, without alcohol. And I will try to do all this. I'm ready to kiss and hug him constantly. If only it made him happy. I want us every day enjoyed the love, passion and tenderness to each other.
Sending you more photos, some of them I'm at the gym. And with my girlfriend Alena.
I'll wait for your letter tomorrow.
Your Olga
Letter 7
Hi Jeff!!!!!!!
I'm glad to get your letter. I thought about you all day today. Today I spent the day my girlfriend Kate. I already told you previously that her wedding anniversary. When I helped Kate cook, she asked me as our relationship. What we plan to do next with our relationship. Serious relationship or just friends correspondence. If a serious relationship is when we plan our meeting. I told her that we were serious. If convenient case to meet, we will certainly use them. To be honest, I don't like discussing my personal life.
So I try to make my own decisions, especially such important. I appreciate that you're trying to answer all my questions and attentively read my letters. I see that I am interesting to you.
Jeff, I'm glad we found each other. ours with you acquaintance pleasure for me. You're an interesting and sociable man. You write to me wonderful letters! I want to hope that our relations do not stop only on correspondence. This is my opinion and I want to be honest with you.
Because I think about you I thought about you and me!
I'm glad a million people on the Internet, we were able to find each other. It seems to me that it's fate. I can not call it!
Now, when I Wake up, my head is busy thinking about you! When I go to sleep, my head is occupied only with thoughts of you. You brought me back to reality. Earlier I gave all time to work. But now I have other thoughts. Thinking about you. This happiness for me. I think if you were good. How did you spend your day. What you're doing. Correspondence with you gives me great fun. It is very nice when the man understands my feelings. So I'm not afraid to trust you my feelings. I don't know why but I trust you. I did not have such feelings to the man for a long time. But you deserve my trust. I'm sure the confidence, it the main thing for strong and happy marriage. I want us to have no secrets from each other! Do you agree? We're looking for a serious relations, which can then lead to marriage! Therefore, we must be very Frank! We need to trust each other!
I think a lot about how will be our first meeting after the virtual Dating, since this is my first experience in The Internet. I can not yet imagine our first meeting, but I'm not afraid of her. And you're afraid of our first meeting?
You thought about this already? It is interesting to me...
I'll wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your sincere Olga
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