Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Alikina to Alf (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Alf!!!! I was very pleased to receive your letter and I am grateful that you have agreed to help our meeting. because without you I would not have coped with it, and I did everything I could.
probably you know that it is easier and cheaper to use a system of international money Transfer WesternUnion, MoneyGram or RIA. These companies have branches in every city and will not be easy to get any money. My friend told me that you need to know my data:
My full name: Tatyana Alikina
Country: Russia
City: Volgograd
Phone: +79278773047
After you send the money, you get control number, which you must give me the same way and all your data. Your full name, address, and Of course the exact amount of the transfer. Beloved, if you do it quickly, then Very soon we will be together. I can tell you the date of my journey, only after you make the transfer, and I pay for a contract with a travel agency. And it will be the happiest time for you and me. I really want us to be together. Because you became part of me, part of my life. I love you. your Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello dear Alf!!!! How are you there so far away from me? Of course i hope all ok with you. And i want say to you that I''m so much happy received and read your letter. Its make my day much better. And thank you so much for your answer. For me very important to know your opinion about my e-mails. I was say to you already that I''m serious woman. And of course i want find serious man. I want find man with whom i will spend rest of my life. I know that for you very important find right woman too. We have one common purpose. And i think its great. We need go together to this purpose. What you think about this?
I never was meet people in internet. This is my first time. Usually i meet people at real life. But have communicate with you its different experience for me. I love talk with you. I can say that you my friend.
I was say to you before that i want be not only lovers with my man.
Also i want that we will be friends. I want talk with my man. I want to do something together. When i will be married i don''t want sit at home. Of course i want go to work. Say me please its will be possible find work for me? Or you think its will be hard for me? I can do all kind of work. I''m so much happy write letter to you each time. I hope you love my e-mail. And I''m sorry that some times they some long. Just i write to you what i think. I write to you what i feel. With you i feel myself free. I think its important when you ca talk with person free. Your letter make me happy, and i want that me e-mail make you happy too. I write to you with all my soul and with all my heart. At this i finish my letter. I will wait your soon answer. I send to you many kisses. See yuo! Tatyana
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