Scam letter(s) from Alina Burkova to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning! Glad to meet you. You're such a beautiful man. I'm looking for a responsible man with serious intentions for serious love relationship, i'm not looking for entertainment. My goal to meet a serious man for a joint purpose in life. I am Alina, I'm 36 y.o. I am not married and have no children. How old you are? Even you're much younger than me, you can answer to my message. I see you live in USA? I live in RU, i hope to get to know each other will not be a problem. In this letter i'm sending you my picture, please send me more pics of you, they can tell me more about you. If our goals do not match, do not reply to this message. I hope that our goals are the same and you are looking for a girl, and we will continue our pleasant communication.s intentions
Letter 2
You remember me?
A few days ago I wrote to you, I couldn't answer immediately as you wrote as I didn't see his your letter, as your letter I got to the Spam folder.
Never earlier I used the Internet for acquaintance to another the man. The Internet doesn't cause trust in me, but I was tired to be lonely. As you you prefer. that called you? My name Alina.
Now to me 36 years. Looking at my photos you can estimate my physical beauty.
However, still I lonely. Men with whom I am familiar don't attract me, all of them are boring.
I look for the man! I want to meet the beloved! I want to meet the second half! I have a confidence.
I am sure that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me.
In Russia I didn't meet the man who will become my husband. If you are interested by me, I will understand you.
It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope, what is the letter won't become finishing in our communication. Alina
Letter 3
Whether you work? Whether there is at you a hobby.
Rainer, I think that interesting from where at me yours email the address?
Some days ago I have received the letter, with your address that that you search for the girl.
And I have decided to write as I search the man. Well I hope that you too in search of love and the girl.
It is very interesting to me to know what interests at you. You search dialogue? The girl or the wife?
Or it is interesting to you virtual *** or ***** photos?
If that is interesting to you virtual *** and ***** photos it is better to stop to us ours of dialogue as I do not search for it.
I'm looking for Love! I want to meet my beloved man! I want to meet my other half!
I will not scare you with these words, I'm curious to know about you what a man.
I have the confidence that you are also interested in me to find out about me.
In Russia, I have not met a man who will become my husband, in Russia a man is very rude and very often they raise their hand against a girl.
Rainer, please forgive me, but I only want that we understood each other.
I do not search for game or something similar. I think, our life is too short for games.
Life is given only once and I want to have kind, good and happy life.
Today I will give to you a little the personal information on me.
I was born on May, 1st, 1980 in the city of Suzdal. I have grown and on the former I live here.
It near to Moscow of 200 kilometres. I am assured, you know Moscow is a capital of Russia. I do not smoke.
I think, the woman should not smoke, because the woman should give birth to children.
Certainly, sometimes I drink wine or ****. But it is not frequent, I do not abuse alcohol.
I like listening to music and watching movies. I really like jazz, pop sometimes I just listen to the radio.
Rainer what music is pleasant to you?
Films I give preference to comedy, drama, adventure. The other day I saw the movie Logan 2017. Have you watched it?
I really liked this movie. I advise you to see it if you did not watch it.
Rainer what films it is pleasant to you?
I hope, my letters help you to learn me. I also will send you my pictures, I think, pictures it is very important.
I will wait for your early reply Alina
Letter 4

Good afternoon darling Rainer,
My mood became good after that. As I have checked up mail, and have seen your letter.
I am so glad to read your mail again! And to answer you! Our acquaintance proceeds and develops.
I read your letters with a great interest. I would like to communicate with you more, but unfortunately, our letters is all that we have now.
On work I do not have own computer and I should visit the cafe Internet to write to you the letter.
It was interesting to communicate in a reality well in my city the Internet of cafe is not present web cam or skype and other programs.
It is very sad.
Not much about my life.
My height is 172 centimeters, 60 kilograms.
My favorite flowers Orchid.
My preference for the kitchen, European, I like eating seafood, as well as Mexican.
In Russia, East cuisine is very popular.
In Russia, many national dishes. Russian cuisine is very rich and many dishes I think you tried or heard.
You can look on the Internet and will prepare houses, I think that will be pleasant to you.
