Letter(s) from Ksenia to Charles (UK)

Letter 1


I was very happy to receive your letter today:)It means that you are interested in me and it makes me so happy:)
I'm the young woman,25 years old.I'm blooking for my only one to stay with him for the rest of my life.When i saw your profile something inside me told me that i should write you and if only you will answer me it means that i was right.

I want to tell you about me now so that you could know me not only from the photos but also as a person.
I live in Khrakov,it is in Ukraine and work as a psychologist.My parents live far from me, in Schastie.i move4d because i ahd to look for the good job,i've found not the well-paid one but still it's enough for living.I rent a flat here:)

Also i'd like to tell you at once that i don't know English and i use the services of the translation firm,but still i'm sure it won't be the problem for both of us,do you agree?

I'll be waiting for your next letter:))
Kissing your lips:))
Yours Kseniya

Letter 2

Hello my sweety,

How was your day?i hope fine.i can't tell the same about me.As you already know i use the services of the translation firm. And today when i came here to get your letter i was told that my account is coming to an end.Though i work i can't pay for their services right now as i have a lot of debts and i have to pay them first of all.You know that i've payed it as long as i could.

I'm really very interested to know you better and that's why it's not very convinient for me now to write it to you.But i really need your help now.I don't know why but i feel that there is a sense to continue our relations and that's why i ask you to help me.I know that you can think bad about me but i really don't want it.i just want you to know that i want to know you better,do you want it?If you do then please help me and do't leave now in such a situation.I give you the address of the firm so that you could write them and ask anything you want: Translate-club@mail.ru.

I'm waiting for your decision.
Yours Kseniya