Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Nemolaeva to Mac (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Mike. I hope you remember you answered my email. I am sorry I did not write back soon. I just was out of town having official journey for training and thought much about my reply. I heard there are many bad people all over the internet who wants to use someone or just looking for a *****. I am not that type of girls who makes ***** or **** pictures. I am serious and I really have not any time for games etc. I am not interested if you are married also or just looking for ***. My real name is Svetlana but friends call me Sveta often. I am 31, single, never married, no any kids, living is small Russian town called Mikun.
I have not any boyfriend cause I will leave Russia and there is no any sense to start any relationship.
My height is 5'7" (170 cm) weight is about 138.9 lbs (63 kg). I have grey-blue eyes and blonde colored hair. I don't smoke and drink red wine or champagne for a holiday occasionally. I keep active life, like sport and outdoors. I have some hobbies such as reading and listening to music. I like cookery also. I love animals.
I am calm and loyal, enough emotional and sensible. I am a Christian but not a fanatic believer. I attend church seldom. I want to meet good man with kind soul and great sense of humor. I am family oriented and my goal is to make family happy. I need support and understanding in my life. Decent, honest and caring are the things I am looking for. I am ready to become the fond and tender wife good friend and partner.
I am serious about my intentions but I'm looking for real friendship first because I am going to work abroad.
I don't know anyone there and I hope we could be friends. I hate any type of lies. I was planning to move to the states but politic relations between Russia and United States are not so good at the moment. I am going to visit Canada in March. I paid agency in my town for searching someone through internet and thank you for your reply. I am not talking with someone else. I am hardworking well educated medic and I have not much time for typing emails.
There was several replies from Africa and India and from you.
I will have a flight to Toronto airport. I will stay there several days for choosing the places for my living. Anyway I will need to go in many places and cities for having medical practice that's why it will be great to have a true friend who live there long time ago and know much about the country. Is that you Mike?
I am going to live and work about a year then I hope I could stay forever if I will have a desire of course. I hope you understand my English. I use dictionary for writing and still have not any talking practice. Nobody speaks English here. I guess you are not a robot or computer program so please tell me more about yourself and answer all my questions please. Do you know any Russian people or are you ever talked with Russian woman or man? What do you think? Just curious. What are you doing every day? Job? Occasions?
Again sorry for delay but your reply was in my spam folder so please add me in your white list I will do the same.
Please send me your current recent pictures and again tell me your exact location and exact age. I need to be sure we are on a right way. I really don't want to waste time and I am not sure I will write back if you will not answer my questions including your real pictures. Svetlana.
Letter 2
Dear Mike,
It became my favorite time of the day when I can sit here at the computer.
Once again I want to apologize if I delay my reply. Lately I was passing some medical tests and it took almost all my free time. To be honest I hate to go to doctors appointments and be in the clinic as a patient.
I've got good news for you regarding my travel. First, I have completed all the medical issues and they concluded that I am totally healthy.
I am aware of my physical state without their tests but you know your government needs some paper to let me in.
You must have known how much paperwork is involved in the immigration process. All papers and copies must be properly translated and certified.
I am happy they are finally done. The second news is about my visa. It will be ready in a week. I've tried to find out a precise date of my flight in the agency but nobody seems too bothered with it. They said there are a few reserved flights and it depends on how soon my visa is issued.
For now let's continue the process of getting to know each other over the email. I will try to do it more often from now. I have a number of main office of employment agency. It is +13477057801. I have also a personal code for checking my coming date. It's 0585. I tried to call several times but it seems my cell still not working for calling abroad. Mike, if you have a chance please try to dial this number and let me know what they say about my coming okay? I hope it will be not hard for you. Do you have anything new happening? How are you? I want to tell you about an amusing incident. Yesterday I visited Olga again.
She is a single parent of Sasha, her daughter, who is very nice and turns five next week. The three of us went for a walk, in the park, to breath the fresh air and work up an appetite before the dinner. On our way back we walked by an old, deserted house when Sasha heard some squealing. Upon entering the house we found three small kittens, a month old at most. The kittens were shivering for fear and possibly starvation.