I want to show you my life and to tell who I such. I can sometimes be very curious and consequently be not surprised!
What sport is pleasant to you? I very much like tennis, I was engaged professionally 15 years.
On competitions I have received a hand trauma then doctors have told what not probably to continue to play, and I had to stop my career.
To me was I am very insulting probably could to act in tournament of "Grand Slam" and just as Mariia Sharopova)))))
I have a dream will learn to play a golf, in my city it is not developed. You are able to play a golf???
On the TV when at me free time I look hockey and basketball:)
Rainer, it is interesting to me to learn about you. Please write to me more, I tell about the life, send me of more photo it will allow us to learn each other better.
I with impatience will wait for your following letter. Please, tell to me answers to my questions.
It is necessary for me to hear them. I wait continuation of our dialogue. Yours Alina
Letter 5
Hello my Rainer!
I am glad that you have written me the letter! I like your letters! Your letters give me great pleasure.
I like ours of dialogue.
We already have written each other some letters.
Now we know each other not much better. It is good, because we have found the general interests.
We continue the communications, and it is really interesting to me. I have told to you so a little about my life.
I think that it will be interesting to you to learn about my work.
I work as an architect
I saw how my mother was doing schemes and projects. I was very interested.
I wanted to be like her. Now I became like a mother.
My mom engineers are family, they work in another firm.
I want to tell that I the only child in a family. A name of my father Ignatius, a name of my mum Evelina.
I live in separately in apartment from parents.
Which I earn money allow me to live independently. I am proud of the independence. I think, you agree with me!?
But I do not dream more about grandiose career of the architect.
My priorities have exchanged now. I cannot dream only of my career and work!
To me 36 years I want I will find the man with whom is happy.
I know when I have a husband, I will give more time to my family. And I will work less.
A woman should be a good mistress and wife. This is the most important career for a woman!
I would be to take care of my family, my lover.
I forgot my letter to write to you about my hobby, I really like playing the piano.
Rainer, tell me, do you play any instrument?
What qualities should a girl with whom you want to have before the end of life have?
I like our dialogue and I want to develop it. I am opened with you and I am ready to answer any your question.
I am glad that I have found such pleasant interlocutor
So, I answer a question, what qualities of the partner are important for me, what man should be near to me.
The most important thing for me care and love to me, attention. If mine the man makes me happy.
I will make all that it as was happy near to me. Our life not the eternal!
I would like to have my party of the careful, reliable and kind person. The person who will respect me.
Trust - the most important thing for me. Without any trust all is impossible: work, friendship, love.
I am sending you new photos now. They were made recently, I hope that you like them.
I'm waiting for your next letter!! Alina
Letter 6
I want to speak more about myself and as to hear about you Rainer.
I write today the second letter and I want that you knew me even better.
Rainer, ours with you the friendship very much is pleasant to me. And how you spend your evenings?
I want to know about your life as much as possible. We from the different countries and we have different cultures.
And it is interesting to me to learn about you new things.
- What religion at you? I the orthodox Christian, I try to visit church though once a month.
- What yours favourite colour? Mine favourite colour dark blue.
You were in Russia? You visited what countries? I want to tell that that I was in, Italy and Usa San Francisco, California.
I visited these the country on work, seminars were held on architecture.
In reception the visa should what problem.
I love the sea, a beach, the sun. Yes, I have the passport and it means that I can travel all over the world without obstacles.
Still recently I did not think that I will communicate with the man who lives on other end of a planet.
But it is possible. All depends only on us. And if we want, we can meet. It not illusions.
Has forgotten to write you the phone number +7 910 650 0985, please write messages be possible I can on work or sleep, or send a call that I could call back to you, I can speaks in English without what or difficulties.
Now I will send you a photo with Italy and California. I Wait for your answer as it is possible more soon Alina
Letter 7
Good afternoon Rainer.
I am very glad that there is understanding between us. This is very important in communication.
How is the weather of your city? Today in my city Suzdal +5 degrees C.
In the street around puddles, shoes quickly become wet, At work, I already have a change of shoes to change it so I do not wear wet shoes.
I have many thoughts about which I want to tell you. But in a letter it is impossible to write everything I think.
