Letter(s) from Nina Simonova to Anthony (Australia)

Letter 1

Greetings, I am pleased to receive your answer to my letter. From your letter I Have understood, in which you have become interested in me. I very much Would like, that our correspondence has passed further. I was long Decided to try to find the friend through the Internet. As I am in Russia, it was difficult be entering to me a site of service familiar.
In the letter I want to inform you a little about Independently. My name - Natalia. Now I work shop The assistant. I like, lean on the nature, the sports and classical literature.
I, just as any woman want to find the man which could become for me Support in a life Which could understand me as understanding Between people - the basis of love. If you not against, it Our attitudes went, in the following letter which I shall tell to you About me it is direct more in more detail.
Actually my name is Katusha instead of Anya I simply was mistaken in the keyboard.

Letter 2

Greetings my friend Anthony To me to like to receive your letters. Dialogue With you it is interesting to me as all from us - is more, and we study About each other it is more.Anthony, as - you, doing, I hope in you very much Well. I would like to tell about city in which I live a little. I Alive to Kirov - Chepetsk my city, small, but very beautiful. In it is a Party of old architectural structures, and also very beautiful areas and Streets. Especially Kirov - Chepetsk is beautiful in the summer, as in city there Are many green parks. It is interesting for finding out to me about city, in Which you live? I should be in more detail informed on family.
Mine the daddy works the driver, my works of mum in hospital honey The sister. I very much similarly to parents. Earlier I lived together with Parents. But as I already adult to me would be desirable to live Independently. Now I remove an apartment in one of areas of ours City. It is very interesting to study to me in more detail about yours Family and your attitude to close people. I want to establish on you Some questions. As you are represented ideal attitudes The man and the woman? What your ideal the woman? On what, in your opinion,
Attitudes in family are under construction? That qualities do not do It is similar to you in the woman? Also, what you understand a word "love"?
Unfortunately, my time in the Internet - cafe comes nearer up to the end.
About The impatience I should with impatience wait to receive news from you. Your friend