We were stroking the kittens to comfort and warm them when a red and white cat appeared. It was very alarmed and started hissing at us, to protect its young. After finding out the cat was male we were amused at his protective instincts. Impossible to tell whether he was the bio-father or not but it was incredible to see him take care of the kittens after their mother died.
I had never seen a male cat do that and found it touching if odd.
After talking, we took the kitten home to save their lives as they were very weak and hungry. They would have definitely died of starvation.
Sasha was happy to help as it has always been her dream to have her own kitty and now she gets to care for three at once.
She was delighted to care for the kittens all evening long. Despite being a little girl she is good with animals and wants to become a vet, so she can treat animals, when she grows up. Olga let her keep one kitty for herself and care for the other two until finding them new homes.
Sasha said it was the best birthday present ever.
Then we had a dinner together after that we sat and drank hot tea with home-made pie. It was very warm and sweet dinner.
I so much love such pleasant family evenings. I have known Sasha from her birth and I was the one who helped Olga to take care of her baby.
I got so attached to Sasha that I call her my daughter. I looked at Sasha patting the kittens with happy smile on her face and my heart filled with joy.
Children really know how to live in the current moment and enjoy life and every small thing. We, adults, must learn from them how to do it.
Then I told Sasha that I am going to move to another country and miss her very much. She asked if she could come and visit me there.
She said she would like to see my boyfriend. I guess Olga told her about you and me. Sasha said she loves Disney animations and she'd like to go to a Disney amusement part with Olga, me and you. What do you think about it? I think we could take a small vacation, go around and see interesting places and the sights all together, couldn't we? Mike, I've just caught myself at the thought that I make plans for the future as if we are together already. I actually have very strong feeling towards you. I am afraid I can't explain it because it's very mixed and hardly perceptible. It's like we are somehow connected and I have known you for a long, very long time, maybe for several lives. It's very warm and pleasant sense. I believe a soul is immortal and it meets the same harmonious souls in every life. When we meet such a person we can feel at ease and relaxed just after a while. I hope it doesn't sound too esoteric to you.
I am not going to scare you off with my thoughts? I will wait your email and I hope you could help me dialing the number I gave. I am sending the picture of me and my mother's cat called Vasya. Hope you like it. Svetlana.
Letter 3
My dear Mike, I did not know how to begin my email and how I can tell you such a things. I see I must do it because I can't hide it from you nor keep silence any longer. I did not want to spoil your weekend but mine is already spoiled yesterday. I appreciate our relationship highly and I am afraid it may be affected. Also I don't want you to be insulted in the least degree so, please, accept my excuses if I do. Well, the matter is that I received unexpected and very unpleasant news from my agency. You know that I am rather an independent person and I don't like to ask others for any help.
This time I can't handle the situation myself and I am going to ask you a favor. I need your assistance to complete my travel. Now I will give you all the details so you could get deep understanding before making any decision.
As you know when I'd gotten my visa I went to the agency to take my papers and ticket.
There I learned they would had a problem with the exchange program. They were about to suspend it because they hadn't received any payment from your country to cover expenses and send employees there. I demanded an explanation for the whole process. The fact is that when an employer anticipate in the program he pays all expenses and insure every worker coming abroad. In case a worker doesn't come an employer receives reimbursement. However underwriters have stopped insuring specialists coming. They don't want to take risk in the international confrontation conditions. Nor employers want to risk their money paying expenses without any guarantee of a worker arrival. The director of the agency was truly sorry for me and other participants. He said it's not fair when usual people suffer from politicos games. They had faced such difficulties for the first time. The previous group went in January just fine.
They had been expecting the funds came and continued the paperwork as usual.
They learnt a few days before my visit that all payments had been suspended.
He said the agency would not maintain the program any longer however current participants still can make it. The participants have to pay all the expense by themselves. In that case, the agency gives them all the documentation and airplane tickets, all the conditions on the arrival remain valid. I mean the possibility to choose a job, housing and receiving an advance from an employer. The flight is scheduled on March 22 and money must be paid until the date. Then I asked him how much I must pay. He said the whole amount that includes the fee for the paperwork, airfare and hotel reservation is 5700. Some participants have already paid their service and I thought to myself that I could do it as well. So I told him I am in and paid 2000 right away to keep a seat for me.