It was interesting to meet for a cup of tea or coffee. I do not know what you like anymore. I like coffee.
If we could communicate in reality, it would be fine. I think there is nothing better than real communication.
I hope I do not frighten you with my desires.
I want to look into your eyes, I want to hear your voice. I would be very glad to walk with you in the park.
I love nature, I really like hiking in the mountains, stopping in a tent, I want to learn fishing.
Rainer, can you fish?
I do not want to hurry, please do not think that I'm in a hurry, I want our friendship to flutter and we knew each other more.
Rainer, so I want you to know that I'm very interested in you.
And I very much hope that our friendship has a chance to become a good relationship.
I do not have a boyfriend and my heart is free.
I was never married, but I had a serious relationship before. I and my boyfriend were together 4 years is a long time.
Last years he beat me, cheated on me with other girls, I decided to leave him.
I do not know what he is doing now. I'm very afraid to meet such a man again .. I hope that you are not such a man.
I have no children and there was not, well, I think that the ideal family is a two-child boy and girl.
I wonder how many children you think the family should be, and who are the boys or girls?
The photos I send you today were taken quite recently. They helped me to do my girlfriend.
I hope that you like my photos.
Please write me a letter, in the very near future. I wait for answers to my questions.
I will also be happy to see your questions, and I will try to answer them.
And forgot to ask, write me your phone number home and mobile. I'll wait for letter Alina
Letter 8
Hello my Rainer. Thanks for your words.
I am very glad that between us there is an understanding. It is very important in dialogue.
Have come to the Internet of cafe during a dinner, I thought that you have written to me today, I think of you.
I can answer you at once if I do not have urgent affairs. But sometimes I answer you later.
Therefore if you do not receive my letter at once, please do not worry.
Do not think that I do not want to write to you. I want to write to you about much.
I have many thoughts about which I want to tell to you.
But in the letter difficultly speaks about it as I already spoke about it.
Honey, you are able to do so that I smiled. I immediately forget about everything and think only of you.
On this week, I have enough hard days at work. In those days, I get a little rest.
Yesterday I have met girlfriends. I have told it about you. I girlfriends have noticed happiness in my opinion.
Earlier I have tried not to speak about our correspondence.
But now girls have asked me because they have assumed as though I had a secret! And I have told, my secret - Rainer!!
! It is impossible to hide even small happiness in someone's eyes!
Rainer, you have already told to your friends about me, about our correspondence?
What do they speak? Tell to me also as you do prefer to spend your free time.
I like to go with mine girlfriends, once a week we meet to attempt ice-cream or cake.
We sweet tooth. We take tea or coffee. It is pleasant to you sweet?
- My favourite ice-cream strawberry and cake Cheesecake.
And we have long conversations about our life. Usual female conversations :)
All girlfriends for a long time already married, I unique who not married and all my friends wait when I will find the man.
Rainer, I thought about the distance between our countries.
So now I want to tell you that I am not afraid of the distance between us.
It is a few hours away by plane. I hope you also understand it.
So I do not think it will be a problem for us, if we really want a serious relationship.
I will repeat a serious relationship, because only such a relationship I need.
I hope you agree with me? I want you to be honest with me.
Because today your letter gave me hope. Hope that we have a happy future.
And we can give a solid relationship based on love and trust.
If you do not like me, you better say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance.
I do not want us to have each other to false hopes.
I reveal to you my feelings now. It seems to me that my life begins to fill with meaning. Please be honest with me.
As I will stop to write the letter I will go to shop to buy products.
I the supporter of a healthy food. I i ndiscriminate in meal, but I prefer to eat wholesome food.
I eat meat, fish, vegetables, fig. I do not love *** food.
But sometimes I I would like to prepare for you something from Russian cuisine.
Rainer you would like to have supper with me? I hope for an affirmative reply.
I will wait for yours the letter as it is possible soon. Yours Alina
Letter 9
Helloooooooo my Rainer,
How you today? I am perfectly in order, have come as could to read and write you the letter.
Today not so it is a lot of work.
It so is interesting. Thus it is interesting also transition. I receive your letters, I have read them, and I smile.
I smile as the little girl. Possibly it is silly, or it is very romantic.
