Scam letter(s) from Elena to Andrew (England)

Letter 1
Hello, my friend Andrew!
I am very glad to see your letter today! I like what you write to me! Andrew, and are you glad that we met ?? It's so nice to know that we're starting to learn more about each other! I really could not believe that I would get acquainted with a man on the Internet, but now it happened! And I'm glad that I tried such a chance to meet a man! I'm totally excited about our dialogue. Today I hurried to the Internet cafe as soon as possible to see your letter! And I was glad when I saw that you wrote to me! It is very nice. I agree you have a big family :) it's great that you have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, do you often meet with them? You probably had a happy childhood :) and thanks for the photo of the fish you caught a big one :) I have never caught such a fish :)
My dear friend Andrew. Today I want to tell you more about my family, about our traditions, and about everything connected with it. I told you in my last letter that I have a grandmother, and her name is Tamara. She is a very good person, and the most beautiful grandmother! My grandmother is 76 years old, but she is in good health. My parents and I often visit her! The village where she lives is called "Bolshoye Sedelnikovo", this is a small village, but with beautiful nature! In summer there is very beautiful, not far from the village there are many trees, huge green fields. There it is always quiet, quiet, and there is clean air. And in the winter there is very beautiful, there are places where you can ski. This is a very pleasant place.
I really enjoy visiting my grandmother. And she is always glad that we come! In the evenings, my grandmother and I talk a lot, she tells me many stories, and I also tell her the stories that happened in my life, or work :) My grandmother knows so many stories, and I can sit and listen to her stories for hours.
I would be very interested in learning about your friends, what you do with them in your free time, where you go to rest. I would be very interested to know about all this, and about your life as a whole! Andrew every day, I begin to understand that it becomes harder without a loved one. It's very bad when there is not someone near you who can always support you, greet you after a hard day with warm embraces! But I hope, soon everything will change for the better.
My dear Andrew, today I would like to send you more pictures, I hope that you will like them. I hope you had a pleasant day, and my letter has decorated it! Now I will finish my letter, and with impatience I will wait for your letter. Write me, yours Elena
Letter 2
Hello my friend Andrew!
I'm very glad to see your letter again! And I am infinitely glad that you could answer me. Andrew want to tell you honestly. I was very much afraid that you would not answer me. I was afraid to push you away. I just do not have any experience of dating on the Internet. I never could imagine that I can get to know a man like that :) I do not worry much, besides I do not know where to start. I hope you can help me.
I will not tell much about myself! My name is Elena! And I'm 30 years old, I was born on June 7th. I'm tall, my height is 168 centimeters, slender physique! I am a brunette, and have brown eyes, and this you can see in my photo. I like a healthy lifestyle! I love nature, I like to go on picnics, go camping with friends. By itself, I am a calm, and shy person :) I do not smoke, and do not drink alcohol! This is not my style, I like a healthy lifestyle, and I love to follow myself! I'm writing to you from an internet cafe, because I do not have my own computer, but I really would like to buy it. But for the time being I do not have such an opportunity.
I live in a small, but very beautiful city, called EKATERINBURG, located in Russia. Have you ever heard of him ?? A small but clean and beautiful city! In it there live very kind, and sympathetic people! You would see our nature. People come to my city to rest once, and do not want to leave it :) I love my city, and I'm proud that I live in it!
I like my job, it's just work for girls! I like the customers who come to our store, they are very kind and sympathetic. I also have great colleagues and work with them, it's a great pleasure! In the process of work, I meet a lot of very interesting people, and I never get bored in the store, it's especially difficult in holidays, when people buy terribly many products :)
Now I'm 30 years old, and I began to think about the future life. I'm just tired of living alone. How I wish that there would always be a loved one who can always give advice and support at a difficult moment. My city is small, and therefore it is difficult to meet such a person. So I went to an internet cafe. I have heard many times that on the Internet you can meet a wonderful man, and I'm very glad that I met you! I hope that our acquaintance does not stop there! With impatience I will wait for your letter!
My friend Andrew today I want to send my pictures. I hope you like me! And I will also look forward to your photo.
Write to me, do not forget me. Yours Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Andrew!
Today I'm happy again, and I have such a huge smile on my face, from your nice letter! And from all the wonderful words that you wrote to me. My dear Andrew, how are you feeling today? How is your health, and how is your mood? I hope that everything is fine with you, and I hope that when you read my letter and you see my picture, you become happy with this :) I like your photo.
Today I would like to talk with you about serious things. I write to you my letters, and you know that my intentions towards you are really serious. And you noticed from my letters that I do not intend to waste your or your time! And today I would like to explain how seriously I treat you! That you would be confident in me, and in my intentions to you 100 percent!