The director said that was wise decision because when I come I will receive the advance and good job. It gives me an opportunity to begin new life and restore my financial situation in short time.
Mike, I think you understand that I haven't expected such a turn for the worse. I paid to the agency all the money saved up for my move. I also spent a lot of money for the documents legalization and participation in the program.
Now after making this payment I've become almost penniless. The only thought keeps my spirit up is that everything will be all right when I come. So I talked to all my friends and acquaintances. I told them about my situation and asked them to loan some money to me. My request helped me to see the real essence of some of my friends. I know that true friend is being known in grief not happiness. Some of them was sincerely sympathetic with me when others just masked their gloat with forced smiles and excuses. Well, it is not the matter, I was just feeling so rotten asking them for help. My friend Olga gave me around five hundreds, she's been saving money for a new furniture. She said that my success is more important to her than a new sofa in her apartment. A couple of friends also helped me to get another 900.
Then my mom gave me her savings, another thousand. I am very grateful to them all. With their help I could collect 2400. I have tried all resources to gather the rest of the money but I had no success. Now I want to ask a favor of you. I am short of 1300.
Could you, please, lend that money to me? I need it to complete my travel. I will repay it to you as soon as I come there and get my advance. I give you my word. I am so very sorry for making this request. I don't know how to ask for help.
I would never ask you if I had more time or other resource to do it myself.
I've been in deep thought, I've been hesitant whether I should ask you. Then I came to conclusion that I have two ways only: abandon my plans or do everything depending on me, just to gain my end. I thought to my self - I have one more friend I can ask for help. I want to be honest with him, I have a problem I can't solve yourself. Let him know all the circumstances and if he has good and true intentions and means he would help me to come there. Another reason I've decided to ask you for assistance was my thought
- if I was you and I learnt you need my help, I would do everything to help you come to me and begin new life.
Moreover I would got disappointed if you didn't ask me for help and gave up your plans. Well, here I am. I don't know whether it was good idea to tell you all the things. I know that you may think many different things about me now. I want to say you something before I close my email. I am real mature woman and I need an equal. I know that a relationship is responsibility. I am ready to accept the responsibility for our common future and happiness. I am ready to work hard for everything we want to have, no matter there is a physical or spiritual thing. From what I've learnt about you I feel that you are the man I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I understand that my request may affect our relationship but I do this in hope we are enough mature to talk frankly. I believe it's right way although it is hard.
Mike, please, think well about my request. I am very serious about us, I am open and frank to you. I feel that we are very right for each other and I want us to meet and prove it in reality. We must use this chance to change our life for the better. We are worthy of having happiness. I need your faith and your help to do the last step. Please, give me good news, tell me you try to help.
But please give the true exact answer. I really never wanted to be a beggar.
With all my love, your woman, Svetlana.
Letter 4
Mike it is Olga again. Svetlana did not lose job but she will take pause because of accident. She have broken right leg knee.
I am send you copy of x-ray picture of she and I shall try to make a picture of she if you want later but I don't think she want it.
Medics told she need to be in hospital 7 or 8 weeks. I have number there is 821-343-2658. Doctor said she need transportation to Moscow clinics for surgery soon but it needs 460 thousands roubles and it is around 8 thousand your currency for medical surgery because she will be disabled without it.
All friends trying to help and collect money for her transportation. Now we have 255 thousand roubles. Mike if you can help also please tell me how much you can. Any help is good. Svetlana told me she asked your help once and she ask me not to ask you about anything. But I do all for she and I shall ask everybody. I not talked Sveta about my asking because she told not ask you for help. She said she will send you letter when she will back but I want she will back not disables. I don't want she will be *******. Not much time for surgery but I will pray her. Please write you can help part for surgery or not. Svetlana told me you good man and I trust her. I can write later. If you will start help for surgery write me how much you can give. Any help will be good. Olga.
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