But today your letter - a part of my happiness. Yes!
Today has learnt that that to call in Russia it is necessary to have the operator which the monthly fee month of 120 dollars (9000 roubles) allows to accept calls from for borders, I will search for decisions how to call to you more cheaply. It is expensive to me for calls.
I think that will be fine, if we meet in our life together. What do you think of it?
Rainer, I would like to ask - which is our correspondence for you? How much serious you? I do not want to offend you.
But for me it is important to know it. No, I do not doubt about you. I only wish to know all about you and your emotions.
Tell to me all about itself, what you do? What it is pleasant to you and it is not pleasant to do?
I wish to ask - Rainer, what has changed in your life when I have appeared? You know, I am very serious girl.
Sometimes I, apparently, am too romantic, naive. But I am a serious person. Rainer, you are interesting to me.
And possibly very interesting. I feel interest to you?
Rainer, To me probably has madly carried, that from hundreds thousand on the Internet, Rainer, I have written to you and was not mistaken in you.
Thanks for your warm words in my address, for your compliments. All it very much is pleasant to me.
Rainer, I hope that your day also made impression, I also want to wish you good luck for tomorrow to be happy tomorrow morning.
Please, remember my desire. Remember, when you will wake up.
When you see a window, to remember me.
darling Rainer, today I want to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer me, I will understand you.
You write letters to other girls? You, the unique man to whom I write the letters.
Already I do not have profile on the Internet because I am not interested in dialogue with other men.
Tell to me please as you consider your future?
What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want?
I very much appreciate our dialogue, please write to me more about what you see the ideal wife.
I think, that the most important thing in the wife, it to be true to the husband. I consider that fidelity - pledge of long love.
I wait from you for the letter.
My words to you serious. Rainer, I feel that already well I know you. Your letters, give every day me fine mood.
Please, sincerely answer me this question. I hope, my photo will give pleasure to your day today!
They were is made on rest Italia. And trip Usa on work. I helped me to do a photo Girlfriend from work.
For an instant has presented our meeting.
I wait your new letter.
Kisses. Alina
Letter 10
Today I do not work, and I write about the cafe Internet.
In the street my city all snow approximately thaws, in we wash the city of Suzdal of +2 degrees.
Tell what season to you it is pleasant more? I very much like more Summer when the sun shines, my mood becomes brighter.
I left shop to buy meat for a supper, have on the way come to write to you so tomorrow and today I will be on a visit at parents of village as I will buy products I will go in the country at us there is a small house from a city approximately 15-20 kilometres
Mine the father to prepare meat on a barbecue and vegetables on a grill, mum will prepare pair of salads and a potato.
My parents very much like to be in the country, they have a kitchen garden where they put vegetables, the potato, greens in a garden is apple-tree trees, a cherry, plum, a strawberry, it is a lot of everything, in the summer and autumn I do not buy vegetables in shop as my parents give me all necessary products, my mum with the father, in big a part time they to be in the house from a city so they like the nature.
I too like the nature wood, well I work till the evening and then I go only till Saturday or Sunday on a visit.
Tell to you it is pleasant motorcycles? I have one more dream will learn to go for a drive on a motorcycle.
Mine driving experience not so good, at me is driver's certificates, well the trip on the car at the wheel was no more than 10 times:)
Tell that to you interesting to learn about me???? Ask me in the letter I to you I will tell that to you interesting.
Please tell about itself send me the photos to me it will be very pleasant to learn about your life more more.
Now I will go I will wait for yours Alina
Letter 11
Good afternoon darling Rainer,
Recently I like to be in loneliness and to think of us with you. Now in the street spring.
When I go on streets of our city, I see many loving couples. I see, how young pairs sit on benches in park.
They look very happy. I think at once of us with you.
I would like, that distance between us has thawed in a flash, and we were together.
I am grateful to God and the Internet that we have got acquainted with you.
As I have told to you before, I want to hear your voice and I want to speak on the phone with you.
I have contacted mine cellular the provider and have asked as we can speak with you.
Unfortunately, my phone is connected with the local cellular operator.
It means that my phone can communicate only with Russian phones. I cannot accept trunk calls and sms.