Communication with you means really a lot for me! You know that I told you about our relationship with your best friend Lyubov, she's my best friend, and I can talk to her on any topic. And when we chatted with her, I told you about what a good man you are, and how much I like you! And Lyubov said that you are really a very good man, and as a person, you have a kind heart. And she is happy for me that I met you! She approved my choice! I also talked with my parents about you, and they also asked a lot about you! And after our conversations, my mom said that you are very different from Russian men, and that you are a very good person! And my mother is just as happy that I communicate with you! All these events that have happened recently in my life, make me really happy girl! And if at the very beginning I had some doubts that we can not do anything, then now I have no doubts! And I think that if we meet in real life, then we will be able to build strong relationships! And to create a wonderful couple, and if I tell the truth, I'll really be happy with it! Because I have long dreamed of meeting such a man, in whom I can be confident! And I know that if I give you my heart, you will not hurt me! And I will be happy, dedicate my life to you! And spend it with you to the very end :) And it will be nice!
I really treat you, and our communication is very serious! I promise you that I will not let you down either when, and I will not hurt you! And so do you, please, promise me that you will not hurt me! And that you will always have respectable to me. Good? I'm just afraid to break my heart a second time, I just will not survive it! I tell you all these words, and I have so much excitement! I hope I did not scare you with my words, and are you still interested in me?
But in any case, I'm really glad that I met you! And I hope that further, for us everything will be just better!
Now I will finish my letter, but I hope very soon to receive your answer again. Please write me it as soon as possible, I really think about you very much, and miss you! Your Elena
Letter 4

Hello my gentle bear Andrew! How is your mood today? And how is your health? How is your parents? everything is fine?
I again sit in front of the computer monitor and am very glad to see your warm letter, with pleasant words from you. And I dream that I would hear all these words in real life and I will not get tired of listening to all these wonderful words that you tell me :) The expectation of this moment does not give me rest in this world, but gives hope that I have already found my happiness, And no matter what between us is a long distance, your words shorten this gulf between us, and make us closer to each other every day. I'm looking forward to when this distance is reduced and we will finally be together forever. I want to tell you that today is a very wonderful day. But it's not so beautiful, because you're not with me. And I know that if we were together, it would be filled with warmth, love and happiness. I want to tell you that I really miss your tenderness and your embrace, your support. It would seem so small things in such a difficult world, but so important in my life. Communication with you gives me much joy, and gives strength for every day!
My dear Andrew. I want to tell you that at the end I found my second half, found the love of my life, and now I have no doubts that together we can create a beautiful couple, have a strong relationship, and great love! I dreamed of such a man, and did not believe that I would ever meet him! But I met you, and now I believe that if a person has a dream, sooner or later it will come true :) My dear Andrew, I believe that no matter what, we'll be together soon. Because we love one another.
It's a pity, but now I have to finish my letter, because my time in the Internet cafe has already ended. All that I wrote to you in this letter, it goes straight from my heart, and I'm so sorry that words can not describe everything that I feel for you !!! But you can feel my love for you when we are together! And you will understand what a great love for you I have! I hope that you believe in us, and in our feelings for each other! I send you my kiss, and I hope he reaches you, and will make your day better, and give you a smile.
With love, your forever Elena!
Letter 5
Hello my love Andrew! How's your mood right now? And how do you feel? My mood right now is on top. I am infinitely glad to receive your letter today. Every day I look forward to your letters. And I'm interested in knowing everything you write to me! Andrew, you know, for all this time that we communicate with you, a lot has changed in my life, my parents and my best friend tell me that I've become happier and smile every day. Everyone likes what mood I'm in right now! And I'm just so happy myself! It's such a pleasant feeling, to know that somewhere far away there is a man for whom I'm not indifferent, he who thinks about me, and worries about me! This is a very pleasant feeling! My love Andrew, you also need to know what I think about you, and worry about you, and you are not indifferent to me! And this already says that I treasure you !!
My dear Andrew, sorry that I can not convey in words, what I feel for you! But it's such a pleasant feeling, I never felt such a feeling! Even in my last letter, I wanted to show, and tell you how I feel now, but through letters can only pass 1 percent of everything that I feel for you! If we were in reality, right now you would understand what strong feelings for you I have!
My love Andrew, we have known each other for the first time, and we have already formed a connection, I see that we have much in common, we have common interests in what we are looking for later life! And every day I understand more and more that you are the man with whom I want to spend the rest of my life! But I do not want my heart to be broken again, I'm afraid of it! And I do not want anyone's broken heart! I want you to tell me how you feel about me?
I have never met a man like you, kind, gentle, and sensitive man! I am very glad that I met you! I really appreciate our relationship, and I want them to continue. I really love you !!
My love Andrew, I hope that I do not rush things, and do not scare you with such words? I just can not hide my feelings for you! I hope that you understand me?
Every day I try to send you my letter and a photo, and together with them I will give you my warmth and my affection! I really have feelings of love for you! Perhaps this is ****** from the outside! I just now said what I feel!
My dear Andrew, now I will finish my letter, and I will send it to you, in the hope that your next love letter will come to me as soon as possible, I will again think a lot about you, I will miss you very much. With love, yours and only your Elena!
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