Scam letter(s) from Grace Medawesi to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Good day my dear,
I got your email today from a webpage on internet search and I decide to brief you about myself and my present conditions because; I need your urgent help.
My name is Miss. Grace Medawesi, I am 19 years old girl, I am from Republic of Ivory Coast. I am an orphan, my father died when I was 5 years old; in fact I don't know my father but only on picture. After the death of my father my mother took control of my late father's Aluminum and Iron Steel Company here in the city of Abidjan Ivory Coast before She died last year on the 26 October 2016 as a result of Endometrial cancer.
Before the death of my mother in the hospital she told me secretly that she has a legacy sum of ($5,500,000.00) in a bank which she made me her next of kin who shall inherit the money whenever she dies. She also warned me not to disclose this legacy to my uncle because he is evil and greedy man, he can kill me because of this money.
Lastly my mother told me to look for a foreign partner in any country of my Choice that I can trust to help me transfer the money out of this country for Investment purpose so that I will not suffer in future. My dear, this was my reason for contacting you today so that you can stand behind me as my foreign partner to claim and transfer the money from here to your account in your country so I can come over to stay with you in your home and continue my education while you help me to invest the money wisely.
After the completion of the transaction I promise to compensate you with 40% of the money for every expense and effort you made during the transfer.
Please get back to me if you are ready to help me so I can relocate over to your country as soon as possible because presently I am suffering now because my uncle is maltreating me bad since my mother died. God bless you for showing hand of help to me.
Miss. Grace Medawesi.
Letter 2
My Dearest God bless you for hearing my cry and your willingness to help me out.
Honestly the death of my mother really brought sorrow and pains to my life. Ever since my mother died, things has been so difficult to me, i dont go to school any more because nobody to sponsor my school needs.
All these problems started after the burial of my mother which my uncle took over every properties and business of my late parents. The only hope i have now is this money in the bank which I have been keeping it secret to myself to avoid my uncle knows about it because, if he eventually have idea that my parents has some cash deposit in the bank, he may plan to kill me secretly to enable him be in good position to claim that money from the bank, So please my dear I want us to keep this transaction secret and confidential between me and you for the security of my life and this money. I wanted to leave this legacy $5.5 million dollars until when i am graduate from University but i cant wait any more because i am really suffering now that is why i contacted you so you can help me to claim that money and transfer to your account so i can come over to stay with you and your family as one family since my both parents has die.
I have attached my photos with the current Account Statement copy which I received from the bank this January 2017. All these is to prove the 100% legal and genuine of this legacy so that you can feel free to help me out as soon as possible so I can run away from my wicked uncle and join you over in your country and continue my education while you will help me to invest the money in your country. Below is the bank contact details where the money was deposited by my late mother.
I will like you to contact with the bank and ask them what is the proceedures to transfer the money to your account to enable you get VISA and ticket for me to come over to stay with you and your family.
Avenue Terrassons de Fougeres, Immeuble Alliance 01
BP 4107 Abidjan 01 Abidjan Cote D'ivoire
Telephone +225 0210 5999
Branch Manager :
Mr. Rochas Coulibaly I will go to bank and tell the branch manager that you will be contacting him for the claim and transfer of my late parents legacy sum of $5.5 Million Dollars. I will also hand over the depoite certificate to him to enable them proceed with you and transfer the money to you on my behalf.
God bless you for helping me.
My telephone is +2254126 +225 0210 59998598 please call me to speak with you on phone.
Yours Sincere.
Grace M.
Letter 3
Letter 4
Dear how are you and family?
I hope you still remember me? i am Ms. Grace Medawesi, who contacted you for help some time ago regarding a fund transaction. Well I just want to inform you that i have succeeded on the transaction under the help of my new partner by name Rev Pastor. David Kumar, from INDIA, Presently he is here in my country to take me back to India to enable me settle down and continue my education in India and for investment of the money. Moreover I could not forget to update you about my success in the transaction because you were part of this transaction; though you failed to help me due to your own reasons, but all is well now. I have a gift for you, This morning I have signed a cashier Cheque of (US$250,000.00) for you to compensate you for the concern you show to help me in the past. I am doing this because Rev David advice me to do that to keep a good relationship with you and your family.
Please when you cash the cheque give $50,000 to the orphans around you and use $200,000.00 for yourself and family. I have giving the cheque to FedEx delivery company to ship to you to enable you go and cash the cheque in your bank.
I did not give them your address because i dont have it so contact with FedEx on the below contact and send your Full Names... Address... and Telephone so they can ship the Cheque to you.
FedEx Cote D'ivoire
Contact Mrs. Catherine KOBA
Telephone: +22541268598 This evening by 04:45PM GMT I and my partner Rev David Kumar shall be travlling down to India. Please pray for my safe journey to India.
Update me when you collected the cheque so i can invite you to meet me in INDIA..
God bless you.
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