I was upset that we cannot speak on the phone. But I hope, we will soon speak in a reality.
In the last letter, I have told to you about the feelings to you.
You trust me? In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings.
I believe that we will meet you in any day, and we can talk endlessly.
Each word which I speak you, I speak is realised!
The love is a feeling which unites such feelings, as Friendship, Respect, Trust, Sincerity, Mutual understanding, Caress, Tenderness.
I consider that it is necessary to admit love looking in eyes to darling.
Rainer, feelings which are in my heart now very new to me.
We with you the first meeting will give the chance to us to learn better each other.
Though, already I think that is familiar with you throughout the whole life.
But I do not wish to do fast paces, I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue. You agree with me?
Rainer Please I do not think of that that I hurry up I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue.
You agree with me?
My feelings are mutual? Rainer, you wish to meet me? I simply dream of it.
Tell please more in detail about your city and about architectural constructions.
It will be very interesting to me. Whether you can show me a city when I will arrive to you?
I want, that my guidebook was Rainer.
There is nothing better, than to go with the person for a hand was simply happy.
But that I have arrived, it is necessary to have the visa, with the insurance and as which I have the passport.
I understand, that we communicate a little, but I very much wish to see you in a real life.
Our first meeting to allow to learn each other on much better, even day of spent time together to replace what the letter.
The destiny has given us this chance, we have met each other during this period when at me holiday has stood out.
We are obliged to meet =)
Rainer, today I have learnt the information that it is necessary to visit your country as many countries
it is necessary the visa and the passport, and also some documents.
The main thing is the visa as without the visa me will not start up in your country:)
to receive the visa it is possible to send the statement through the Internet, it will occupy some days to collect documents.
Rainer, for me it is good news, and I hope for you as?
Please write me the home address and the close airport near to your houses.
Mine the home address a city: Suzdal
Street Centralnaya 46 apartments 10
Index 601293
The closest airport is in Moscow, there there are 2 airports, Domodedovo, the Sheremetyevo.
You think of our meeting seriously? I very much want, that ours with you vacation was together.
I hope that next days, the director will tell exact dates of my vacation that we could agree about a meeting.
Even, if you is occupied any part of day, I do not want to refuse travel to your country.
I promise that I will be patient, and I will wait ours with you I will meet every day which I will spend near to you.
I very much would not like to finish the letter to you now... It seems To me that I can write to you infinite letters.
Please, write me the letter faster.
Sincerely, for ever yours Alina
Letter 12
hi my love Rainer,
I have just read your letter. Thanks for compliments which you speak me.
I understand everything that you speak about our feelings.
It is pleasant to me to know that ours with you of feeling mutual.
How is your day? What are you doing? When you woke up? I would give a lot for it to wake up in your arms.
I want to look into your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss.
Rainer, what will be our first kiss? What do you think?
I think it will be very sweet and passionate kiss. I can feel your love and affection.
I really want to try this kiss right now.
I'm sure it will be unforgettable. Rainer, I do not know why, but after meeting with you, I feel good. I have a lot of strength.
Constant desire to do something. I'm just happy
Rainer, What do you think about our meeting? How will it happen?
I would really like to know your opinion. I think about it constantly.
I'm asking you this because I have good news for you.
This morning I spoke with my the chief to find out the exact dates of my holidays at work.
My vacation will begin in 2-3 days and will continue for 35-45 days.
In which of these days you'll be able to meet me? For how long can I stay with you?
I understand that it would be better to stay together forever Smiley. I would be happy, but we're adults.
We try not to make hasty decisions before our first meeting.
I believe that our first meeting will be very important for both of us and for our future.
I miss you. I have caught myself on thought that I do not have not enough you.
Rainer, after our meeting, we can refuse letters... We will be together.
We with you the first meeting will give the chance to us to learn better each other.
Rainer, you to me seem very attentive and sensitive person,
on it I very much would like to see at last you in a real life.
I can not wait this moment. I think, that our meeting will be especial.
After all not every day, people from different points of globe meet.
Especially if have got acquainted on the Internet. It seems to me it is destiny.
