Scam Letter(s) from Lauren Phillips to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Dear,

Hope your doing good where you are and all that matter s generally? It s really nice meeting you and for you to also drop me your email to rite you and send you my pics as starters.........I love country music a lot and R^B, i just love all kinds of good music with great messages in the rhythm.....I m a good dancer, i love to party when time permits and go to Pubs with my love, but i don t play any instrument.

I love cool restaurants and am a good cook and am a jealous lover as well cuz i would not stand a chance of sharing my man with another woman....Not even now that things looks like it s gonna be fine pretty soon as we both kickstart something together.

My kinda man is a man who appreciate people and good things no matter how small the favor is, a man that knows what love is all about and who value relationship like no other....A man with a great sense of humor....A man that will always make me laugh and happy all the time....someone that is not ashamed to cry with me when i make a fool of my self.....A man full of TRUST AND HONEST.....A man that can handle me very well on bed and i know you can(Funny).

Well i hate phoneys game players and heartless insincere people. i love a man who really wants to love not who wants to look hot in front of a crowd...................I know you will show me around and take me places as soon as i get there to you baby and i am tired of sleeping on this big wide bed all alone.

What are your turn ups and offs?

What do you appreciate in a woman?

What s your description of your ideal woman?

What s your perspective about LIFE?

Do you see sex as a priority in a relationship?

How often do you show love to your partner?

Do you kip dates, like birthdays, anniversaries and the likes?

What s the extent of your relationship with your ex lover?

can you go extra miles for someone you truly LUV?

Well i just wanna write you something to read and make your day and await your response as well cos the email thing would work for us. Pls do send me some of your pics as well dear and stay outta trouble.


Enjoy the rest of your day.

Yours, Lauren.



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