Scam letter(s) from Kylie Carlos to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I am intelligent to say the least very inclined to my dreams. Very content with my achievements and health, God fearing but not religious, I love Sax Jazz, I hold integrity in high esteem and full of commitment to the proper agenda I'm a deep thinker, with a passion for truth. Life-long learner, love to learn about almost anything!.. Love traveling, exploring new places. I have a passion for helping others, embrace differences as well as similarities... Romantic heart with a scientific mind. Believe love is an action - soulmates are made not found. Enjoys traveling, beach, jogging, hiking, skiing, cars, animals and nature. Tries to live a healthy lifestyle.
Letter 2
I found you creeping on my profile and wonder what it is you might be interested in with me, however I took a minute to check you out too and I like what your profile reads. Kylie 31 single and searching for my soulmate., tell me little about you, don’t be a stranger.
Letter 3
Thank you for getting in touch with me, well i'm here to meet a man who is ready to build a serious relationship that will last till the end of time, and i'm not here for head games, i wouldn't want a man to waste my time, as i will never do such to him. i guess this little note gives you more insight of what i'm looking for, tell me a little about you and what you seek for?
Letter 4

I like all you said about yourself, that sound interesting....anyways might be off here to do some chores, can we talk off here? exchange emails? so we can share pictures
Letter 5
I hope you are having a great day today and this note gives you a better understanding of me. My name is Kylie Judy Carlos, originally Mexican, Dad was born in the city of Juarez in Mexico and mom is from Gold Coast, Australia, where she met my dad though she was born in, Chicago IL. Dad had moved to the Gold Coast since he was 21 and spent literally the most part of his life there working, he met my mom at the age of 30, He was basically into the supply, delivery and installation of medical machines, eg C.T scan machine, MRI etc tools to a number of well known hospital around the world and his work had him traveling a lot all around the world. After dating mom for 2 years, they finally tied the knot, got married and decided to settle in Illinois, America, A year after I was born in July 7th 1985 in the city of Chicago in Illinois I'm 5’7, look just like my mom, I love traveling, swimming, spending time outdoor on weekends, I like to go to the beach on Sundays,I also enjoy staying indoor pretty laid back with that special one cuddling in bed all day, I'm hopelessly romantic and know how to treat my man, I can cook pretty good too, I'm still in search for answers to the mystery of finding that one man who will not cheat me and take my love for granted. I live alone in Chicago but will move for that special one as Chicago isn't a set stone for me, My job has me traveling all the time mostly around Asia,middle east and sometimes I find myself in Australia. Do tell me about yourself, your interests, hobbies and more about you, I also hope to see some photos when you respond.
Letter 6
I like all you said about yourself, and i will love to do all that with the right man and also thank you for the compliements, you are so sweet, i like all the photos You sent as well, you look younger than your age, and that makes you more handsome, i would love to read more comprehensive note from you, just as i did in my previous letter.....Thank you
Letter 7
Thank you for your prompt response, i hope this little note, brighten up your day , I was delighted to find your email here and quickly set some minutes aside to write you a note telling you more about myself, but before i do that, i like some of your interest, they seems nice and cool, and i will love to do all that with that right man, back to me…
I’ve been single for the past 3 years and certainly not in a hurry to get into another relationship, my previous experience was horrible and when I think about it, it just drives me nut, we dated for 5 years and all the time we spent together in my life,with my family. We had been planning our marriage for months,picking colors and places, making hotel reservations and arrangements for the wedding, we decided to have dinner with a few high school buddies, mine and he’s on my wedding eve, its unbelievable what happened, I just go nuts when I think about it.
I'm sorry for the lost of your girlfriend, in life there's always ups and downs and there are also reasons for somethings happening in ourlives, but i know God is aware of all of that, and He knows best, and also He will provide a perfect woman that would bring back your happiness back to you and make you smile again (Amen)
To tell you a little about what gets me going,I supply Diagnostic equipment for medical imaging machines, used to aid in diagnosis. Ultrasound and MRI machines, PET and CT scanners, and x-ray machines.( Radiology Equipment ) I bet you know about this things, I literally had to jump into this field of life after studying accounting in London, my dad was a major supplier of this equipments, He was a Radiologist and was majorly in the supply field, he was a good man and good people always get the worse betrayals. I lost both him and my mom at the age 24
I get pretty busy with the job but will definitely make out time to build a relationship and when I’m totally certain its what I had waited on all this year, I could take a break from having to travel all the time, I get pretty caught up with a lot but think about settling down when I find the right one, certainly not in a rush. Money is good with work but you know every aspect in life has it ups and downs, its pretty tasking to do something you never envisioned without directions from the only ones who could be totally true to you in every field, not super coat anything.

Here are some questions i would like to know about you:

Would you relocate for love?
What’s your biggest regret in life?
Are you looking for commitment?
Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
What’s your biggest goal in life right now?
What kind of things really make you laugh?

PS- I cook pretty good and will make you some nice Mexican tacos if you like thos
Letter 8
I hope this little note of mine brightens your day like the sun whenever you read from me, my job keeps me pretty busy, it gets hectic, mind tasking and demanding but what has to be done has to be done and I do my best to live up to expectations even though I never planned my life out like this, I have to keep the family business going, most especially keep my dad’s dream alive.I think of myself as a major supplier and have supplied a number of notable hospitals mostly in Mexico reckoning the good profile my dad had built supporting several causes and using his position to influence the health awareness, donating several aids to facilitates hospitals around the country. On my 25th birthday, I donated a machine worth an approximate 180.000.00 to a less privileged home in a rural community in Juarez, giving back the little I could at the time to the less privileged as I can relate to living in a world without paternal care, its a cold world and I wonder what my life could have turned out if I never got to meet my parents for a day, I cherish every memory and sometime wish I could turn back the hands of time, I guess every does have that wish but its life Sometime around the year I made that donation, a year before, I ran into some legal issue with a hospital in Cambodia, dad had supplied over 30 units of MRI machines in a project he financed with his business monies including personal monies too, it was a big project and several other supplier were bidding for it, he was a step ahead reckoning that the hospital only agreed to make 5% upfront payment for the supplies and scheduled to remit payments upon delivery and installation of all the machines which normally would take a period of 3 months, the MRI machine is worth a maximum 300.000.00 depending on preference indicated by the hospital to install supplies, its used to scan and diagnose the internal body image, so long its internal both soft tissues and boney structures, it visualizes functional activities in the brain, its a pretty fragile machine and has to be handle with care, he was the best at what he did but even that couldn’t change is fate with death, he passed on 3 days to the schedule payment date with my mom in a tragic car accident, leaving me unexperienced to handle a situation I wasn’t prepared for, it still feels like yesterday when I think about it and I believe it was a miracle that I pulled things off with the hospital, after crossing that boundary and overcoming the fear of the unknown, I found confidence to only expect the best from every situation. I attached some photos, i hope you will like it, and i would also love to see yours too, Thank you :)
Letter 9
If you have an ICQ App on your cell phone, you can add me up with my UIN 714258759 or KiK swtkylie so we can talk better and if you do not have, you can download it, its pretty easy to set up within seconds, i will be waiting for your request, have a nice day ahead
Letter 10
Lol...yea, but we need to have a little converstion and get to know more better when we chat, Do you have any of those app or you are not interested in chatting?
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