Rainer, do not think, that I hurry up. During other time it will be difficult to me to take a vacation.
Certainly I will understand, if you cannot find for me all time. I do not wish to be a burden for you in your country.
If we can spend together evenings and weekend, it will be fine. I am very excited by a forthcoming trip, but I very much want it.
This day I will remember well, I hope also you too. With love Alina
Letter 13
Hello my darling Rainer
Now I have returned from an office the director to me have signed vacation. Within 45 days I can have vacation.
I have taken such vacation to spend more time with you.
Rainer, it is pleasant to me to know that you like thoughts on ours with you to a meeting.
I cannot believe what be already fast we with you we can together.
We can refuse letters, and talk endlessly in a reality, I know English in an ideal.
Last night I have sent the statement on registration of the visa and as has paid the visa.
Rainer, it is pleasant to me to know that you like thoughts on ours with you to a meeting.
My questions to you
- - I am glad, that our feelings are mutual. Please write me your airport code.
- - When I will arrive to you, I will live with you? Or separately from you?
I would like to wake up from your kiss in embrace on one bed.
- - Rainer, what weather your city? It is necessary for me to know to collect a thing under weather.
- - I can sleep with you in one bed?
I hope that when I will arrive you will give to me some days to get used to you, I want to tell that that almost 2 years I did not have a ***, I hope that you will be polite with me.
I want to wake up near to you from yours kiss also yours embrace.
I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance.
From my life the feeling loneliness was gone, and it is pleasant to me to know that in the World there is a person who thinks of me.
We with you a meeting is a big step to ours with you relations. I listen to the heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy. Please, tell to me your thoughts.
I will wait your letter. I do not want to lose any day from my vacation.
Every day my feelings to you become stronger. I will wait your letter. I send you the hot and passionate kisses.
Kisses Alina Burkova
Letter 14
The beginning of my day!
My thoughts about you Rainer, as soon as I woke up and represented our meeting.
The first stage I have written the application for visa reception.
Not that difficult was not at form registration, all has been well and clearly written.
In some hours as I have sent the statement on visa registration, to me the employee of embassy has called.
Me have asked: Alina Burkova? Mine of the answer was: YES!
The employee of embassy has asked to answer me some questions:
1) the Purpose mine trips: I have told that the tourism purposes, to look at sights of your country.
Why I so have told, because if I have told that I go to you Rainer that reception of the visa to me could refuse, without what or the reasons. I have read the recommendation on the Internet. I hope that you do not become angry about me.
2) whether Was I married, whether there are at me children:
I have answered what not when was not married and there are no children.
Me have asked the inquiry that it really, today I will make.
3) How many days I will be your city: Mine the answer was 30 days.
At any time we can change return mine plane flight, without what or the commission.
To me approached only one type of the visa, it is the visa of the Tourist, more conveniently and easier to receive the visa of the Tourist.
The employee of embassy have told for full registration of the visa to me it is necessary to arrive to Moscow.
To me have explained that through phone it has no powers to make out the visa in the countries.
The employee documents to me have told what to me are necessary for full visa registration. On it our conversation has ended.
Now I have some savings. I have almost 51000 roubles (880 dollars USD)
Now I have counted that to me there will be enough this money for visa registration, I on residing at Moscow I think that I will remain there to reception of the visa, a food, a cost of transportation, it just will be 880 dollars USD.
Rainer, at me does not remain money to get air tickets. You can help to get to me air tickets?
It is important, and I want to pay much attention to this question. I cannot pay all expenses one.
I do not have enough of money. It is not a shame to me to speak to you about it.
I trust you and consequently I ask you about the help. Now I do not know, will cost how many air tickets, it is necessary for me to visit the airport and to learn about their cost.
I plan to arrive to Moscow within several next days and then I will speak you exact cost of tickets.
I consider that division of expenses it is fair.
It is necessary for me to be assured that you wait for me, and you will meet at the airport.
I think that cost of air tickets is not big, and you can help us. Soon we with you will together.
Rainer, I love you! Tonight I plan to come home and to begin clothes choice to arrive to you.
I promise that I will be the most beautiful girl at the airport and you will be proud of me!
Kisses. Alina Burkova
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